Thursday, September 30, 2010

Failed Policies Will Do That!

So...the latest news from an insider at the White House is that Obama is battling severe depression.

Two of the more poignant paragraphs of the article:

You’re not a doctor, how are you qualified to make such a charge? No, I’m not a doctor, but from all the reports coming back to me, and from what I did see with my own eyes prior to leaving the White House myself, I think it is a very reasonable assumption to make. President Obama is emotionally shutting down. He is a terribly depressed man.

And why do you think this is happening? Well for one, he was completely unprepared for the job of being President of the United States. The demands on one’s time, the emotional and physical toll, are considerable. Second, the failure of the administration to effectively communicate to the American people. You have to understand that Obama believed that his ability to orate would be enough – that is proving to have been a considerable mistake on Obama’s part, and he is not dealing particularly well with that reality.

Completely unprepared for the job of being President...

Obama believed that his ability to orate would be enough...


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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

So...That's What It's Called! [Update]

Anti-Colonialism! That term helps sum up just what ObamaBorgLand and his nefarious array of cohorts dislike about America. They are not only for the Marxo-Islamo-Fascist crowd, but are against America because of deep-seeded hatred and an Anti-Colonialism attitude. In Dinesh D'Souza's new book, The Roots of Obama's Rage, Americans are about to find out exactly why Obama wants to "fundamentally transform" America, and how the people who have surrounded him his entire life have attributed to Obama's rage against our Constitutional Republic, our economic system of Capitalism, and our American Ideals.

The Christian Newswire was the site where I first found a positive article about the book.

It's weird. When I first typed in "Dinesh D'Souza's new book" into the Bing search, all of these rabid leftist websites and blogs showed up.

Today, Glenn Beck did most of his show on D'Souza's book. They covered some of the facts found in the book. Tomorrow, it will be revealed how Obama and his cohorts apply opinion to distort the facts and thus ignore the problems that his administration is causing in our Constitutional Republic.

In case you missed the show today, I will include a link here to the Youtube version of Beck's show as soon as it is posted online.

Link to entire show:

Watch Glenn Glenn Beck Show - September 29, 2010 - The Roots of Obama's Rage

Glenn Beck Show- September 29, 2010

What Did Glenn Think About His NY Times Cover Story? If You Missed It, You Can Find It Here.

'The Roots of Obama's Rage'

Tonight: The book that Barack Obama and The White House do not want you to read- 'The Roots Of Obama's Rage' author Dinesh D'Souza joins Glenn tonight to talk about the 'real' Barack Obama. Tonight's show is all about fact vs. opinion. As long as a book is based in facts, then we can look at the theories surrounding them and agree or disagree. When someone says not to read a certain book, you know something must be up. The White House has come out swinging hard..the media has smeared Dinesh D'Souza. Find out why tonight.

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In other news, check out the 10 page article on Glenn Beck in Sunday's New York Times magazine!

Being Glenn Beck


Others writing on this topic:

The Steady Drip: Why Barack Obama Hates America


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

DWTS - Losing Its Class and Grace

Hi friends. My apologies for not consistently posting lately. Yesterday, my morning started out crazy and remained so for most of the day! When I got out of the shower, the roofers (getting our roof repaired all week) were banging on the roof, the dogs were barking hysterically, the phone was ringing, my husband was texting me on my cell phone, and my Mom was hungry for her breakfast!

I literally did not sit down but twice during the day. At 2:00 p.m. to watch The Glenn Beck show, and then again at 8:00 p.m. to watch Dancing With The Stars.

DWTS has been one of my favorite shows. However, something happened towards the end of the show last night that I found ungraceful, un-classy, and very disappointing.

Gateway Pundit has the story and the video.

The question is:

Did Sarah Palin get booed on Dancing With the Stars last night? Some people think so.

There is a debate going on in the comment section regarding what, or whom, the "boos" were directed towards. The trouble is, during the re-broadcast, the booing could have been suppressed. It was left in there on purpose.

The one show on television that I always thought was one that demonstrated class and elegance is being tarnished. The first disappointment was the need to bleep out Brandy's curse words. How sad that a beautiful singing star has such a foul mouth that she can't even control it while appearing and performing dances on a national T.V. show!

The second disappointment was what definitely appeared to be booing from some in the crowd right before Sarah Palin, who was there as a member of the audience to support her daughter Bristol's performance, was briefly interviewed by the host of the show. Young Piper was sitting next to her mother in support of her older sister. But the booing libtards didn't care to think how that young child might feel about their rude, arrogant, and unnecessary disparagement.

My comment at Gateway:

When a mom who happens to be famous and loved by many – yet hated by some in the public who disagree with her politics - appears at an event to support her daughter, I would have thought that even the most rabid leftists would be gracious and not boo. But I was wrong. The type of persons who would boo a person like that on national T.V. during a pleasant dancing competition are despicable – to say the least.

I was in the audience of DWTS a few years ago and we were encouraged to dress nicely and be polite. There were people introduced in the audience who I didn’t like and disagreed with politically, but I would NEVER have booed them during the taping of the show.

If those boos were aimed at Sarah Palin (and I think they were – like Bailey wrote, “There was way too much time between the scores and the boos.”) then someone involved in the show needs to apologize for it next week.

However, it appears that the execs at ABC are not willing to offer an apology to Gov. Palin for the disgraceful attitude of some in the audience. They hid behind their desks and lied about it.

The slogan at ABC is “a new kind of family.” Apparently, that means a rejection of normal conservative families like the Palins and the embrace of the rude, bombastic, rabid, liberal leftist lunatic fringe types as this new kind of “family.” How sad and tragic.

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Added comment at Gateway:

September 28th, 2010 | 11:51 am | #29
It’s been debunked both by ABC and the shows host, Tom Bergeron. The boos were not for Sarah. In fact , if you watched it, you can see and hear that when Bergeron introduces her, there is cheering and applause and lots of smiling faces in the audience. I bet it gets debunked this on evening’s show as well.

Just because some of the fringe left loons wish and say something is so, it doesn’t mean it is. Another failure.

My reply:

September 28th, 2010 | 12:28 pm | #31

I have been at a taping of the show. Things can be manipulated. For instance, the performances by musical guests are usually taped first and presented on T.V. later in the show.

It is possible that the audience was told not to boo (again) before the interview was done. The only way to know for sure is to ask people who were actually there in the audience.

Next, I went over to The Daily Beast link (above) and read this:

Actually, YOU'RE wrong. Audience members report they were booing Palin, but the network put out the fire by saying it was over scores. Firsthand, eyewitness accounts from those who were actually there say that it was totally an anti-Palin boo...

[Note: Most of the comments about Sarah and her family at the aptly named "Daily Beast" site are not very kind to the Palins.]

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Not Of This World

Scripture informs us that we are to be in the world - but not of the world. These verses help explain the difference:

1Jo 2:15 Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.

1Jo 2:16 For all that is in the world—the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life—is not of the Father but is of the world.

In a previous comment thread, a commentator wrote objections about Glenn Beck "leading" Christians because he is a Mormon. First, I don't think that he has the power to lead any Christian either to or away from true faith in Christ. Second, I do think that Beck is correct about being very wary of the "social justice" religious movement. I think that they are far more dangerous to the gospel of Jesus Christ than Mormonism. Why? Because they are disguised as a "Christian" group. At least with Mormonism, we know that the addition of the book of Mormon has been forbidden as genuine Scripture (via what is written in the Book of Revelation) because it was added after the canon of God's Word was final. We are not to add or subtract from the original Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments.

Even the terms "social justice" sound like they could be deemed as "biblical." But the fact that the social justice leftists use the term in a completely different way and want to create a kind of "utopia" here on earth gives their motives away; at least to those who are discerning. Rather than preach the true Gospel of Jesus Christ to the brokenhearted - sinners who are in desperate need of repentance, forgiveness, and salvation through the Savior - their focus on social justice demonstrates exactly what we are warned about in Scripture.

What the utopia "social justice" crowd wants is the exact opposite of what Christ preached:

Rom 12:2 And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.

Christ could not be clearer than when He made the claim that He "is not of this world" in the following verses:

Jhn 8:23 And He said to them, "You are from beneath; I am from above. You are of this world; I am not of this world.

Jhn 18:36 Jesus answered, "My kingdom is not of this world. If My kingdom were of this world, My servants would fight, so that I should not be delivered to the Jews; but now My kingdom is not from here."

Those who would place their own minds, wisdom and knowledge above God's written Word - the Bible; or, above God's Living Word - Jesus Christ (usually done through rejection of his sacrificial death on the cross at Calvary), are typically guilty of a myriad of errors. Whether the error they have involves a false religion, skeptism, agnosticism, atheism, heresy, apostasy, or spreading a false gospel; each and every one prevents individual souls from bridging the huge gulf between their sinful condition and the Creator - our Holy and Righteous God.

1Cr 1:20 Where is the wise? Where is the scribe? Where is the disputer of this age? Has not God made foolish the wisdom of this world?

The "social justice" crowd is deeply embedded with the "foolish wisdom of this world." They display their own kind of false gospel through utilizing a kind of "fleshly wisdom":

2Cr 1:12 For our boasting is this: the testimony of our conscience that we conducted ourselves in the world in simplicity and godly sincerity, not with fleshly wisdom but by the grace of God, and more abundantly toward you.

When determining whether or not someones spirit is confessing the truth of the Spirit of God - the Bible tells us that "every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is of God," and "every spirit that does not confess that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is not of God."

Furthermore, we find that "he who is not of God does not hear us. By this we know the spirit of truth and the spirit of error."

What's more, a true believer's testimony would always include: "And we have seen and testify that the Father has sent the Son as Savior of the world."

If a religious movement of any kind does not recognize Jesus Christ as the Son of God and the Savior of the world, then he/she is in error.

Note what the following verse tells us:

1Jo 4:15 Whoever confesses that Jesus is the Son of God, God abides in him, and he in God.

The following is the entire chapter of 1 John 4. Take heed of all that is written!

1Jo 4:1 Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world.

1Jo 4:2 By this you know the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is of God,

1Jo 4:3 and every spirit that does not confess that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is not of God. And this is the spirit of the Antichrist, which you have heard was coming, and is now already in the world.

1Jo 4:4 You are of God, little children, and have overcome them, because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.

1Jo 4:5 They are of the world. Therefore they speak as of the world, and the world hears them.

1Jo 4:6 We are of God. He who knows God hears us; he who is not of God does not hear us. By this we know the spirit of truth and the spirit of error.

1Jo 4:7 Beloved, let us love one another, for love is of God; and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God.

1Jo 4:8 He who does not love does not know God, for God is love.

1Jo 4:9 In this the love of God was manifested toward us, that God has sent His only begotten Son into the world, that we might live through Him.

1Jo 4:10 In this is love, not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son to be the propitiation for our sins.

1Jo 4:11 Beloved, if God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.

1Jo 4:12 No one has seen God at any time. If we love one another, God abides in us, and His love has been perfected in us.

1Jo 4:13 By this we know that we abide in Him, and He in us, because He has given us of His Spirit.

1Jo 4:14 And we have seen and testify that the Father has sent the Son as Savior of the world.

1Jo 4:15 Whoever confesses that Jesus is the Son of God, God abides in him, and he in God.

1Jo 4:16 And we have known and believed the love that God has for us. God is love, and he who abides in love abides in God, and God in him.

1Jo 4:17 Love has been perfected among us in this: that we may have boldness in the day of judgment; because as He is, so are we in this world.

1Jo 4:18 There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love.

1Jo 4:19 We love Him because He first loved us.

1Jo 4:20 If someone says, "I love God," and hates his brother, he is a liar; for he who does not love his brother whom he has seen, how can he love God whom he has not seen?

1Jo 4:21 And this commandment we have from Him: that he who loves God must love his brother also.

NKJV Footnotes:
(4:3) NU-Text omits that and Christ has come in the flesh.
(4:19) NU-Text omits Him.
(4:20) NU-Text reads he cannot.

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Make A Choice Before It's Too Late

If haven't already done so, you need to watch the video clips of Glenn Beck's show yesterday. Please, please, PLEASE encourage EVERYONE YOU KNOW to watch it. It truly demonstrates what harm and nefarious plans that this Marxist government in Washington D.C. has in store for our nation!

There was a time not too long ago in this country when the ideas of socialism, communism and Marxism were hated ideas. But, fast forward a few decades later, and now we've got an election in Delaware where there is a Marxist running for office and no one seems to even be batting an eye. Can you believe you live in an America where this is even possible? It is hard to imagine, but in just a few short decades, we have forgotten who we are. Tonight, it's time that we remember who we are and make a choice before it's too late.

Go to the following link to view the entire show - commercial free!

The Daily Beck: Glenn Beck Show- September 21, 2010 Time To Remember & Make A Choice

Next, read Gulag Bound: The Failed State Strategy for ‘Progressive’ America – Musing ‘Dems Sabotage…’ in the Washington Times.

Arlen Williams, owner of the Gulag Bound blog sent me an email and gave permission to post the article in it's entirety. Please share the following article with everyone you know!


The Failed State Strategy for ‘Progressive’ America – Musing ‘Dems Sabotage…’ in the Washington Times
September 22, 2010, 10:39am By Arlen Williams

That 56-43 vote on Tuesday’s Defense Authorization Bill troubled me. Four votes down, the senate Democrats must have known this motion for cloture would not succeed. And if so, they would have essentially intended it to fail, by loading it with all its perverse, non-defense provisions: adding taxpayer funded abortion on military bases to its nightmarish DREAM proposal, to repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell.” So odd, to go through this exercise, of inflaming the country yet again, so close to the General Election, just to cause a bill necessary for funding the American military to fail.

But one must remind, this is our progressive-led Congress, in Washington. Why would they not set up such a failure? After all, they are the ones who appear, busily carrying out the Alinsky and Cloward-Piven strategy (with George Soros, Maurice Strong, and all the UN kleptocrats) not to bring about a change to productive results, rather a truly “transformative change;” one which causes American government, American economics, and American society as a whole, to… fail.

Right, I mean: fail. Big-time, fail.

And why would these Marxists and social Darwinists in DC be so busy to bring that about? For the best evolutionary development, of course.

Evolutionary development? How’s that, again? In neo-Marxist revolutions, such a nationwide failure of self governance is required, to build up the government-dependent, proletariat forces and masses required for the revolution to be “democratic.” The majority have to be made to want it — at least while it happens — if not afterward.

Yes, their “bright,” enlightened souls imagine an evolutionary revolution for America. (Bright? For? I mean a very dark plot against America. When one talks Marxism, words turn inside-out and upside-down.) American collapse is at once a necessary economic product, of drawing out its personal wealth, and a required psychological outcome, in order to get a majority of its People to welcome a series of well-prepared, globalist and Marxofascist solutions to the world crisis caused by America being a failed state.

The result: UN to the rescue. It wasn’t devised by global authoritarians for nothing. All the “world community” would have to do at that point, is connect United Nations global initiatives with America’s continuing, Obama-built (and unconstitutional) national authoritarian infrastructure and Eureka! Manufactured desperation among Americans is met with universal hope and change. And for the rest of the world, it’s too big to fail America is “saved.”

Saved? Again, words fail, as one brings Marxist thought to the semiotic test of forthright language. The authentic America, of government, of, by, and for the Sovereign People would be brought to utter failure in suzerainty to world empire (and they call Americans the “imperialists”).

And speaking of terminology, “National authoritarian infrastructure,” I like that. Has a certain ring to it. The Marxstream media should dub our burgeoning new beast out of DC the NAI.

So, psssst: let’s now call this the Failed State Strategy. When will that book title come out, eh? Someone will make some bucks off that. James Simpson has laid out how it is done. And so informed, the well positioned Glenn Beck gives whopper hints about it, on TV, radio, in print, and in flack-jacketed soliloquy, God save him. And get this part of the plot: to my eyes anyway, they seem to be setting up a crippled and globalist-subverted Republican administration and Congress in D.C., in 2013+ to be the epic target for this epic fail.

Just imagine a GOP-led government in 2013 and onward, trapped in office with the nation crippled and suffocating of our bureaucratic pressures, robbed of our wealth, with no way out, no repealing enough for escape, and no time left, like a deer seized by a python. Meanwhile, the proletariat becomes disturbingly restive — even “disruptive,” to use Francis Fox Piven’s favorite term. Then, another, even more revolutionary hope/change presidency may occur in 2016; more revolution fomented with each twist and turn, as prey America squirms and issues its last breath.

But, don’t tell anyone and maybe I’ll find the time to write the book.

Back to this week’s odd failure. Maybe there is something to learn in this smaller picture. After all, the “progressive” Democrats know their fail!

So there your writer was, wondering about the Defense bill’s failure being some kind of ploy. Then, I came across this, emphasis mine:

Dems Sabotaged Defense Bill to Fire Up Base for November
Kerry Picket - Published on September 21, 2010


Whispers around Capitol Hill are the Defense Authorization bill was never meant to pass. Tuesday’s cloture vote in the Senate on the annual Pentagon budget went down in a 56 – 43 vote. The two Arkansas Democrats Blanche Lincoln and Mark Pryor both crossed party lines and voted with Republicans. Senate majority leader Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat voted no, so the vote could be brought up again at a later time.

Tacked on to the defense bill were controversial measures like the repeal of the military policy known as Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, the pro-amnesty immigration bill called the Dream Act, and allowing abortions on military bases.

Many around the hill were skeptical the bill would get pass a cloture vote given the controversial subject matter and believe Democrats only wanted to fire up their most activist liberal base: pro-amnesty activists, LGBT activists, and pro-choice groups.

That is the first half of the short report. Click to finish and let the Washington Times have a bit more ad revenue. I am not quite sure it explains everything, but it looks like good, conventional wisdom and here is the point, not to be missed. It shows how important it is to the progressives, to keep their proletariat revolutionaries simmering, while more and more apparatchiks learn how to tend their pot, and while tinkering up the “NAI” stove.

Then, as for the big-time Sabotage in Process? As for that show, as Ronald Reagan used to say, “We – ain’t – seen – nothin’ – yet!”

But is America’s epic fail inevitable? Perhaps not, if an humbled to God remnant of the Sovereign American People know the python is attacking now, while not quite yet in its death grip. But be warned. The grip can be so quiet and gradual, and at first, so soft, that a sleeping victim may not even know that subtle tickle is the python at work — not until surrounded, it is much too late.

By the way, you have seen this little chat, have you not? “The Phoenix Economy” — old adage snake, New Age Phoenix, pardon the mixed metaphors.

Learn a great deal more, from James Simpson’s “Manufactured Crisis” Article Series and he will get a mite of ad revenue, too:

h/t for Washington Times article: “paltz


Arlen Williams coordinates publishing of the new ‘zine, Gulag Bound and has administrated the blog, Investigating Obama. Prior to this, he was an organizer of electoral action in Illinois and Wisconsin, while maintaining a career in technology sales. Arlen addresses the Marxofascist soft war for global empire, against authentic America and freedom and sovereignty worldwide, suggesting overwhelming First Amendment warfare in return.

He asks you to communicate with your neighbors, and to confront 2010?s politicians and candidates with “The Three SOVEREIGNTY NOW Questions.”
He still hasn’t produced a recent photo. Contact Arlen Williams at

Permission granted, to repost this written work and its footer in their entirety. – AW


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An Experience to Share

My Story
I’m a man of strong faith but a very practical man as well. I’ve always wondered at the fanciful stories I’ve heard of people receiving messages from God and I often wondered if they were authentic or simply embellished feelings of someone seeking a message. That was until last Saturday. As I was driving down the road on Saturday afternoon I suddenly felt a presence around me. I really couldn’t explain it nor have I felt it before but I sensed that Jesus had something to say to me. I got a series of chills and tears began to form. I don’t remember thinking anything as much as I was just sort of listening. Suddenly I noticed this car in front of me that had bumper stickers that conveyed frustration with Obama and his policies and I heard a voice simply say to me that “the work Chris is doing is important.” Nothing more, just that. I know in my heart that it was not my inner voice talking to me but a message from Him. I remember feeling that I was being asked to support my wife in her efforts and to trust in Him. I simply prayed, “I will.” It all happened very quickly but I remember it very distinctly. My wife has asked me to share this story so in support of her I pass it along.

Written by my wonderful husband, Charlie.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What Yes on CA Prop. 8 & Restore Honor Rally Have in Common

Wow! The following article written by Dr. Jim Garlow was quite lovely to read! I found it via One News Now - Perspectives: Evangelicals and Glenn Beck

[Editor's note: This column was originally posted before the "Restoring Honor" rally in Washington, DC, on August 28, 2010]

Some has been said and written about evangelicals "compromising" by sharing the stage this weekend at Glenn Beck's Friday night Kennedy Center event (for approximately 2,000 pastors and Christian leaders) and being seated on the platform (nearly 200 seats) of the Lincoln Memorial during the "Restoring Honor" Rally on Saturday, August 28. This all stems from the fact of Beck's Mormon faith.

I have not been criticized for going to the rally (at least as of this date), but I have seen writing attacking two men in whom I believe: James Robison (who will not even be at the rally, but whose video might be) and David Barton. Both of these men have impeccable credentials in our biblical faith.

I recognize that people of good will and good faith might differ with each other on this. Yet there is no need to "de-Christianize" each other over the matter.

If I may, allow me to state how I dealt with the issue of evangelical-Mormon working partnerships during the Prop 8 battle here in California.

Lessons learned and guidelines followed from Prop 8
We, as evangelical pastors (primarily in San Diego), were one of the first groups to organize regarding the defense of marriage. We later learned what the Catholics were doing, and we worked side-by-side – with great synergy and effect. The relationship proved to be spectacular and continues to this day.

It was later that some of the hierarchy of the Mormon Church called and asked to meet with me. Candidly, I did not – at first – want to meet with them and did not want to work with them. My disagreement with Mormon belief is substantial. Yet I knew that the battle for marriage was so immense in scope. The Sacramento based Schubert-Flint Public Affairs, working with Ron Prentice of, had outlined what was needed. We needed to activate 25,000 persons to knock on doors immediately, and to organize 100,000 persons, "boots on the ground," by Election Day. In addition, many other webinars, satellite simulcasts and phone banks were planned, along with a 40-day prayer and fast period culminating with 33,000 persons in a 12-hour prayer meeting – 10 am to 10 pm – in Qualcomm Stadium three days before the election.

Several months before the election, three officials from the Mormon Church came to my office. The meeting was cordial, respectful and warm. We discussed ways to work along side each other in this battle.

Most of us are familiar with the term "co-belligerency," which means that people with diametrically opposing views on certain critical issues work together. It was in that role that we came together.

Towards the very end of the meeting, I was just ready to bring up a critical issue: the insistence of Mormons to proselytize and argue theology. Before I could bring up the obvious "elephant in the room," the highest ranking Mormon official present – a member of the Council of the Seventy – said (as nearly as I am able to re-construct the conversation), "Allow me to broach a topic that is likely on your mind. You will be concerned that our people will bring up discussions regarding their Mormon beliefs. I want to assure you that they will not bring up that topic in conversation."

I was surprised at his directness, thus I said, "Can I have your word on that?" He responded, "You can." I asked, "Even though you are over the Pacific Rim (approx. one-third of the world) in the Mormon Church, may I have your cell number and call you personally if I become aware of any violation of the promise?" He responded, "You can," and gave me his cell phone number.

I never called it. Not once. Because I never heard of one single violation. On our first weekend of knocking on doors across California, 25,000 persons showed up to work. Twenty four thousand of them were Mormons. They worked. They worked hard. They never brought up their faith. Not once. A letter had been sent instructing them to discuss only the defense of marriage – and they honored that policy.

Once we began working side by side, I received a call from a reporter with the Wall Street Journal. I have done over 775 interviews, so there was nothing particularly unusual about receiving such a call. However his questions were not about Prop 8 and marriage as such, but about the relationship between evangelicals and Mormons. As I was answering his questions, I stopped and said, "I am going to answer you as directly as I can. If you misquote me, you will do great harm to my standing as an evangelical, and you will harm the new and young friendship I have with some Mormon acquaintances, so I am going to talk slowly so you can write this verbatim and quote me correctly." I did talk slowly, and he did quote me correctly.

The quote: Key for understanding the issue
My quote was simply, "As evangelicals and Mormons, we are not theological brothers and sisters. But we are friends and neighbors. And on that basis we work together to defend marriage." At another time, the LA Times called, equally inquisitive of the "new relationship." I ended up making the same statement – "As evangelicals and Mormons, we are not theological brothers and sisters. But we are friends and neighbors. And on that basis we work to defend marriage" – repeatedly.

That became the mantra for our Prop 8 work together. Mormons make up 2% of the California population, yet contributed at least 40% of the funds to defend marriage. Of the workers that knocked on doors and called homes, I suspect that the LDS church provided the lion's share of the workers.

(They are not the only identifiable group or constituency to which we are indebted. There were ethnicities that were critical to defending marriage. Whites voted 49% in favor of Prop 8. Asians also voted 49%. Hispanics voted 53% to defend marriage. While blacks voted 70%. Thus marriage was saved in California by Hispanics and African Americans.)

But back specifically to the issue of evangelicals and the LDS Church. Notice the phrase – "friends and neighbors." That is exactly what they are. As such, I treat them (and all persons) with honor and dignity.

I later visited Salt Lake City and dialogued with two members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, Russell Ballard and Quentin Cook. One of them set the stage perfectly with this opening line, "Look, we are just going to have to tolerate each others' theology, so we can work together defending marriage." My sentiment exactly.

Because he had laid it out so clearly, we were able to focus on the matter at hand: defense of marriage. I later met with them for the same purpose. They are my "friends and neighbors." In addition, there are a host of members of the LDS church in San Diego and further up in the greater LA area that are my "friends and neighbors." I thoroughly enjoy my time with them. They are friends. I have not changed my theology one bit. Not at all. I suspect they have not as well, but we can work together on this important project.

In the aftermath of the November 2008 Prop 8 victory, there was a demonstrable backlash directed at the Mormon Church. Without hesitation, I called a meeting of evangelicals and Catholics – inviting the Mormon officials that I could gather on short notice – and we (Catholics and Evangelicals) affirmed that we would stand with them and speak out against the violence directed against them. In addition, I participated in a major press conference in which Evangelicals, Catholics, Muslims, Sikhs and others all defended the unwarranted and viscous attacks on the LDS Church.

The nature of alliances
In the Old Testament, there were times that Israel forged alliances out of desperation because they did not trust God. That distrust is sin. In addition, Israel compromised herself in those alliances, becoming like those with whom she joined.

However, there were other scenarios in which God used cultures outside Israel for his purposes. Those alliances seemed to have the approval of God.

Thus I developed a personal "grid" regarding the forming of alliance on the Prop 8 battle. It might not be helpful for you, but it is helpful for me. I asked my self two questions:

1. Am I joining with someone simply out of failure to trust God, or does this alliance seem to have the approval of God for this moment, to accomplish his will?
2. Am I compromising biblical truths and values in this alliance?

I concluded that the alliances were not out of failure to trust God, but out of an understanding of how (in this moment) to live out his will on earth, and that there was no compromise of biblical values.

I am not hesitant to say that – though they are not my theological brothers and sisters – the LDS members I have come to know truly are my good friends. We even laugh hard together. Yes, we even tease each other about each other's theological positions. Yes, I wish they would embrace what I believe. As yet, that has not happened. But in the meantime, we are unabashedly "friends and neighbors."

Glenn Beck
The Evangelical-LDS Prop 8 alliance provides some background to the issue of why an evangelical might attend the Restoring Honor Rally in Washington, DC.

(I am not expecting all persons to arrive at the same conclusion. There is a principle I learned decades ago, "Others may; you cannot." I have wondered for years why so-called Christians can do some of the things they do. For example, Christians who prided themselves in "doing all things in moderation," however, are finding that they are no longer doing those things in moderation. You name the taboo. They are almost all gone. What was called "sin" in the 1950's is quite cool in the new millennium. Has Evangelical Christianity improved? Grown up? Become so much more sophisticated? I doubt it. It seems a bit dull. Blunted. Muted. It has lost its "edge" – and we all know it. As I have observed these changes, I sensed that "the old way" – as out of step with contemporary culture as they might be – might just be better. So as others begin doing things I do not do, I attempt to override my first instinct to judge. Then I hear the "Others may; you cannot" principle and go my merry way. Why have I taken you on this detour? Because when it comes to the issue of "should I attend a rally led by a Mormon?" some may; others may not. There is room for amiable disagreement.)

As I have sorted this out, I have watched Glenn Beck as closely as I can. I do not have a lot of contact with him, but I do have some. I have been:

1. In his studio audience once
2. On his show once, interviewed very briefly
3. With him and a group of 20+ persons for a three-and-one-half-hour dinner and discussion
4. With him in his green room with a group of 10 for nearly half an hour
5. Conversed with him one-on-one very little, perhaps 5 minutes total
6. Led on his internet early morning (7:05 Eastern) 10-minute prayer and devotional time on one occasion

I have had some other email and phone contact with his staff, but only a dozen or so times. Bottom line: I have had some, but limited, contact.

I have listened and watched very carefully regarding clues to Glenn's spiritual condition. I have interviewed several people who have been with him and have talked very specifically with him regarding his own personal salvation. Glenn has said unequivocally that that he relies on the atonement of Jesus on the cross for forgiveness for his sins, and those are almost the exact words. Few people use the term atonement. Glenn did.

On one of his TV shows about a month ago, he laid out the gospel, using his well known blackboard, in the clearest explanation of the crucifixion and the resurrection that I have ever heard on national TV. I called James Robison, and asked, "Did you hear that?" James said, "Richard Land [Southern Baptist] just called me and said he never expected to hear the Gospel so clear on secular television." It was quite remarkable. A few days ago, Glenn laid out America's problems and then concluded, "We need God!"

I have interviewed persons who have talked specifically with Glenn about his personal salvation – persons extremely well known in Christianity – and they have affirmed (using language evangelicals understand), "Glenn is saved." He understands receiving Christ as savior. (Note: I have never discussed with Glenn this topic.)

On one occasion three of us were walking near the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia. The person to my right asked the man to my left – who is with Glenn Beck a great deal – "I heard Glenn Beck is a Mormon. What is he?" The man to my left, without missing a beat, without even turning his head to look at the questioner said, "A Christian." That answer comes from a man who has been with Glenn often. At the risk of throwing a verbal grenade, there is no ambiguity about Glenn's faith, such as what we see in the "is he a Muslim / is he a Christian" discussion regarding our President.

But what about Glenn's Mormonism, many ask? That is a legitimate question. Glenn was raised, as I understand it, as a Catholic. He became a heavy drinker, destroying everything in his life. It was the Mormons that got him into the equivalent of a 12-step program. His life was turned around. His wife, as I understand it, is a strong Mormon. My personal read-out would be that Glenn's Mormon ties are not profoundly deep rooted. I am not saying that to denigrate his theological understanding. I simply do not see evidence that he has deep Mormon theological motifs.

But didn't he talk about some Hebrew stone tablet on his show recently? Yes. Frankly, I am not sure why he did it. It appeared for a moment that he might be – for the first time – pushing his Mormonism. But in further conversation with those I regard to be "in the know," that was apparently not the case.

Two statements by Beck have caused serious Bible believers serious heartburn. One was on an interview – I believe with Katie Couric – and the other was recently on the Bill O'Reilly show. In both cases, Glenn trivialized the dangers and harm of gay "marriage." Some defend him, saying he was merely saying that that issue is not his personal focus.

I am not certain how to interpret this one. I was on his show a couple months ago. He specifically asked Robby George (Princeton professor) to tell the audience about the Manhattan Declaration – which strongly affirms traditional, natural marriage. He then changed the conversation to the violence against those that defended Prop 8 in California. At that point, I spoke up, referencing the acts of violence and vandalism committed by those trying to advance the radical gay agenda.

I do not have an explanation for his comments on Bill O'Reilly. I need to know more of the background. It was, most assuredly, not his strongest moment. He may be in need of much more biblical truth and social science data.

One's theology
Let me ask you a question. Is your theology "off" at all? Even one percent? Only the most arrogant would say, "Oh, my theological understanding is 100% perfect." No, we all keep growing. God's Word does not change. God's truth does not change. But we grow in our understanding of spiritual, biblical truths.

I suspect my theology is off by 1% or 4% or 7%. And, I have news for you: yours is too.

Here is my question: if your theology is off slightly, but you still trust exclusively in Jesus Christ's death on the cross for your salvation, and in his resurrection, are you still saved? Going to heaven? Yes.

How far off might your theology be – and yet still trust exclusively in Jesus Christ's death on the cross for your salvation, and believe in his resurrection – and still be saved? Is it 10% or 15% or 20%? Or what?

My point is this: all of us are missing part of God's full truth. He knows all truth. I don't. I am striving to understand all truth, but it is a journey of maturing in the understanding of God's Word.

Someone might truly trust in Jesus Christ's death on the cross for one's salvation and believe in Jesus as Lord as demonstrated by the resurrection, yet be lacking in many points of doctrine.

Larry King likes to ask evangelicals on Larry King Live if one must believe in Jesus to go to heaven. If they say "yes," then he is likely to mention that he is Jewish, so will he go to hell? Evangelicals historically squirm at the thought of saying, "yes, you are going to hell." What is a better answer, I believe, is, "Everyone who is going to heaven will get there the same way: by the provision of Jesus." "But am I," Larry might persist, in this imaginary conversation, "going to hell?" We should respond politely, "All who are going to heaven will get there the same way: by the provision of Christ. It is not mine to judge who will be ‘in' or ‘out.' But I do know that all who gain heaven will get there the same way: by the provision of Christ."

Perhaps that Larry King illustration has some relevance to this discussion.

The 'Restoring Honor' rally
I am going to the events at the Kennedy Center on Friday and the Lincoln Memorial on Saturday. I go with no reservation. I go – as most are I suspect who have sorted through this issue – with a sensing of the blessing of the Lord.

To restate the obvious, not one single evangelical going to Washington, DC, is compromising their faith and beliefs. Not one of them is attempting to move Mormonism within historical Christianity. Not one is minimizing the stark differences between LDS views and orthodox Christianity. While not theologically brothers and sisters with Mormon views, we are uniting as friends and neighbors for cultural-sociological purposes, much like we did in Prop 8.

Candidly, I made a statement publically about three months ago, before I ever knew I would even meet Glenn Beck. The statement was (as nearly as I can reconstruct it from memory): "If this nation collapses in the 2010-2012 time frame, historians will have to report, if they are honest, that American fell because of silent pastors and inactive pews. If, on the other hand, this nation is saved from self-destruction in the 2010-2012 timeframe, those same historians will have to report that one of the major reasons for the turnaround was Glenn Beck." That was before I had ever been with him. I had no idea that two days later, I would receive a call to come meet with him.

I still believe that. Glenn Beck is being used by God – mightily. The left loves to slam him and do so viscerally and often with vulgarities. Glenn is not perfect. (For the record, neither are you or I.) But his expose on America's sins is stellar. I am convinced his motives are pure. His research department is profoundly skilled, checking footnotes down to the last detail. The left cannot "get" him – at least, not at this point. They have tried. Since they have no truth, and history is not on their side, they resort constantly to ad hominem attacks. He has withstood staggering scrutiny, disdain and attacks.

Based on all I know about him, I am proud to stand with him at the Restoring Honor Rally this weekend. Glenn does not see that this about him, because it is not. It is about Restoring Honor. That is the issue. It is much bigger than Glenn Beck and he knows it. And God knows, we need it.

Written by Dr. Jim Garlow


I have been living through the Proposition 8 wars going on here in California. The radical homosexual advocates were brutal towards Mormons, Catholics, and various Christian denominations after the majority voted to keep marriage as the thousands-of-years-old definition: the union of one man and one woman.

Before the election, I noticed that my Mormon neighbor up the street had "Yes on Prop. 8" signs piled up alongside her garage. I rang her doorbell and asked if I could have a sign to put up in front of my house. Even one of the known liberal neighbors by me - a former elementary school teacher in the public school system - had a "Yes on Prop. 8" sign up on her lawn.

As we all know, the battle continues on this issue here in California. We must keep it in prayer and plead that God's idea and definition of marriage remains as the covenant created by Him - the union of one man and one woman.

Hat Tip:

One News Now

Monday, September 20, 2010

Why Humankind Needs the Savior

Way back in May of 2005, I created a post over at my Talk Wisdom Forum entitled, De-homosexualization of the Catholic Church. Ever since, GMpilot has been obsessed with the subject matter. Read through the thread and you will know what I mean.

The thread began with the following observation (plus a copy of an essay at WorldNetDaily - go to link above to read WND essay):

I have to admit that prior to reading this article, I did not know the genuine reason why Pope John Paul II was not more condemning of the homosexual pedophile priests and the Cardinals who shuffled them around to other churches where such priests, unfortunately, were enabled to molest more and more young boys. This scandal absolutely sickened most of the public and the suffering of the victims was just horrendous!

I just couldn't understand, for the life of me, why Pope John II acted indifferent towards the scandal. I wasn't aware of the genuine reason he refused to believe that it was actually going on. The following certainly explains a lot and helped clear up the mystery:

"Whenever Vatican investigators brought the results of their vetting process regarding an individual's candidacy for bishop, cardinal or other office, and they revealed he was a homosexual, John Paul II would refuse to believe it," he writes.

"He did so because accusing someone of homosexuality was a standard practice of the Communist government in his native Poland regarding anyone it regarded as an enemy of the state. From his ordination as a Catholic priest in 1946 to elevation to Archbishop of Krakow in 1963 and Cardinal in 1967, the then Karol Wojtyla witnessed this personal destruction repeatedly. So traumatized, he summarily dismissed such accusations as pope, and would approve the elevation of anyone so accused."



Since GM was continually talking to himself within the thread, five years and six pages later, I posted the following:

Satan's grip on souls through sexual perversion

Sexual sin/perversion is one of the most difficult sins to overcome. No doubt about it.
See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the basic principles of this world rather than on Christ. Colossians 2:8

The eyes of the Lord move to and fro throughout the earth to show Himself strong to those whose hearts are fully committed to Him. 2 Chronicles 16:9

Then, GMpilot had this to say in reply:

So who needs Satan?

admin: Sexual sin/perversion is one of the most difficult sins to overcome. No doubt about it.

But it's all part of The Plan™, isn't it?

God will make it all turn out in the end, won't he?

All that social turmoil, all those disgraced clergymen, all those shattered lives...God will use it all for good, yeah? Isn't that what you always say?

Yet after five years and fifty posts where I point out how widely and deeply and how many decades this has been going on, all you can say is how difficult sexual sin is to overcome? (I wasn't aware that any sin was easy to overcome!)
Your original posts were so full of fire and vinegar, and now they've dwindled to two little sentences that say nothing. Both the Catholic God and yours make it clear, and you've repeated it on this site often enough; they should die. After all, civil laws were broken, too.

When sex is not permitted to express itself in its proper way, it will always eventually express itself in an improper way. The more it's suppressed, the nastier it blooms. No Satan necessary.

I must admit, "So, who needs Satan?" is an interesting question. In reality, an entire book could be written in reply to such a question. Readers, feel free to share your thoughts about that.

Rather than addressing that particular question [mostly because Satan is, unfortunately, often used as an excuse by those who repeatedly choose to sin. You know - the ole' "the devil made me do it" syndrome], I chose to reply utilizing the Gospel message:


If the priests were after normal sexual relations, they wouldn't be performing homosexual acts with male children or young teenage and pre-teen boys. Why weren't they going after the beautiful women - who were of the age of consent - from the pews of the churches? Answer: because they were in homosexual/pederasty/pedophile lust for teens and boys.

Those priests who went after pre-pubescent girls were also pedophiles.

But all of this is pointless to discuss with you. You seem to think that because there are priests who are fakes - all must be fakes as well. During my childhood, I learned about a pedophile priest in our church. I only knew that he went after pre-pubescent girls, but perhaps he attacked some boys too. It was all hushed up and they named a street after him in town after he had died.

I also knew of a wonderful priest who kept his celibate vows and was wonderful (in an appropriate manner and way) to all parishioners - especially the children. He died 10 years ago and had a monument placed in a small existing park that was later named after him. There were benches there that were donated by members of the church. He was deeply loved.

There are people who try to live good lives, and there are people who don't. We all fall short of the glory of God. Recall the "good" test I told you to take? No one passes that test. If anyone ever claims that they did pass it - then you know that they lied.

This is why humankind needs the Savior. Jesus Christ was the only sinless God-Man who died on the cross for the forgiveness of sins of all who repent of their sins and believe in him.

Jesus Christ is the living example of mercy and grace through God.

Mercy is God withholding what you (we all) deserve.

Grace is God giving you (all) what you (we all) don't deserve.

There is evidence of grace being bestowed upon unbelievers and even the wicked in this temporal world. Some repent and turn to Christ, others don't. However, the choice to reject Christ (and his mercy and grace) prior to dying negates the chance for salvation after death.

Despite the fact that some who don't believe in Christ seem to have success in this life, it is an entirely different story [according to the Bible] when such individuals die without Christ. Why? Because they have chosen to reject God's mercy and grace for salvation. Therefore, they choose to leave this world to live in eternity separated from God forever.

God has done all that is necessary for salvation. Our job here on this earth is to either accept or reject His provision.
See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the basic principles of this world rather than on Christ. Colossians 2:8

The eyes of the Lord move to and fro throughout the earth to show Himself strong to those whose hearts are fully committed to Him. 2 Chronicles 16:9

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Members of the Culture of Death

So far, 19 hours later, there are no takers up to the challenge of answering the questions from my previous post:

Talk Wisdom
Can Someone Give a Reasonable Answer? - The questions that I am referring to are asked at the end of this post. If I were to file this report, it would definitely qualify to go under the title of...
19 hours ago

OK. I will give it a shot.

What it comes down to is this: the White House plus all of their progressive cronies (including the unelected czars and the elected buffoons known as Congressmen and Senators) are all members of the culture of death.

Think about it.

The progressives love and celebrate death!

1. Abortion on demand.

2. Support for Islam - and NEVER criticizing their tenets which include jihad against the West and "death to Israel." "Honor" killings (now there is an evil oxymoron!) of wives and children.

3. Support and/or just plain appeasement of dictators and mad men around the world (i.e. Ahmadinejad, Kim Jong Il, Castro, Chavez); as well as the brutal beasts from history who have killed millions (e.g. Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot,) or "only just hundreds of thousands" (e.g. Saddam Hussein - whom most progressives would have wanted to remain as dictator in Iraq).

Anyone else see the pattern?

The one brutal killer that they do not openly cheer is Hitler. Why? Because they incorrectly claim that he was a "Christian" and "right wing" in ideology. Therefore, he is targeted by the left with scorn.

Another reason why Hitler must be hated by progressives (at least openly) might be because the progressives still want the liberal leftist Jewish voters to remain true to the Democrat party - especially when it comes to donations.

Holocaust deniers (at least those who deny it openly) are treated just like the 9/11 "truthers." You can't say that in public, but even if you really believe it, you can still make it to a "Green Jobs" Czar position (Van Jones) as long as a YouTube video doesn't surface or membership in the "truthers" crowd comes out. When that happens you must be placed in a more - shall we say - "Weathermen Underground" position; which is where Jones ended up. However, those in the know already realize that the juggling of Jones within the administration has been already exposed by Glenn Beck.

There have been conservative bloggers who have speculated that the progressives will have another manufactured crisis of some sort (like the economic crash that started in October, 2008 which ended up getting ObaMAO elected) up their tricky sleeves to turn people back towards Obama and his ilk. I seriously doubt that it would work, however. The majority of the American people who are paying attention to the overt destruction going on in our nation by the progressive tyrants will not get fooled again. I am reminded of the old saying, "Fool me once - shame on you. Fool me twice - shame on me."

So what is left?

Perhaps a manufactured crisis of some sort that will require dictator Obama to institute martial law? Hey - they are working hard on collapsing the economy, keeping the unemployed dependent on government hand-outs, crushing us with debt we can never pay back, taxing us up the ying-yang, destroying capitalism and demolishing small business owners. Not to mention the havoc bing inflicted via all of the sinful socialist agenda that they are pushing on America. Would they go so far as to cancel the election of 2010? We will have to wait and see. Nothing would surprise me anymore from these cruel and evil people.

That is what they are - CRUEL AND EVIL. Isn't every dictator? Shame on all of the minions who still, despite all of the evidence being shown against the pawn-in-chief and his puppeteers, follow such cruelty and evil.


More of the progressive Democrat side show:

Racist Bill Maher: Obama Would Be Better President If He Were “Fully Black” (Video)
posted by Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit - 28 minutes ago
Once again... Only a foul-mouthed lib could get away with such a blatantly racist statement and still hold down a career in the democratic-media complex. In a segment on Friday, Bill Maher explained to his...

Now... this one made me laugh out loud! How ridiculous is this???


And the laughs just keep on comin'!

Big Journalism
Open Thread: Is the Dems’ New Logo Right on Target? - Over to you: You really can’t make this stuff up.
1 hour ago

Comment there: JP_in_CO 74p · 1 hour ago
It looks like more like
the grade they are giving themselves then it does a logo.

Ha ha ha haaaaa!


So....which is more dumb, stupid and harmful? The girl who threw acid into her own face or this?

Government Efficiency: $111M in Stimulus Saved Just 55 Jobs - You know what this means, right? We need another stimulus! Of course if you complain about this outrageous waste of taxpayer money then you're reacist or som...
2 hours ago

According to Bill "the nincompoop" Maher - it would be more raaaaaacist if Obama was "all black."

Nice Deb covers a lot of ground on Islam in this post!

Nice Deb
Friday News Round-up - There’s a lot of disturbing news to report on the topic of Islamic supremacism at the moment, and a good place to start with that is at Weasel Zippers: WH...
19 hours ago

Typical young, clueless, ideologically-dirtied and brain -dead progressive: 'So what's the big deal about that mosque thingy in N.Y.?'


Citizen Wells
November 2, 2010, Buh bye congress, Vote jackasses out, Video, Citizen Wells open thread, September 18, 2010 - November 2, 2010, Buh bye congress, Vote jackasses out We can do it. We must do it. From Citizen Wells March 23, 2010. “We the people are the rightful mast...
3 hours ago

No wonder the Dems wanted to change their logo! The "donkey" symbol was too descriptive of their actions! However, the "D" icon represents them very well, too. "D" for DISASTER!

Good summary of why many Tea Party Patriots are ousting "establishment" RINOS and winning in the Republican primaries:

Paratus Familia
It happened on your watch - I have been watching with interest the recent victories of "tea party candidates" in numerous primary races across the country. The grass roots Patriot...
2 days ago


Friday, September 17, 2010

Can Someone Give a Reasonable Answer?

The questions that I am referring to are asked at the end of this post. If I were to file this report, it would definitely qualify to go under the title of, "things that do not make any sense." You need to go to the two featured blog posts linked below and read them before answering.

New Report: Mao Killed 45 Million (But He's Still Cool)
posted by William A. Jacobson at Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion - 5 hours ago
Mao Zedong caused the death of 45 million people according to a scholar who was given unprecedented access to Chinese Communist Party archives. As reported by The Independent in Britain: Mao Zedong, foun...

Someone Needs to Forward This to the White House… Mao Murdered 45 Million
posted by Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit - 1 hour ago
You may recall the Obama White House Christmas Tree included mass murderer Mao Tse-Tung ornaments last year. And, no less than two of Obama’s top officials have praised Mao Tse-Tung publicly in the past. T...

Now, my questions.

1. Why on EARTH would the Obama White House have given permission for a staffer to place a Christmas tree ornament with the likeness of Mao on the Christmas tree last year?

2. Was it meant as a not-so-veiled message, threat or warning to the American people?

Hat tips to both links.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Heavenly City

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you may have already seen several blog posts written here about Dr. David Jeremiah's study guide, Revealing the Mysteries of Heaven. Every chapter is filled with so much good news and Bible verse knowledge about heaven, I consider it a crash course in clarifying the most important questions Christians have about their future eternal home.

One thing that catches my eye each time I read about the heavenly city is the fact that "no lie will ever be told" there. Could you imagine how wonderful life would be? Living in the truth of that reality changes everything!

In our temporal world, lying is an art. It is considered not such a "big deal." Everyone does it. That may very well be true, but lies destroy - rather than build up. It is the reason why what man sees as a "not so severe sin" is seen as unacceptable in God's eternal world.

Every chapter and lesson in this study guide is so good, it is difficult to choose a favorite. However, one of the lessons that makes me smile most and causes me to look forward to eternity with joy has to be Lesson 6 - The Heavenly City. Most of the chapter is about Revelation 21.

In this lesson we discover the glory of the New Jerusalem, our heavenly home.

Dr. Jeremiah discusses the dimensions of the city. How interesting that it is described as a perfect cube with many translucent floors.

Next, there is the description of the city. Dr. Jeremiah gives detail about the following:

1. The Holy City (Wycliffe Bible Commentary describes the holy city: "A holy city will be one in which no lie will be uttered in one hundred million years, no evil word will ever be spoken. No shady business deals will ever be discussed, no unclean picture will ever be seen, no corruption of life will ever be manifest. It will be holy because everyone in it will be holy."

Only those who have been cleansed of their sin by the blood of Christ will be able to enter the holy city. )

2. The Pearly Gates (Can you imagine a huge gate made of one pearl? It is interesting that Dr. Jeremiah reminds us that a pearl is formed in an oyster as a result of a wound - just as our entrance into the "pearly gates" is accomplished through the wounds of Christ and the shed blood for our sins.)

3. The Foundations of Precious Stones (Amazingly, a twelve-layer foundation of the city is built from 12 precious stones including emeralds, sapphires, topaz etc.)

4. The Streets of Gold (Gold so pure it is translucent! The street of the city was pure gold, like transparent glass" (verse 21) We will most likely perceive things differently in our glorified bodies!)

5. The Lamb (Jesus Christ) That Is the Light (There will be no lights in the New Jerusalem: "The Lamb is its light" (verse 23). The glory of God will illuminate the entire city (Isaiah 60:19).

6. The Tree of Life (Oh yes - it reappears! Remember such a tree in the Garden of Eden before the fall of man?)

7. The River of Life (That flows freely for the healing of the nations. This will be healing in a therapeutic sense: growing in our sense of fulfillment, pleasure, and joy at being in the presence of God.)

My brief descriptions above only touch the surface of Dr. Jeremiah's descriptions.

Now, at the end of this particular lesson, Dr. Jeremiah describes "The Denial to the City (Revelation 21:27):

It is unfortunate, but not every person that has lived on earth will gain entrance to the heavenly city. In Revelation 21:8 we read, "But the cowardly, unbelieving, abominable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death."

Verse 27 also says, "But there shall by no means enter it anything that defiles, or causes an abomination or a lie, but only those who are written in the Lamb's Book of Life."

The Bible doesn't say that you can't have ever committed any of these sins and still enter the New Jerusalem. It refers to these sins as lifestyles - those people who have practiced those sins willingly, have never repented of them and received the forgiveness of their sins through Christ. Every person who enters the New Jerusalem will be a person who has sinned, and in many cases the sins will be some of those listed above. But they will be sins that have been repented of and forgiven and that no longer characterize the life of the one who once committed them.

That last paragraph is crucial to realize when you are witnessing to the lost. No one is good enough to get into heaven. Only Jesus Christ accomplished what no mortal man could ever achieve. And that is what the Gospel and Great Commission is all about.

Dr. Jeremiah:

Our calling as Christians today is to go throughout the world as Christ's ambassadors, telling people of the place God has prepared for them and inviting them to accept Christ's invitation to come to Him to be made ready for the City of God. We get that message out every way we can: In person, in print, on television and radio, the Internet - whatever is available, we will use. After reading the glorious description of the city God has prepared for us, doesn't it break your heart to know that some may not get to enjoy it? They at least need to know of the opportunity. If they reject Christ's invitation, that is one thing. But if they die without having heard of the opportunity, that is another. And we are accountable for their failure to hear the Good News that is for them.

[H]eaven is real and so is the New Jerusalem. But only for those who have received the forgiveness of sins Christ offers that makes them pure enough to enter the Holy City of God. Make sure that you are one of those who has made a reservation to stay in the New Jerusalem for all eternity. If you wait until the city appears, it will be too late.

Hat Tip:

Dr. David

Monday, September 13, 2010

What A Great Ad!

And the picture is just perfect for the message! Mario Apuzzo is preparing the Writ of Certiorari in the Obama ineligibility case. It will be filed with the Supreme Court soon.

Take a look at the latest posting over at A Place to Ask Questions to Get the Right Answers: New Ad - Obama Ineligible! I Tried and Lied But It Won't Go Away! Washington Times National Weekly - 13 Sep 2010 Issue - Pg 15.

Can't wait until the national nightmare known as the Obama Administration and it's epic fail in our nation is over!

Hat Tip:

A Place to Ask Questions to Get the Right Answers

Sunday, September 12, 2010

In The Mirror of God's Eyes

Written by Guest Blogger Rocky Chambers

1 Cor 13:12 - For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.

This world is full of smoke and illusion. Like Paul writes, we see through a glass darkly. While this world seems painfully real it is only a manifestation of the world that truly lies beneath, the spiritual world. Everything has a spiritual root.

From time to time we get a glimpse into this real world beneath. We see it in an act of kindness, a gesture of peace, a sacrament of love, an act of faith, or in hoping against hope. Still, we see darkly. Our vision is clouded. Our view obscured. By what? By the darkness of our own minds.

We sometimes pride ourselves in the fact that we at least are a good person. I didn’t commit this sin or that sin. While perhaps you are better than others, there is always somebody better than you. And if we examine ourselves closely enough we will find a word spoken in hate, a grumbling that led to strife or a doubt that blossomed into the sin of worry! Yes, worry is a sin, doesn’t the scripture tell us not to worry! Doesn’t Jesus Himself express this when He says, ‘why do you give thought to what you will wear, what you will eat, do not worry for your Father in heaven knows you need these things!’

What we often view as sin, adultery, murder, theft, and so on, are really the manifestations of sin. They are the dark fruit of evil seed that has matured and given birth to death. The scripture says do not covet, but what is at the root of your coveting? Why do you desire to have what somebody else has? What is the seed of this sin? Is it jealousy? Is it fear? Is it doubt?

But love conquers all. But too often we try to manufacture love rather than allow God to grow it. But I get ahead too much.

The darkness of our minds leads us astray. This darkness is a cloud of dark thoughts, wrong thoughts, lies we believe and hold on to. When we see the fruit of these dark thoughts as evil then we are faced with the choice of seeking to weed our garden on our own, or seeking the help of God. This is the moment when we can come face to face. We know in part, but we do not know fully until He reveals us to our self! THEN I shall know as I am fully known!

The only power the enemy truly has is the corruption of faith hope and love. Every sin has at it’s root this corruption. And as Jesus reveals to us the truth, the darkness we have fallen into, we suddenly see clearly.

Everyone has had at least one of these moments. They may not admit it was God who opened their eyes, but it was. You can call it an epiphany, an inspiration, an ‘a-ha’ moment when the light went on. It is a moment when the smudge on that dark glass was cleared for a moment for you to see through, to see clearly.

We can rub on that glass ourselves and only smudge it up more. Or we can call on Christ to clean it for us. It may take effort on our part. Effort in prayer, effort in listening, effort in studying the scriptures, effort in waiting patiently. But we are promised if we will seek we will find. Most importantly, keep looking in that mirror. It may be dark and you may not see yourself as well as you think you do. But if you gaze steadily into it with the help of Christ…you will see face to face and you will know even as you are known. The mark of a saint is not in his good deeds. Nor is it found in his goodness. It is found in his determination to look into that glass to see face to face.

Don’t allow the illusions of this darkened world divert you but rather pierce the darkness with the help of the Lord. Let Him teach you who you really are. Only then can you be light to others. But be warned, many will see your light as darkness because they do not see what you see.

Gaze into the dark glass and you will find yourself gazing upon Jesus, the author and finisher of your faith. He longs to show you who you really are, that you are worthwhile to Him. Enough so that He would give Himself for you. As you see that, it will change you, transform you.

Often God is seen as a potter, and we are the clay. This is how He molds us, forms us, into an image He has in His own heart. That is the you He wants you to know, it’s the one He knows.

I think, no I know, that is why John often referred to himself as ‘the disciple whom Jesus loved’. He saw himself in God’s eyes. Yeah, now isn't that a beautiful thought…to see yourself in the reflection, the mirror of God's eyes. Face to face, to know as I am known.

Hat Tip:

Rocky Chambers via email.

Thank you so much Rocky! This is beautifully stated!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Moment of Silence

When remembering all of those who lost their lives due to the radical Islamic terrorist attack on that tragic day of 9/11/01, the best words shared are those spoken in prayer; especially for the loved ones who still grieve for them nine years later.

To the astonishment of recovery workers at Ground Zero, the Cross appeared miraculously from the wreckage on the site of the former World Trade Center.

Flanked by construction and recovery workers, police Chaplain Fr. Brian Jordan blesses the Cross.


Please view the powerpoint video at Atlas Shrugs. It was created in February, 2002. We MUST NOT FORGET! WE WILL NOT FORGET!

Quote from President George W. Bush: "Freedom will be defended."

Friday, September 10, 2010

Why Pelosi and Germond Signed a Different Certificate of Nomination for Hawaii

While the media is all hyped up about the potential moment of a pastor performing the burning of a Koran, there is other investigative news out there that is not getting proper attention!

Butterdezillion: Certificate of Nomination Summary

Why Pelosi and Germond Signed a Different Certificate of Nomination for Hawaii***

Based on the outstanding research by blogger jbjd here, here, here, and here, Canada Free Press broke a story showing that Nancy Pelosi and Alice Travers Germond , as representatives of the Democratic National Committee, had signed one Certificate of Nomination for Obama and Biden that was sent to 49 states, and another that was sent only to Hawaii. Only the certificate sent to Hawaii included a statement that Obama and Biden were Constitutionally qualified to serve as President and Vice-President.

That certificate of nomination for Hawaii is the ONLY statement in this nation signed by somebody besides Obama which claims that Obama is Constitutionally eligible to be President. Contrary to arguments that Congress certified Obama’s eligibility when they certified the results of the electoral vote, neither representatives of Congress nor any Secretary of State has signed a legal document saying that Obama is eligible. This one oath by Pelosi and Germond is the only legal claim that Obama’s eligibility was verified.

And there is a huge story about how this particular certificate came to be, which the House Ethics Committee, every state Attorney General, and the public at large need to know.

First off, they need to know that the Hawaii Department of Health has confirmed that neither Pelosi nor Germond, nor any leader of either the Democratic National Committee or the Hawaii Democratic Party, has ever even asked to see Obama’s birth certificate. So Pelosi and Germond did not sign this document because they saw a certified copy from the HDOH office. And in fact, if they had seen anything from the HDOH office they would have known his Hawaii birth certificate has been amended and has no legal value.

It’s been removed from the web, but shortly after CFP published their original article about the Certificates of Nomination, somebody claiming to represent the DNC stated on a discussion board that the DNC relies on the state parties to verify Constitutional eligibility for candidates, so the oath by Pelosi and Germond would just confirm that the state democratic parties had confirmed the Constitutional eligibility of the candidates.

But this is where the argument totally falls apart, because the Hawaii Democratic Party actually ignored their protocols in 2008 in order to specifically NOT certify Obama’s eligibility as they had done for candidates in the past. IOW, if Pelosi based her decision to certify on whether the state party would confirm eligibility, then she had a duty to NOT certify Obama’s eligibility, because the democratic party of the state supposedly holding Obama’s birth certificate REFUSED TO CERTIFY Obama’s eligibility.

Read it all HERE.

These two comments by Butterdezillion are quite informative, too:

Yes, I do remember him. He’s pretty busy these days but I’ve been in contact with him in the past. His postings of the 2000 and 2004 DNC and HDP certifications were what enabled me to start making the connections that led to my own research on this. It’s neat how each person plays a role, and how interconnected it all is. I love it that we need each other, and that it helps us stand firm together. The worst feeling in the world is feeling totally alone. Divided we fall.

Hawaii doesn’t care whether it’s the state or national party that certifies eligibility, as long as somebody does it. It really shouldn’t matter either way because in order to be compliant with the DNC rules the Constitutional eligibility requirements have to be met, but there’s always the legal wrangling over whether somebody having to be eligible means that somebody has to CHECK whether he’s eligible. To sign an oath means you bear witness to the fact that you KNOW something to be true. There is no way ANYBODY could know Obama was Constitutionally eligible – if for no other reason than he has no legally-determined birth facts based on the Hawaii BC. The only way Pelosi and Germond could know Obama is even old enough is if they saw his Kenyan BC (in which case they would also know he was not a natural born US citizen) or if they required Obama to submit his amended BC to a judicial or administrative person or body so the probative value could be determined.

I just read this morning that SC requires Constitutional eligibility to be verified, and that the SC Democratic Party certified that. So I need to get the links for that and update the post to reflect that there is one other claim of Obama’s eligibility being verified. But the SC Dem Party has the same dilemma as Pelosi and everybody else: an amended BC has no legal evidentiary value so if they saw the BC they knew they couldn’t certify anything, and if they didn’t see it then they were swearing they knew the truth of something they couldn’t possibly know the truth of.

That amendment screws up every legal argument these people might try to make, because it means that Obama has no legally valid birth certificate claiming he was born in Hawaii.

The only defense I could offer for Chief Justice Roberts is if he and the other members of SCOTUS have been told that if they ruled wrongly Soros and the Islamists would create a financial panic which would destroy the entire world economy. I know it sounds crazy. I’m still mulling it through in my mind, but there’s a lot that would be explained if such a thing was the case – not the least of which are the blatant breaches of judicial ethics on the part of at least SCOTUS and Judge Carter, if not also Judge Robertson, and the obviously bad judicial reasoning used in the various cases. When somebody as ignorant as me can spot the legal inconsistencies and violations of precedent, you know it’s blatant.

And these judges doing these blatant acts may be their way of signaling that their decisions are being made under duress. Putting in a zinger so people will smell a rat and know something’s not right. A lot of us are infuriated by those zingers, but that may be exactly what the judges need us to be, might be what they’re aiming for – not to deliberately make us mad, but to give us ammunition to show that the decisions and process are corrupted.

The people arguing that those zingers are actually wise or ethical are Obots counting on people to not check out the code of judicial ethics or the precedents or actual laws being ruled on. What serious attorney would be caught dead supporting Robertson’s claim that a case was frivolous because the issue had already been Twittered? Using Twitters to make a decision would be a breach of judicial ethics – ex parte communications. Every law scholar knows that, and not one serious law scholar would be caught dead supporting Robertson’s decision.

Robertson is stupid and crooked enough that he might possibly have made a stupid argument (he is, after all, one of Clinton’s “Magnificent Seven” who have conspired to take the cases to protect Clinton’s political buddies) but to use what is such a blatant violation of ex parte rules is beyond mere stupidity. It could only be a deliberate red flag, obvious because of its absurdity and illegality.

SCOTUS having a private meeting with Obama when cases involving him were pending is another breach of ethics, and I can’t help but wonder if it’s a red flag put out to show the world something is wrong. Sort of like Alito apparently pretending to Orly Taitz that he knew nothing of the eligibility cases even though Thomas later mentioned in an unsolicited, serious comment (later covered by a smile) that SCOTUS had been evading the eligibility issue. They knew these cases were before them, and Alito acting ignorant threw up red flags; Orly immediately questioned whether the SCOTUS clerk had hidden information from the justices. Scalia’s red flag was perceived, which may be exactly what he hoped for, doing the only thing he thought he could to protest what they’ve done while Soros holds a gun to the neck of the country and threatens to shoot if SCOTUS doesn’t obey orders.

So I’m going to withhold judgment on SCOTUS. I have a nagging feeling that they’ve been shown that Soros and the Islamists have a gun to the nation’s economic neck, which will be fatally fired if SCOTUS doesn’t dance the charade Soros tells them to dance.

Hat Tip:


*** The Obama File has photocopies of the two different nomination

Obama File: Eligibility: Pelosi Certification

Compare to a 2004 Certification:

2004 HDP Certificate


See most recent posts at Butterdezillion. It's about lawlessness, people!



The Evil Effects of Communism, Fascism, and Islamism

Way back in May of 2009, Citizen Wells did a series of posts on the dangers of Communism and how it has infiltrated into America over the past 47 years. Today, I received an email notification that a new comment was posted by a blogger with the name "Steve." He had me in agreement on most of what he wrote, except for the whole "Bohemian Owl" worship rant.


...Bohemian Grove, Members of This All-Male “Club” Don Red, Black and Silver Robes and Conduct an Occult Ritual Wherein They Worship a Giant Stone Owl, Sacrificing a Human Being in Effigy to What They Call the “Great Owl of Bohemia.

That sounds quite ridiculous and crazy to me, but so does what is happening in today's news! There is no such thing as tolerance in Islam. Period. Fact. The refusal of the developers of the Ground Zero mosque to move it elsewhere as a message of good faith and TOLERANCE towards those who still grieve over the loss of their loved ones on that horrendous day, is the epitome of the lack of tolerance by the people who practice that political religion. There is no such thing as a moderate Islamist. Sorry, but it's true.

It would be good for visitors here to read the original post and all of the comments. Almost a year and a half later, you will see how much of the Communist Manifesto has come to fruition here in the United States. Communism and Islamo-Fascism is being forced upon the American people. What a horrible combination of evil! It is wreaking havoc here in our beloved nation. I pray each day that Someone will come to our rescue. The sooner the better.

Obama Manchurian Candidate, Communist goals 1963, The Naked Communist, Gain control of key positions in radio, TV, and motion pictures, Discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate, old-fashioned, out of step with modern needs, a hindrance to cooperation between nations on a worldwide basis.

My comment there:

Thank you for posting this series, CW! I have taken the time to “catch up” on by favorite blog reading today and this series is breathtaking!!

Will the minions who supported Obama wake up and smell the evil of Communism? Only time will tell, I guess.

I found your commentary right before the article to be EXACTLY as I had also experienced in my childhood years!

As I read through your posts, it puts the Kennedy assassination in a whole new light, too.

I can still recall how I felt when we learned at school on Friday, November 22, 1963 that President John F. Kennedy was assassinated!! Even though I was just eight years old, that horribly shattering event was the 9/11 of that era. I remember walking home from school absolutely stunned that someone would murder the President of the United States of America.

I didn’t feel safe when our school did the bomb shelter drills. An alarm would go off throughout the school. It was that shrill, air raid low-to-high crescendo type alarm – different from the usual “ding ding ding” of the fire alarm bell so that teachers could distinguish between the two drills. We would go down to the basement and huddle alongside the cold wall in that dark hallway, cringing in fright just thinking that if it had been a real emergency, bombs might be dropping all around us.

It was probably my first experience of how very dangerous the “real world” is.

When President Kennedy was shot and killed, I realized what kind of terrible evil men can inflict upon each other.

Forty-six years later, now born again in Christ with over 25 years of Bible study, the fear of the “real world” hasn’t dissipated, but knowing that I am “not of this world” as Jesus said and knowing what I need to know to be confident in my salvation and relationship with Christ, helps me to see the past, present and future for what it truly is.

At the culmination of history, Christ will return for His own. No matter what happens here on this earth, the future and eternity is in His mighty hands.

Meanwhile, I will watch, learn and work for “the time is near.” I will go about my duties as a Christian – in the here and now – to fight for what is right; as both a patriotic American and follower of Jesus Christ.

P.S. Sincere thanks for all that you do via this blog to inform people of the truth of what is going on in our nation and the world. I pray that those who support Obama will wake up and see the terrible damage he is inflicting upon our beloved nation.

God help us!