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"Expelled" Movie Exposes Mini-gods of Liberal Fascism

I know. Some readers here might be thinking...not another blogpost about that movie, "Expelled"'!

Yes. Another blogpost and link to a terrific article about this movie. Let's just say that Carol Devine-Molin's article, "Ben Stein Assails the Intelligensia," almost flawlessly reflects the truth about why this movie has drawn the hysterical ire of the liberal leftists. I couldn't have said it better!

[Note: some movie spoilers ahead.]

Just take a look at some of the most important points in her piece:

Ben Stein's new documentary "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed" is a riveting expose of the intolerant academic community that systematically declares war on anyone or any institution [i.e. Seattle's Discovery Institute] that dares to question liberal Darwinian orthodoxy. "Correct speak" and "correct think" are de rigueur among scholars, who are expected to toe the line that "evolution" and "natural selection" are the be all and end all when it comes to deciphering the origins of mankind.

Thankfully, a few brave scholars have had the intestinal fortitude to challenge Darwinian theory, which cannot properly account for the creation of complex biological mechanisms. These academicians have underscored that the statistical odds are infinitesimal that human DNA could have emerged by evolutionary means as posited by Darwin. By raising the specter of "Intelligent Design", these renegade scholars have been subjected to terrible smears and utter ruination of their scientific careers. But should anyone be astonished? The modus operandi of the Leftist intelligentsia has always been to protect and perpetuate the big propaganda machine and destroy anyone at variance with dogma.

What is so great about this movie is the fact that Ben Stein interviewed the liberal elitists (a.k.a. the "modus operandi of the big propaganda machine") and they literally expose their own bias and hate-filled motives with their own words!

This is precisely why one of the biggest "stars" of the MOP Machine (Modus Operandi Propaganda machine), Richard Dawkins, is frothing at the mouth over how ridiculous he came off (again...using his own words!!!) in the movie!

Stein's research, interviews of people on both sides of the issue and final conclusion for why the political Left has such a virtual stranglehold on academia will astound you! I am telling you only so much so that you will go and see the movie and be stunned for yourself!!

Ben Stein figuratively MOPS the floor free of the propaganda machine's ostracization and then, meticulously exposes what many people have often thought about why there is no chance (excuse the pun!) for Intelligent Design to be given any platform in the academic world when liberal elitists run the show. "No debate allowed" is their mantra. Yet, when NO ONE in their political propaganda playground group could answer Ben's question, "How did life begin?" - they would rather believe that it somehow formed on the back of a crystal or that we were "seeded" by aliens from another universe. But mention that life (especially in biology and in the fine-tuning of the universe) appears to be designed; the liberal elitists scream "Creationism"! That's their excuse to keep any conversation about even the possibility of design being seen in biology off the table of discussion. Devine-Molin said it well:

"Correct speak" and "correct think" are de rigueur among scholars, who are expected to toe the line that "evolution" and "natural selection" are the be all and end all when it comes to deciphering the origins of mankind.

True signs of Marxist liberals!

Another part of the movie (discussed in the second half) is the irrefutable connection that Stein shows between Darwin's "survival of the fittest" mindset and how it influenced Hitler and the Nazis.

The truth of the matter is that when the Nazis perpetrated the Holocaust, they were indeed influenced by Darwin, eugenics and the concept of "natural selection" in efforts to create their "master race". At the very least, Darwinian theory provided the Nazis with the rationale to enact their heinous ethnic cleansing for the "greater good".

Ben Stein has provided his audience with incisive analysis -- The Nazis were dyed-in-the-wool atheists who fancied themselves as mini-gods poised to develop their man-made utopia. Part and parcel of that plan was to rid the gene pool of all so-called "undesirables" including the Jews, gypsies, handicapped and political dissenters.

Stein's visit to the "Eugenics" lab of Nazi Germany and the commentary offered by the woman explaining what happened there was so gut-wrenching. The audience was silent during that portion. We were all probably thinking the same thing. How could man's inhumanity towards man be so despicable? I'll tell you what triggered it (at least in this case). Darwinism's role in convincing people towards atheism.

The plight of Terri Schiavo came to mind. I thought about the priest who visited her and said that if he had attempted to cool her chapped lips with water from the vase of flowers at her bedside, he would have been arrested. This woman was court-ordered to starve and dehydrate to death. The "Eugenics" of Nazi Germany has become the liberal left's "euthanasia" clarion call of today. AWFUL!!!

The Holocaust scenes and discussion were reminders of the huge difference between insanity and evil. When Stein asked a person he was interviewing if Hitler was "insane," the man said no. He was an intelligent, ruthless leader who probably thought he was doing "good." But the fact is Hitler was evil.

[Update @ 10:40 a.m. PT: To view a movie clip that shows a portion of this subject (which is one of the most powerful and controversial parts of the film), go to

The first thing that popped into my mind at that point was the American Holocaust of abortion. People who preach the mantra of "choice," are, in effect, promoting the evil of killing babies in the womb. People who believe in "choice" may think that they are doing "good" (just as Hitler may have thought when he murdered the Jews, Christians, gypsies, handicapped, political dissenters and all the rest of the "undesirables" on his killing list) but Jesus Christ and morality tells us otherwise.

Choose life. Your mother did!

Perhaps you are getting the distinct impression that Stein's film cuts at the heart of much of the liberal left agenda. This is true. It does. And, what's more, it does so in a very convincing way!!

Hard-core liberals won't budge. They will always believe what they want to believe. No right-wing, Bible-thumping, conservative Christian, pro-life, pro-traditional family person like myself who is busily typing out this most important information will ever change their worldview. However, it is my hope that moderate, on-the-fence types will finally see the bankruptcy of the rabidly liberal left's agenda and see that it's end point is always the same. The immorality of many of their political positions leads to death and destruction.

Devine-Molin concludes:

Ben Stein has provided his audience with incisive analysis -- The Nazis were dyed-in-the-wool atheists who fancied themselves as mini-gods poised to develop their man-made utopia. Part and parcel of that plan was to rid the gene pool of all so-called "undesirables" including the Jews, gypsies, handicapped and political dissenters. Darwinian theory, which takes God out of the equation in man's creation, facilitated an atmosphere that devalued human life in Nazi Germany. And let there be no mistake, the Nazis were not conservatives or right-wingers, but ardent socialists and fascists, as adeptly delineated by Jonah Goldberg in his bestseller, "Liberal Fascism", which chronicles the history of the political Left.


Survivors of Abortion Holocaust



Christinewjc said...

[Update @ 10:40 a.m. PT: To view a movie clip that shows a portion of this subject (which is one of the most powerful and controversial parts of the film), go to

krew09 said...

I wouldnt put much faith in anything related to the Discovery Research Institute, they have been caught red-handed plagirizing, lying, and stealing. They stole a Harvard students work,re-edited the audio to propogate I.D......its sad,but treu....just google "Discovery research institute expelled"

Christinewjc said...


Two of the videos are no longer available. Therefore, I cannot compare them to see if your claim is true.

BTW, notice how the word "true" is properly spelled.

"Plagiarizing" is spelled with an "a" between the "i" and the "r."

The term "wouldn't" requires an apostrophe between the "n" and the "t."

Here's a link to Dictionary.com. I suggest that you use it.

When using the possessive case in grammar for the term "student's" - an apostrophe is required.

Do you happen to know the name of the student from Harvard whose work was allegedly copied by the Discovery Institute?

According to the "Expelled" website, your claim is false:

Editor’s Note: Questions have been raised about the origination of some of the animation used in our movie EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed. Claims that we have used any animation in an unauthorized manner are simply false. Premise Media created the animation that illustrates cellular activity used in our film.- The Producers of “EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed”

Only a few segments of Ben Stein's film includes dialogue with Discovery Institute scientists. His film is about much more than what you have mentioned here.

Christinewjc said...

Read another great review today!

Ben Stein's Intelligent Adventure

I recall feeling the same way that the author did while watching the portion of the movie where the Eugenics lab "tour guide" showed no emotion and maintained a "neutral" stance about how the Nazis exterminated people.

How chilling and revolting it was to see, on film, that a person could exhibit such an utterly unremorseful and calloused stance regarding the Nazi killers who had murdered so many people there...

Jaakonpoika said...

Stein is under heavy attack for 'exaggerating' the influence of evolutionism behind Nazism and Stalinism (super evolution of Lysenkoism in the Soviet Russia). But the monstrous Haeckelian type of vulgar evolutionism drove not only the 'Politics-is-applied-biology' Nazi takeover in the continental Europe, but even the nationalistic collision at the World War I.

The marriage laws were once erected not only in the Nazi Germany but also in the multicultural states of America upon the speculation that the mulatto was a relatively sterile and shortlived hybrid. The absence of blood transfusion between "white" and "colored races" was self evident (Hailer 1963, p. 52).

The first law on sterilization in US had been established in 1907 in Indiana, and 23 similar laws had been passed in 15 States and sterilization was practiced in 124 institutions in 1921 (Mattila 1996; Hietala 1985 p. 133; these were the times of IQ-tests under Gould's scrutiny in his Mismeasure of Man 1981). By 1931 thirty states had passed sterization laws in the US (Reilly 1991, p. 87).

So the American laws were pioneering endeavours. In Europe Denmark passed the first sterilization legislation in Europe (1929). Denmark was followed by Switzerland, Germany that had felt to the hands of Hitler and Gobineu, and other Nordic countries: Norway (1934), Sweden (1935), Finland (1935), and Iceland (1938) (Haller 1963, pp 21-57; 135-9; Proctor 1988, p. 97; Reilly 1991, p. 109). Seldom is it mentioned in the popular Finnish media, that the first outright race biological institution in the world was not established in Germany but in 1921 in Uppsala, Sweden (Hietala 1985, pp. 109). (I am not aware of the ethymology of the 'Up' of the ancient city from Plinius' Ultima Thule, however.) In 1907 the Society for Racial Hygiene in Germany had changed its name to the Internationale Gesellschaft für Rassenhygiene, and in 1910 Swedish Society for Eugenics (Sällskap för Rashygien) had become its first foreign affiliate (Proctor 1988, p. 17).

Hitler's formulation of the differences between the human races was affected by the brilliant sky-blue eyed Ernst Haeckel (Gasman 1971, p. xxii), praised and raised by Darwin. At the top of the unilinear progression were usually the "Nordics", a tall race of blue-eyed blonds. Haeckel's position on the Jewish question was assimilation, not yet an open elimination. But was it different only in degree, rather than kind?

In 1917 the immigration of "defective" groups was forbidden even in the United States by a law. In 1921 the European immigration was diminished to 3% based on the 1910 census.
Eventually, in the strategical year of 1924 the finest hour of eugenics had come and the fatal law was passed by Congress. It diminished immigration to 2% of the foreign-born from each country based on the 1890 census in order to preserve the "nordic" balance in population, and was hold through World War II until 1965 (Hietala 1985, p. 132).

Richard Lewontin writes:“The leading American idealogue of the innate mental inferiority of the working class was, however, H.H. Goddard, a pioneer of the mental testing movement, the discoverer of the Kallikak family,
and the administrant of IQ-tests to immigrants that found 83 % of the Jews, 80% of the Hungarians, 79% of the Italians, and 87% of the the Russians to be feebleminded.” (1977, p. 13.) Finnish emmigrants put the cross on the box reserved for the "yellow" group (Kemiläinen 1993, p. 1930), until 1965.

Germany was the most scientifically and culturally advanced nation of the world upon opening the riddles at the close of the nineteenth century, and in 1933 the German people had not lived normal life for twenty years. And so Adolf Hitler did not need his revolution. He did not have to break the laws in Haeckel's country, in principle, but to constitute them.

Today, developmental biologists are anticipating legislation of laws that would define the do’s and dont’s. The legislation should not distract individual researchers from their personal awareness of responsibility. A permissive law merely defines the ethical minimum. The lesson is that a law is no substitute for morals and that dissidents should not be intimidated.

I am suspicious over the burial of the Kampf (Struggle). The idea of competition is innate in the modern society. It is the the opposite view in a 180 degree angle to the Judaeo-Christian ideal of agapee, that I personally cheriss. The latter sees free giving, altruism, benevolence and self sacrificing love as the beginning, motivation, and sustainer of the reality.

You may read more on the matter from my conference posters and articles defended and published in the field of bioethics and history of biology (and underline/edit them a 'bit'):

Biochemist, drop-out (Master of Sciing)

PS. Here's the final chapter scanned from an evolutionist scholar D. Gasman from his The Scientific Origins of National Socialism: Social Darwinism in Ernst Haeckel and the German Monist League (chapter 7, Gasman 1971)
I emphasize that Daniel Gasman, unfortunately, is NOT an IDist or Idealist of any kind.