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Bush's Liberty vs. Obama's Tyranny

I must have been more tired than usual this evening. I fell asleep on the couch watching T.V. at around 8:00 p.m. I woke up just in time to see the last 15 minutes of tonight's American Idol auditions. One guy, who refused to leave the audition area after singing "Amazing Grace" (very badly, I might add) ended up being escorted out in handcuffs by the security team.

The last guy who auditioned had said he was looking for redemption. At age 15, he had robbed a bank with a b-b gun. He spent four years of his life in jail because of that crime. He belted out the song "Trouble" and received accolades from all three judges. Simon even went so far to say that he was "the best of the night" and that he would most likely make "the top twelve."

The difference between these two contestants was that one was highly arrogant, disrespectful, a coward, phony, and a failure; while the other was humble, respectful, brave, genuine, and triumphant.

At the time I observed the differences between those two Idol contestants, I didn't make any correlation between our current president and our former president. However, after reading the following post at Gateway Pundit, the comparison between those two Idol contestants and the comparison between Obama and Bush in their respective first years of their presidencies was quite evident.

Before closing my browser for the night, I always check to see if there are any comments that need to be published. This evening, at 9:00 p.m., there weren't any comments, but as I mentioned previously, a post over at Gateway Pundit caught my eye. It is entitled, One Year Ago- The World’s Greatest Liberator Since World War II Left Office. Of course, I instinctively knew that the author, Jim Hoft, was sharing a tribute about George W. Bush.

As I read the first few paragraphs, I started to tear up.

It seems like forever.

A year ago President George W. Bush left the White House. Since that time the unemployment has nearly doubled, the national deficit has tripled, government has grown in leaps and bounds, and the current president has blamed his predecessor for every problem he has encountered. President Obama even blamed George Bush for the Coakley loss yesterday in Massachusetts.

Here again is a tribute to President George W. Bush that was posted last year:

* * * * *
“The decision by Bush, with Blair’s support, to sweep the Taliban out of Afghanistan was a brilliant move, one that not all U.S. presidents would have taken. A weaker leader would have gone to the United Nations Security Council and sought a negotiated settlement with Kabul.”

Nile Gardiner
The Telegraph
“George W Bush: winning the war on terror”
December 27, 2008

US President George Bush prepares to speak to supporters in Freedom Square, Tbilisi, Georgia. (SMH)

Don’t expect to read anything this honest in the US papers…George W. Bush liberated 60,000,000 Muslims from tyranny- More than any leader since World War II.

After reading that last sentence, the tears flowed as I sobbed. Tried to read the rest of the post, but had to calm down a bit. I'm not quite sure why I had such a powerful reaction to what I was reading. I guess that it was because I miss the feeling that I had when I knew that a president truly loves this country and its people.

I miss knowing that he would do all that was necessary to keep our country safe; and at the same time, enable our brave military to liberate millions of people who probably took it all for granted.

When I compare the adolescent and dangerous administration that we have suffered through over the past year to the previous administration that conducted itself as brave adults with duty, honor, integrity, ethics, genuine patriotism, and love for the people of the United States of America; it's like comparing night and day and good vs. evil. Now that we are suffering with Obama's tyrannical rule and policies, the liberty that America so dearly loves and works hard to preserve is now in jeopardy. Perhaps that is why I was led to tears tonight.

I never felt that President Bush would EVER mock or disparage We The People! I never heard him apologize for what is perceived by some as America's "shortcomings" to other nations. I never heard him disparage the United States Constitution by calling it a "flawed document" the way that Obama has done. Obama should look in the mirror and instead of giving himself a "B-" grade for his first year, he should be honest and admit how flawed he has been on every single issue.

Of course, no president is ever perfect. I disagreed with several policies of the Bush administration (especially when it came to illegal immigration and the "Land for Peace" deal being brokered between Israel and the Palestinians.) Other than those two flawed policies (IMO), President Bush did an excellent job leading and protecting this country. It has become even more evident now that we have a liberal, Marxist, narcissist who didn't believe that there was a worldwide War on Terror until three successful attacks occurred on U.S. soil in 2009, with one more thwarted attack (thank God and that brave Dutchman who took action) that happened on Christmas Day.

When I think about how terribly President Bush was treated by the Media of Mass Deception and how much the Lamestream media now bows at the feet of arrogant Obama, it sickens me.

How sad, but true, is it that in order to get an honest review of the Bush years, we must go to the press release of a foreign country?

The Telegraph gives an honest review of the Bush years:

Ten or twenty years from now, historians will view Bush’s actions on the world stage in a more favourable light. America’s 43rd president did after all directly liberate more people (over 60 million) from tyranny than any leader since Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Widely seen as his biggest foreign policy error, the decision to invade Iraq could ultimately prove to have been a masterstroke. Today the world is witnessing the birth of the first truly democratic state in the Middle East outside of Israel. Over eight million voted in Iraq’s parliamentary elections in 2005, and the region’s first free Muslim society may become a reality. Iraq might not be Turkey, but it is a powerful demonstration that freedom can flourish in the embers of the most brutal and barbaric of dictatorships.

The success of the surge in Iraq will go down in history as a turning point in the war against al-Qaeda. The stunning defeat of the insurgency was a major blow both militarily and psychologically for the terror network. The West’s most feared enemy suffered thousands of losses in Iraq, including many of their most senior commanders, such as Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and Abu Qaswarah. It was the most successful counter-insurgency operation anywhere in the world since the British victory in Malaya in 1960.

The broader war against Islamist terrorism has also been a success. There has not been a single terrorist attack on U.S. soil since 9/11, and for all the global condemnation of pre-emptive strikes, Guantanamo and the use of rendition against terror suspects, the fact remains that Bush’s aggressive strategy actually worked.

Significantly, there have been no successful terrorist attacks in Europe since the July 2005 London bombings, in large part due to the cooperation between U.S., British and other Western intelligence agencies. American intelligence has proved vital in helping prevent an array of planned terror attacks in the UK, a striking demonstration of the value to Britain of its close ties to Washington.

President Bush, in contrast to both his father, George H.W. Bush, and Bill Clinton before him, had a crystal clear, instinctive understanding of the importance of the Anglo-American Special Relationship. Tony Blair may well have been labeled Bush’s “poodle” over his support for the war in Iraq, but his partnership with George W. Bush marked the high point of the Anglo-American alliance since the heady days of Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan.

The decision by Bush, with Blair’s support, to sweep the Taliban out of Afghanistan was a brilliant move, one that not all U.S. presidents would have taken. A weaker leader would have gone to the United Nations Security Council and sought a negotiated settlement with Kabul. It was a risky gambit that was vindicated by a stunning military victory in the space of a month, with a small number of U.S. ground forces involved.

Bush also made a firm commitment to defending the fledgling Afghan government, and succeeded in building a 41-nation NATO-led coalition. The notion that the resurgence of the Taliban is America’s failure is nonsense. The U.S. has more than 30,000 troops in the country under U.S. or NATO command, making up over half of all Allied forces there. Continental European allies have simply failed to step up to the plate with more troops, with almost the entire war-fighting burden placed on the U.S., UK and other English-speaking countries. Afghanistan is not a failure of American leadership, it is a damning indictment of an increasingly pacifist Europe that simply will not fight.

President Bush also recognized the importance of re-shaping the NATO alliance for the 21st Century, backing an ambitious program of NATO expansion, culminating in the addition of seven new members in 2004. He also had the foresight to support the development of a missile defence system in Europe, successfully negotiating deals with both Poland and the Czech Republic. Bush was right to back the eventual inclusion of Georgia and Ukraine in NATO, and both would be well on their way to membership today were it not for the feckless decision of France and Germany to side with Russia in blocking their path to entry.

Bush began his presidency primarily as a domestic leader. He ends it as a war leader who has left a huge imprint internationally. His greatest legacy, the global war against Islamist terror, has left the world a safer place, and his decision to project global power and military might against America’s enemies has made it harder for Islamist terrorists to strike against London, Paris or Berlin.

There is much more at The Telegraph.

Via Free Republic
Jules Crittenden adds that it is also with tremendous grace that George Bush has accepted his designated role as villain, fall guy, punching bag.

Today again we thank President George W. Bush.

We The People patriots of the United States of America sincerely miss you.

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Gateway Pundit


Update 1/21/10:

Also see Nice Deb: Why the Backlash?


Mort Zuckerman voted for Obama, though, and clearly Obama is starting to grate on his nerves:

This health-care plan is going to be a fiscal disaster for the country. Most of the country wanted to deal with costs, not expansion of coverage. This is going to raise costs dramatically.

In the campaign, he said he would change politics as usual. He did change them. It’s now worse than it was. I’ve now seen the kind of buying off of politicians that I’ve never seen before. It’s politically corrupt and it’s starting at the top. It’s revolting.

Nice Deb adds:

Whenever Obama starts talking about our “core values”, my stomach turns. What core values do we share? Name one. A woman’s right to choose an abortion even after the baby’s born? “queerizing” elementary schools?, politicizing the arts? Black liberation theology? admiration for Chairman Mao? giving terrorists the same rights as American citizens?, disdain for the Constitution?, expanding the government, “spreading the wealth”, power through any means necessary, a la Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals?, etc, etc, etc…

Yep…Mort Zuckerman is right (now…good thing he wised up!!). He certainly describes Obama’s destructive first year correctly – IT’S REVOLTING!


Maggie Thornton said...

Great column Christine. To me, President GW Bush was a jewel. He was humble, honest with the people, a Godly man, committed to keeping us free, and determined to keep that commitment. He was always gracious about his distractors.

Having said all that, I despaired to think that he was roped into helping Obama and Bill Clinton in Haiti, in the very same week that Obama claimed Brown won because the people are angry over the last 8 years.

I hated seeing GHW Bush running around the world with Bill. Now the baton has passed to GW I guess.

Christinewjc said...

Bush's continued graciousness despite Obama's blaming and mocking just shows the difference between a mature man vs. a childish, whiney, and narcissistic person like Obama.

There are some liberals (not progressive loons) who now see George W. Bush in a more positive light. Read this link, it will warm your heart!

Hillbuzz: Thank You Former President George W. Bush and Former First Lady Laura Bush

Most of the comments are great too. There are 1,321 of them!