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Please Share This Information with EVERYONE You Know!

All of the sleazy connections that Glenn Beck exposed on his show yesterday - about this corrupt government currently in power here in America - is absolutely astounding! If you didn't see it, please watch the videos over at Watch Glenn video

New Zeal blog has some clips of a former Glenn Beck show - which was recorded as Glenn and his team worked to uncover the evil web being weaved. Last night, Glenn revealed the "wizard" of the Emerald city of Crime, Inc.!

In a nutshell, New Zeal sums it up when the author of the blog writes:

"Big story here. Glenn Beck ties Obama to multi trillion dollar carbon trading scams, Goldman Sachs, the Joyce Foundation, Bill Ayers' brother, Al Gore, George Soros, Maurice Strong and a whole cast of villains."

This has to be shared with EVERYONE - so that the American people will see the truth of the schemes and scams that ObaMARXIST & his evil cohorts (especially the progressive groups and union leaders) are weaving through a web of high crimes and deceit!!


I want our Constitutional Republic back! I want our liberty and freedom back!

Down with Marxo-Fascism that is this current, corrupt-to-the-core climate at the White House and in Congress! Ugh!!!

God, please help us!

Hat Tips to all links.

Obama's "fundamental transformation" of America is nothing more than a criminal enterprise and money laundering scheme! Trouble is, this big, corrupt government is using YOUR MONEY, MY MONEY, the taxes of WE THE PEOPLE to conduct this massive ponzi scheme!!

Wake up, America!

Vote all of these bums OUT!! All of those who have gone along with, and/or supported ANYTHING ObaMARXIST, PeLIARsi, and ReiDUNCE proposed and passed! We need to make Obama a lame duck until 2012 so that he cannot continue this insane madness of spending, taxing, and corrupt government takeover of the private sector!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dem Congress Bullies Will Force Puerto Rico to Become a State

When Glenn Beck gets a front page headline at Fox, you better know that what is being presented is a serious subject! The continual, unending, and rapid manipulation, deceit, corruption, and damage that is being done by this gangster progressive majority in Congress is absolutely astounding!!!

Investigating Obama led me to the which has the full story.

Puerto Rico voted FOUR TIMES not to become a state! They want to remain a territory - so let them!! But NO! The corrupt Democrats in Congress will push this issue upon Puerto Rico - just like they rammed ObaMARXIST HELLcare down America's throat!

Every day, I just have to shake my head in disgust because of this corrupt, disastrous, gangster, Marxist government.

Take special note of the writer's conclusion:

We all know now from the outrageous experience of Obamacare that leftists could care less what the will of the people is. For those of you who traditionally vote Democrat this should serve as a warning: that includes you! Even if it’s those poor, downtrodden Puerto Ricans the Left claims to want to help so much. Ram Obamacare down Americas’ throat; ram statehood down Puerto Rico’s throat.

Do I detect a pattern here?

And in case you think Democrats have any intention of reining in spending, Puerto Rican statehood would mean big bucks too.

This information needs to go viral. Congress needs to hear from all of us big time. Congress needs to be shut down with phone calls and faxes starting first thing in the morning. That is today, April 29, 2010.

All this is going on while everyone is distracted by the monstrous financial bailout bill coming out of the Senate. The timing was deliberate! And we now hear that despite losing support from lone RINO Republican Lindsey Graham, the Democrats are going to go ahead with illegal immigrant amnesty.

So now we have a pretty comprehensive electoral strategy mapped out:

1. Naturalize 12 million illegal aliens
2. Universal voter registration
3. Do away with Electoral College using state-by-state approach
4. Force Puerto Rican statehood.
5. Soros-funded Secretary of State project to help steal close elections
6. Cap & Trade, and Stimulus monies as political slush fund.

If you’re not sufficiently angry and alarmed now, there is no hope for you. These people are demonstrating right to our faces their willingness to trample our rights and defy our will. If they are willing to do this now, what will they be willing to do if they get the permanent majorities they want?

Hat Tips to all links.

P.S. I wonder how Geraldo Rivera will respond to this. My guess? He will create some kind of liberal-progressive gobbledygook spin to make it sound like a good thing. I hope I am wrong about Geraldo siding with the out-of-control Democrats in Congress. But I'm skeptical that he will go against his own party on this issue. It is sad to note that what the Dems in Congress will be doing today is:

1. Going against the will of the American people by not allowing them to vote on the Puerto Rican statehood issue.

2. Going against the will of the majority of Puerto Rican people who have VOTED FOUR TIMES not to become a state in America.

What is wrong with this picture people???



In addition to this news, please don't miss viewing the Glenn Beck videos over at New Zeal blog which explains the FACT that Obama has ties to multi trillion dollar carbon trading scams, Goldman Sachs, the Joyce Foundation, Bill Ayers' brother, Al Gore, George Soros, Maurice Strong and a whole cast of villains.


Second update:

Be sure to read Investigating Obama: Greatest Scandal in Modern History and view the video of Senator Jim DeMint with Greta Van Sustern on the Financial Regulation Debate.

Please spread all of today's post and link information around to your relatives, friends, co-workers, acquaintances, and all online community forums. An educated public is our greatest weapon against the treasonous acts that this Marxo-Fascist gangster government is doing!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Washington Post Photo Blooper

Most blog readers probably already know about The Washington Post's newspaper photo blooper today. They printed a photo of Malcolm X above a column that was supposed to be about Obama touting wind energy in Iowa.

You can see a photo of the page over at Gateway Pundit: The Washington Post confused Barack Obama today with black radical Malcolm X.

In the comment section, I clicked on a familiar video that compared the likenesses of Malcolm X and Obama. As I viewed the additional videos at the bottom of the YouTube box, I ran across one that I had not seen before. The discussion of the "Venus cleft," seen on both Malcolm and Obama, as a component of heredity, is quite intriguing. The comparisons of Obama's children with Malcolm's relatives is uncanny as well.

Since the right side of the video above is cut off, you can view the video better at the following link:

Israeli Insider
[Click on video at bottom of YouTube list that states, "Is Barack Obama related to Malcolm X?" ]

Chillingly eerie...isn't it?

Hat Tip:

Gateway Pundit


True Strength Through Weakness

I have written several blog posts about Dr. David Jeremiah's sermons, books, and devotionals. If you have not started to receive the free monthly devotional, I urge you to go to Dr. David and sign up for the monthly magazine. The writings each month are awesome! The articles are biblically based, Jesus centered, and wisdom filled! During this time of trials and tribulation on earth, we need to stay focused on the promises of Jesus and what he informs us about via the Bible. It is most important for us to do what is required of us, as faithful Christian believers, who belong to our Savior, Lord, and King, Jesus Christ.

In the May issue entitled, "The Unlikely," we read about people in the Bible who were humbled and called to do God's work; despite the fact that people who lived during that time might have seen those called as obscure and unlikely heroes. What is amazing is to realize that some who were called were previously mean, crude, selfish, and violent people! For example. The Apostle Paul was previously a persecutor of Christians. When he was humbled and temporarily blinded after his encounter with the risen Jesus on the road to Damascus, we read about his 180 degree transformation!

Dr. Jeremiah emphasizes that God doesn't measure people as we do. He states, "We forget that God isn't looking for the famous but for the faithful."

Another way to look at this is to realize that men look to the outward appearance, while God looks at the heart.

As human beings made in God's image and likeness, we WANT to leave a mark on this earth. We want to achieve significance in life. When we are born again in Christ, we desire to be used by God in a great way.

Dr. Jeremiah writes:

He's (God) not impressed with degrees or with stars on a so-called "walk of fame." Nor does He need perfect people, just those willing to be servants.

I think that is the key! A genuine born-again Christian who loves Jesus Christ desires to be a servant for Him - not famous in front of others. This requires us to go against the grain of people who are only living "in the world," but do not follow Christ. Their focus is on other things (especially themselves) and not on what Jesus commanded of all believers - to share the Gospel to an unbelieving, sinful, skeptic, harsh, hateful, and selfish world. Jesus warned us that we would be hated because the world hated Him first.

The apostle Paul told the Corinthians: "For you see your calling, brethren, that not many wise according to the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble, are called. But God has chosen the foolish things of the world to put to shame the wise, and God has chosen the weak things of the world to put to shame the things which are mighty; and the base things of the world and the things which are despised God has chosen, and the things which are not, to bring to nothing the things that are, that no flesh should glory in His presence" (1 Corinthians 1:26-31).

According to 1 Timothy 1:15, Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners. We are all members of that group! "For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God." Therefore, no one can boast for what they have done on this earth. NOTHING compares - in fact - all else pales in comparison to what Jesus Christ achieved for our salvation at the cross of Calvary. This is exactly the reason why none can boast!

One of the most powerful essays in the May Turning Points devotional booklet is the one entitled, "Last in Line...and Other Unlikely Strengths."

Dr. Jeremiah starts the essay describing why some people love to watch the show "Survivor" while others don't. I must admit, I'm in the "I don't watch it" category! The few times that I have happened to see small portions of it, I didn't like it. I wasn't quite sure why I felt that way, but this essay helped explain it for me.

Dr. Jeremiah shared that the shows motto - "Outwit, Outplay, Outlast" - is not only about friendly competition.

He goes on to describe what goes on in the show - the physical challenges and hardships, the weird food consumed, etc. He writes:

But I don't think those are the main reasons people who love the show watch, and those who don't like it don't watch. It's the way the show's motto is fulfilled by the contestants. It's the strategies and alliance, the wheeling and dealing, the deceiving and double-crossing the contestants employ in their efforts to eliminate their competitors and claim the cash at the end of the show's season.

In other words, shows like Survivor and Big Brother provide the perfect settings for displaying how modern culture views strength: Use any method at your disposal to get to the top of the heap and grab the gold ring. Strength is not about moral or spiritual superiority, it is about superiority at any cost. It is about using anything at one's disposal, including other people, to achieve a stated goal.

I don't even know how long "Survivor" has been on T.V. However, since we now have a Marxist leader and gangster government in power, the reality show fantasy has now become a scary reality to millions of people who have been protesting and rejecting the out-of-control spending and government takeover of the private sector. They worry about the deficit and the huge power grab of money and wealth that big government is confiscating - all against the will of We The People. If I was a fan of "Survivor" in the past, I certainly wouldn't be one now! The fantasy land of T.V. shows has become a very unfortunate reality. It is scary to see our liberty, freedoms, homeland security, friendships with allies (especially Israel) wealth, and prosperity disappear right before our very eyes! It is getting worse day by day.

I know that many Christians don't agree with Glenn Beck - either for political, social, or religious reasons. However, I think that he is correct to promote non-violence, yet encourage those who are awake to the horrid schemes of this administration to hammer away at the anvil of truth. To do otherwise would be to shirk our Christian duty as Citizens of this great country!

Some Christian friends of mine don't think that Obama and his cohorts are a grave danger to our nation. So be it! They can believe what they want. But I would challenge them to notice the harm being done by this man ever since he took office.

Personally, the first reason that I objected to Obama as a candidate was his pro-abortion position. We all know that the "choice" crowd has no tolerance for the pro-life position. The day I saw Ms. Jehmu Greene being interviewed about the abortion issue on the Fox News Channel, I was shocked at how she deliberately and nastily disparaged pro-lifers while heralding her "pro-choice" position as "good." It made me sick to my stomach! I thought, how could this woman be so blinded by her own progressive ideology?

Contrast Ms. Jehmu Greene's attitude with the late Mother Teresa of the Missionaries of Charity of Calcutta, India. Dr. Jeremiah writes:

[She] stood before the most powerful men and women in Washington, D.C. at the National Prayer Breakfast in 1994. She pointed out how strength can be misused and illustrated biblical strength, both in the same speech. There could not be a more apt manifestation of weakness - in the world's eyes - than Mother Teresa, given her tiny stature. So tiny that she could barely be seen behind the podium, Mother Teresa shocked the gathered crowd by telling them, "Any country that accepts abortion is not teaching its people to love one another but to use any violence to get what they want. This is why the greatest destroyer of love and peace is abortion." (italics added).

One of the "weakest" women in the world humbled a room filled with some of the "strongest" people in the world with nothing more than truth backed up by a life of spiritual strength and integrity. The contrast between spiritual strength and worldly strength could not have been more pronounced than it was that day.

Recall when Obama was asked by Pastor Rick Warren on national T.V., "when does life begin?" Obama sarcastically replied, "that's above my pay grade."

I would have LOVED to see Obama's reaction to Mother Teresa's comments at that 1994 prayer breakfast!

Dr. Jeremiah:

When we use "any violence" - physical, emotional, interpersonal, financial, moral - to get what we want, we have resorted to using strength according to the world rather than according to the Word. Not surprisingly, strength is a paradox in Scripture, one of many that contrast the kingdom of God with the kingdom of this world.

The current administration is so blatantly attached to belief in "the kingdom(s) of this world" that our current president actually bows in front of the leaders of other countries! Have you ever seen anything so bizarre?

The acts of clawing their way to the top can be contrasted with another paradox concerning leadership: Jesus said, "If anyone desires to be first, he shall be last of all and servant of all" (Mark 9:35).

Dr. Jeremiah writes:

Paradoxically, Paul says desiring to lead is a good thing (1 Timothy 3:1). But true leaders are the ones brought to the fore by the Holy Spirit on the basis of their lives of service (Acts 20:28).

[And] there are more paradoxes. We find rest and freedom by voluntarily submitting ourselves to a yoke (Matthew 11:28-29); we find life by dying (John 12:24); we are exalted when we humble ourselves (Matthew 23:12); we become great by becoming small (Matthew 23:11).

Perhaps the greatest paradox of all - and the one we are considering in this article - involves strength: We only gain true strength through weakness.

I see the current political climate as a plot to make America weak. You may disagree with me, but that's how I see it. Everything that Obama and Congress has done is not strengthening nor uplifting America and her people. Therefore, it appears to be a deliberate weakening going on for a much more nefarious purpose than many Americans are willing to admit. Many already see through their miserable actions to tear down this nation. The TEA Party Patriots are well aware and have been actively sounding the alarm bells for the rest of America to wake up! Over the past 1 1/2 years, the call for restoring truth, honor and liberty to this nation has resonated with millions more people. Thus, we are seeing how God's Hand in all of this is working. He needed to allow us to be weak first, then we can gain true strength through Him!

Dr. Jeremiah discusses the meek and the weak:

Would it not make sense that those destined to take over the world, to "inherit the earth," would be among humanity's strongest? Yet who did Jesus say would inherit the earth? The meek (Matthew 5:5). Of course, the world equates meekness with weakness. But consider this: In the King James Version of the Bible, Numbers 12:3 says that "the man Moses was very meek, above all the men which were upon the face of the earth." And I don't think anyone would mistake Moses for a weak man!

More modern translations of Scripture substitute "humble" for meek in that verse, which is entirely consistent with the paradoxes of Scripture. Strength comes through humility; strength comes through weakness. And no one learned that lesson more dramatically than the apostle Paul.

[Saul] the strong persecutor, became Paul, the spiritually strong apostle, via the road of weakness.

Dr. Jeremiah shares the fact that Paul had a "thorn in the flesh" that was not removed from him, despite his original plea to have it removed. God allowed him to live with it. God gave him grace to live with it: "My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness" (verse 9).

During this time of great tumult that is going on in our nation, I believe that God has allowed this "thorn in our side" to remain for a reason. It is difficult, admittedly, to cope with our current situation. But I believe that in His perfect timing, we will realize that God's grace is sufficient for us. Remember, the world defines strength differently than the Word describes it.

Dr. Jeremiah writes:

So revolutionary was this experience for Paul that it became part of his life message: "Therefore most gladly I will rather boast in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me. Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in needs, in persecutions, in distresses, for Christ's sake. For when I am weak, then I am strong" (2 Corinthians verses 9-10, italics added).

The world claims that "only the strong survive." What is quite the paradox is that biblically speaking, that is correct! Except, we view "strong" as "spiritually strong."

Dr. Jeremiah explains:

There is no way to survive the trial and travails of life without being spiritually strong. And we become strong in the most unlikely of ways: by becoming weak in ourselves and strong in Christ.

I believe that Christians throughout our nation are praying more fervently and frequently than ever before. We are seeing what is being done to our nation and it seems like We The People are powerless to stop it. We may be temporarily powerless to keep those who would be intent on destroying all that is good in our country; but another day is coming! We are vulnerable - and in a place of weakness where the Hand of God is all that can really rescue us from this travail.

What is God teaching us through all of this turmoil? As Dr. Jeremiah emphasizes at the end of the essay, I think that He is teaching us the unlikely solution to weakness:

You may be in a place right now in which you feel particularly vulnerable, particularly weak, particularly defenseless. Looking around, do you view yourself as being the last in line in life? Congratulations! You are right where you need to be to become strong. You are in the only place where true strength can be found. Confess your weakness to God and ask for His grace to become sufficient for you.

An unlikely solution to weakness? Perhaps - but totally consistent with the ways of the "God of the Unlikely."

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dear Readers

I've been busy with family lately so I apologize for not keeping up with my blogging! I have a great post coming up so stay tuned. Meanwhile, visit the following wonderfully informative blogs that have covered the important topics over the last few days!
Admittedly, I have a lot of blog reading to do! But here are a few of the latest and greatest blog posts.



Leading Economist Peter Schiff: US in Worse Shape Than in 2008; We Are In As Bad or Worse Shape Than Greece (Video)
posted by Jim Hoft at
Gateway Pundit - 17 minutes ago
Doug Ross posted this earlier today– Peter Schiff, president of Euro Pacific Capital, announced today that the US economy is in worse shape than it was in 2008. Schiff said, “You can’t have an economy base...
Shocker. Obama Town Hall Stacked With Supporters- Man Behind Him Wears Community Organizer Shirt
posted by Jim Hoft at
Gateway Pundit - 1 hour ago
Obama was in Ottumwa, Iowa today to promote his disastrous economic record. Of course, he had to stack the town hall meeting before he arrived. Notice the “Obama community organizer” shirt in the backgroun...

Ha! Obama is so unpopular now that they wouldn't dare allow the general public into a town hall meeting. What a Farce in Chief this guy has turned out to be! LOL!!!

Anti-Obama Billboard Campaign Continues: Embarrassed Yet?
posted by Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit - 5 hours ago
Another one in Texas… “Embarrassed Yet?”

My answer:


posted by (Arlen Williams) at Investigating Obama - 6 hours ago
Both of these videos are from yesterday evening. The Financial Times article is from this Sunday. They are elements of the most extensive scandal perhaps, since original sin. While the Beck video is even ...

I wanted to blog about Beck's exposure of the connections and scandal of Goldman Sachs, Obama, the Joyce Foundation, Fannie and Freddie Mac, and the Crap and Tax farcical bill. Thankfully, Arlen at Investigating Obama has already done a fabulous job sharing all of it!

Health Care Cost Report Deliberately Held Back? Update: Denial.
posted by William A. Jacobson at Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion - 7 hours ago
I previously posted about a recent report by the Office of Medicare Actuary which found that Obamacare would increase costs, and that the final health care bill made numerous unrealistic cost assumptions.


Sen. Levin Drops S-Bomb 11 Times During Goldman Sachs Show Trial
posted by Jim Hoft at
Gateway Pundit - 8 hours ago
Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI) dropped the s-bomb 11 times this morning during the Goldman Sachs show trial in the Senate Government Affairs Subcommittee Hearing. Via BreitbartTV: Goldman Sachs and its employees a...

Such potty-mouthed creeps in Congress. VOTE 'EM OUT AMERICA!!!

CODE RED ALERT: White House Withheld Information to Pass ObamaCare
posted by Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit - 9 hours ago
It looks like a certain scandal story is starting to pick up some steam… ** Code Red Alert ** The NRCC is reporting this latest Code Red Alert: Sources: White House Withheld Information to Pass ObamaCare O...

Seriously. Is anyone even a bit surprised to learn this???

Politico: Yeah, Barack Got Enemy

posted by William A. Jacobson at Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion - 11 hours ago
Politico has figured out that "Obama the uniter" never existed. Obama created momentum by identifying enemies against whom to campaign, and has continued that practice in office. The only change is that in...

Speaks for itself...

Blago Greta van Susteren: Blago There is a Smoking Gun Transcript and Video
posted by (Maggie Thornton) at
Maggie's Notebook - 12 hours ago
The former governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich, better known as "Blago" was on Greta's On the Record last night. Blagojevich is asking a court to subpoena Barack Obama for his coming trial. It is alleged...

I hope they nail Obama. He's so corrupt that any one of the schemes he has been involved in should boot him out of office!

Voices of Hate

posted by William A. Jacobson at Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion - 13 hours ago
There are many voices of hate, but the voices most ignored by the mainstream media come not from Tea Parties or maligned conservative groups, but from the intolerant left. After someone who did commercial...

Yep...but we conservatives already know the left's game. The good news is that its not working anymore! People have figured it out and they are not being duped by the Lamestream media anymore!


Benjamin Franklin in 1775 thanks Charles Dumas of the Netherlands for sending him 3 more copies of the newest 1775 edition of Vattel's Law of Nations

posted by cfkerchner at A Place to Ask Questions to Get the Right Answers - 21 hours ago
Another founder of our nation and framer of our Constitution, Benjamin Franklin, was also quite familiar and well versed with the writings of Vattel. He had his own personal copy prior to the advent of the...

Nationally 60% Favor Verifying Immigration Status
posted by (Maggie Thornton) at
Maggie's Notebook - 22 hours ago
Message to Obama and Napolitano, you are definitely a minority. Nationally, 60% of Americans are in favor of stopping and verifying "immigration status." Immigration Status Voter support for empoweri...


Video: Extreme Content Warning

posted by nicedeb at Nice Deb » Obama To Speak On Importance OF Fiscal Responsibility, Today - 22 hours ago
Liberal hate speech ahead. And when it comes to hate speech…nobody does it better than liberal trolls. Freedomworks has released voicemails from enraged libs, in full freak-out mode over the Geico Lizard, ...

We already knew about the vile content of liberal hate speech. Proceed with caution.

Economists: Stimulus Didn't Help: No Joke!
posted by (Maggie Thornton) at
Maggie's Notebook - 22 hours ago
We knew that. You and I knew the Stimulus didn't help the economy. We know it has not helped individual families. Stimulus In latest quarterly survey by the National Association for Business Economics,...

Another one of those "is anyone a bit surprised by this?" moments!

Obama trial, May 14, 2010, Dr. James David Manning, Columbia University Treason and Sedition Trial, Obama not natural born citizen, Obama did not attend Columbia University
posted by citizenwells at Citizen WElls - 4 hours ago
Obama trial, May 145, 2010, Dr. James David Manning, Columbia University In what could be a precursor to the indictment, impeachment and removal of Barack Obama from office, Dr. James David Manning is cond...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Is Obama A Marxist? Answer: YES!

While attempting to answer several questions from Kevin in the blog post comment thread here, I thought that I would bring the conversation to a new blog post. Why? For several reasons. I think that it is extremely important for conservatives to continually educate the public, via blogs, books, videos, etc. about the true nature of Obama. This is a very important issue.

Kevin wrote:

Hi Christine,
Arab is not recognized as a race ( but don't believe me, go ahead and look it up--Wikipedia does a good job at explaining Arab). It is an ethnicity, just like 'Irish' is not a race but an ethnic group. For example, saying someone is 50% Irish is not necessarily saying they are 50% white (or whatever race you want to pick). I still don't understand the '6.25% African Negro from his father's side.' I think the author of this statement is confusing race with ethnicity, unless there is another racial mixture of his African grandparents or great grandparents. This whole percentage thing is rather odd as well, if you ask me. What is the point? If it is to point out that he is different and 'other,' then we have to ask why it is being pointed out.

In the same comment thread, Kevin also wrote:

And again I ask--what is Marxist about Obama and his policies? I would love to see some parallels to other Marxist regimes and what our own President is doing. Did you see that article at the CNN website that was from the President of the Socialist USA party? He said that Obama is no such thing. Interesting...

My first inclination was to reply, what ISN'T Marxist about Obama and his policies!!?? It is so clear to anyone paying any attention to what is going on in the White House and Congress, it seems to me that the question doesn't even need to be asked! However, since Kevin did ask (several times) for a reply from me, I thought that it would be best to be thorough and present as much evidence as possible. [Note: Do not miss the videos over at Investigating Obama. A man who KNEW Obama in his younger years reveals much evidence that Obama was, and still is a Marxist. In fact, he goes so far as to claim that Obama is a revolutionary Marxist activist!

My reply:


I think that the question is not "why is it being pointed out," but why has it been purposely hidden? A blogging friend of mine once wrote that he thinks Obama (and all of his cohorts) want to hide his Muslim roots.

A while back, Glenn Beck had a segment on his show about all of the radial socialists, Marxists, Communists, and Maoists who influenced Obama throughout his entire life. He did a quick recap of Obama's life from childhood to adulthood. What I found odd was that Beck left out Obama Jr's. adoption by Lolo Soetoro, the move to Indonesia, and the fact that Obama was taught Muslim practices during his early childhood schooling there. Why did Beck leave that out? Perhaps because of a time constraint. But I think that it had a lot to do with not revealing to the public Obama's Muslim schooling and roots. The Fox News Channel is 17% owned by Saudis - and keeping such information from the public might be deemed important to them.

In another comment, you wanted me to tell you why I think that Obama is a Marxist. One telling sign is that he has been surrounded by, and influenced by them his entire life! But don't just take my word for it. You can read :

1. Investigating Obama: Barack Obama Argued Strict Revolutionary Marxism to John C. Drew at Occidental College.

2. Sean Hannity's new book - Conservative Victory - Defeating Obama's Radical Agenda. [Only $10.35 at Walmart or $8.00 at Amazon.] Sean labels Obama as a socialist. Just a different degree of the Marxist, Communist brand.

3. Scroll down at the blog site when you click on the link below and read the The Obama File sidebar links on the right of the page. A plethora of information about Obama's Marxism.

4. Watch former Glenn Beck Program shows online. He points out how many of Obama czars and staff are Marxist or downright Communists!

Kevin, the majority of Americans are now on to Obama, his lies, and all of his terrible schemes. He will become a lame duck after the November 2010 elections and hopefully his disastrous bills will all be repealed. He will be a one term president OTP and our nation will be back to having a sane leader again in 2012 (if not sooner because hopefully, one of the lawsuits pointing out his obvious ineligibility might get a hearing before then).

I would also like to recommend reading:

Daily Thought Pad: Wall Street Journal Sizes Up Obama - They've Got Him Figured Out.

Hat Tips to all links.



Also see:

American Crisis: Who is Barack Obama? The scariest list of facts about President Obama you've ever seen... The President who HATES America.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Powerful Show on Beck Yesterday

Glenn Beck's T.V. show yesterday had to be one of the most powerful and defining moments in the history of television. I am not kidding! Glenn's guests for the evening were awesome - especially Dr. Alveda King - the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who is a pro-life activist.

When I read the above article about Dr. Alveda King, I could not help but wonder if she was badly torn in her decision to vote for the first African-American presidential nominee, or, because she knew that he is a staunch pro-abortion minded candidate she could not in good conscience pull the lever in the voting booth for a candidate that has a 98% approval rating with pro-abortion organizations? I wonder how she voted. I also wonder that if she did vote for Obama, if she deeply regrets it now (as do millions of other Americans who were duped by his lies during the campaign).

Dr. King states in this article:

"Abortion is founded upon, maintained by and promoted with lies," said Dr. King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. "There are so many lies surrounding the case of this young girl, it`s hard to know where to begin. Obviously, there`s the falsehood of the boyfriend`s mother pretending to be the pregnant girl`s mother, the fraud of the boyfriend`s mother illegally signing a parental notification form, and the deception of the girl`s unknowing parents, who never knew their grandchild existed until it was too late. Most of all, there`s the lie that the child who was killed by abortion was not really a child."

"I pray for the young girl who was forced to abort her baby. I want her to know that there is healing, just as I have been healed from my own two abortions," added Dr. King. "I pray for the mother of the girl`s boyfriend who now sits in jail for her illegal actions. May she come to understand that her actions caused many people a lot of pain. And I also pray for the people who work in abortion clinics who are both victims and proponents of the lies of `choice.` They need to see that prenatal murder is an affront to justice everywhere. May the Lord have mercy on us all."

The most powerful sentence in that quote:

"They need to see that prenatal murder is an affront to justice everywhere."


Back to the show.

The combination of Dr. Alveda King, Ted Nugent, and Princeton University Professor Robert George appeared to be a bit odd at first, but as the discussion progressed we saw what these four people (including Glenn) all had in common. The first obvious thing to notice was agreement in faith in God. The second? Agreement in true, real hope. And the third? LOVE. Love and charity go together because if you love your fellow man, you will WANT to be charitable to them.

I can't help but wonder what ObaMARXIST and his cohorts thought about Dr. King's appearance on Beck's show. Wouldn't you have loved to be a fly on the wall in Obama's "we hate Glenn Beck" war room?

CLICK HERE to view the entire show!!

You can also listen live online to Glenn's radio show [broadcast time is 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. Pacific Time]:


Hat tips to all links.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Officer challenging Obama eligibility takes to airwaves

'Important question about Constitution': Officer challenging Obama eligibility takes to airwaves World Net Daily ^ April 20, 2010 Bob Unruh

Posted on Tuesday, April 20, 2010 8:58:54 AM by 2ndDivisionVet

An attorney for an officer refusing all Army orders until Barack Obama's eligibility to be commander in chief is documented says his client formally has been "flagged" by the military and the formal filing of charges is expected within days.

Attorney Paul Jensen today was on the radio show of G. Gordon Liddy with his client, Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, who has told Obama in a letter that it's up to him to provide the proof. The interview is streaming on WND.

The Constitution, Article 2, Section 1, states, "No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President."

Some of the various challenges and lawsuits that have developed about Obama allege that he was not born in Hawaii in 1961 has he has written, or that the framers of the Constitution specifically excluded dual citizens – Obama's father was a subject of the British crown at Obama's birth – from being eligible for the office.

The issue has prompted a number of state legislatures to work on proposals that would require presidential candidates to submit proof of their eligibility.(continued)

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

Hat Tips:


P.S. For more commentary about the interview, see Citizen Wells. I agree with Linda's comment there:

Linda from NY // April 20, 2010 at 11:57 am

I am praying this LTC Lakin interview goes viral throughout the free world.

In this endeavor, LTC Lakin has taken upon himself the most heroic action of his career YTD IMHO.

LTC LAKIN has gone from saving individual lives to SAVING A NATION!


God Bless Him…Linda



Can get a podcast of the Gordon Liddy Show here:


In related news:

My Fox Arizona House OKs Birther Bill
House votes to check candidates' citizenship.

Hope this catches on with the other 49 states!


Also see:

Investigating Obama: G. Gordon Liddy's Interview of Lt Col. Terry Lakin, Today

MP3 recordings of the interview are available at the Investigating Obama blog site.


Monday, April 19, 2010

LTC Lakin on Gordon Liddy Show: April 20, 2010

LTC Lakin on Gordon Liddy Show: April 20, 2010
BREAKING NEWS: LTC Lakin and his attorney to be on Gordon Liddy show Tuesday morning, April 20, 2010

Please be sure to listen tomorrow morning, April 20, 2010, to the G. Gordon Liddy radio program. Lt. Col. Lakin and his civilian lawyer will give their first ever live interview to G Gordon Liddy, who is spending the entire first hour of his nationally syndicated program (from 10-11 am Eastern Time, 7-8 am Pacific)

The show is syndicated nationwide, and station list is copied below so you can find your local station. This may be the ONLY time that LTC Lakin is free to speak to the news media, so be sure to listen!

As always check back regularly to our website,, for updates on LTC Lakin's case.

As always, thanks for your support of LTC Lakin and his legal defense fund.

Listen online at this link

Or, go to this page for radio station call letters and city of license.

Want To Know The Truth About OK City Bombing?

Then don't listen to the liberal leftist lapdogs known as the Media of Mass Deception, (or Bill Clinton, for that matter) who want to somehow connect the home-grown terrorist Timothy McVeigh to the TEA Party Patriots who are expressing their non-violent, God-given, Constitutional free speech rights to protest against this horribly corrupt gangster government.

Watch this video:

YouTube Video of O'Reilly interviewing a reporter: Was Timothy McVeigh Working for Bin Laden & Al Qaeda?

Next, I suggest that you go to Atlas Shrugs: McVeigh Mania and read the genuine history of that horrendous attack.


If you suffered through Sunday's morning news shows on the alphabet networks, David Gregory, particularly pompous and moronic, posited yet again that the real threat to America is the threat of one man, one terror attack -- well over a decade ago, Timothy McVeigh. The 15,000 Islamic attacks across the world since 911 are "fringe." Lord knows, nudnik Napolitano's bowels are all in an uproar over the threat of McVeigh.

Today is the terrible anniversary of the Oklahoma Federal building bombing. Worse still is the Democrats' exploitation of OKC to demonize patriots, tea partiers, senior citizens and great Americans working to save this great nation from the scourge of the party of treason and, worst of all, the cover-up of the OKC Islamic connection.

Hussein-al-Husseini, an Iraqi soldier in Saddam Hussein's Army, sat beside Timothy McVeigh in the Ryder truck financed by Ramzi Youseff (Khalid Sheik Muhammad's nephew). The Oklahoma City bombing, exactly 15 years ago tomorrow, was the first heinous Islamic terror attack on American soil.

Chairman’s ReportOversight and Investigations Subcommittee of the House International Relations Committee The Oklahoma City Bombing: Was There A Foreign Connection?Representative Dana Rohrabacher (R - CA) Staff Investigator: Phaedra Dugan [Note: PDF file.]

Within our jurisdictional, legal and resource limits, the Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee has conducted an intensive investigation into whether there was a foreign connection to the Oklahoma City bombing. The effort focused primarily on two theories that seemed to be based on factual evidence that, if verified, would indicate a foreign participation in the bombing.

At the outset, members of Congress were met with a startling development.

Continue reading HERE. Read the comments, too. They are excellent!

I was listening to the Rush Limbaugh radio show this morning and heard about the Waco connection to Timothy McVeigh. It cannot be missed that the OK City Bombing happened two years to the day after the Waco disaster.

Here are three comments from Atlas about this:

Limbaugh talked about this today and said Waco was the catalyst. What did Waco have to do with McVeigh?

Posted by: Anne Monday, April 19, 2010 at 02:28 PM

Waco was a catalyst for McVeigh...he was certainly just what we have been America and an American government hating dirtbag. And he most certainly drove the truck up to the building and set off the bomb. What Jayna has shown is that he did not do this particular act alone. He had help with money, logistics and advice from Islamic fundamentalists. These Islamists are exactly the same as the radical anti government types we all know (the MSM call them right wing, but the truth is they are national socialists; radical left)....the KKK, NAZI...Islamic radicals....all are of the same mold. McVeigh and Nicholes are certainly guilty...but they were used by the Islamofacists in this country to pull off that terror attack. The Islamists called them "lilly whites"...not because of their skin color, because a black person could also fit the profile, but because of their ability to fit in the general populace and not draw attention.

And Pleasant Grove, you are probably correct, but having been in this since I first emailed Jayna Davis over a decade ago, I was very excited to see Pamela had called attention this event again......

Posted by: norm Monday, April 19, 2010 at 02:47 PM

I had forgotten that McVeigh was upset about Waco, i guess. It is rather convenient that that fact allows for the Middle Eastern connection to be lost.
It still infuriates me that the Islamic part of this is totally glossed over.

Posted by: Anne Monday, April 19, 2010 at 03:34 PM

Atlas Shrugs includes a link (at bottom of page) to Jayna - Highlights from - The Third Terrorist: The Middle East Connection to the Oklahoma City Bombing.

Hat Tips:

Atlas Shrugs

Carol Moore: Waco

Related blog posts:

Gateway Pundit: State-Run Media: Palin, Beck & FOX Are Going to Cause Right-Wing ‘McVeigh-Like’ Domestic Terrorism (Video)

In memory of the victims of the Oklahoma City Bombing, please see:

Oklahoma City National Memorial.


Another update:

More links to review via this comment posted to me at Gateway Pundit:

bg April 19th, 2010 3:26 pm #35
Christinewjc @ 2:41 pm #24

Jayna Davis is a great investigator, as is Dr. Laurie Mylroie (so was JohnO’Neill, who as irony would have it, killed in the WTC attacks on 9/11)..

What the Judge Said & much more..
follow the links, or you can find your own..

Thanks so much, bg!

Lt. Col. Lakin’s Journey – Living in Times that Try Men’s Souls

My blogging friend Zach Jones has written an absolutely excellent article which has been published in News. Lt. Col. Lakin’s Journey – Living in Times that Try Men’s Souls

It is difficult to choose a brief excerpt to highlight. The entire article is a must read! However, one of the most important points can be summed up here:

When those who are supposed to lead shirk their responsibilities, those who follow, those who have based their lives upon principles are left with few options other than to walk bravely into the batons of the oppressors as Gandhi and his followers. I’m sure Lt. Col. Lakin is aware of the obstacles and challenges that await him. With 18 years of exemplary service behind him, how can he not?

“…anything that does not stand the test when it is brought to the anvil of truth and hammered with non-violence, REJECT IT.” In light of the above statements and suggestions of a Kenyan birth, what do you think? Can anyone really reject out of hand Lt. Col. Lakin’s assertions and doubts?

Just a reminder, even if Obama were born in Hawaii, he still fails to meet the test for being a ‘natural born citizen’ because of the citizenship of his father. This is why Obama does not want the issue to be addressed on the merits. It’s why courts are falling over themselves to avoid addressing this political hot potato. This is why he continues to let military men and women sacrifice their careers and why Obama allows doubts to persist throughout the ranks. He knows he might not meet the test for being a ‘natural born citizen’.

“Use truth as your anvil…” Ms. Kelly seemed to want to leave viewers with the impression that Lt. Col. Lakin could not possibly present a valid defense in a court martial for refusing to obey orders of a superior officer. Admittedly it is a hard row to hoe but Lt. Col. Lakin does in fact have defenses. One defense is that given the known facts, every ‘reasonable serviceman’ or woman in the military could in fact have reasonable doubts about Obama’s Constitutional eligibility to serve as President and Commander In Chief.

Using the same logic present in Rule 916 (d).

“Obedience to orders. It is a defense to any offense that the accused was acting pursuant to orders unless the accused knew the orders to be unlawful or a person of ordinary sense and understanding would have known the orders to be unlawful.”

According to The Rules for Courts-Martial (R.C.M.) (2008 Edition), Lt. Col. Lakin will have the ability to use civilian defense counsel as long as it is at no expense to the military. Therefore, I urge people to support Lt. Col. Lakin’s legal defense fund.

Even though Lt. Col. Lakin’s chances of success at his court martial are not great. It is vitally important for Lt. Col. Lakin to have a highly experienced civilian attorney well versed Constitutional law, the UCMJ, and preserving rights on appeal. Preserving Lt. Col. Lakin’s appellate rights is critical, takes experience and is not inexpensive.

In addition, Zach Jones writes about what I, and many other WE THE PEOPLE TEA Party supporting bloggers have lamented:

As I write this article, I have just learned that Supreme Court Justice Thomas has admitted that the nation’s highest court is “evading” the eligibility issue. What? It seems everyone involved is/was waiting for someone else to take the lead!

I think America needs a lot more anvils of truth being hammered with many, many more hammers of non-violence! Avoidance is not truth. Omission is not truth.

Honor is the one thing that makes our military special and right now it is in jeopardy from the top down through the Chain of Command. Like truth, honor in all matters must be maintained.

Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters. Albert Einstein

My original intent this morning was to write about Sean Hannity's new book Conservative Victory: Defeating Obama's Radical Agenda.

So far, I have read the Introduction, Obama's History of Radicalism, and Obama's New Radical Friends. I thought I knew most of what there is to know about Obama and his evil cohorts, but even I was shocked by what I read in those chapters! What Sean shares about Obama, his radical history and radical associations influencing him at the White House is so stunningly heartbreaking and disastrous. I have been tempted many times to skip over to the good stuff in Part III: Moving Forward: Reclaiming the Future.

I plan to include excerpts in a future post that will most likely make you even more angry (if that is even possible!) about Obama and the Democrats ramming legislation (especially the Hellcare bill) down our throats.

I tell ya - November, 2010 can't get here soon enough! These people are guilty of so much corruption it is astounding! These people will undo themselves, and already have done so in the eyes of the American people. November will be a tsunami wave sweep-out of liberal progressive Dems from both the House and the Senate.

I can't wait!

Currently, we have to suffer through such a time as this - that try men's souls. However, we can look to the future and reclaim our beloved nation - just as Sean Hannity suggests and instructs in his book.

Keep doing what Jesus told us to do. Wait, work and watch! Bathe our nation in prayer! Think of these times as just a prelude to victory - and all the glory goes to God.

Hat Tips: News

Additional Hat Tip to Citizen Wells for leading me to the article.

Citizen Wells

I just went back to that blog and read a very interesting comment:

Pete // April 19, 2010 at 7:58 am


I posted to you a news article from Fox news. That article talked about a library fine for George Washington, that was 220 years old.

The importance of the article, and the fine, is that it mentioned which books were overdue. The key to understanding the Natural Born Citizen issue is to understand what the Founding Fathers felt that it meant. Once we understand what the context of Natural Born Citizen, as it was placed into the Constitution, then we will all be able to judge for ourselves.

John Jay wrote George Washington, before the Constitution was finished, that it would be prudent to ensure that the CIC was a Natural Born Citizen. The debate now centers on how that was defined. The dems, have stated that it meant someone born on U.S. soil. Others, have claimed it was intended as a higher level than just citizenship and refer to British Common Law. Others have pointed to Vattel and a book called the Law of Nations, period correct, for an understanding.

George Washington, our founding father, just reached out from a grave of over 200 years to attempt to save this republic. How? He never turned in a book that he checked out as POTUS, and now we know which definition he and John Jay were discussing. You see, a book that President George Washington NEVER returned was Vattel’s- Law of Nations.

This my friend is how I define a sign from heaven, George Washington just reached out across centuries to say that Obama is NOT a Natural Born Citizen (two citizen parents born on Native Soil). Time for the SCOTUS to listen.

That is truly awesome! A sign from heaven indeed!!!


Watch this video!
YouTube Video: Our Lives, Our Fortunes, and Our Sacred Honor: Election 2010

Hat Tip:



Also see:

Canada Free Press: Oh Really, O'Reilly?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Justice Thomas: "We are evading that one, the eligibility issue"

Originally, I added the topic of this new post in an update to my previous post about Rush and his reply to the arrogant ObaMARXIST. However, I now think that it deserves a post all its own.
I first heard about the video clip between Justice Thomas and Representive Serrano over at a site called "Above Top Secret" (found via The Obama File). Spent some time reading the comments there and they were quite interesting. Much speculation was being bantered about by different people posting comments at that site.

However, the best explanation that I have read was written by Attorney Mario Apuzzo at his blog - A Place to Ask Questions to Get the Right Answers: The Court and Congress Expected the Other to Resolve the Obama Eligibility Question.

Before going over there to read Attorney Apuzzo's take on the incident, spend one minute, fifteen seconds viewing this brief video clip:

YouTube Video: Justice Thomas: We are evading the eligibility issue

Ever since I first watched that video early this morning, I have been thinking about this incident throughout the day. When I read Attorney Apuzzo's explanation, it made the most sense. Here is the rest of my comment at his blog:

This "joking" between Justice Thomas and Rep. Serrano appeared to be confusing at first, but your explanation is excellent and makes the most sense. It certainly demonstrates and explains why no one wants to get involved with settling this issue.

Personally, I don't find it funny - at all! It makes me terribly sad for our nation. What a huge letdown these people are! They are supposed to be at the forefront in protecting our liberty and freedom! The checks and balances that the Framers devised are not working because of what...political correctness? Political expediency? Fear of being called "racist?" The race-baiting and false accusations of racism against ordinary Americans who don't want socialism is happening anyway. What would we have to lose? Nothing!! What we would gain is the truth about Obama. Americans WANT the truth. We The People are so sick of all of the lies!!

I already knew that we had two branches of gangster government with ObaMARXIST and this radical progressive Congress. But hearing a justice of the Supreme Court actually "joke" about such a serious issue made my jaw drop and my heart sink.

I'm disgusted, disappointed and appalled!

Hat Tips:

Above Top Secret

A Place to Ask Questions to Get the Right Answers

Friday, April 16, 2010

Rush's Reply to ObaMAO is Priceless!

While driving on the freeway tonight, I was listening to Greta Van Sustern's show on satellite radio and heard Rush Limbaugh's response to ObaMAO's stupid comment that those in the TEA party movement should be "thanking" him for tax cuts. What an arrogant ******* and liar Obama is!!! Does this creepy Resident in chief have no shame? He certainly doesn't have any humility. And he wins the prize for being the biggest liar ever to set foot in the White House! He is the biggest raiser of taxes ON EVERYBODY (another promise broken to the American people) to come along since clueless Jimmie Carter!

Rush's reply is priceless!

YouTube Video link: Rush: Thank you Mr. President

Hat Tip:

Nice Deb who beat me to the post!

P.S. The following post contains an interesting video clip of Justice Clarence Thomas along with an interesting comment thread that follows:

Above Top Secret: Justice Thomas: "We are evading that one, the eligibility issue"

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Our Time Will Come - by Rocky Chambers

Rocky sent me the following essay via email today. I hope that you find it very encouraging and inspirational! I certainly did! Read and enjoy!


Our Time Will Come - by Rocky Chambers

James 1:2-4 Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.

When the Lord moved me to Pasadena He set me in a nice neighborhood surrounded by a poor section of the city. He eventually moved me to a church that was located across from a ‘fleabag’ hotel. Consequently that church catered to a section of the population that struggled with many things; drugs, prostitution, poverty and so on. I became friends with one fellow in particular. He’s probably the most naturally talented musician I’ve ever played with. If he were determined enough he could easily become a professional musician. But he turned out to be typical for this church, a person who kept falling back into the same cycle of temptation and sin. He would be clean from drugs for about 3 months, start using again, then after a few months find himself living on the streets, then back in jail. He’d get clean, come out of jail and the whole process would start over. He lacked the determination to hear from God what He needed to hear to be set free. After being at this church for about two and a half years the Lord opened the door for me to leave, but that’s another story. What I saw there in general, and in this musician in particular, is something that I realize we all struggle with on some level, the need for perseverance. As James writes, we all face trials, but the difference in maturing and falling back is our determination to get through them to the victory God has waiting for us in hearing and receiving His wisdom.

I must confess I see this in my own life, that the thing I desire, the Godly desire, becomes twisted and darkened by my impatience, by the fact I lack perseverance and determination in this place. But I realize something different among those who are growing in the Lord and those who keep going round and round that same old mountain over and over gain. That difference is in the next phrase of what James writes. “If any of you lacks wisdom, ask God, and believe you will receive it”. I can honestly say that every trip I make around this mountain I’m asking God for wisdom, and I’m catching it one word at a time. I realize the more I try to figure it out, the darker and more twisted that Godly desire gets and the more likely I am to try and manifest it myself. Remember Abraham, Sarah, and Hagar. They produced Ishmael, which eventually introduced strife into the camp. And it took many years for Abraham to come to that place where Isaac was produced. Ishmael was a result of Abraham’s godly desire (Isaac) becoming darkened by human reasoning that twisted and darkened that desire.

I have become convinced that at the heart of every human desire is a Godly desire. It is just that human reasoning often darkens and twists it and produces something we reasoned we desired, until we see it wasn’t what God really wanted for us. And to be honest here, I’m coming to the place where I don’t really know if what I want is my twisted desire or a Godly desire. But I do know this, when we become determined to wait with patience and are willing to persevere until the time comes for God’s desire to manifest, it will come. To borrow a phrase from a friend, “our time for the things we desire will come”.

Hat Tip: Rocky Chambers via email

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Why Is This An Unreasonable Request? [Update]

LTC Lakin has questioned the President’s “natural born” status, as mandated by the U.S. Constitution’s Article II, Section 1. After a year of seeking answers, he has not received a definitive response either from the Department of Defense or from his Congressional delegation that would assure him of the President’s Constitutional eligibility.

Attainder court-martial threatened…

YouTube Video LInk: American Patriot Foundation: FTC Terry Lakin Defense Fund

While watching Greta Van Sustern this evening, I heard that Megyn Kelly* is going to discuss the possible court martial of Lt. Colonel Terrence Lakin, (who has refused deployment until he sees proof of Obama's POTUS eligibility) on her Fox News show tomorrow.

Perhaps the court martial will then give the Lt. Col. standing to ask the court to force Obama to show proof of his eligibility to be POTUS.

I don't think that this is an unreasonable request, do you?

Also see:

Safeguard Our

Hat Tip:

The Jag Hunter

Update 4/15/10

WorldNetDaily: Officer challenging Obama 'reassigned'
No charges yet for surgeon demanding eligibility proof


One of the organizers behind the Safeguard Our Constitution website, serving in emeritus status, is John Hemenway, an attorney who previously fought in the U.S. court system on behalf of a retired military officer, Gregory S. Hollister, who also questioned Obama's eligibility.

The case ultimately was dismissed by Judge James Robertson who ruled that the dispute had been "twittered" during the 2008 election campaign.

In that opinion, Robertson sarcastically wrote: "The plaintiff says that he is a retired Air Force colonel who continues to owe fealty to his commander in chief (because he might possibly be recalled to duty) and who is tortured by uncertainty as to whether he would have to obey orders from Barack Obama because it has not been proven – to the colonel's satisfaction – that Mr. Obama is a native-born American citizen, qualified under the Constitution to be president.

"The issue of the president's citizenship was raised, vetted, blogged, texted, twittered, and otherwise massaged by America's vigilant citizenry during Mr. Obama's two-year-campaign for the presidency, but this plaintiff wants it resolved by a court," Robertson wrote.

The judge also suggested sanctions against Hemenway for bringing the case, and Hemenway responded that process then would provide him with a right to a discovery hearing to see documentation regarding the judge's statements – not supported by any evidence introduced into the case – that Obama was properly "vetted."

Hemenway warned at the time, "If the court persists in pressing Rule 11 procedures against Hemenway, then Hemenway should be allowed all of the discovery pertinent to the procedures as court precedents have permitted in the past.

"The court has referred to a number of facts outside of the record of this particular case and, therefore, the undersigned is particularly entitled to a hearing to get the truth of those matters into the record. This may require the court to authorize some discovery," Hemenway said.

WND columnist Vox Day earlier wrote about this very scenario, calling it a "Get out of war" free card.

The comments followed the case of Cook, the reservist who challenged his deployment orders over questions about their legality under Obama.

"Rather than contesting the suit," Day wrote, "the Army took the highly peculiar step of revoking the major's deployment order, suggesting that the Pentagon generals are not entirely confident that they can demonstrate the legitimacy of their purported commander in chief.

"The Pentagon's decision to back down rather than risk exposing Obama's birth records to the public means that every single American soldier, sailor, pilot and Marine now holds a 'get out of war free' card."

Obama's actual response to those who question his eligibility to be president under the Constitution's requirement that the U.S. president be a "natural born citizen" has been to dispatch both private and tax-funded attorneys to prevent anyone from gaining access to his documentation.

Besides Obama's actual birth documentation, the still-concealed documentation for him includes kindergarten records, Punahou school records, Occidental College records, Columbia University records, Columbia thesis, Harvard Law School records, Harvard Law Review articles, scholarly articles from the University of Chicago, passport, medical records, his files from his years as an Illinois state senator, his Illinois State Bar Association records, any baptism records, and his adoption records.

WND has reported on a multitude of cases that have been brought over the issue of Obama's eligibility. Some are by critics who have doubts about whether he was born in Hawaii in 1961 as he has written, and others are from those who question whether the framers of the Constitution specifically excluded dual citizens – Obama's father was a subject of the British crown at Obama's birth – from being eligible for the office.

The issue has prompted a number of state legislatures to work on proposals that would require presidential candidates to submit proof of their eligibility. And a similar proposal has been introduced in Congress by Rep. Bill Posey, R-Fla.

The Constitution, Article 2, Section 1, states, "No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President."

However, none of the cases filed to date has been successful in reaching the plateau of legal discovery, so that information about Obama's birth could be obtained.

The White House has not replied to numerous requests for comment.

The Obama ineligibility cover-up continues!!! But this is NOT going away!

One term Resident is guaranteed because of Obama's deception! The American people won't stand for a liar/Marxist/usurper in chief - and definitely not the second time around!

*CORRECTION: Megyn Kelly will discuss this issue on the O'Reilly Factor tonight, 4/15/10. Sorry about the error.


Also see:

Evil Conservative Radio: Why the Army's Birther Doc Won't Be Prosecuted

That Whitey Obama!

Well...according to his heredity, he has more white ancestry in him than black! Am I in trouble now? Did that title anger anyone? Did that title offend anyone? Am I a racist for labeling Obama a "whitey"? Why did I write this? Why the sudden outburst?

As the cartoon character named Charlie Brown (Note: not being racist...that was his last name!) regularly stated when he was completely exasperated:


My mind just cannot take the race baiting crap being bantered about in the media anymore!!! I've had it!!

I don't hate Obama.

I hate his POLICIES!

Hating a person's terrible policies have nothing to do with the race of the man!

But progressive lefties have to fall back on something to hurt the TEA Party movement because they cannot win the arguments against their dangerous policial agenda that MOST AMERICANS DO NOT WANT!!

Thus, the false, made-up and stupid calls of "racism" apparently work better for the lousy Congresspeople and their lapdog media creeps (paging Keith Olberdummy???) than for them to actually have to face the TRUTH OF THE MATTER! These people will fall back on their own swords of idiotic, dangerous, expensive, life-denying, evil, hate-mongering policies that goes on in their lunatic anti-Christian, anti-Capitalist, anti-Republic, anti-U. S. Constititution, anti-business, and anti-conservative minds!! Liberalism is a mental disorder and progressivism is head-exploding worse!

The destructive goals of these people will irreparably harm America if we don't counter their sick and twisted efforts towards Marxism!!! Americans are tired of the lies, cheating, scandals, corruption, bribing, illegal activity and most of all - seeing these criminals getting away with it!!

Don't fall for their propaganda.

Common sense will win the day in the end.

These progressive Communists will undo themselves!! They have been found out!

And the first wave of undoing will happen in November, 2010 when the worst Congress in American history is booted out on their arses!!!

Ahhh... I feel better now. Just had to get out some frustration this morning. Will now return to your regularly scheduled Talk Wisdom blog posts.


Also see:

The Steady Drip: Media Maligns TEA Party Movement - Study by Media Research Center

Newsmax: Study: Networks Snub, Malign Tea Party Movement

I Took The Red Pill (and escaped the Matrix): Blacks At TEA Parties

Lloyd Marcus: Black Dem Race Exploiters Trash Tea Party

Caos Blog: beware the marxist infiltraters at the tea party protests

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What If Pres. Bush Did This?

I have a question for my liberal blogging friends who occasionally choose to comment here at Talk Wisdom. Please read the following post from American Thinker, and then answer me what would have happened if President George W. Bush (or any other Republican president) did such a stunt?

Obama Attends Non-Existent Soccer Game?
posted by null at American Thinker - 11 hours ago
We are told that President Obama broke tradition and ditched the presidential press pool over the weekend to watch one of his daughter's soccer games. But the story has several problems.

Recall that my previous post shared links that brought up Obama's mysterious actions which were initially explained away by a spokesperson as "Obama attending one of his daughter's soccer games."

The American Thinker commenter's have been speculating about Obama's 41 minute disappearance without the press. Apparently, it has also been reported that the Secret Service didn't accompany him either! Don't you find that very odd???

Some of the speculations regarding his whereabouts included:

1. The daughter's soccer game (now know to have been non-existent).
2. He went to buy drugs.
3. He may have been involved with giving secrets to Russia.
4. It was a ruse to get people (especially the press) away from the White House for some nefarious purpose. Who was let in at that time? I know. People will say that there are logs taken for everyone who enters the White House. What makes anyone think that this lying, cheating, unconstitutional, fraudulent, America-destroying usurper would follow any "White House rules?" He doesn't even follow the United States Constitution!!
5. He had a gay sex tryst. (After all, isn't Michelle out of the country in Haiti?)
6. He went to smoke some crack.

Better yet, let me share some of the comments:

Posted by: gordo
Apr 13, 12:27 AM

Maybe he went to meet his pusher? George Soros? Vladimir Putin? Bill Ayers? The one thing I know for sure is that the MSM isn't going to tell us a thing.


Posted by: Emudude
Apr 13, 12:53 AM

It is believed that he went to the Kenyan Embassy to stop the Kenyan Parliament Minutes of March 25, 2010 from being released or at least have it pulled by the Embassy People there. Page 31 of the Document states that he was Born in Kenya and that he is not a Native American. This Document is all over the web now.


Posted by: Bryan
Apr 13, 01:09 AM

And today Andy Stern resigns. Coincidence?


ted by: VHG
Apr 13, 02:14 AM

What better courier for state secrets to the Russians than an unaccompanied Obama? Wonder how much he got for whatever it is he sold us down the river for? But the ego this person has really has begin to show itself as an ugly attachment and what he thinks of the United States and his duty to the country. Pressure the media to find out more. Keep asking the WaPo, NY Times, and the rest of the fawning media lapdogs to dig! Maybe Tina Fey can do an Obama parody?


Posted by: xiphos
Apr 13, 02:47 AM

Obama didn't have to leave Our White House to get to a High Crime area. [Now THAT comment would be funny, if this subject wasn't so serious!]


Posted by: airedaletwo
Apr 13, 03:26 AM

I just checked Sidwell's website in the Athletics section. The only athletic events listed for Saturday 4/10/2010 are:

Apr 10
Crew - Club (Girls) - Baltimore Invitational at Glass Beach
Track & Field - Boys Varsity - Woodward Relays
Time: 8:30am
Track & Field - Girls Varsity - Woodward Relays
Time: 8:30am
Baseball - Varsity at Bullis
Time: 1:30pm
Baseball - Varsity at Bullis

Not one soccer game. If you check the soccer schedule it's all in the fall that goes for Varsity through Girls 7-8B


Posted by: rudy c.
Apr 13, 07:37 AM

Every thing about this guy, Barry Soetoro, is suspect. Everything he does and says is just down right creepy. Just to look at him with that smirk on his face. If you look closely enough at his eyes you can see evil and the eyes say, almost out loud, "I'm lying and I really want to hurt you". That's what my gut instinct tells me about O'Barry. He's always sneaking around and you can't believe anything he says. I mean, what can you expect from a guy who's first executive order is to seal his birth certificate and school records? What kind of person would do something like that? Someone with something to hide? That would be my guess.


Posted by: JanevonMises
Apr 13, 07:45 AM

He ditches the press lackeys and Lady M, and goes away for about 41 minutes. No soccer game is scheduled, the field is abandoned, the press is told to turn around. Sounds like he had to meet his connection alright. Maybe a little storm blew in from Bolivia, maybe a little local "agriculture".

BTW, you are not allowed to smoke TOBACCO in the White House. Rules don't say anything about anything else.

Where were his kids?


Posted by: amerigal1
Apr 13, 07:55 AM

We have every reason in the world to suspect something foul when Obama disappears like this. It's not the first time. Obviously he didn't want the press corps following and photographing him. Since there was no verifiable "soccer game," his leaving the WH like that is provocative. He's hidden his documents and most of his history. He doesn't care about the process of how things get done......he said so himself. What was he "getting done" this time?

Posted by: swim-r-sink
Apr 13, 07:59 AM

Well, he sent the media on a goose chase, that's a fact! But the touching story of just wanting to see his daughter at the game with out all those creepy media people hanging about! This is new the Sympathy Card excuse!! Obummer can sure shovel out the B.S.!!


Posted by: stormywthr
Apr 13, 08:10 AM

Since Emudude has brought up the topic, I would add that if Obama has found a place to hide he better keep it a secret, he may want to return there.
The Hansard reports that “Obama born in Kenya”. (March 25, 2010, page 31.) []
In fact this record of the Kenya Parliament has revealed much about the great love and devotion that the Kenyan people have for their “son of Kenya”. The records of November 5, 2008 and March 25, 2010 alone are evidence enough suggesting that Obama has a great connection with the African country. [] And should not the question be asked, will the Kenya government ask to see and examine Obama’s long form birth certificate now under seal?


Posted by: Ender
Apr 13, 08:39 AM

Other problems: The wife doesn't go to the games? Which daughter?

They couldn't even decide on which kid to use as a cover story.

He does whatever he wants regardless of the Constitution or the People.


Posted by: sccdc08
Apr 13, 09:46 AM

I think we are being led down a rabbit hole. This administration is very good at creating red herrings. What ever happened during that time, we would need to look at something bigger than just where the president was, and why the press corps was lured away, and why none of the players seem interested in truth. The commentators who mention that the heads of several important nations were in town, and that Poland's highest officials had just died, are most likely onto something. If this is indeed a nice neighborhood, rather than a bad one, I think that hints at a secret meeting, rather than a drug run. But it could have been both. Imagine how much blackmail power a foreign country could have in the white house is they were the supplier for POTUS. But life isn't a Tom Clancy novel. Beware the red herring.


Posted by: Constitution First
Apr 13, 09:56 AM

Lies, Misinformation, Lap-Dog Media Compliance?

Normal Day.


Posted by: Danae
Apr 13, 09:57 AM

So..... Who did the President spend his time with? In what way will it effect our National security.

Where is the "Transparent" government that came with the "Hope and Change" promise? Oh right, we are still hoping for change. Meanwhile, in other news, Code Pink leader Jodie Evans meets with White House officials and then Taliban members in Afghanistan.... Oh yea, now there is some change for ya, being a traitor is now officially sanctioned, business as usual in the Obama White House. This "presidency" will go down into history as an obamanation, equal to an Abomination.


Posted by: Stan G.
Apr 13, 10:12 AM

There is a weird, odd, strange, other worldly, phony, mysterious, nefarious, evil side to this guy. How in the heck he ever got elected without knowing any more about him than we do is a mystery in to and of itself. It may come out someday, but as often is the case, there is much more to this than has been reported. The whole thing just simply cannot be explained away by fatuous love displayed by the media.


Posted by: Roxanna
Apr 13, 10:33 AM

I doubt if we'll ever learn the truth about where he went. We certainly will not be able to believe anything we're told, either by anyone on his staff or the MSM.


Posted by: Rontenw
Apr 13, 10:34 AM

"He had a meeting that he did not want published"?
Come on! He could have found a better story than the soccer games scam for that, or no story at all. Why not say, the President is busy now - with no further explanation? Or that he is studying a CIA intel document that cannot be discussed?
The only plausible reason for using the soccer story is to get rid of the press for awhile, but why that?


Posted by: ahem
Apr 13, 10:38 AM

f-stop is right: He met someone at the WH--that's or he skipped out to meet with his Soviet handlers.


Posted by: H Hazell
Apr 13, 10:41 AM

f-stop may have it pegged! Is there any verification that the President actually left the WH? If none, then the issue does seem to be not where he went, but who visited.


Posted by: Siridh
Apr 13, 11:32 AM

Its disgusting that the MSM has done nothing to vet Obama or to keep him honest. A President doesn't have the right to sneak away for 40 minutes -- it might suck, but its the way it is. For the media to ignore this borders on treason. I don't care how innocent the 40-minute mission was, he's the president and he is accountable to the U.S. for every minute of his time. F-stop that sounds very plausible. It also sounds plausible that he met someone secretly. That part of Pennsylvania Avenue and immediately surrounding is not a bad neighborhood BTW. I don't trust this guy one bit and its things like this that make it worse.


I agree with what the author at American Thinker wrote in the first paragraph:

It is rather disturbing when you dissect it.

Hat Tip:

American Thinker