Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ryan Zings Obama at RNC Convention

Paul Ryan topped off a fabulous evening of speakers last night at the RNC Convention!

Video: Paul Ryan Rocks the RNC
nicedeb at Nice Deb - 8 hours ago

Reportedly, Paul Ryan worked on his speech for weeks, and it was a doozy. While it was a serious speech, he managed to zing Obama several times throughout, but as Charles Krauthammer said on Fox News afterward, it was “done more in sorrow than in anger”. It was a smart speech that addressed Medicare head [...]
Nice Deb writes:   Paul Ryan is sincere. He means what he says. Obama and the rest of the Dems Socialists who still stand with him will have nothing but scaremongering and lies to offer in Charlotte, and Obama’s lies are getting less convincing with each telling.

  I also loved hearing that New Mexico Governor, Susana Martinez, discovered that she and her husband were Republicans (and they switched parties from Democrat to Republican) based on the issues - not the screeching hateful rhetoric that the Dems often spew regarding political differences.

 I think that the key to changing minds and hearts regarding political affiliation has more to do with the truth - including wisdom, knowledge and true solutions - rather than butting heads against the machine of false Democratic demogoguery which is often fueled by the media of mass deception!

Loved Ryan's comment about college grads who are jobless and sitting back in their parent's homes staring at faded Obama posters!!!  Ha ha haaaa!  What a fantastic word picture that will probably stay in the minds of voters when they enter that voting booth in November!  Millions are jobless because of Obama's failed economic policies.

Speaking of posters, it has become increasingly evident that Obama hasn't lived up to the "poster of praise" that was found hanging in his step-grandma's home in Kenya!

Grandma Sarah's poster celebrates 'Kenyan Wonder-Boy' Film documents calendar in village home of Obama's relative

Kenyan Wonder-Boy....

heh heh!

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Nice Deb

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

RNC Convention - Breath Of Fresh Air!

Last night, the RNC Convention speakers absolutely ROCKED THE HOUSE!  What an AWESOME breath of fresh air from intelligent, articulate, engaging, individuals who love America and want to turn us away from the failed policies of this awful administration back to fiscal sanity, economic prosperity, job creation, and a great future for our children and grandchildren!

From Congressional hopeful Mia Love all the way through to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, each and every speaker added to the shining light of a new day to come once BHO and his ilk are out of office!! 

Ann Romney's speech stole the show!  I also heard (from my hubby) that Rick Santorum's speech was awesome.  I had to walk the dogs at that point so I need to see what he shared via DVR.

I must say that C-Span did the best job.  It was free of the commercials, talking heads, and the haters that so many of the liberal left lunatic media of mass deception allow to spew their despicable rhetoric whenever a conservative has the chance to speak on a national level.  My son clicked over to MSNBulls**t Creeps to see what they were spitting out, and, of course, blowhard Chris Matthews didn't disappoint the liberal lefts loonies tuning into that despicable channel:

A$$hat Chris Matthews Slams GOP Chairman For Playing Invisible Race Card (Video)
Jim Hoft at The Gateway Pundit - 2 days ago

This was horrible. Chrissy “Tingles” Matthews lashed out at GOP Chairman today for playing the race card… because Romney cracked a joke about Obama’s birth certificate. What an unhinged idiot. Because only Barack Obama can make jokes about his birth … Continue reading →

Even C-Span got spammed by some haters via a few Twitter messages near the end at the bottom of the screen.  But such screechers could not abate the excitement, enthusiasm, and excellent points made by the speakers.  They had no good argument against the business owners who squelched Obama's "you didn't built that" idiocy with commentary of their own.  The haters and their awful beliefs could not hold a candle to all the attendees who celebrated, cheered, prayed, sang along with "Amazing Grace,." and clapped for each segment and speaker during the evening. 

I avoided looking at blog posts until today at 12:30 p.m. PT.  I wanted to bask in the nice feeling I got watching the RNC Convention on C-Span.  But today, I got an eye-full of the hate that the left has for anyone who doesn't agree with their FAILED POLICIES, ABORTION - NO MATTER WHAT MINDSET, GLOBAL WARMING HOAXES, FOOD STAMP, UNEMPLOYMENT HORRID ECONOMIC NON-AGENDA, RADICAL  HOMOSEXUAL AGENDA, ANTI- TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE, SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST/MUSLIM SYMPATHIES, AND...the list could go on and on!

I was hoping that Mia Love would not be attacked for standing up for the conservative values that she believes in and holdS dear.  Of course - she was:

RNC Tuesday Night Open (Update – attempt to deface Mia Love Wikipedia page)
William A. Jacobson at Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion - 19 hours ago

The line up is packed tonight, including Mia Love, who just finished her speech: If you haven’t contributed to her Money Bomb, what are you waiting for? Need more motivation, read what some smug creep at The Nation says about people like Mia, RNC Schedule: Tokenism Extraordinaire. Tokens? People like that writer are the real racists, they [...]

I was hoping that Artur Davis (who has since switched political parties from Democrat to Republican and gave a great speech yesterday) would not be hatefully attacked by the liberal leftist freaks - but of course he was too (as evidenced by what he said on Fox News today).  But look at what MSNBC DID:

Isn't it strange how liberal lunatic TV commentators don't get called "raaaccccisssst" when they overtly and obviously ignore a man who happens to be black, conservative, and articulate about why he spoke out against Obama and supports the GOP candidate Mitt Romney?

And then, there is this:

Good God: Parents of Fallen SEAL Members got FORM LETTERS From Obama – Not Even Personally Signed By Him - My disgust for this abysmal “Commander in Chief” is so off the charts it can not be measured quantifiably. On August 6, 2011, in an accident many say shoul...
2 hours ago

Like I've said many times before, I think that Obama is going to lose in a landslide!!

No man is perfect and Mitt Romney will not be a perfect president.  But I think that he will be a HUGE improvement over what we are suffering with today in BHO's failed occupation in the people's Oval Office of the White House!

Now....let's see who is first to come over here and call me RAACCISST for, once again,  telling the truth about BHO!!

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back To Blogging!

My blogging friend Steve always has the greatest posts!  Take this latest one, for instance:

Random Stuff for August 21, 2012   (Read the post then return here).
Well Talk Wisdom readers -
I’m FINALLY back after a long absence. Went on vacation for two weeks (wonderful and relaxing!). Cleaned house for two weeks (not fun, but necessary). Had big group of company for one week (we all had a great time, too!), and now just my mom is staying with our family for two more weeks.
My thanks go to Steve for his update into what is going on. I only watched the news occasionally over the past month or so, therefore, I need to catch up on everything from the rants of Cher to the craziness of Muslim killings of women.
I always wonder….where are the Code Pink FemiNazis on the “honor” killings of women by Islamic terrorist husbands, fathers, etc.?? Do we EVER hear a peep out of them about it?
Of course not!
Because they hate Christianity so much that they would put up with Muslim murder rather than speak out against it. What a crazy, mixed up world we live in…
In reference to the latest political poll cited at Steve's blog, I would not believe the polls. The media of mass deception (even Fox, by a certain extent) is TOLD what to say by the ObaMARXIST White House. I also think that people are scared to share their genuine feelings about Obama (and thus, their votes come November) to the pollsters. They don’t want to be labeled raaaacist!
I think that Obama will lose in a landslide!

Hat tip:

Cry and Howl

Thursday, August 16, 2012

This Is Certainly Disturbing

I did not watch TV yesterday, except for a couple of innings of the Yankees baseball game, so I did not hear about, or read about the latest in a series of shootings that have been happening around America. This is certainly disturbing:

DC Shooter Carried Chick-fil-A Bag With Him to FRC HQ – Was Volunteer at LGBT Center
Jim Hoft at The Gateway Pundit - 8 hours ago

Haters will hate. A LGBT volunteer carrying bag of Chick-fil-A ‘goodies’ shot up the conservative Family Research Center today. The armed man who walked into the Washington headquarters of the Family Research Council and reportedly shot a security guard Wednesday … Continue reading
If this man had been even just perceived as a Conservative Christian, the liberal leftist lunatic news reporters would have been all over this story!!  But when it's someone from the protected "class" of LGBT status, such information is downplayed.

 Why is that???

 Read the comments at the Gateway Pundit link, too.

The hate against anyone who disagrees with them that is often spewed by LGBT radicals seems to be downplayed by the media of mass deception.  Just like the radical Muslims, they must be "protected" at all costs. 

I ask again....why is that?
Those who claim that Christian Conservative organizations are "hate groups" are often the arbiters of hatred, dangerous acts, and deadly consequences themselves.  Here's a comment and link to read:

lizzy84 commented:

Human Rights Campaign posted Ryan would speak at ‘hate group’s annual conference’
day before shooting at FRC:
If we are to believe that the "rules" which are often imposed upon Christian, Conservative, Bible-based groups should be equally applied in cases like this LGBT shooter, then what is written in this comment should apply:

Lightwave commented:

I will say this again because it bears repeating:
Time to apply libtard logic for “hate crimes” by “hate groups”.
Every gay rights organization should now IMMEDIATELY:
A) lose their tax-exempt and non-profit status,
B) be singled out for extra scrutiny, harassment and surveillance from law enforcement,
C) have their major donors disclosed and publicly shamed,
D) be the legal subject of new fascist “hate crimes” legislation,
E) be labeled a violent hate group by the government,
F) have their leaders’ phones and computers tapped,
G) should not be allowed to purchase firearms,
H) should by boycotted by Americans.
This is what libtards say should happen to white, Christian Americans as the result of the massacre in Wisconsin, right?
Funny how they are SILENT on this issue.
Obamee didn’t say a word about this until five hours after it happened. MSM is silent on this issue. Not a one of them will say that sexual deviant advocacy groups are a clear and present danger to our society.
Liberalism is a mental illness that leads to deadly violence. The tens of millions who suffer from the disease are your ENEMY.

Until most people wake up and realize that there IS SUCH A THING AS THE MILITANT HOMOSEXUAL AGENDA, which is intent on destroying what is good about straight Americans and America in general, we will all be vulnerable to the devastation that is being imposed upon our children and grandchildren.

The indoctrination that is happening in this country in order to push the homosexual agenda into the hearts, minds, physical bodies, and spiritual entity of the future generation is absolutely mind-boggling!

 Of course, not all homosexual individuals are part of the radicalized gay agenda. Many want to live their own lives and be left alone.

However, those who are intent on destroying God's Word for our lives - especially HIS idea of what marriage is - THE UNION OF ONE MAN AND ONE WOMAN; will NEVER relent in their efforts to destroy everyone and anyone who disagree with their radicalized homosexual views, ideology, and propaganda!

Such individuals are being trained like the Hitler youth were - to believe in a cause that is evil and filled with hatred that they would kill in order to get there way.

When the angelic visitors in the Sodom and Gomorrah episode in the Bible came to warn Lot and his family to flee from there before it was destroyed, they were almost assaulted so that the homosexual men of the city could "know them" (which meant have sex with them). God blinded the sexual deviants so that they could not find the door which they intended to burst into in order to homosexually rape the angelic visitors. Despite the fact that Lot said to the men, "do not do so wickedly," the men were so crazed with their sexual intentions that NOTHING was going to stop them - until God intervened.

I think that this is a lesson for all to learn from. It is only when confession of sinful thoughts, words, and deeds are done that forgiveness can be given by God to rescue men from their evil ways.

Homosexuality is nothing new. It occurred in biblical times and throughout history. But today's generation is pushing to completely normalize it and demonize anyone who disagrees with them!!  Thus, the blindness of such individuals about their sinful state of being (especially as it is compared to God's holiness and righteousness) is so great that they and their supporters would do anything in order to avoid facing the reality of their sinfulness and repenting of their reprobate minds, actions, thoughts, words, and deeds.

The politics of the radical left; in fact, the Democratic platform in D.C. now totally embraces the idea of "gay" marriage. No wonder people are leaving that party in droves! Have you heard about the dozens of black pastors who disagree with Barack Hussein Obama on this issue??  Are you going to label THEM as a "hate group"? 

Today, it is certainly not the Democratic party of the era of John F. Kennedy, where one could be genuinely proud of being a Democrat.

My 88 year old mother ( a Democrat her entire life) told me that when Barack Hussein Obama stated that he supported "gay" marriage, that was the last straw in her book. She could NEVER vote for an individual who believed that! She thought it was AWFUL!  She is part of "the greatest generation," and I totally agree with her on this issue!!

In conclusion, I'm sure that there will be bloggers who will comment on this post, calling me the usual derogatory names and label me a BIGOT. Go ahead! Because as I have written previously on this blog, I embraced that label because to me, it means:




Please see this related post:

Hate Crimes and Lefty Double Standards
Bill Muehlenberg at CultureWatch - 3 hours ago

Take the loony left, a biased media, and a baloney legal concept such as hate crimes, and you have a recipe for real trouble. I have written before about the dangers of hate crime legislation. Not only is the very concept flawed, but the problem of fake or hoax hate crimes continues to worsen and [...]
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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Paul Ryan as Romney's V.P. - Great Choice!

Last night, I read a variety of blogs that were speculating that Republican Presidential Nominee, Mitt Romney, has chosen Representative Paul Ryan as his running mate.


I think that Ryan is a great choice!  He is very intelligent, articulate, wise, and an economic genius who will change the current EVIL government of mass deception under Obama into one that works FOR WE THE PEOPLE - NOT AGAINST US!

Of course, the naysayers are already at work against Ryan:

The inexperience of Obama has taken us down a tragic road over the past 3 1/2 years!!!  The Alinsky/Cloward Piven method of hoisting upon one's own petard (e.g. claiming things about your opponent's V.P. that DEFINITELY has aleady been shown to apply to the current pResident in the White House) is truly laughable at this point.  You know the old saying, "you can fool some of the people some of the time...."  Hopefully, most voters won't get fooled that easily again.
I thought that Ryan's speech was wonderful!!  I got the "ahhh...back to normalcy" feeling as he stated how important honesty, integrity, sound judgment, fiscal responsibility, economic stability, A SOUND BUDGET, more freedom and liberty,  less government intrusion, and common sense all need to return to Washington, D.C.!!

Several blog posts to peruse:


Romney Officially Introduces Paul Ryan as His Running Mate - NORFOLK, Va. (AP) -- Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney introduced Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin as his vice presidential running mate on Saturday...

Charles Krauthammer: “I Think Paul Ryan Has That Reagan-Like Quality” (Video) - Charles Krauthammer on Paul Ryan for VP: “The best analogy I think is the late 1970′s when Reagan became the candidate and people thought, Democrats though...

Rumor Mill: Our New VP Will Be Paul Ryan – Announcement Coming 9:00 a.m.Tomorrow UPDATE: Make that 8:45 UPDATE II: AP: It’s Ryan - You’ll get no argument out of me. I’ve been on the Paul Ryan bandwagon since March of 2010, but of course, back then I was hoping it would be Paul Ryan for...

Paul Ryan’s prepared remarks. - If you missed the speech, that was a shame: nice balance of positive sentiments, and fully-deserved scorn for this current, quite feckless and incompetent..
Last but not least, see how Paul Ryan's (now prophetic) intelligent and articulate arguments against Obamacare gets treated by the child-in-chief.  You will see Obambi flip the bird at him near the end of this video:

Paul Ryan: Hiding Spending Doesn't Reduce Spending 

There are conservative bloggers who fear that Obama will do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING - legal or illegal - to stay in office.  No kidding!   I do not doubt that he and his sniveling, conniving desperately evil surrogates would even kill (oops...they already have done that!) to sway the election in their favor. 

 But I do think that sending up prayers on a daily basis can help ease such fears.  After all, the ObaMARXIST regime has it's boot on the throats of the media to broadcast what THEY WANT - in essence - delving into mind control over the people.  It may have worked in 2008, but I don't think it will in 2012.  Too many people have wised up to the shenanigans and they won't get fooled again.
I wouldn't be surprised to see an landslide victory by the Romney/Ryan ticket!

During the introduction of Paul Ryan to the podium for the V.P. announcement, Romney inadvertently said, "Paul Ryan, the next president of the United States."  I'm sure that the liberal left lunatics in the media will have a field day with that mistake.  But it is understandable that Romney said that.  He has been on the campaign trail for months asking for votes to be "the next president of the United States" so that line was ingrained in his mind.  Let the liberals laugh...because Republicans will have the last laugh after all is said and done.  And, maybe Romney's brief error (corrected before Ryan spoke) will turn out to be prophetic!  After 8 years with Romney at the helm, it would be deeply satisfying to have Ryan for the following 8 years as the new president in 2020!!  It will probably take close to two decades to unravel all of the harm and destruction that Obummer and his ilk have wreaked upon our beloved nation!

I'd like to sent a "shout out" to my friend MaryAnn's husband, Jerry.  After Obama was elected in 2008, he stated, "Let's hope that he (Obama) does such a terrible job that Republicans will hold the presidency for the next 20 years!!"  Jerry?  I hope and pray that your little epiphany becomes reality!
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What a GREAT AD against Obama!!!



Monday, August 06, 2012

Update On Arpaio's Obama Birth Certificate Investigation

Western has a video update on Sheriff Arpaio's investigation into Barack Hussein Obama's computer-generated fraudulent birth certificate:

Video: Dr. Corsi Gives Update On Arpaio’s Obama Birth Certificate Investigation
11 minutes ago

An increasing amount of people are discovering that we don't really know who Obama really is.  We don't know who his real father is.  There are many, many missing factual points on the life narrative of the man who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama.  His Marxist roots are coming out and these issues will built as they come to the surface.

Hat tip: Western

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Jesus Is Enough

Christ Is All You Need


Christ is our impeccable High Priest and the sinless mediator between God and man. We can boldly approach Him, confident that He is sufficient for all our needs.

Hat Tip: Dr. David

Characters In The Movie of LIfe

A new series is starting at the Rock Church in San Diego today - Sunday August 5, 2012.  Here is the website description:

In The Movies

Pastor Miles McPherson

Have you ever watched a movie and realized there was a deeper meaning behind the story? In this new message series, we’ll see how God sets up characters and situations in our lives, moves in our journey, and then restores us through His redemptive power of grace and forgiveness.

You’ll learn that we are all characters in the movie of life, each of us experiencing drama, love, comedy, horror, and maybe even a little science fiction. Our journeys bind us together as our lives intersect, becoming part of God’s larger story and ultimately ending in a finale worth waiting for
You can watch each Sunday -  live, online.  Also can be seen by IPhone or Android. Click HERE.


Exploring Character: King David, a Villain and a Warrior
Pastor Ricky Page - August 5, 2012

Movie: Despicable Me

Scene: Super-villain Gru has a flashback of his childhood, remembering
how critical, disapproving and defeating his mom was to him.

 Scene one of David’s life reveals David as a child allowing
 the Lord to determine his calling - not his family’s opinion or his
 earthly position. -1 Samuel 16

Question: Are you allowing the Lord’s opinion to matter most?

Movie: Warrior

Scene: Wayward son Tommy returns home with a secret, a heart full of
hate and is driven by pain to take on an impossible challenge.

 Scene two of David’s life as a young man reveals that his
 passion and determination was driven by inner peace, and the
 peace provided supernatural power to do the impossible.
 -1 Samuel 17

Question: Are you driven by inner peace or is your heart conflicted with
unforgiveness, pain and hurt?

Movie: Despicable Me

Scene: Super-Villain Gru trades in his lifestyle of being a villain to take
on a new role as the adoptive Daddy of three orphan girls.

 In scene three of David’s life we find David face to face with a
 choice to do the right thing or do his own thing. His Godly
 conviction offered him healthy options. -1 Samuel 24

Question: Are you up against a choice to do the right thing or do your
own thing? Do the right thing, You will never regret it!

Movie: Warrior

Scene: Wayward son Tommy offers compassion to his recovering
alcoholic abusive father Paddy when he relapses after realizing his
mistakes of the past are here to haunt him.

 In scene four our hero King David is at the end of his life, sad
 and broken because he is reaping what he has sowed. The
 Lord has compassion on David, but he does not finish well.
 -Psalm 142

Question: Are you reaping what you sowed in life? Now is the time to
confess, repent and turn from regret. Finish well family!

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Enough Is Enough!!

Dear Readers:

Are you tired of finding out more and more bad news each and every day about Barack Hussein Obama and his constant, continual work at dismantling the United States of America?  Can't blame you one bit.  I'm sick of it all too!!  However, as a Christian Conservative blogger who cares deeply for our nation and people, I cannot (and WILL NOT!) sit by and let the media of mass deception continue to spread their propaganda hailing Obama as some "great" figure while the truth out there is being suppressed.

Enough is Enough!!!

If you are a person who has been paying any modicum of attention to the REAL NEWS presented on the Internet - including conservative blogs, forums, websites, and twitter, then you definitely have a huge head start at knowing the truth about what is REALLY going on in the current Communist/Progressive/Totalitarian regime known as the Obama Administration.

But don't just take my word for it.  I encourage all to do the research necessary in order to learn the truth!  The media of mass deception is being CONTROLLED by the "powers that be."  If you think that Fox News is sharing ALL OF THE BAD NEWS about Obama and his ilk...THINK AGAIN!  The little bit of negative information that we get from them is NOTHING compared to what you will find on the Internet!!  But it takes RESEARCH AND FACTS in order to learn the truth!

There are MANY bloggers who have done the hard work necessary to bring you the truth that our current Soviet/Pravda-like news media would like to keep under wraps.  People are now connecting the dots and finding out the TRUE BACKGROUND of the man who calls himself "Obama."

I could go on and on, but let's get down to the nitty gritty of this post.

I will be sharing several blog posts here that will reveal the good, the bad, the ugly, the worrisome,  and the danger that a second Obama term would wreak upon our beloved nation!

Let's start with the good. 

Contrary to what the media of mass deception would have you believe, it appears that IF THE ELECTION IS HELD WITHOUT CORRUPTION this November - Obama would lose in a landslide!

Trouble Ahead For Unicorn Rider… Obama’s Approval Slides to Lowest Level of Year
Jim Hoft at The Gateway Pundit - 55 minutes ago

Despite the hard work by the lamestream media, Barack Obama’s approval rating is at its lowest point of the year. If the election were held today Barack Obama would lose in a landslide. Rasmussen reported: The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential … Continue reading →

More good news!!


The thing that struck me as I moved about listening to the conversations, and talking to people in line around us, was that the common complaint was enough is enough. The people I talked to and eavesdropped on spoke about attacks on the church and on the people of faith in general. The first tee-shirts that caught my eye upon arriving were worn by a husband and wife, and had a picture of the “Cross” with the phrase “This shirt is illegal” above it.

But there was one thing that was consistent throughout the crowd. I personally moved in and out among no fewer than a hundred people and the one thing that I repeatedly heard was “Enough is enough.” There was a palpable undercurrent that people were blaming Obama for this attack and they were counting the days to vote him out. I am not exaggerating; as festive as the crowd was, the contempt for Obama and his policies was tangible–followed closely by disgust for the media. I digress to say that the entire time we were there, not one media outlet was present. Not the local television news reporters, no radio, no print media.

It is important to note, as well, that I did not hear people saying untoward things about Obama nor did I hear them saying derogatory things about homosexuals.

Which brings me to my point. People are not looking at Obama and hating him because he’s half-a-Kenyan; they’re looking at him saying “Enough is enough.” I heard people speak in opposition of homosexual marriage, but I did not hear one word or hateful reference made about homosexuals
In my opinion, that is what made the rallies to show support for Mr. Cathy the Chief Operating Officer of Chick-Fil-A such a threat to Obama and those who support anti-traditional values. What I heard from friends who attended other rallies to support Chick-Fil-A was almost exactly the same thing. That means these people are not acting on emotion; they are rational people who have evaluated what is being done and are resolute in putting an end to it.

That is a lethal cocktail of contempt for Obama, his policies, the radical homosexual agenda, and the mayors of San Francisco, Chicago, and Boston as they hypocritically attack free speech, free thought, the expansion of business and the creation of jobs.

I didn’t see Tea Party signs, but I heard the words “freedom of speech” and “Who is Obama to tell me” and “enough is enough” over and over. I spent money at Chick-Fil-A and I would eat rocky mountain oysters before I would eat chicken
The rally to support Chick-Fil-A showed more than just objection to Obama. It showed there is a current spreading across America that the media isn’t reporting and that arrogant politicians on both sides of the aisle are ignoring. And they are doing it to their own peril.

You can only push people so far before they turn and push back. I believe the rallies that took place across America, in support of Mr. Cathy and his family’s restaurants, give very strong indication that there is a quiet cacophony of ever-growing indignation toward Obama and all that he and his ilk represent

Notice that the media isn't reporting anything about what people who gathered at the Chick-fil-A restaurants were discussing!!

The Bad: 

Trevor Loudon has exposed the triune ancestry of communist influence that surrounds Obama, David Axelrod, and Valerie Jarrett.

Paul Kengor PhD, author of The Communist, a biography of Barack Obama‘s boyhood mentor and ardent communist, Frank Marshall Davis, has penned an important article for The American Spectator.

It seems that not only Obama was connected to Frank Marshall Davis, but the president’s two most trusted friends and advisers Valerie Jarrett and David Axelrod, can also trace their political heritage back to Davis and the Chicago Communist Party USA of the 1940s.
Even though Mr. Loudon "doesn't go there" regarding the possibility that Frank Marshall Davis was Obama's biological father, one commenter wrote:
Charles says:

Trevor, if you want to go full “Manchurian Candidate” on this conspiracy hypothesis (and I believe doing so is justified), consider the probability that Frank Marshall Davis is BHO’s biological father

If one Google’s photos of Davis and BHO, Sr., and compares the two it becomes obvious that BHO, Sr. CANNOT be Obama’s father (he is very black, has pronounced sub-Saharan features) whereas it looks quite possible that Davis could well be Obama’s father (same shape of head, clearly a mulatto with facial features similar to Obama).

If there was really a grand plan for the political cultivation of Obama, then it would have made sense for Davis to father him with Stanley Ann Dunham. Davis and Dunham’s parents were contemporaries, friends and political allies. But Davis was married. The “marriage” between BHO, Sr. and Stanley Ann was an obvious sham. They never lived together and the mutual benefit was that Obama got a “father” (though BHO, Sr. was married in Africa), Stanley Ann got a “husband,” and BHO, Sr. got a pretext for trying to get his student visa extended by having an American wife and child with no responsibility – and, of course, he exercised none, hardly ever seeing his putative “son.” Fortunately, all of the principals (including Obama’s maternal grandmother) died before Obama’s presidential run.


The Ugly:

A LOT to read and digest there.  But there is so much to doubt about the media of mass deception regarding anything negative that involves Obama, why would they report the truth about the Colorado Massacre??


The Worrisome:

It happened in 2008...what makes us think that Obama would not do ANYTHING to win re-election??
The Dangerous. 

If you think that all of the conservative, TEA party activist bloggers, website owners, forum owners, facebook account users, twitter account users etc. don't have their facts straight about Obama and his ilk's communist leanings, please see the huge amount of research that may finally convince you otherwise at

Hat tips to all links.

Sunset For Sunstein?

WOW!!! This is certainly great news! I recall Glenn Beck stating years ago that Cass Sunstein was one of the most dangerous "czars" that Obama put into place. He was a huge threat against America as we know it because of his crazy, radical, far- leftist views! WND reports that Sunstein has now "quietly slipped out the back door of the White House" because his awful views and terrible policies would probably have a huge negative effect on Obama's re-election campaign!!


NEW YORK – Did regulatory czar Cass Sunstein resign in response to White House concern that some of his controversial views could become an election issue?

Many of those views were first exposed in a series of WND articles.

President Obama released a brief statement on the departure of Sunstein, thanking him for “his friendship and for his years of exceptional service.”

The White House statement did not provide any reason for Sunstein’s departure.

Politico, which first reported Sunstein was leaving the White House, did not cite any reason for his departure either. The news outlet reported Sunstein will return later this month to his previous post at Harvard Law School.

During his academic career, Sunstein has espoused controversial views on regulating the media and the Internet.

WND first reported in 2008 Sunstein’s proposal that the government ban “conspiracy theorizing,” including by sending agents to infiltrate websites and chat rooms. Among the beliefs Sunstein would ban, is that the theory of global warming is a deliberate fraud.

WND reported that in his 2009 book, “On Rumors,” he argued websites should be obliged to remove “false rumors” while libel laws should be altered to make it easier to sue for spreading such “rumors.”

In the book, Sunstein cited as a primary example of “absurd” and “hateful” remarks, reports by “right-wing websites” alleging an association between President Obama and Weather Underground terrorist William Ayers.

He also singled out radio talker Sean Hannity for “attacking” Obama regarding the president’s “alleged associations.”

Ayers became a familiar name in the 2008 presidential campaign when it was disclosed he worked closely with Obama for years. Obama also launched his political career at a 1995 fundraiser in Ayers’ apartment.

Regulatory czar's controversial views could become election issue


Thursday, August 02, 2012

Go Ahead - Call Me a BIGOT!

I dare you!  Call me a BIGOT all you want.  C'mon....don't be shy!  I truly am a BIGOT.  I admit it!


Because I DO believe that the:






Jesus said it...and I believe it!!

Psa 119:160The entirety of Your word [is] truth, And every one of Your righteous judgments [endures] forever.

Jhn 17:17"Sanctify them by Your truth. Your word is truth.

1Ki 17:24Then the woman said to Elijah, "Now by this I know that you [are] a man of God, [and] that the word of the LORD in your mouth [is] the truth."

When Someone We Love Passes On*

When someone we love passes on, we grieve because we miss them.  Their absence from this earth places a huge hole in our hearts. However, as Christian believers we don't grieve as those who have no hope.  God's promises comfort us - even when we are devastated.

 Jesus came to fulfill what couldn't be done by anyone else. Because of his sacrificial death on the cross for our sins, we have a bridge from sinful man back to Holy God.

Physical death isn't the end.  It is the beginning of a new kind of life in eternity.

Jesus told us in God's Word, the Bible:

John 11:25 Jesus said to her, "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live.

He also told us:

John 14:6 Jesus said to him, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.

As believers in Jesus Christ, we can have the assurance of eternal life through God's provision of mercy and grace via the cross at Calvary. Christ's resurrection to life proves that He is who He said he is, the Son of God, Lord and Savior of mankind.

~ Christine


The Mansion of Heaven

This world, however beautiful,
was never meant to be
The place that we would call our home
for all eternity.

And though we would not choose to leave,
a loving God knows best,
And in His time,
He lifts us to a place of peace and rest.
For He has built a mansion
where His children will abide,
Free from pain and sorrow,
forever at His side.

He said He'd never leave us
to face our trials alone,
And though sometimes we fail Him,
He never fails His own.

And even when our choices
are less than He would ask,
He knows when human courage
is unequal to the task.

We cannot judge what happens,
though tears and questions start--
We only see what's visible--
God sees into the heart...

And though there may be many things
that we cannot explain,
We can be sure it breaks His heart
to see His children's pain.

In loving arms,
He bears us to a quiet place apart
Were He mends the wounded spirit
and heals the broken heart.

And though these ones we love so much
And passed into a better world
of majesty and light,
Someday we'll be together
in our Father's home above,
Where we'll thank Him for His mercy
and praise Him for His love.

* For Veronica

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

The Chick-fil-A Controversy Is A Spiritual Battle

The blogosphere is filled with posts, photos, and commentary about the support that many Americans gave to the Christian-based company, Chick-fil-A for their support of traditional marriage.  A majority of Americans  believe that God's original definition of marriage should still stand.   After all, it was His idea and invention in the first place!

Good for Chick-fil-A!!  Good for their supporters!!  Huge turnouts at Chick-fil-A restaurants today  because conservative, Christian, and TEA Party patriots wanted to stand up for the belief that freedom of speech and freedom of religion give all of us the right to proclaim (as God in the Bible has) that marriage is the union of one man and one woman!

Note to all of those who would want to call all of these people "bigots," "haters," "homophobes," "anti-gay," or any other derogatory name "_______________" (you fill in the blank) you could think of - support for traditional marriage does not  equate to "hatred" of gays.  Unfortunately, that is a misnomer being spread by those who want to spread such ridiculous propaganda.

While doing errands today, I was listening to Hannity's radio show.  A man called into the show to tell Sean that he is "a great American."  The caller went on to say that he is "gay" and "wishes that the marriage debate wasn't out there" but he understands that Christians have the right to their beliefs - even if he doesn't necessarily agree.  He also stated that Sean was instrumental in convincing him NOT to vote for Obama in 2008.  For the first time in his life, he voted for the Republican ticket.


Because he stated that, "Obama's policies scare him."

Now...does that make him "anti-Obama" (the person) or just someone who happens to be against Obama's policies??  Doesn't he have the freedom of speech right to say that?

Unfortunately, most of the radical homosexual activists believe that freedom of speech and freedom of religion should take a back seat to their particular favored ideology.  Actually, the intolerance these days is often so severe that they would do anything to hurt those with whom they disagree.  For them, tolerance is a one way street.  It is not something that they would ever consider offering towards the other side.  Therefore, that man who called into Sean Hannity's radio show is probably a rarity in this day and age.

There once was a time when homosexual activists claimed that they "just wanted tolerance."  Then, they demanded acceptance.  Now, they want to do harm to those with whom they disagree.  The question is...why?

I think that it is a spiritual problem.  Deep down, they know that they are willingly breaking God's laws through their sexual behavior, but they want acceptance more than anything else in this world so they are willing to do anything to get it.  But, just like any other sinner in need of the Savior, Jesus Christ, the more secular "acceptance" they get, the more they demand.  They can't be satisfied with the progress that they perceive they have reached (i.e. gay rights, gays serving openly in the military, civil unions in some states etc.).  Why?  I think that it is because they instinctively know that they will never gain God's approval of the aberrant sexual behavior that they engage in.

Look at it this way.  A heterosexual person who fornicates may want God's acceptance of such a lifestyle too.  But God's Word tells him/her that he/she must repent of such behavior.  I'm sure we all know couples involved in fornication.  Does that mean that we hate them too...just because we tell the truth of the matter??

Radical homosexual activists do NOT want to hear that.  In fact, they HATE Christian believers because they don't want to know about God's Word regarding their behavior.  Homosexual behavior happened in biblical times.  As Solomon so wisely stated, "there is nothing new under the sun."  Dozens of Bible verses state God's views on the matter.

 Jesus told us that non-believers would "hate us" because they "hated Him first."  Telling the truth about evil, sin and death isn't politically correct.  The hatred against Christians and Jews continues to grow.

However, there is even more hatred spewed at former homosexuals who become Christians.  How do I know this?  Because I have heard the stories and experiences of several men and women who have gone through it.

When a sinner (any kind - which includes all of us!) is released from the former bondage to any type of sinful behavior (through the power of the Holy Spirit when they believe on the Lord Jesus Christ) the act of confession and repentance at the foot of the cross of Christ brings them into reconciliation with God.  They receive, instead, the love, mercy and grace given at the moment of conversion!!  This is the greatest gift in the world!  It is the gift of eternal life!   Of course, sanctification is a lifelong process, but once converted, no one can "snatch the believer" out of the hands of Christ!

Non-believers reject Christ.  Therefore, they reject the need to repent and turn to the only Savior that can reconcile them back unto God!  This often infuriates them!  How do I know?  Because I used to be one of them!

In another comment thread, I had a brief discussion with blogger Susan who experienced release from the bondage of lesbian behavior and identity through the power of Jesus Christ.  I will share her comment here:

Christine shared “The Truth Gap” by Bill Muehlenberg:

“They may profess to be believers, but they live, think and act just like pagans . . . That is because they have never learned to think biblically and they have never developed a biblical worldview . . . As such, they are breaking the greatest commandment which Jesus gave: to love God with all your heart, all your strength, and all your mind.”

I lived, thought and acted like a pagan during more than 20 years acting out as a lesbian and more than 30 years acting out as a drunk trying to deal with my inner emotional pain that I did not understand.

I was hurting and did not know I was in pain for many years, because I numbed myself with sex, alcohol and other drugs. There is a better way. It is the truth that sets one free. The truth about myself set me free. It was not the truth about other people.

The Messiah said, “I am the way, the truth and the life” (John 14:6). There is a better way to live. We all have a choice to obey the voice we hear. Everyone is a slave to the voice one obeys. One can obey sin that leads to death, or obedience that leads to righteousness (Romans 6:16).

The most amazing thing about the written Word of God is that it is absolutely ONE Truth. Why? There is only ONE Word of God, the Holy ONE of ISRAEL.

Much love to you, Christine and all your readers who hunger for truth and righteousness. They shall be filled (Matthew 5:6). ~ ss
July 31, 2012 1:56:00 PM PDT

My response:

Dear Susan,

The August, 2012 Turning Points devotional focuses on the "scraps of life." Dr. Jeremiah draws an analogy between the scraps of fabric (that are often discarded) and the scraps of our lives that we often wish we could do over. But those scraps can also be used to create a gorgeous quilt! They CAN be useful!

This brief synopsis doesn't do it justice, but one section was quite encouraging.

Despite the fact that we all sin and fall short of the glory of God, we can be encouraged by Psalm 51 which recounts David's psalm of repentance and confession following his disastrous episode with Bathsheba and the killing of Uriah.

Dr. Jeremiah writes:

"Have you ever prayed, "Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me" (verse 10)? If so, you are praying words that were forged on the anvil of David's guilt and remorse over his choices. We wish he had never made those bad choices, but that time in his life produced words of instruction and encouragement for us.

Psalm 32, another of David's psalms, may have been written in the wake of the same affair. If not the Bathsheba episode, it is David's recounting of how miserable his life became when he concealed some sin from God. And how blessed it became when he made things right."

Dr. Jeremiah goes on to explain that Psalm 139 discusses God's omnipresence and how he sees and knows everything. David realized that God knew about his sin because there is no escaping God's presence!

Dr. J: "In any case, the scraps from David's life have become a comfort and inspiration to millions of people as they look for value in their own wrong turns in life."

Isn't that awesome?? Dr. J goes on to write, "save your scraps for the Master Tailor!" We are to regret and render them useless! There is a "godly sorrow [that] produces repentance" (2 Corinthians 7:10) --which is what we should do: repent or revive and be useful!"

Dr. J: "If we have sinned, we need to repent. If we are discouraged over a foolish mistake or a broken dream, we need to revive. In either case, the scrap we thought represented a wasted moment in our life will become something God can use to make us wiser, more disciplined, and more appreciative of His grace, mercy, and forgiveness--and make us more willing to extend the same to others (Ephesians 4:32).

God the Master Tailor, wants to use every moment in our life for His glory. If you will pick up the pieces and save our scraps for Him, the garment He fashions will be more beautiful than you can imagine."

See Susan? God thinks you are beautiful!! It is a spiritual beauty that can NEVER be taken away from you! And why are you spiritually beautiful? Because you said YES! to Jesus Christ! You chose to shed the sin that leads to death and obey God's Truth that leads to righteousness!!

Why anyone would not want to accept Jesus' gift of salvation is truly a mystery! Like you wrote, Susan, "it is for those who hunger for truth and righteousness. They shall be filled (Matthew 5:6)."

All we can do is continue to spread the seeds of the Gospel. God does the saving! And sharing those "scraps of life" may jolt a person away from the clutches of sin, evil and death so that they are no longer a slave (like you stated) to it!

God bless you today and always Susan! Love you!

In Jesus,
July 31, 2012 2:27:00 PM PDT

1Jo 4:9In this the love of God was manifested toward us, that God has sent His only begotten Son into the world, that we might live through Him.


Before closing my browser for the night, I ran across a blog post with some really funny cartoons!

Patriot Post: Who Knew Chicken Sandwiches Could Be So Funny?


Good Night and God Bless!!

~ Christine


Colorado Massacre Linked To Historic Bank Fraud?

This is another "Talk Wisdom Reports - You Decide" kind of post.  Check out:

7 hours ago
Either this blogger is on to something, or there are just too many coincidences to not believe it could be true!
I remember thinking that the alleged "James Holmes" shooter did not look like the "James Holmes" in the original photo being shown on the news.  My next thought was, "boy, how he has changed."   I must have dismissed it all in my own mind due to his red/orange hair, crazy-eyed stare, and the different facial expression.
Recall that in a former blog post here at Talk Wisdom, I had suspicions about why the Occupy Wall Street forum deleted a post that identified the shooter as "James Holmes" - an OWS Black Bloc member and supporter.

I also found it suspicious that the original post could not be found on the WayBack Machine.

 It says:


Wayback Machine doesn't have that page archived

Does that mean that it is not archived...yet? Or is someone powerful preventing it from being archived there?   Who knows?
The information about James Holmes father, Robert Holmes adds an intriguing point to the puzzle.

Excerpt from Daily Thought Pad:

James Holmes father Robert Holmes, was said to have been scheduled to testify within the next few weeks before a US Senate panel on the massive banking crime called the LIBOR Scandal where UK banks fixed the London Interbank Borrowing Rate with the complicity of the Bank of England, the US Federal Reserve (which knew about this crime for 4 years and didn’t report it) and many other major Western banks.

Not known to the majority of those affected by this LIBOR rate scandal (which is everyone in the world) is that its historically low setting of interests rates since the beginning of the Global Financial Crisis of 2007-2012 has done more to destroy the life savings, stock investments and retirements of Americas middle class than any other single event in their entire history.

Even worse, according to this report, Holmes recently completed his work on what is called one of the most sophisticated computer algorithms ever developed that not only uncovered the true intent of this massive fraud, but is, also, able to trace the Trillions of Dollars “lost” to the exact bank accounts of the elite classes who have stolen it.

This Colorado massacre occurred within minutes of London’s Guardian News Service releasing report this past Saturday (21 July) titled “Wealth Doesn’t trickle Down – It Just Floods Offshore, Research Reveals” as Robert Holmes algorithms were said used to discover this massive fraud scheme.
Recall how one news reporter made a big deal out of James Holmes mother stating during a phone call, "you've got the right person?" The reporter tried to make it sounds like the mother was stating that yes...they have the right suspect as if she was admitting that her son did the massacre. Later, we found out that when she stated, "you've got the right person," she meant that she was the mother of a young man named James Holmes. It was curious to see how the media tried to spin that into what they "wanted to hear" from Holmes' mother. As more and more questions come out, we suddenly hear that a "gag order" has been placed on the case. That's quite strange...especially when we learn the following information.

Excerpt from Daily Thought Pad:

Equally curious to note about this massacre is that the American intelligence website TheIntelHub.Com in their 23 July article titled “Hallmarks of a False Flag: Colorado University Held Identical Drill on Same Day as Aurora Theater Mass Shooting, Mind Control, and Multiple Suspects” states that just mere hours before this shocking crime was committed the Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine was holding an identical drill that simulated a shooter in a movie theater.

“False flag” events such as the Colorado massacre are actively planned for by the US Army as noted in their training manual titled “Foreign Internal Defense Tactics Techniques and Procedures for Special Forces”.

Ben Swann from their WXIX-FOX19 station out of Cincinnati, Ohio, who asks:

“Why did Holmes go to the expense and trouble of rigging his apartment with an array of deadly explosives and then immediately tell police about the bombs when he was arrested? If Holmes wanted to kill as many people as possible, why warn the cops ahead of time?

Given the fact that Holmes was a graduate student in neuroscience, where did he obtain the skills to create a maze of bombs so complex that it took the FBI two days to disarm them? According to experts, the intricacy of the bombs was reminiscent of war zones – how could Holmes have set all this up without help from an explosives expert?

Despite police claiming “every single indicator” tells them the shooting was a lone wolf attack, numerous witnesses have described accomplices. Initial police reports that suggested the involvement of two or more shooters were quickly buried and the lone wolf narrative aggressively pushed.

As Swann points out, eyewitnesses interviewed after the shooting such as Corbin Dates state that Holmes received a phone call from someone while he was inside the theater and responded by moving to the emergency exit, suggesting the call was an accomplice coordinating the attack.

Dates also said he saw Holmes by the exit door “signaling somebody or looking for somebody to come his way.

Another eyewitness added, “From what we saw he wasn’t alone – he had someone with him. Because the second can of tear gas didn’t come from his side.”
I haven't heard anything about all of that from the news...have you? Oh yeah...that's right - there is a gag order! The next portion may be pure  speculation. But the fact that the photos of "James Holmes" do not match up, maybe it could be true?

Excerpt from Daily Thought Pad:

The real James Holmes apparently has been abducted (compare photos) to force FICO crime scientist Robert Holmes to not testify in LIBOR scandal — his expertise as scientific director at FICO investigating fraud by statistical patterns and expert in credit scoring analysis -
The real James Holmes is [NOT in photo at link] on the right. This imposter is on assignment and somehow has been assured of protection and is a pure sociopath earning a buck. If the real James Holmes has been taken then his parents, of course, know it. James’ father is a mathematician/statistician who works for FICO which scores our credit using among other things the inter-bank interest rate set by LIBOR. FICO is the eyes, the intelligence of lenders in discriminating among potential borrowers as risks. James Holmes was the lead developer of FICO’s fraud manager system for financial institutions. The LIBOR scandal which involves the biggest and most powerful merchant banking houses in the City of London is in the midst of the biggest fraud scandal in history. Here is money and motive enough to make conceivable a black-operation on the scale of the James Holmes frame-up.
Read it all either at Daily Thought Pad or from the original blog post at Real Conservatives Comments at RC are interesting, like this one:

Comment by valerie eggers on Sunday
The two faces do resemble each other. It's difficult to be sure about either of them because the angle of their head is different in each which would/could effect the appearance of the facial features. Very difficult to tell if they are the same person or not. In any case I am of the mind that this devastation didn't happen randomly or in a vacuum. I do NOT believe who ever the murderer is, that he acted on his own or alone.
Talk Wisdom Reports - You Decide... Hat Tips to all links.


The original link within my first blog post about this horrendous incident has been updated.

UPDATED: Is James E. Holmes A Occupy Black Bloc Member He Plotted to Kill Cops, James E. Holmes Shoots Up Aurora Co Movie Theater Killing 12 And Wounding 59 As Batman Movie Slams OWS.

That private investigator seems to think that it is the same man.

Hmmm....Black Bloc member of OWS = Black Ops (Operation)?

Hat Tip: Cheaters PI Bill Warner [This link includes many additional posts about OWS Black Bloc home grown terrorists]


Another thing that I found strange and questionable regarding whether or not "Holmes" acted alone:

According to CBS, NBC and ABC News, dirtball James Holmes spent $15,000 on guns, ammo and bomb making material since at least December 18th, 2011 up to July 18th, 2012. Dirtball James Holmes was pulling down $1,700 per month through his Federal grant at the University of Colorado of which he paid rent, internet access, adult dating services, food, transportation, gas, car insurance etc., etc.. The numbers do not compute, out of the $1,700 stipend he would spend at least $1,500 just getting by, so where did the extra $16 Grand come from, who or what group financed this dirtball JAMES HOLMES.

Where does an unemployed OWS Black Bloc anarchist get $15,000 for all the guns, ammo and bomb making material??

Hat Tip: VIDEO: James Holmes DVD ‘Soldiers of Misfortune’ Shows Guy Firing AR-15 Assault Rifle With Bodies Piling Up And Slams Pres George Bush, is Holmes Black Bloc.