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Ten Principles For Doing Apologetics

My blog post tags over at Technorati rank many of my posts under the term "apologetics." While doing a search of other blogs tagged for apologetics, I found an interesting and informative list of "Ten Principles For Doing Apologetics."

If you go to the "Truth Tactics" link within the post, you will get much more detail on each of the ten principles.

10 Principles For Doing Apologetics

Here's a nice "Art of War" for apologetics, in list form, entitled Truth Tactics. Nice tips for those of us defending Christianity. If you like the list below, go and read his entire post.

Christians are privileged to be emissaries of the living God, heralds of hope, and defenders of divine truth. This is why it is imperative for them to approach apologetics in an intelligent fashion. Certainly, a good portion of this effort will involve the discovery and implementation of important apologetic strategies.

1. The form and style of the worshiping community should be conducive to apologetics.

2. Sometimes, it is just as important to show that Christianity is embraced by intellectuals, as it is to demonstrate specific intellectual arguments.

3. Though Christianity is a call to a "higher" life, transforming a person's perspective and priorities, it is still a human life, resembling, in many ways, the life of the past.

4. Becoming a Christian involves a recognition of the cost of discipleship, as well as the anticipation of a joyful new life.

5. Apologists should exude and promote hope.

6. In speaking with unbelievers, apologists must learn to balance evidence and mystery, certainty and ignorance.

7. Christianity's unique features should be highlighted.

8. There is a cultural benefit to be gained from engaging secular society with a strong apologetic.

9. It is important for Christians to consider ways of reaching non-readers.

10. Christians must learn the art of indirect apologetics.

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There is always something new to learn in God's Word. The longer I study, the more I realize that I will "never arrive" at knowing it all! The depth of knowledge, wisdom, love, grace, mercy, hope, forgiveness, and charity extended to us by God through His Son, Jesus Christ, is truly unfathomable!

However, isn't it nice to know that we don't have to know it all? Paul told us what we should know and what we should do about it..."teach Jesus Christ and Him crucified."

The Gospel of Christ is simple enough for even a child to understand; yet, to the seeker, turned believer, turned student, turned apologist, turned evangelist (in some cases), the depth of it all is truly infinite!

Isn't it great to realize that God planned it that way?

Today's Turning Point Devotional:

Wednesday, April 11

Big Enough to Be Small Enough

A man's pride will bring him low, but the humble in spirit will retain honor.
Proverbs 29:23

Recommended Reading
Galatians 2:17-21

When Dr. J. Edwin Orr wanted to write a biography of Toronto's famous pastor, Oswald J. Smith, he was concerned about how Smith would respond to the complimentary nature of the work. He soon realized, however, that Dr. Smith was gracious and humble enough to take both criticism and compliments in stride. "He is big enough to be small enough to give the glory to the Lord," wrote Orr.

What a description for us to emulate!

The apostle Paul was like that, too. His credentials were outstanding; but he realized that without Christ in his life, he was nothing. His life was honorable because he was constantly saying, "Yet not I, but Christ!" (Galatians 2:20, KJV).

Are you big enough to be small enough to give God the glory for whatever He may do with or through you? God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble.

Not I, but Christ himself in me; I take—He gives—the victory.
Paul Rader

1 Kings 10:14 - 12:33

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