Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Who Can Trust "The Man Who Despises America?"

This is a sad Veterans Day. The pain and grief of the Fort Hood massacre by the radical Islamic terrorist - Hassan - is still heavy upon our hearts and souls.

However, we need to remember and give heartfelt thanks to all of our Veterans today. Without them, we wouldn't have the protections and freedom in this country that we all enjoy.

Nice Deb has a Veterans Day Video Tribute and Linkfest at her blog. The video is a tribute to the men and women who serve this Country, past present and future. Lots of great articles to read at the additional links.

In other news, an article that caught my eye this morning (via The Obama File) is from The American Spectator: The Man Who Despises America.

Someone needed to say it like it truly is. This is why so many millions of TEA Party activists (Glenn Beck alone has over 30 million radio/T.V. listeners) have that gut-wrenching bad feeling in their stomachs regarding our current bogus POTUS and radical Congress.

The hard and cruel facts about Obama within the article are difficult to refute. The author's arguments are extremely obvious - except to the mindset of the hardcore Obama Kool-aid drinking, liberalism-is-a-mental disorder people who choose to keep their heads in the sand and their Resident-in-Chief idol on a pedestal. One day, that pedestal will come crumbling down - and Obama's tyranny will come crashing down with it.

Wait and see! In November, 2010 all of America will be actively involved in voting the bums out of Congress - all of whom have been complicit in Obama's dreadful policies and destruction of America. Lame duck status (or, even better - impeachment) for ObamaFRAUD cannot come soon enough!

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Nice Deb

The American Spectator

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Christinewjc said...

Just like Glenn Beck's red phone (how apropos!) is silent because the White House cannot refute the TRUTH he is sharing on his T.V. show, the silence of the ObamaFRAUD fans here at Talk Wisdom is also deafening - and quite telling!

Moral of the story:

Can't refute the truth when it stares you right in the face!