Sunday, February 07, 2010

Palin Speech Sets Off Lib Cranial Detonations

Wanted to do a quick post about Sarah Palin's speech last night. It was awesome! She covered all of the talking points that the TEA Party patriots are concerned about. Since the Super Bowl is about to start, I will post some links to blogs that have reported on Palin's speech.

At first glance, Voting Female has the funniest post title:

VotingFemale Speaks!
Progressive Exploding Head Parade: re: Sarah Palin Tea Party Address - Just so everyone knows who to laugh and point at! Below is just a sampling, mind you! Lame Stream Media Cranial Detonations: MSNBC: Sarah Palin Sounded Lik...

Heh heh heh.... I thought I saw steam coming out of Geraldo Rivera's ears as he reported on Palin's speech last night! I jumped over to CNN and saw a guy named "Lemon?" (I think) reporting. It's funny. Both Rivera and Lemon hated Palin's mocking of Obama's policies. But the point is that Obama's terrible policies deserve to be mocked!! They are BAD, BAD, BAD for our country!

Here are more good links:

Citizen Wells
Sarah Palin blasts Obama administration policies, Nashville Tea Party convention, Palin take on Obama, 2012, Palin attacks Obama foreign policy, Obama terrorists, Fox News Sunday, Sarah Palin video - Sarah Palin blasts Obama administration policies at Nashville Tea Party convention From Fox News, February 7, 2010. “Palin ‘Would Be Willing’ to Take On Ob...

This comment written by "Bill" over at Citizen Wells makes a great point:

Bill G // February 7, 2010 at 6:01 pm

Governor Palin hit many great high notes. One of the most revolutionary remarks was regarding We the People comprising the movement. It is stronger without a leader; we are each leaders. The longer the movement can grow without nominal leadership, the longer we can keep the MSM at sea and unable to exert their politics of personal destruction. This will also allow consensus to form regarding the representation We the People prefer.

Thoughts Of A Conservative Christian
- Palin’s people: Tea Party activists rally around champion of the Right By Mail Foreign Service Last updated at 5:11 PM on 06th February 2010 Comments (51) ...

Nice Deb
Video: Sara Palin ‘Would Be Willing’ to Take On Obama in 2012′ - Fox News reports: Sarah Palin has President Obama in her sights, telling she “would be willing” to challenge him in the 2012 presidential race....

Palin Emerges as the Star of First National Tea Party Convention - All major news publications covered Sarah Palin’s speech yesterday, making sure to point out she collected a large fee for her work. She replied she is kee...

Hat tips to all links.

Special hat tip to Voting Female for the "Cranial Detonations" quip used in my title.

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