Tuesday, September 28, 2010

DWTS - Losing Its Class and Grace

Hi friends. My apologies for not consistently posting lately. Yesterday, my morning started out crazy and remained so for most of the day! When I got out of the shower, the roofers (getting our roof repaired all week) were banging on the roof, the dogs were barking hysterically, the phone was ringing, my husband was texting me on my cell phone, and my Mom was hungry for her breakfast!

I literally did not sit down but twice during the day. At 2:00 p.m. to watch The Glenn Beck show, and then again at 8:00 p.m. to watch Dancing With The Stars.

DWTS has been one of my favorite shows. However, something happened towards the end of the show last night that I found ungraceful, un-classy, and very disappointing.

Gateway Pundit has the story and the video.

The question is:

Did Sarah Palin get booed on Dancing With the Stars last night? Some people think so.

There is a debate going on in the comment section regarding what, or whom, the "boos" were directed towards. The trouble is, during the re-broadcast, the booing could have been suppressed. It was left in there on purpose.

The one show on television that I always thought was one that demonstrated class and elegance is being tarnished. The first disappointment was the need to bleep out Brandy's curse words. How sad that a beautiful singing star has such a foul mouth that she can't even control it while appearing and performing dances on a national T.V. show!

The second disappointment was what definitely appeared to be booing from some in the crowd right before Sarah Palin, who was there as a member of the audience to support her daughter Bristol's performance, was briefly interviewed by the host of the show. Young Piper was sitting next to her mother in support of her older sister. But the booing libtards didn't care to think how that young child might feel about their rude, arrogant, and unnecessary disparagement.

My comment at Gateway:

When a mom who happens to be famous and loved by many – yet hated by some in the public who disagree with her politics - appears at an event to support her daughter, I would have thought that even the most rabid leftists would be gracious and not boo. But I was wrong. The type of persons who would boo a person like that on national T.V. during a pleasant dancing competition are despicable – to say the least.

I was in the audience of DWTS a few years ago and we were encouraged to dress nicely and be polite. There were people introduced in the audience who I didn’t like and disagreed with politically, but I would NEVER have booed them during the taping of the show.

If those boos were aimed at Sarah Palin (and I think they were – like Bailey wrote, “There was way too much time between the scores and the boos.”) then someone involved in the show needs to apologize for it next week.

However, it appears that the execs at ABC are not willing to offer an apology to Gov. Palin for the disgraceful attitude of some in the audience. They hid behind their desks and lied about it.

The slogan at ABC is “a new kind of family.” Apparently, that means a rejection of normal conservative families like the Palins and the embrace of the rude, bombastic, rabid, liberal leftist lunatic fringe types as this new kind of “family.” How sad and tragic.

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Added comment at Gateway:

September 28th, 2010 | 11:51 am | #29
It’s been debunked both by ABC and the shows host, Tom Bergeron. The boos were not for Sarah. In fact , if you watched it, you can see and hear that when Bergeron introduces her, there is cheering and applause and lots of smiling faces in the audience. I bet it gets debunked this on evening’s show as well.

Just because some of the fringe left loons wish and say something is so, it doesn’t mean it is. Another failure.

My reply:

September 28th, 2010 | 12:28 pm | #31

I have been at a taping of the show. Things can be manipulated. For instance, the performances by musical guests are usually taped first and presented on T.V. later in the show.

It is possible that the audience was told not to boo (again) before the interview was done. The only way to know for sure is to ask people who were actually there in the audience.

Next, I went over to The Daily Beast link (above) and read this:

Actually, YOU'RE wrong. Audience members report they were booing Palin, but the network put out the fire by saying it was over scores. Firsthand, eyewitness accounts from those who were actually there say that it was totally an anti-Palin boo...

[Note: Most of the comments about Sarah and her family at the aptly named "Daily Beast" site are not very kind to the Palins.]

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Christinewjc said...

I watched the portion on tonight’s show where they tried to make the booing about the “8′s” received by the dancers. Trouble is, the people in the audience were cheering LOUDLY as each judge revealed their individual scores, then the booing started. And it occurred right before the Palin interview.

Whatever. Cover-ups are nothing new – especially when it has become an uncomfortable controversy.