Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Understanding Bible Prophecy Fulfillment (Part 1)

In a previous comment thread, Mike Rucker asked me to provide a "prophecy that has been fulfilled in 2008." Now, I'm not quite sure if he was just joking around with me or if he seriously wanted a conversation about biblical prophecy.

Nonetheless, I did a lot of work locating links so that I could answer some of his questions. Since my time on the blog is limited this morning, I thought that I would use the comment as my blog post for today.

Biblical prophecy is a HUGE topic for discussion. It cannot be covered in just one blog post. Therefore, I have labeled this response as "Part 1."


P.S. Every other blogger is probably covering the Eliot Spitzer scandal. I've already had enough of that! T.V. is turned off at my home!

Here's my post:

1. Your lottery comedy routine makes me wonder whether or not you are genuinely serious about this topic.

2. I think that you misunderstand my position. Let me see if I can help alleviate your misunderstanding about prophecy fulfillment.

Bible prophecy is continually being fulfilled. Demanding that I show you a specific prophecy being fulfilled "in 2008," as you have asked, is not necessarily an accurate portrayal of how prophecy fulfillment is being revealed.

For instance. Today, the ancient prophecy of David, regarding the fact that Israel would be (and currently is) surrounded by many enemies is an exact prophecy fulfillment. If you read the Scripture at that link, you will see that David names the exact enemies (ancient names and current names listed in that post) that have surrounded Israel and have called for her complete destruction (e.g. Iran leaders want Israel pushed "into the sea.")

Because of biblical ignorance, we see the current U.S. administration attempting to make peace deals between the Palestinians and Israel. They may have the best intentions in mind, but the fact that the so-called "Road map to Peace" requires Israel to give up portions of land (that the Lord gave to her via nations that allowed the formation of the Jewish State after the Holocaust) is a HUGE mistake...IMHO.

I don't want to get too far off topic.

On May 14, 1948 (when the exact date was prophesied for Israel's re-formation as a Jewish State in the Bible) until now, we are witnessing prophecy fulfillment almost every day in that region of the world.

Here is a link that describes, in detail, how amazing it was for that prophecy to be fulfilled.

Other prophecy fulfillment can be seen through the increase of hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes, floods, fires, etc. being suffered around the world.

There is also the fact that Jesus himself stated that the signs of the times would be as "in the Days of Noah" (known for it's skepticism and godless paganism, violence, mocking of the faithful etc.) and as in the "Days of Lot" (known for it's sexual immorality and destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah).

If you have been following my posts at this blog about the Falling Away of false convert Christians, as it is revealed through the Bible, then you know that such re probation, heresy, and apostasy is growing exponentially today. The book of Jude warns of this exact thing!

There has been discussion that some view Barack Obama as THE Antichrist. Poor Glen Beck. Just asking the question has placed a barrage of insults and condemnation upon him! I was watching a re-broadcast of his T.V. show last night, and it was mentioned that there were 450,000 google hits about his interview with John Hagee. Today, there are 878,000! Good news travels fast...eh? Just checked again! Now it's over 928,000!

There has always been speculation regarding who the Antichrist will be. There are people who exhibit a spirit of Antichrist, but this does not necessary mean that they are, or could become THE Antichrist described in Revelation.

Two more posts that may be of interest on this topic:

Babylon Rising

Ezekiel's Final Puzzle Pieces

Since you (Mike) don't want to get into a "fire hose" of information regarding Bible prophecy fulfillment, then I suggest that you just concentrate on one thing -Israel.

The hatred for Israel by Her many enemy nations is not only a central, continuing theme in Bible prophecy, it is one of the greatest signs of the approaching end times. Those who don't see or notice this would be wise to study it and notice how accurate the Bible has been throughout the centuries in this matter as well as many others! It is so crystal clear that to miss it would truly be tragic for non-believers and their destiny in eternity.

Happy reading!

Comments welcome!

HT: Christadelphia.org


P.S. At least I found one SANE blog, Newsbusters that doesn't distort what Glen was asking and why he asked the question. [Warning: Some foul language by liberal bloggers included in the comment section.]


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