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Americans Still Question Obama's Legitimacy to be POTUS

Every so often, I hear a few Democratic news contributors mention the "birthers." Even on Fox News Channel! Usually, it is presented in a negative and disparaging way. For instance, last night during the O'Reilly Factor, one of the commentators at Fox News, Mark Lamont Hill, mentioned (in passing) the "craziness" of the birthers [Note: those who question Obama's eligibility to be president because his father was Kenyan born and therefore Obama can't be a natural born citizen as is required by our U.S. Constitution]. If you weren't listening closely, you may have missed him comparing the "birthers" to 9/11 truthers. [Note: a 9/11 truther is a person who believes that the Bush Administration was previously aware of, and complicit, in the radical Islamic 9/11/2001 attack against our country which caused the horrific deaths to close to 3,000 people.]

In Mark Lamont Hill's case, it was said in passing - as if to say that no one believes what the "birthers" are saying - just like no sane person ever believed that President Bush and his administration had previous knowledge of the 9/11 attack.

Well, trouble is, there are FAR MORE BIRTHERS out there than 9/11 truthers! And, more are being added to the ranks with each passing day! Plus, the fact that Obama is spending close to 2 million dollars on lawyers defending him against being forced to release the document shows that he is actively hiding the release of his long-form birth certificate (as well as many other bona fides). This tells us that he's most likely afraid of being discovered as being a usurper and not a legitimate candidate for POTUS. Why else would he not release the COLB (certificate of live birth) to prove, once and for all, that he is a natural born citizen??


Just 51% of Americans believe Obama eligible
Nearly 1/2 of U.S. citizens say he's not 'legitimate president'


A new poll marking Barack Obama's one year as president reveals Americans are questioning his legitimacy to hold the office, fear his plans and doubt even his friends.

"Typically, a political figure in trouble from pursuing a radical agenda generally tacks to the political center, but there is no evidence that Obama is interested in following conventional wisdom on this point. Democrats nationwide may face the fallout in November," warned Fritz Wenzel of Wenzel Strategies.

The poll revealed if the 2012 election were held today, Obama would come in second to an unspecified opponent.

Did you get that last sentence? Obama would come in second to an unspecified opponent! Wow! That's like saying ANYONE BUT OBAMA for the next election!

Look at these stats!

Wenzel said voters have advanced in their opinions of the issue of Obama's legitimacy from some six months ago when most Americans said they were aware of the questions being raised.

When asked if they consider Obama a "legitimate president," 32.6 percent said no, and another 15.8 percent said they were not sure. Barely half of the voters, 51.5 percent said they do consider Obama a legitimate president even though he has yet to produce a long-form birth certificate that would prove he was born in the U.S.

Even 14.6 percent of the Democrats said they do not consider him a legitimate president, along with 52.2 percent of the Republicans. Significantly, 31.8 percent of the independents said no.

Those who were uncertain included 12.1 percent of the Democrats, 21.3 percent of the Republicans and 14.3 percent of the independents.

Also, asked whether they were more or less likely to believe in Obama's legitimacy, only 40.1 percent said much more. Some 27.9 percent said much less, with a significant 12 percent unsure.

"A lingering doubt about his legitimacy as president continues to dog Obama," Wenzel said. "Barely half – 52 percent – said they believe that, in light of the fact he has not yet presented a long-form birth certificate that would prove he was born on U.S. soil, while 33 percent said they do not consider him to be a legitimate president. Another 16 percent were unsure on the question. While some try to marginalize those who continue to call for Obama to release his birth certificate, it is clear many don't think this is a settled matter.

"As he loses public support for his agenda, the risk grows that this unaddressed issue could come back to haunt Obama, perhaps at a time when he can least afford it. Evidence of this stems from this latest WND/Wenzel Strategies poll – where support for Obama's legitimacy drops to 48 percent when respondents are asked to consider not only the birth certificate issue but also Obama's legislative agenda during his first year," Wenzel said. "The percentage who question his legitimacy also increases when his agenda is considered as part of the equation."

This latest poll means that people have been researching the issue via the Internet, forums, and blogs. Why? Because the Lamestream media will not touch the subject - except to mock those who question Obama's legitimacy. This proves that questions about Obama's ineligibility is far from being a "settled matter" as the progressives and liberals would like people to think!

Continue reading the article here.

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A Place to Ask Questions To Get the Right Answers


Kevin said...

Hi Christine,
That poll you cite was created by people who are conservatives (WND). Rarely do liberals read the WND and I doubt seriously that this was a 'random' call. And even if it were, the question is skewed: "Thinking about his performance in office and his agenda for the country, and knowing about the on-going questions about his birth certificate, are you more or less likely to believe in his legitimacy as President?' The question before that? President Obama has still not produced a long-form birth certificate that proves he was born inside the U.S. Knowing this, do you consider him to be a legitimate President?' That is a skewed question. It is clear those at WND want to produce a specific answer--which is the answer they got. What is really interesting about this that the number of 'nearly 1/2 the U.S. citizens say he is not legitimate'is extremely misleading--
175 (out of 239) Democrats stated that they believed Obama was still a legitimate president, even without this 'long-form certificate.' 61 Republicans (out of 230) believe he was still legitimate. 132 Independents said he was legitimate (out of 245). 35 Democrats said he was not legitimate, while 120 Republicans and 78 Independents stated he was not legitimate. The table of percentages that they give state that 51.5% believe he is legitimate and 32.6 do not (and 15.8 are unsure). The author cannot lump those who are unsure (they didn't ask why people are unsure) with those who do not think he is legitimate.
Besides, as I stated, the questions are geared for a specific answer--which is just was WND got.
It also isn't correct to state "Obama would come in second to an unspecified opponent! Wow! That's like saying ANYONE BUT OBAMA for the next election!" If this poll were correct, and if there were an election today, Obama would lose (and these are big 'ifs'). But to push this forward to 2012 (he has only been in office a year!) is going a bit too far with these numbers--at least in my opinion. Maybe someone else can look at the actual polling numbers to see if they see something different.

ZachJonesishome said...

I just wanted to share my last article with you.

Obama is Eligible to Serve and ‘Birthers’ are Vindicated?

Have a great evening!

Did you see that Larry Sinclair is needing some help?

Love your blog, Zach

Christinewjc said...

Hey Zach,

Thanks for alerting me to your post. I followed the link to the Jack Cashill essay over at American Thinker.

Quite a while ago (back during the 2008 election), I recall Cashill writing that he thinks he knows the truth about Obama - and the true story is "wild." He also wrote that he wanted to give Obama time to reveal the truth himself. It appears that Cashill has now decided to reveal what he thinks might be the true story about Obama.

I have often suspected that the lack of Obama Sr. being in his "son's" life was possibly an indication that he was not the real father. As was stated in the article, there are rumors that Frank Marshall Davis or Malcolm X was his biological father. However, the idea that the "Gramps" Dunham was actually Barack's father DOES make the story a "wild" one! So, who was the black woman who bore the child?

No matter what the truth ultimately turns out to be, the secrecy surrounding Obama's past is very disturbing.