Wednesday, May 04, 2005

My daughter - commercial actress!

Sunday afternoon was the day that my daughter was filmed in her first commercial shoot. As we drove to L.A., we were filled with anticipation about this new and exciting experience. She has been taking acting lessons for 3 years now and had signed with two agents. Signing with an L.A. agency earlier this year led to many more chances at auditions. If you are at all familiar with the commercial acting industry, you know that it can be very difficult to break into it. There are often dozens of people auditioning for the same part for every commercial out there! Getting that first commercial is often the biggest hurdle. I have heard from other moms who have taken their children on auditions that sometimes you could go on 100 auditions and still not get a part!! I had a countdown going for her. I figured that if she didn't get a commercial after 100 auditions, then perhaps she should look towards another career ambition! Another obstacle for teen actresses (who weren't previously established as child actresses) is the fact that many companies look for talent who have already graduated high school and are already 18 years old. These actresses who have the look and capability to play younger roles are often preferred. I kept trying to encourage her by saying that when she turns 18, she will have more audition offers. Although it was meant to be encouraging, she didn't really like my "countdown of auditions" idea. Starting out at 100 and counting down to 1 just doesn't sound fun...does it? Well, as it turned out she was very fortunate. The 7th audition turned out to be the charm!

We arrived at the cast and crew parking lot where a shuttle bus picked us up and took us to the location of the shoot. It was a quiet, suburban street with lovely homes and flowers all along the block. The commercial was for Mercury Insurance and was being produced by Ambush productions. My daughter signed her papers and then entered the wardrobe area, then had her makeup and hair done. Everything is done so efficiently, however, there was a lot of waiting around until it was her turn to play the part of the teenage "Alex" on the set. We got the chance to meet a lot of great, friendly people, including the other girl actresses who were playing the role of "Alex" at younger ages.

She loved driving the firey red Toyota Solara convertible on the set! After filming in the first location, we drove to Malibu for the freeway shots. I was a really fun day and we can't wait to see the commercial air on T.V.!

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Christinewjc said...

It took 5 months, but we finally received the DVD with the Mercury Insurance commercial shoots. There were 32 spots created and Jenna was in several of them.

I have only seen 2 of the spots on TV here in CA. Perhaps the rest will be broadcast in the future.

The one that is currently being broadcast in the CA area has just a brief clip of her driving the red convertible along the beach highway in Malibu. There is one (that I think has not yet come out on TV) entitled "teen driver" where the character "Alex" is shown growing up from a toddler to a teenager and the various vehicles she "drives" over the years. There is a real good close-up of Jenna in the red convertible, waving to her 'parents' at the front of the house. The next scene shows her and A.J. (the 'boyfriend') driving along the Malibu beach highway! The DVD listed several 'spots' on it and designated the states (CA, NJ/Pa, Texas, AZ) for broadcast, as well as a national 'spot' designation. We shall see when it comes out!!

She has a meeting with her agent today and hopefully she will now be eligible to be sent on TV show/sitcom and movie auditions! This is so exciting!!

Please keep my daughter in your prayers for protection, discernment, and integrity as she works in an often immoral and virulent anti-Christian environment. Thank you so much for your prayers. May God continue to protect her now and always. Thank you, Lord Jesus.