Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

As 2011 comes to a close and we now enter the Year Of Our Lord, 2012, may God richly bless you with greater faith, love, health, and prosperity. I thank God for all of the blessings that He has graciously bestowed upon us here in the United States of America and pray for the awakening of those who do not know the Lord. I pray for the revival of America to get back to the roots that our Founding Fathers brought about for us as a Constitutional Republic!

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. And to the Republic, for which it stands ONE NATION, UNDER GOD, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

May God continue to bless our nation, keep us safe from the enemy of our souls, forgive us our sins, and help us as individuals to become more and more like His Son, Jesus Christ. Amen!

In Christ's Service,


Dr. David Jeremiah's Turning Points Devotional for December 31, 2011:

Why His Return?

And if I go… I will come again...

John 14:3

Recommended Reading

Revelation 22:6-7

The first appearance of Jesus was a mission of humility and sacrifice. The second will be a mission of triumph and transformation. He often described it as a groom returning for His bride. The Church, He said, is "the bride of Christ." And what eager brides we are! -- eagerly awaiting our Lord to come take us home! According to 1 Thessalonians 4, He will break through the clouds with a great shout, with the voice of an archangel, and with the trumpet of God.

But He must also come to judge the world. Jesus spoke several times of the final judgment, when He would come to judge the living and the dead and to separate His faithful children from those who refuse to follow Him.

He'll also return to establish a new heaven and a new earth wherein dwells righteousness. How eagerly we're awaiting His new universe with its shimmering capital city described in Revelation 21 and 22 as the New Jerusalem.

Another year is dawning, dear Father let it be, on earth or else in Heaven another year for Thee!

Frances Havergal

Psalm 119
Genesis 1:1-2:24

Friday, December 30, 2011

Muslim Brotherhood Radicals Infiltrating Our Government! [Update 1/4/12]

By now, many people have heard about the hot water that actress Victoria Jackson got in because of comments that she shared on the PolitiChicks web show regarding information that the Muslim Brotherhood radicals are busy infiltrating our government...even at the top levels!

Oh wait...YOU didn't hear about it yet? I wonder why... Hmmm.... Could it be that the media of mass deception kept it under wraps out of political correctness (or even worse, because the media powers-that-be are in AGREEMENT with Sharia law infiltrating the United States of America)?

I recently attempted to educate a person who happens to think that most Muslims here in the U.S. are "moderate" and not out to harm our citizens. I shared the following video with him via a message on Face Book. Perhaps he is very busy, but after five days, I still have not heard back from him. I wanted to know his opinion after watching the video. Here is the video I sent to him from the blog Answering Muslims:

After watching that video, I would like to encourage you to read The Blaze excerpt and then   watch and listen carefully to what Victoria Jackson and the three women of PolitiChicks share:
From The Blaze:
Former “Saturday Night Live” actress Victoria Jackson is facing some criticism over recent comments she made on “Politichicks,” a web talk show she co-hosts. During a recent episode, Jackson contended that the Muslim Brotherhood — the same Islamist group that has been winning Middle Eastern elections — has infiltrated the American government at its highest levels.

“I just went to a briefing in Washington D.C., across the street from the Capitol, at the Longworth building at 8:30 am two days ago and it changed my life,” she said. “For six hours, I saw pictures and names and dates and facts and Islamic law books and Korans, Surahs for six hours and they proved to me… that the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated our highest positions in government and this is serious.”
Jackson also detailed this meeting in a blog entry earlier this month, writing:
I went to a six hour briefing in Washington D.C. last week.  Thirty eight government representatives were invited. Fifteen showed up.  Slides, photos, names, dates and documents were shown overhead proving that the Muslim Brotherhood, not only planned the “Arab Spring” and Libyan take over, but has infiltrated our highest government positions, schools, courts and military and is even making policy.

The Blaze article goes on to say:

While her statements are being dismissed, and those who spoke at the event she’s referencing have been scrutinized, Jackson isn’t the first person to question whether the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the American government. In August, self-described liberal Marxist Tarek Fatah‘s warned that the Muslim Brotherhood was attempting to embed itself in American government.

He said, “Instead of bringing victory over the fascist forces of the Muslim Brotherhood, we now recognize that their infiltration is right up to the American White House, but we can’t say that.”
Considering the Brotherhood’s past statements and goals, it’s not beyond reason that leaders would attempt to infiltrate the U.S. government. That being said, a “briefing” on Capitol Hill could be a wide-array of meetings setup by individuals who are unattached to the government. What Jackson attended was likely put on by a private group, thus we cannot know the quality or content of the information presented.

Either way, considering the rising prominence of the Brotherhood in the global schema, better understanding of its radicalism, goals and aspirations would be in America’s best interest.
Hat Tip:

The Blaze: Former SNL Actress Victoria Jackson: ‘Muslim Brotherhood Has Infiltrated Our Highest Positions in Gov’t’


Be sure to watch the video and read the post here:

Patriot Muslim Brotherhood infiltrates top Gov. positions
Written on December 5, 2011 by Victoria Jackson


Update 1/4/2012

Through a link at the Fox News Channel website, I found the following video.  I think that people who had been involved in radical Islam, and those who see the suffering, the violence, and the directives in the Koran have more to share than any blogger (like me) here in America.  I think that we ALL need to heed their warnings about Islam!

Snag Films: Islam: What The West Needs To Know

If you choose not to view the entire video (though I think that it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to do so!), at least fast forward to find out a fact that I had not previously known regarding the Siege of Vienna - Muslim Advance Halted 1683

Fast forward to about 48:50 in the video to hear the details. However, it is interesting to note that dates are VERY SIGNIFICANT in the Islamic world of global jihad! The date that the Muslim advance was halted during the attempted siege of Vienna was September 11, 1683!

Continuing on in the video, you will get a different perspective of the Christian Crusades than what you falsely learn about it in academia today.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Why National Geographic Shouldn't do Videos About Jesus

The main reason is because much of what they spew IS WRONG! I made the mistake of watching the video Jesus' Arrest on T.V. the other day, and was completely disappointed in what was presented, how it was presented, the lies that were included, and what was purposely left out of the biblical account.

You can go to the link and see for yourself. Compare what is presented in the video against the truth found in the biblical account within the Scriptures, and you will see the clear discrepancies in the video. Oops...sorry. Upon revisiting that link I discovered that there is only a 3 minute excerpt being shown at the site. Perhaps the entire video is available elsewhere on the site.

For the sake of argument, I will point out some of the lies, the incomplete segments, and a few other discrepancies that are evident in the video presentation.

First, when Jesus turned over the tables of the moneychangers, he DID NOT push any of the people involved in the temple corruption. The video incorrectly shows Jesus pushing people and being "violent." Plus, the Nat Geo film neglected to report that Jesus' anger was directed at the moneychangers because "God's House was to be a place of prayer. His anger was justified.

They also got it wrong that Jesus would have objected to the animal sacrifice in the temple. The entire purpose of the Old Testament sacrifices was for the temporary forgiveness of sins given to the person who brought the sacrificial animal as a ransom for the confession of sin. The concept that something unblemished needed to die for the remission of sins was to show how the Messiah, in whom the Jews were looking to appear as promised by God the Father, would be the final perfect (sinless) sacrifice for the sins of the world. Jesus fulfilled all the prophecies that were foretold in the Old Testament (with a few still to be fulfilled at his second coming), and his final sacrifice meant that "it was finished." There was no need for animal sacrifice in the Temple anymore.

Why were there all of these discrepancies? Because they had an agenda, that's why! And it wasn't an agenda that agrees with the true biblical account of the arrest of Jesus.

Another lie is when one man in the video claims that this was Jesus' "first time" at the temple. Recall that Jesus was found by his parents at the temple when he was 12 years old. Plus, Jesus was at the temple numerous times; even if they weren't all recorded in the Scriptures.

Another point, and it's a HUGE ONE, is the fact that Jesus WILLINGLY WENT TO THE CROSS [Jhn 18:11 Then said Jesus unto Peter, Put up thy sword into the sheath: the cup which my Father hath given me, shall I not drink it?] for the sake of mankind so that all who believe in him would not perish but have eternal life! They made the same mistake that most unregenerate people make - blaming Christ's death on the Jews and/or the Roman empire, the soldiers, the people in the crowds etc. The truth is, ALL OF MANKIND was the reason Christ WILLINGLY went to the cross at Calvary! This basic concept of Christianity is, unfortunately, missing from the minds of the video creators.

Such errors often happen when secular entities try to analyze and report on spiritual, biblical matters which they obviously are unable to comprehend.

Update 12/30/11

As I was reading Simon Greenleaf's essay Testimony of the Evangelicals tonight, I was reminded of the fact that the gospel of Luke revealed that Jesus healed the ear of Malchus when the soldiers came to arrest Jesus and Peter used his sword to slash off Malchus' ear:

Luk 22:50 And one of them smote the servant of the high priest, and cut off his right ear.

Luk 22:51 And Jesus answered and said, Suffer ye thus far. And he touched his ear, and healed him.

This information was omitted from the Nat Geo video.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Is It OK For Black Athletes to Be Unabashedly Christian, But Not Whites?

For quite some time now I had been wondering why certain people of a certain race can freely express their Christian faith openly in the professional sports arena, yet another person of a different race gets criticized, scrutinized, blasted, mocked, shunned and even verbally assaulted because of his faith.

After reading Three Ugly Truths Exposed by the Tebow Assault article over at American Thinker, I found one commenter who apparently had been wondering the same thing.

Comment from American Thinker:

T.S. Yesterday 03:10 AM

The discrepancy between media coverage of NBA players' public religiosity vs. Tebow's public religiosity doesn't have anything to do with the NBA being more open to (Christian) religion or traditional values than the NFL. It's about race. It's OK for black people -- basketball players, football players, entertainers, politicians, etc. -- to be openly Christian. It's not, however, OK for white people to be openly Christian. And yes, it's really that simple. That's why it's OK for Barack Obama to go to Jeremiah Wright's church, but not OK for Rick Santorum, Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry or George W. Bush to go to church.

Now don't be mistaken, the media and the arbiters of our culture don't actually like the fact that Christianity is still strong in the black community. They'd much prefer if blacks were secular and/or antagonistic toward Christianity. Black Islam has historically been celebrated (aside from Louis Farrakhan's anti-Semitism), but black Christianity is still tolerated. And the reason it's tolerated because it's, well, black. So since the "mainstream" media can't attack black Christians, they double up on white Christians.

The one thing that commenter "T.S." left out is the fact that it is NOT alright for a conservative black Christian man or woman to speak of his/her faith in the public arena of politics. The blacks who are left alone regarding their religious faith in Christianity are usually leftist, Democrats that the secular progressives (sec-progs) just about tolerate in public. I wonder whether or not the rabid sec-progs mock them in secret?

The hatred often spewed towards those (of ANY race, color, nationality etc.) who express their BIBLICAL Christian faith openly, share the gospel freely, and aren't ashamed of Jesus Christ has continually been ratcheted up every year. The times here in the U.S. where the media has a field day attacking the Christian faith is very apparent during the Christmas and Easter seasons.  The Bible tells us that such things are prophesied as "the signs of the times" and will increase as we get closer to the Rapture and subsequent return of Jesus Christ.

Have you noticed that the disgusting excuse for a "man" - the wretched Bill Maher - curses and mocks a white Christian young man like Tebow, and still keeps his job at HBO? I will NEVER subscribe to HBO ever again. I dropped it decades ago, mostly because their programming was even offensive back then. And now that they have this despicable little man Maher employed there, I'm glad that they don't get any money from our family. Since I don't watch Maher, but only hear of his rants via the news media, I wonder whether or not he has ever verbally abused a black Christian man (who isn't conservative) who publicly displays his faith in Jesus Christ after any pro-sporting event victory?

If the answer is "no", then why the double standard? Could it only have to do with race? Or is there something more that we should consider?

Maybe BubbaBBQ has a good point:

...Now you have Tim Tebow. Do they embrace him? Nope! Why? He is different. He isn't pretty, he is clean cut, he deflects all glory directed to himself and is very humble. And he is unabashedly Christian. Funny how the analysts all hate him and yet he wins over fans, teammates and foes alike.

Comments? Questions? Opinions?

Hat Tips:

American Thinker

Now The End Begins


In other news:

99 Percent? Top 25 Occupy Wall Street Backers Worth Over $4 Billion


Occupy Wall Street attacks income inequality and the richest 1 percent, adopting as its slogan ''we are the 99 percent.'' In October, its protesters staged a ''millionaires march' 'in New York City, parading to the homes of wealthy citizens such as Rupert Murdoch and David Koch. But only some riches bother the Occupiers, who have ignored the massive wealth of celebrities in their own ranks.
The top 25 richest celebrities supporting Occupy Wall Street, according to the website Celebrity Net Worth, possess a combined net worth just over $4 billion.
While JP Morgan and Chase banker Jamie Dimon (worth $200 million) was one of the targets of the ''millionaires march,'' he has a net worth less than five of the celebrities supporting OWS.
That's not surprising. Many of the celebrities supporting Occupy Wall Street seem to be oblivious to the amount of wealth they possess.
Comedienne Roseanne Barr, (worth $80 million), was quoted quite literally calling for the heads of wealthy, declaring:''I do say that I am in favor of the return of the guillotine and that is for the worst of the worst of the guilty. I first would allow the guilty bankers to pay, you know, the ability to pay back anything over $100 million [of] personal wealth because I believe in a maximum wage of $100 million. And if they are unable to live on that amount of that amount then they should, you know, go to the re-education camps and if that doesn't help, then being beheaded.''
Barr inadvertently called for the heads of 13 celebrities supporting the Occupy Wall Street who make more than $100 million from singer Miley Cyrus to writer Stephen King.

Since Roseanne Barr's name could be included in the definition of words like CRAZY and IGNORANT, please read the entire article at
Newsbusters for more liberal secular prog. hypocrisy by celebrities.

Also see Nice Deb: Top 25 Celebrity Occupy Wall Street Supporters Have Combined Net Worth Over $4 Billion…
which includes an interview she did with one "occupier."

So....why don't these EXTREMELY RICH celebrities who supposedly support the OWS movement re-distribute THEIR OWN WEALTH to help these people....HMMMMM????

The hypocrisy is really laughable; but at the same time it is so sad because these people have been severely duped by GeorgEVIL Soros and ObaMARXIST.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Oh Holy Night

Long lay the world in sin and error pining
'Til He appeared and the soul felt
its worth

Oh Holy Night
The stars are brightly shining
It is the night of the dear Saviour's birth
Long lay the world in sin and error pining
'Til He appeared and the soul felt
its worth
A thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices
For yonder breaks a new and
glorious morn.
Fall on your knees, Oh hear the
angel voices.
Oh night divine, Oh night when Christ was born
Oh night divine, Oh night
Oh Holy night
Fall on your knees, Oh hear the
angel voices
Oh night divine, Oh night when Christ was born
Oh night divine, Oh night
Oh Holy night

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Interesting News About The Lord's Prayer

It doesn't happen very often, but sometimes a secular magazine shares some good news about Jesus and the power of prayer.

The following is a brief article found in the January 2, 2012 issue of FIRST magazine:

The Lord's Prayer Activates the Happiness/Energy Area Of the Brain

When Danish researchers at Aarhus University asked 20 devout Christians to offer up a personal prayer, recite the Lord's Prayer, recite a rhyme and wish to Santa Claus while having MRI scans of their brains, they discovered some surprising differences. While both prayers activated a part of the brain called the dorsal striatum, which is associated with the release of dopamine (a neurotransmitter that fights tiredness, depression and cravings), the Lord's Prayer had more than double the positive effect.

Why? In the paper, the researchers speculate that it could be due to the fact that the Lord's Prayer "according to Christian tradition, is sanctioned by Jesus as encompassing all important aspects of life. This God-given authorization may reinforce practitioners' expectations of reciprocity in comparison with the often more idiosyncratic and individual requests in personal prayers." As for rhyme and wishing to Santa Claus? Both decreased the activation of this dopamine-releasing part of the brain.

I often chuckle when I read scientific studies that claim to find something that the faithful in Christ already know via God's Word, the Bible!  Nonetheless, it is extremely telling that the power of prayer - specifically, The Lord's Prayer - has double the positive effect on the brains of individuals who recite it.  It just goes to show that the Lord Jesus Christ provided the most perfect prayer for us; and it is to be used as a model for our own individual prayers.

As I have stated many times at this blog, "science is always trying to catch up to God." 

The fear (meaning reverence) of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge. -

The Lord's Prayer

Our Father, who art in heaven.  Hallowed be thy name.  Thy kingdom come, Thy Will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  Give us this day, our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.  And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

For Thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory, now and forever.  Amen.

Says it all...doesn't it?

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all members, readers, and guests a very Merry and Blessed Christmas!

Keep Christ in Christmas!

In Christ's service,
 ~ Christine

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Revisiting A Macrocode Found in Genesis

Back in 2007, I shared a blog post that described what a "macrocode" is and showed a fascinating one that had been discovered within the book of Genesis.

The meaning of names given in Genesis gives us a prophetic sign pointing towards the Person of Jesus Christ and what He would accomplish in His mission for our salvation!

The fact that Jesus is LORD, and he was born on this earth as the awaited Jewish Messiah cannot be overlooked by Christian believers. The Old Testament is filled with prophecies that were ultimately fulfilled by Jesus Christ. There can be no denial of this. It is only unbelief that does not allow a person to see exactly who Jesus REALLY is!

As we celebrate the MIRACULOUS birth of Jesus in two days, may the wonder of His love for you bolster your faith in Him!

Merry Christmas!

~ Christine

The original post can be found here.

Today, I just want to focus on the section that discusses the macrocode:


I find it interesting that the passage in Hosea about God using models and types comes within the context of Him using names to illustrate a point. This is how we find our first type in this study…

Who loves reading through all the genealogies in the Bible? While at first glance they seem long and boring, they are there for a reason. Take a look at this passage…

1This is the book of the genealogy of Adam. In the day that God created man, He made him in the likeness of God.

2He created them male and female, and blessed them and called them Mankind in the day they were created.

3And Adam lived one hundred and thirty years, and begot a son in his own likeness, after his image, and named him Seth.

4After he begot Seth, the days of Adam were eight hundred years; and he had sons and daughters….

…And on and on it goes. However, there is a great mystery under the surface of this chapter just waiting to be discovered.

What’s in a name? How many of you have looked up your name to see what it means? As a society, this practice is all but lost today, but in ancient times it was simply the way it was done. Parents named their children after key events of the times, or after God (or gods in pagan cultures). That’s why the term “el” appears in so many Hebrew names for instance. It is a name for God. With this genealogy however, not only do the names give insights to man’s early history, they also paint a much broader picture. Let’s take a look…


The first name, Adam, comes from adomah, and means "man." As the first man, that seems straightforward enough.


Adam's son was named Seth, which means, "appointed." When he was born Eve said, "For God hath appointed me another seed instead of Abel, whom Cain slew." (Genesis 4:25) See, the Bible even helps us out with the name meanings.


Seth's son was called Enosh, which means "mortal," "frail," or "miserable." It is from the root word anash: which means to be incurable; used of a wound, grief, woe, sickness, or wickedness. (It was in the days of Enosh that men began to defile the name of the Living God by the way)


Enosh's son was named Kenan, from which can mean "sorrow," dirge," or "elegy."


Kenan's son was Mahalalel, from mahalal, which means "blessed" or "praise"; and EL, the name for God. Thus, Mahalalel means "the Blessed God."

As I said, often Hebrew names included El, the name of God, such as Dani-el, "God is my Judge," Nathani-el, "Gift of God," etc.


Mahalalel's son was named Jared, from the verb yaradh, meaning "shall come down." Some authorities suggest that this might have been an allusion to the "Sons of God" who "came down" to corrupt the daughters of men, resulting in the Nephilim ("Fallen Ones") of Genesis 6, but that’s a whole other study…


Jared's son was named Enoch, which means "teaching," or "commencement." He was the first of four generations of preachers. In fact, the earliest recorded prophecy was by Enoch, which amazingly enough deals with the Second Coming of Christ. (Found in Jude 14-15)


The Flood of Noah did not come as a surprise. It had been preached on for four generations. But something strange happened when Enoch was 65, from which time "he walked with God." Enoch was given a prophecy that as long as his son was alive, the judgment of the flood would be withheld; but as soon as he died, the flood would be sent forth.

Enoch named his son to reflect this prophecy. The name Methuselah comes from two roots: muth, a root that means “death”; and from shalach, which means "to bring," or "to send forth." Thus, the name Methuselah signifies, "his death shall bring."

And, indeed, in the year that Methuselah died, the flood came. Methuselah was 187 when he had Lamech, and lived 782 years more. Lamech had Noah when he was 182. The Flood came in Noah's 600th year. 187 + 182 + 600 = 969, Methuselah's age when he died.

Here’s a riddle for you…

If Methuselah was the oldest man in the Bible, how could he die before his father?

The answer: Enoch never died, he was translated, or raptured, before the flood (a type of the Church before the great tribulation)! “Enoch walked with God; and he was not, for God took him.” Genesis 5:24, Hebrews 11:5

It is interesting that Methuselah's life was, in effect, a symbol of God's mercy in forestalling the coming judgment of the flood. It is therefore fitting that his lifetime is the oldest in the Bible, symbolizing the extreme extensiveness of God's mercy.


Methuselah's son was named Lamech, a root still evident today in our own English word, "lament" or "lamentation." Lamech suggests "despairing."


Lamech, of course, is the father of Noah, which is derived from nacham which means, "to bring relief" or "comfort," as Lamech himself explains in verse 29...

“And he called his name Noah, saying, "This one will comfort us concerning our work and the toil of our hands, because of the ground which the LORD has cursed.”

Let me ask you this; was the curse lifted after Noah? Did man no longer have to toil with his hands, or work for his provision? No. In fact, one doesn't need to be a rocket scientist to realize that the curse is very much alive, well, dead actually, today. So even here we see an allusion to something greater within the text…

So let’s see what all these names say when we put them together, in the order they are given in the Bible…







The Blessed God

Shall come down


His death shall bring

The despairing

Rest, or comfort

Simply add a few simple conjunctions and read it again…

Man (is) appointed mortal sorrow; (but) the Blessed God shall come down teaching (that) His death shall bring (the) despairing rest.

Here is a summary of God's plan of redemption, hidden here within a genealogy in Genesis! You will never convince me that a group of Jewish rabbis deliberately "contrived" to hide the "Christian Gospel" right here in a genealogy within their venerated Torah!

Remember our key verses here…

“The volume of the book it is written of me…” and “Jesus Christ and Him crucified.”

Now just for something to throw out to you, these types of models (actually called Macrocodes) are all throughout the Old Testament. For our purposes here, we have only covered one that reveals the identity of the true Messiah and illustrates salvation through the cross. Remember, “Jesus Christ and Him crucified”, and also Jesus’ words directing us to the Law of Moses, the prophets and the Psalms. That’s where we should direct our attention.

Written by Jerry Cesario

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

God's Word Inspires Family Members

Hello friends! I have been out of the nightly news and blogging loop for the past 12 days now while I accomplished a major task back east. Will share details when I have the time.

The Christmas rush is upon us...more so for me because I lost 12 days of preparation. However, I'm calmer this year than in past years, despite the fact that I'm so far behind in all that I usually try to accomplish before Christmas Day.

I have SO MUCH to share! In particular, I have a very special update on the spiritual experience I had shared previously on this blog about my Dad years ago! Hope to get that post up very soon!

During my travels back east, I received a very sweet message from my second cousin Jackie.  She's more like a niece to me.  At age 7, she was one of my two flower girls in our wedding 28 years ago!   Jackie bought me a writing journal. On the cover, it reads, "Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. Hebrews 13:8"

Inside she wrote:

Dear Chris,

Thank you for your support and prayers; your faith is so inspiring to me, especially during this difficult time in my life.

Merry Christmas!


I had tears of joy in my eyes when I read that!

One evening while we were together with her mom, Carol, I was extremely tired from all that we had to do while toiling at the task at hand. I felt too tired to go out to dinner with them. I just wanted to lay down and sleep on my motel bed! But they sat down on my bed and began asking me spiritual questions. They had seen the open Bible on my nightstand, with a bookmark in it.

Earlier that day (it was Sunday, December 11, 2011) I was wearing a t-shirt that had the acronym "NOTW" on it. Jackie mentioned that she noticed it and inquired about the meaning. I turned to the page I had bookmarked where Jesus tells his disciples that He is "not of this world."

Jhn 8:23 And He said to them, "You are from beneath; I am from above. You are of this world; I am not of this world.

I briefly explained what had happened by referring to the previous Bible verses in the same chapter which told the story about the woman caught in adultery. The Pharisees were questioning Jesus:

Jhn 8:3 Then the scribes and Pharisees brought to Him a woman caught in adultery. And when they had set her in the midst,

Jhn 8:4 they said to Him, "Teacher, this woman was caught [fn] in adultery, in the very act.

Jhn 8:5 "Now Moses, in the law, commanded [fn] us that such should be stoned. [fn] But what do You say?" [fn]

Jhn 8:6 This they said, testing Him, that they might have [something] of which to accuse Him. But Jesus stooped down and wrote on the ground with [His] finger, as though He did not hear. [fn]

Jhn 8:7 So when they continued asking Him, He raised Himself up [fn] and said to them, "He who is without sin among you, let him throw a stone at her first."

Jhn 8:8 And again He stooped down and wrote on the ground.

Jhn 8:9 Then those who heard [it], being convicted by [their] conscience, [fn] went out one by one, beginning with the oldest [even] to the last. And Jesus was left alone, and the woman standing in the midst.

Jhn 8:10 When Jesus had raised Himself up and saw no one but the woman, He said to her, [fn] "Woman, where are those accusers of yours? [fn] Has no one condemned you?"

Jhn 8:11 She said, "No one, Lord." And Jesus said to her, "Neither do I condemn you; go and [fn] sin no more."

Jhn 8:12 Then Jesus spoke to them again, saying, "I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life."

Jhn 8:13 The Pharisees therefore said to Him, "You bear witness of Yourself; Your witness is not true."

Jhn 8:16 "And yet if I do judge, My judgment is true; for I am not alone, but I [am] with the Father who sent Me.

Jhn 8:17 "It is also written in your law that the testimony of two men is true.

Jhn 8:18 "I am One who bears witness of Myself, and the Father who sent Me bears witness of Me."

Jhn 8:19 Then they said to Him, "Where is Your Father?" Jesus answered, "You know neither Me nor My Father. If you had known Me, you would have known My Father also."

Jhn 8:20 These words Jesus spoke in the treasury, as He taught in the temple; and no one laid hands on Him, for His hour had not yet come.

Jhn 8:21 Then Jesus said to them again, "I am going away, and you will seek Me, and will die in your sin. Where I go you cannot come."

Jhn 8:22 So the Jews said, "Will He kill Himself, because He says, 'Where I go you cannot come'?"

Guess what? By the time our conversation concluded (both Jackie and Carol added much to the conversation and offered up some good questions and comments) I wasn't tired anymore! I like to think that the Holy Spirit refreshed me from my physical weariness!

Near the end of the conversation, I was having difficulty finding the second verse in John where Jesus again said, "I am not of this world." (It is John 18:36). I was looking in John chapter 16 for that verse, and of course, I was unable to find it. So, instead I just chuckled a little and read John 16:33 to conclude our little impromptu Bible study:

"I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble (tribulation). But take heart! I have overcome the world." - John 16:33

Jackie said to me, "you speak of Jesus like he is an old friend." I can't remember exactly what she said after that, but it was something like, 'your faith is so real...or genuine.'

I was about ready to tear up on the spot! Such kind words. Jackie had been going through some tribulation in her own life at that time and I had been praying for a better outcome. Unfortunately, the life-changing event didn't turn out the way we had prayed it would, but another opportunity has since surfaced.

Yes!! Jesus is a friend who sticks even closer than a brother to His own! How wonderful that our little Bible study in that motel room, held just before we headed out to dinner, helped to inspire two family members that I love! I was so very grateful for their help during the project at hand! I certainly could not have done it by myself. And, to know that sharing God's written Word: the Bible, and God's living Word: Jesus, with them helped to inspire them is what the Great Commission is all about!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Man's Best Friends!!

The following link is to an amazing You Tube video of a man on a bicycle, riding along with 16 free running sled dogs alongside of him!

Free running Sled dogs

Carol wrote:

To watch this is a once in a lifetime experience. This man takes his 16 dogs out for a bike ride and swim in a river every day. Look how well trained they are and how much they love him. By the time they return home, they are exhausted and ready for a good rest.........enjoy.....

Hat Tips:

Carol Watson Deppe Peacock
Charlie Watson Sr.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Why There Must Be Christmas

Dr. David Jeremiah's Turning Point ministry has to rate as one of the best Bible-based ministries in the multi-media world today. In case you missed the television broadcast this past Sunday, you can watch it at David Just click on the green box that reads "WATCH NOW - This Week's Broadcast.

Excerpt from site:

Special Christmas Programming
Christmastime is filled with wonder and awe, particularly for Christians. Sometimes it’s hard to explain the joy and excitement that we feel . . . until we remember the manger! On that first Christmas the angels brought great news for the world: “… for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy which shall be to all people. For there is born to you this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.” (Luke 10:11-12)

This news changed the world forever! Because of Christmas we have hope for today and for eternity. God fulfilled His promise and sent His son to earth that we might be forgiven, redeemed and have access to the throne of God through prayer in Jesus’ name. Jesus bridged the gap between sinful man and our perfect Creator.

Tune in to Turning Point Television during the month of December as Dr. Jeremiah teaches the importance of Christmas and Jesus’ birth. He uses Scripture to explain “Why There Must Be Christmas” and gives biblical answers to the questions, “Why the Wonder of Christmas?” “Why Call Him Jesus?” and “Why Call Him Immanuel?”

With each passing year, I have found that the secular media shells out lots of so-called "Christmas" movies, but what percentage of those movies share the story of Jesus Christ? Unfortunately, not many. The ongoing and increasingly evident habit of the secular world taking Christ out of Christmas (and even showing hostility towards Christ and his followers!)  shows what a sad state of affairs our nation is in. Our Christian heritage is often being sabotaged by those who object to the One who holds the true meaning of Christmas - namely - Jesus Christ.

I thank God for the ministry of Turning Point! Via television, the Internet, and through printed devotionals, the gospel of Jesus Christ is vibrantly being shared throughout all the world!

Just before ascending back into heaven after his death and resurrection, Jesus himself told the disciples (and all Christians since):

Mark 16:15 And He said to them, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.

Imagine how difficult it would have been in biblical times to accomplish such a feat! But Jesus knew what technologies would be developed in the future. Now, with millions of people each holding an iPhone in their hands, such a goal does not sound very difficult today.

The TRUTH of God's Word stands forever! We can be completely confident that the prophecies regarding the return of Jesus Christ will happen. Only God the Father knows the day or hour. But God's word assures us of this fact:

2Pe 1:16 ¶ For we have not followed cunningly devised fables, when we made known unto you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but were eyewitnesses of his majesty.

2Pe 1:17 For he received from God the Father honour and glory, when there came such a voice to him from the excellent glory, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.

2Pe 1:18 And this voice which came from heaven we heard, when we were with him in the holy mount.

2Pe 1:19 We have also a more sure word of prophecy; whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the day star arise in your hearts:

2Pe 1:20 Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation.

2Pe 1:21 For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake [as they were] moved by the Holy Ghost

One of my favorite verses:

1Th 5:23 ¶ And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and [I pray God] your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Hat tips to all links.

Friday, December 02, 2011

Godly Counselors Are Following Jesus

Today's guest blogger, Susan Smith,  has always been gracious enough to give me permission to post any of her weekly email newsletters here on Talk Wisdom. The moment I finished reading today's newsletter, I knew that it was a great message to share here!  The following is Susan's newsletter for December 2, 2011. It is AWESOME! I pray that the words shared will bless each reader!

In Christ,



A while back we talked about King Hezekiah. The United Kingdom of ISRAEL got divided, and Hezekiah was one of the many kings of Judah, the southern kingdom. Israel was the northern kingdom. Hezekiah was a king who trusted God.

Hezekiah became mortally ill. He prayed to the Lord, and the Lord spoke to him and gave him a sign. However, Hezekiah did not respond commensurately with the benefit done for him, because he had grown proud; thus he brought anger on himself and on Judah and Jerusalem as well. But Hezekiah then humbled himself for his pride, both he and the people living in Jerusalem, so that the wrath of the Lord did not come on them in the days of Hezekiah (2 Chronicles 32:24-26). Wow!

Can you relate this story to our world today? All our leaders are mortally ill. Are we not all leaders in some way? Do we not rule our own lives? Physical death is inevitable for all our governmental leaders or kings today. The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of people who in their unrighteousness keep suppressing the truth (Romans 1:18). Jesus the Messiah is the truth.

He is the ONE God of ISRAEL who is clothed in a robe dipped in blood, and his name is called the Word of God (Revelation 19:13). “And on his robe and on his thigh he has a name written, ‘KING of kings, and LORD of lords’” (Revelation 19:16). Jesus is the way, the truth and the life; no one comes to the Father but through him (John 14:6). Do you believe?

If you choose to believe, then you are not a sinner. Nowhere in the Newer Covenant (New Testament) are believers ever called sinners. Paul, one of the greatest Jews, addressed his letters to the SAINTS. I might sin, but that does not make me a sinner. I might tell a lie out of ignorance or stupidity, but that does not make me a liar.

The devil is the father of lies (John 8:44). I am not a child of the devil, but of the Living God. I am a child of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob! Jesus told the people in Jerusalem that he is the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob! He is not the God of the dead but of the living (Matthew 22:32).

The only thing a human counselor can touch is your soul (defined to be your mind, will and emotions according to Watchman Nee). In our world today, we have both pastoral counselors and clinical counselors. Some are godly and others are wicked. Some follow Jesus, and others are children of the devil, because they are habitual liars.

It is the power of God that can touch your spirit (conscience, communion and intuition according to Nee). Godly counselors are following Jesus! They are not following the ways of the world in which we live. However, some carnal counselors are following the ways of this world, and they are very proud.

Now think back again about King Hezekiah who grew proud, and he brought anger on himself and on Judah and Jerusalem as well. What does the older covenant (Old Testament) say about such a thing as this? The written Word tells us about the proud one. His or her soul is not right within, but the righteous will live by HIS faith (Habakkuk 2:4). Jesus is the faithful ONE. He is faithful even when we are faithless (2 Timothy 2:13).

I like David Stern’s translation of the Habakkuk verse: “Look at the proud: he is inwardly not upright; but the righteous will attain life through trusting faithfulness.” So how do we know who is proud and who is not? All I have to do is look in the mirror.
~ Susan Smith


BIG Hat Tip:

Susan Smith

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Now The End Begins Blog!

I have had a wonderful Christian-based blog on my blog roll for some time now, but today I was very pleasantly surprised to learn that a Christian friend on Face Book writes at this terrific blog! It is called Now The End Begins. There are over 24,000 followers on Face Book! The current post there is entitled, "Obama Says He Needs 4 More Years To ‘Finish The Job'."

Here is the description of the blog's content on the front page:

The Betrayal of America

For generations the Bible has warned of the coming End of Days, and you are now living in that time. America, a nation raised up by God to spread the Gospel and to be a beacon of freedom for people around the world is about to be forever silenced by those sworn to protect her - her leaders. THAT THE TRUTH!!! The corruption, crime, betrayal, lies, treason, traitorous evil and ugly sin going on in Washington D.C. over the years has ratcheted up big time over the past 3 years with Obummer in office!!! Speaking of the pResident in Cheat:

My comment there:

As bad as ObaMAO has been (and it’s been REALLY BAD) I still think that he is holding back the worst offenses in order to get re-elected. If he would be re-elected (God forbid!!!), this puppet and his puppet master George (a.k.a. satan’s son) Soros would unleash the worst evil our nation has ever seen. God’s Word tells us “I (God) will bless those who bless you (Israel) and curse those who curse you.” This admin has treated Israel miserably – and unfortunately, we are paying the price for it in our nation today. But God is good! Praying fervently for a godly, conservative Christian to get into office in 2012!

I HIGHLY recommend this blog! The posts are excellent because the author continues to share the TRUTH - something that we often do not get from the media of mass deception!

BIG Hat Tip:

Now The End Begins

Thanks Geoffrey!!!


In other news:

Good Grief… Even Democrats Are Trying to Tie Their GOP Opponents to Barack Obama - Pro-Obamacare pro-Stimulus former Rep. Charlie Wilson (D-Ohio) is hoping to tie his opponent Republican Bill Johnson (R-Ohio) to Barack Obama. Jeesh. Thing...
Video: Obama Condemns the “Crashing of the English Embassy” Urges Iranian Government “To Hold Those Accountable To Task” - I’ve been hearing about Obama’s latest dumb gaffe, all day, and was going to let it go – because he sort of caught himself, and tried to correct it with “E...
Ruling the World - ©2011 drkate You shouldn’t have to sell your soul, like those who want to rule the world. Open thread.
Liberal Journalists, Lefty Economists Created Occupy Wall Street Mantra - While protesters only began shouting "We are the 99 Percent," a few months ago, the class warfare sentiment that the top 1 percent and the 99 percent ...
WASHINGTON POST EDITORIAL SLAMS OBAMA FOR WEAK IRAN POLICY OF “HALF MEASURES”: Says “President Obama is not even leading from behind on Iran; he is simply behind.” - >> With tensions rising in the Middle East, please consider a generous, tax-deductible ,year-end financial gift to The Joshua Fund. Your prayers and invest...
Recent Readings on Islam, Sharia and Jihad - There are many areas of concern when it comes to standing up for a free and democratic West. One of the biggest threats is posed by the ongoing activities ...
Egypt: "Hardline Islamists" surge in polls, may have 20% of votes - We tried to tell you. A democracy is only as good as the values that inform its participants. "Hardline Islamist surge in Egypt polls," by Adam Plowright f...
'Noble' (MSM Thinks So) 'Occupiers' Turn On Obama (Finally!) - Sure took them long enough to protest THE ONE who needs protesting! Story *here*. “Obama is a corporate puppet,” one said. “War crimes must be stopped, no...

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Does It Hurt To Be Prepared? [Update]

In my opinion, the answer to the title question is, "No...of course not!" It does not hurt to be prepared for any emergencies that might come along. Recall how most people prepared for the fear of the 1999 to year 2000 computer debacle?  During that time, people created a larger storage of food, water, flashlights, and other emergency equipment ( I highly recommend investing in a generator!!  It has come in handy over the years when there have been several power outages in our area!)  in case the Internet self-destructed.  As it turned out when the year 2000 clicked over, all the fear wasn't entirely necessary.  However, it was better to be prepared in case of trouble.  Do you agree?

But what about Hurricane Katrina?  People were warned to get out.  Some prepared and did escape the flood waters, where others didn't heed the warnings and tragically ended up either stranded or dead. 

Now, Glenn Beck and others (also see Dr. David Jeremiah's book "The Coming Economic Armageddon") are warning economic collapse and uprisings here in the United States. In fact, the uprisings have already begun and it appears that many of the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) lunatics (please see the video and listen to the three audios labeled "Free Content" at next link below to understand why I have labeled them that way) aren't about to give up their rioting.

Glenn has been mocked by many on the left - especially when he was on the Fox News Channel where he predicted (CORRECTLY, I might add!!) a year and a half before the Europe and Arab "Spring" uprisings occurred. When someone is correct about several things that the media of mass deception either pooh-poohed, spins in favor of, or out rightly ignores, it might be wise to listen to those who have done the research that proves the validity of their claims and warnings.

Of course, as usual, this is a "Talk Wisdom Reports...You Decide" kind of post. You can take or leave the warnings and valuable information that is being passed along here.

First, if you are a scoffer who happens to dislike/hate Glenn Beck, or you are a skeptic about just how far the radical in the White House and his minions will go towards keeping power (and destroying this nation), please do some homework. Watch the videos at the link below. Read the links at the bottom of the page. You are about to see what is REALLY happening NOW in the United States. If you happen to think that 'it's not so bad', you may have to adjust your thinking after viewing the videos and reading the links here:

Apocalypse Packets – A Thanksgiving reading list

The following is a list of recommendations that Glenn Beck gave on his GBTV Program from October 13, 2011. It is a list of what each person/family needs to do to prepare.

Faithfully yours,


October 13, 2011


1.)  GOLD, FOOD, CIGARETTES, LIQUOR, SUGAR, GUNS, AMMO, SEEDS.  (These items are useful for bartering.)

2.)  SKILLS - BARTERING ALLIANCES.  [Christine:  What this means is that if you have a certain skill/ability (i.e. fixing things, sewing, gardening etc.) then sharing such skills with others who have different skills will be advantageous for all in the alliance.}

3.)  30 DAYS WORTH OF CASH.  (Remember Katrina - if the banking system goes down you have nothing.  The public is so used to our ATM mentality.)

4.)  KNOWLEDGE = POWER.  [Christine:  This is self explanatory.  However, if you only get your news from the media of mass deception, you may not be informed about the truth!  Purchasing GBTV for @ $50.00 per year might be the best investment you could make during these chaotic times!  Also, listen to conservative talk radio - Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh etc.]



7.)  QUALITY - DURABILITY/FIXABLE.  (Choose durable clothing and goods over fad and fashion.)

8.)  MEASURE 2X, CUT 1.  (Measure twice, cut once)  DO NOT WASTE!

9.)  FUEL EFFICIENT.  (If we go to war in the Middle East, oil will be cut off so store extra fuel SAFELY, have a gas generator etc.)

10.)  TRUCK OR SUV (pre:  1979)  (Need to be able to take the vehicle off road.  Think durability and fuel efficient.)




2.)  TEXAS, MOUNTAINS, GOD.  (Live in an area where God plays a role with general population.) [Christine adds:  perhaps a hint in knowing where NOT to live would be where the OWS uprisings happened!]

3.)  IF YOU CANNOT MOVE - CREATE ALLIANCES WITH LIKE-MINDED PEOPLE.  (Know who will help others.)  [Christine adds:  Avoid those whose only goal is to destroy - e.g. OWS loons.]







1.)  PAPER DOCUMENTS - (If computers go down, you will need paper copies of important documents  - e.g. deed to your home.)




1.)  APPRENTICESHIPS.  [The more that you can do to help your family and others, the better.  Plus, if you are indispensable and not easily replaceable in your job, that gives more security.]


3.)  NO LABELS (YALE).  [Christine adds:  There is so much leftist indoctrination in secular colleges and universities it is astounding!]




7.)  DEMAND MERIT OR REMOVE.  [If a government run school is indoctrinating your children with what you don't want them to be exposed to, then TAKE THEM OUT OF THAT SCHOOL.  Home school, charter schools, Christians schools etc.]





13.)  RE-LEARN/TEACH MAPS. [If for some reason GPS capability fails.]

14.)  STAY UP ON THE TRUE NEWS.  [See list above.]

15.)  KNOW OTHER SIDE.  [Christine:  You need to know your enemies!]





3.)  PRODUCT/SERVICE.  (Provide something that no one can cancel.)


5.)  GEORGE BAILEY [Christine:  Recall the character played by Jimmy Stewart in "It's a Wonderful Life."]


       --  TURN UPSIDE DOWN  (Christine:  GBTV is having a huge impact because Glenn and his staff can now speak freely about all that is going on in the world without any repercussions from an employer.)

8.)  PUT MONEY WHERE YOUR HEART IS.  (***HAVE to learn this one!!  Are they good, decent people you are doing business with?)


10.)  DO NOT TRY TO PUT OTHERS OUT OF BUSINESS!!  [Christine:  That is precisely what the Obama administration has done with all of their ignoring of oil/gas industry (recall the Gulf disaster being used to prevent off-shore drilling?) such as postponing the gas pipeline from Canada which would have created hundreds of thousands of jobs RIGHT NOW!  Also, the OWS lunatics are causing havoc in cities all around our nation (could you imagine if the TEA Party Patriots did what they are doing???) and costing local governments millions of dollars - money that comes from taxpayers!  Could you imagine what the media of mass deception and Democrats would have done if President George W. Bush wasted half a trillion dollars on a company like Solyndra???  Many more examples that I could share on this one!!]

11.)  GIMBELS/MACYS  [Christine:  Recall in the movie "Miracle on 34th Street" where the Macy's CEO followed the lead of the Santa Claus who was hired that year to see the children in the store told a parent where to get an item that wasn't sold at Macy's?  The good-will gesture ended up benefiting both stores.]

12.)  NEVER BE SMARTEST IN THE ROOM.  [Christine:  This one might sound a bit disingenuous, but what Glenn was getting out was to surround yourself with people who are wiser/smarter than you.]



15.)  READ FRANKLIN/WASHINGTON.  (Find people who are remarkable!)










8.)  9.12 LINK/PHONE MAP.

9.)  MEETING PLACE.  (After 9/11, this was something most people wanted to do.  If help isn't coming in 72 hrs. (e.g. Katrina),  you need to be prepared to meet.  But don't gather where "they" tell you to.  [Christine:  reasons for this would be quite clear according to the type of emergency.]

10.)  READ BIBLE DAILY!  [Christine:  should already be a habit!]















Hat Tips:



Another article has been posted at Ulsterman with an interview with The White House Insider:

Ulsterman Report: White House Insider - There is a Very Uneasy Peace Between pResident Obama and the American Military.

Note this excerpt:

Ulsterman: Who in the military criticized the president? Openly?

WH Insider: Joint Chiefs. The very top. And he wouldn’t speak for himself – that’s not how the CoC works in a situation like this. When he spoke – he spoke for the United States military. And he spoke out against the administration and what is happening to our Armed Forces around the world.

Ulsterman: What was said?

WH Insider: I don’t recall the word-for-word of it but the gist was this – that the relationship between the United States and Pakistan has never been worse than it is today. And that indicates it has never been more dangerous. Pakistan – you wrote something on this right? Pakistan is a nuclear power. Very unstable. The same radical Muslims who are overtaking Egypt, Libya, and elsewhere have their sites set on Pakistan. Push out the military junta replace it with a hardline Muslim fundamentalist government – only this time, those Muslims will have the bomb.

When the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff goes on record indicating the situation in Pakistan– and by default then you gotta say Afghanistan as well…that it’s the most f----- up it’s ever been – that’s about as strong a rebuke of a current presidential administration as you’re gonna get from a member of the military at that high of a level. And don’t forget – there have been other examples of the military speaking out against this White House. There is a very uneasy peace between President Obama and the military. And a hell of a lot of mistrust – on both sides. Dempsey was just recently appointed Chairman, but he was in there for a spell before that. He knows damn well what’s going on – and I am told Obama had far less to do with Dempsey being made Chairman than Leon Panetta. And it’s been Panetta who has been letting off the loudest warnings about slashing the military budget at this time, right? And it was Panetta who oversaw the Bin Laden killing – not Barack Obama, right? Dempsey has been warning about the possible military cuts for months now…anyone want to argue none of this is related they can have at it. I’m not gonna play that kind of dumb though. At least not anymore. I am convinced there are forces at play here far more powerful than our little song and dance political warfare we got going here. I just pray to God that if things break against us, these people are on our side.

There is a LOT about Eric Holder, THE most corrupt and sinister Attorney General EVER, in the beginning of the interview. Once Holder is fired, then many people think that all of the scandals of this terribly corrupt administration - in fact, the MOST corrupt EVER - will be exposed. I pray that something is done about these criminals!

Note this evaluation by the Insider about Obama after the gaffe Obama made while in Hawaii (stating that he was in Asia!):

Shoulda been a Dan Quayle moment for him – another one. But the media…enough of them still carrying the (curse word) water for these people. Whatever. Enough heard about it. But it gets old doesn’t it? How many gaffes the man makes? How many times he reveals to the world what a fool he is? But there are still people saying he’s a smart guy. I’m telling you – seen it up close. Barack Obama isn’t smart. Arrogant. Immature. Naïve. Lazy. You bet – but he ain’t smart.

Part 2 of this interview is coming soon.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Penn State Tragedy Spawns California Bill Ideas

November 28, 2011

Penn State Tragedy Spawns California Bill Ideas

by Rebecca Burgoyne,
CFC Research Analyst

The scandal surrounding Penn State and its football program has dominated news headlines. It is alleged that former defensive coach Jerry Sanducky sexually abused several young boys, and that Penn State officials had known of these allegations, yet did not inform law enforcement officials. The scandal has toppled football legend Joe Paterno, other coaching staff, and the university president, but the shocking headlines spur Americans to want to do more.

Through the years, many California legislative bills have come from tragic headlines such as abuse of the innocent and helpless, prompting efforts to protect others from suffering the same fate as victims before them. Megan’s Law, passed by the California Legislature in 2004, provided the public with Internet access to detailed information about registered sex offenders, allowing parents easy access to determine threats who might live in their neighborhoods. Another bill that strengthened penalties and restrictions for violent and habitual sex offenders and child molesters failed to navigate the California Legislature, but returned as Jessica’s Law (Proposition 83) and was overwhelmingly affirmed as an initiative of the people in 2006. In 2010, the tragic deaths of two southern California teens – Chelsea King and Amber DuBois – spawned laws further protecting young girls from violent sexual offenders.

Last year, AB 1432 (Mitchell, D-Culver City), Caylee's Law, was sparked by the case of two-year-old Caylee Anthony, whose mother failed to report her disappearance for weeks. A two-year bill, which will be heard in 2012, AB 1432 would criminalize the failure to report the disappearance or death of a child under 14 within 24 hours. Another two-year bill, SB 391 (Gaines, R-Roseville), was inspired by the Jaycee Lee Dugard case. The “Parole Reform Act of 2011” addresses a legal loophole stemming from a 2008 California Supreme Court decision that created a presumption that – despite heinous crimes – “release on parole is the rule, rather than the exception.” Reversing that ruling would give greater weight to the enormity of crimes in determining a convict’s suitability for parole and protect future victims from paroled criminals like Phillip Garrido.

The Penn State scandal is no exception, and two California legislators have announced plans to introduce bills stemming from that tragedy. Sen. Juan Vargas (D-Chula Vista) has drafted a bill to require university coaching staff to report suspected child abuse or neglect to law enforcement. Vargas, quoted in the Capitol Alert, said, “Telling their superiors was fine, but they should have gone to the police. What they did was wrong and it wasn’t a crime, but it should be. These men protected their football team rather than the innocent boys.” Citing Sandusky’s connection to his charity through which he met some of his alleged victims, Assemblyman Ricardo Lara (D-South Gate) has announced plans to introduce a bill to strip nonprofits of their tax-exempt status if they enable or fail to report child sexual abuse connected to their organization.

The damage done through child victimization can never be undone, but the focus of the nation on these situations can perhaps reap some benefit, as laws take the lessons of these failures and attempt to protect others from potential harm.

Hat tip:

California Family Council

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving: It Is Right To Give Him Thanks and Praise

Many of my readers who know my background will recall that I have done several blog posts that told stories about my Catholic upbringing. If you are Catholic, or are a former Catholic, then you know all about the ritualistic responses that are often given during the church service. Saying the words for so many years ingrains them into our minds. One of those responses that the congregation says in response to the priest (I think it was done just before receiving communion) is "It is right to give Him thanks and praise."

Today is Thanksgiving. It is a special day set aside for the purpose of giving thanks to God for all that He has done for us in our lives here on this earth. Even in the midst of all of the chaos and uncertainty in today's complicated world, we can still be very thankful for many reasons.

First, I am so very thankful (every day, in fact), for Jesus saving me from the punishment I deserve because of my sins. Christ's sacrificial death on the cross is a gift of mercy and grace, offered to us by the Living God. Mercy is God withholding what you (I, we) deserve. Grace is God giving you (me, us) what you (I, we) don't deserve.

I am so very grateful to God for the blessing of my family. My role as a wife and mother has joy that no other "career" could ever be compared with. It is a sacrificial role at times, but one that also gives many of the greatest joys!

I am so very grateful to live in a country where liberty, independence, justice and freedom still reigns. As my former post stated, God's Hand Was In Our Nation's Founding. But He has made us stewards over this nation and what we do to preserve such freedoms is crucial to our survival.

Because of nefarious individuals who have untold amounts of wealth and power and are, unfortunately, out to destroy this nation; any or all of these freedoms could be gone tomorrow.

But God has a bigger and better future for us anyway, for we are encouraged to be "not of this world."

Jhn 8:23 And He said to them, "You are from beneath; I am from above. You are of this world; I am not of this world.

Jhn 18:36 Jesus answered, "My kingdom is not of this world. If My kingdom were of this world, My servants would fight, so that I should not be delivered to the Jews; but now My kingdom is not from here."

Those who trust in, and believe in God's Son, Jesus Christ, have our Living Savior and God's Word of Truth in the Bible to comfort us - no matter what kind of trials and tribulation we may experience here on earth.

After all that Jesus Christ has done for us, it is right to give Him thanks AND PRAISE not only on Thanksgiving Day, but every day of our lives! The word "praise" appears in Scripture 237 times in 206 verses in the NKJV.

1Ch 29:13 "Now therefore, our God, We thank You And praise Your glorious name.

Hbr 13:15 Therefore by Him let us continually offer the sacrifice of praise to God, that is, the fruit of [our] lips, giving thanks to His name.

Last Sunday, I had written about not being conformed to this world, but be transformed through the power of Jesus Christ in a post called When Changing Your Mind Could Save Your Life.

Paul's words in Romans 12:1-2 tells us to be "living sacrifices." Paul told the Romans (and he tells us) that protection against conformity and power to be transformed can happen only if we sacrifice ourselves:

I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service. And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God. - Romans 12:1-2

What a fabulous verse to live by!

We have seen what sinful men have done in this country, and to our nation, over decades worth of heavy drifting away from God's Commandments in the Bible. However, I have also seen God working in my life in such a way that allows me to have peace despite all the turmoil going on in this nation and around the world.

Dr. David Jeremiah informs us:

In this verse (Romans 12:1-2) God has given us two commands. Obeying the second command gives us the power to obey the first:

* DO NOT be conformed by the power of the world around you. That power comes from Satan.

* DO submit to the process of transformation. The power to do that comes from God and His Word.

[O]ur overarching need is to learn how we can live positive, optimistic lives concerning our future while living in a disintegrating society that threatens to take us down with it.

For more details about the means by which this transformation is accomplished, please click on the video sermon link at When Changing Your Mind Could Save Your Life.

Also see: You Can Know God Personally.

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your time with family and friends!  May God bless you and your loved ones today!