Thursday, June 23, 2005

A Prayer for You...

Father God. I want to praise your Holy Name tonight. It has been a
busy day today and will also be a busy day tomorrow. I just want to lift up, in prayer, all my friends and aquaintances who have visited this
blog since it has begun. Lord, you love every single one of us! No matter what we have done in the past, we know that one of your greatest desires is to love us and establish a personal relationship with you through Your Son, Jesus Christ. You stand at the door of each of our hearts, knocking, to come in and take up residence there with each of us through the
power of the Holy Spirit. You know the ones who have posted here
who already belong to you, Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you, Lord, for
your forgiveness, mercy, grace and love. I praise you for their salvation as well as my own.

Father God, I want to lift up in prayer those who do not know Jesus Christ yet. I pray that their hearts will be softened and that they will
be willing to open the door of their hearts towards the saving grace of Christ. Your Word tells us that You do not want ANYONE to perish,
but for all to come to repentance. Lord, I pray that Your Holy Spirit
will continue to knock on the door of their hearts and that one day they will open up to know You and experience that unconditional love
afforded to them through Christ.

Father, it has been a busy day and I have not had the time to answer many of the posts here at this blog today. I pray that when I do post
back to them that I will say the words from my soul and spirit. I pray
that I will share the reality of You, from my heart and I pray that your Holy Spirit will give me the words to share that will show Your love for them, rather than anything that I might say in haste or in the flesh.

I ask for traveling mercy and protection over a special brother in
Christ, his ministry, his family and the message he will share with
those he will be speaking to. Use him, Lord, to lift up the name of
Jesus Christ to the hurting people in the audience.

Holy Spirit, touch the lives of people who misunderstand the message
of the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. May their hearts be softened and opened and may they find release from any bondage of sin that is currently heavy upon their souls. I pray that they earnestly seek you,
Lord Jesus and come to the understanding of Who You Are and what
you have done for them at the cross of Calvary.

I pray all of this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


Chad Thompson said...

Hey Christie, great website (and blog too!). I just started blogging last week w/ Blogger! If you want to comment on my blog, contact me at BTW, I saw that you mentioned my book in an ex-gay blog that I was reading recently, have you had the chance to read it?

Jojo said...

Hi Christine,
I loved the prayer and am in agreement with you in it. I also enjoyed checking out Chad. I listened to most of his testimony today - and was again, overwhelmed with the similarities between him and my brother. (as I was when I heard Stephen's testimony) I will get his book someday soon. Do you know him personally?

Hope the graduation goes well. What a bittersweet time. I know that day will be here too soon for my son. Will look forward to hearing about it.

Christinewjc said...

Hi Chad,

Thanks for visiting! And thanks for your compliment about my website and blog. I'm fairly new at this blogging thing and it's amazing how many new friends I've met doing this!

I plan to look at your website and blog more closely this weekend. You are in a very difficult ministry outreach and I will keep you and your efforts in my prayers.

I haven't read your book yet. It sounds like one that is needed for all the reasons you stated on your blog.

As fellow Christians, we need to make an impact on the unsaved individuals out there and staying adhered to Jesus and God's Word is essential in those efforts; even in the face of extreme adversity which you have apparently encountered many times.

Nice to "meet" you here and I hope we can keep up a great dialogue on the ex-gay message as well as other Christian concerns.

God bless,

Christinewjc said...

Hi Jojo,

I have heard of Chad in my message board travels, but this is the first time we have chatted with each other. I need to watch that video on his blog.

I noticed your post at Chad's blog and see that your brother is involved with homosexual behavior. Don't know how I missed that previously. I will keep you and him in my prayers.

I do need to get off this computer and get the last minute details done for our graduation party back at the house tonight! Thanks for your warm wishes and IS bittersweet. I'm bringing tissues...thats for sure!

When does your son graduate? I'll tell ya..the time just flew by for both my children!

Jojo said...

Hi Christine,
I got to hear all of Chad's testimony and really enjoyed what he had to say. I have been amazed at the people I have met thru blogging.

Yes, we found out my brother was gay almost 3 yrs ago, although I had suspected for a few yrs prior. That is why I go to Stephen's blog. You must have been absent the day that conversation took place. I had heard Stephen's testimony on Focus on the Family a few yrs ago and knew it was not an accident. I was hanging on his every word. That was back when I had first started suspecting that my brother was gay.

My son is going to be a sophomore. He will turn 16 on Thurs.(7th) I am not ready for him to get his driver's license, let alone graduate - but the yrs are flying by so quickly.

Hope to talk to you soon.