Saturday, October 21, 2006

It's About Time Kerry Answered for This!!


John Kerry's recent appearance (UGH!!) on the Fox News Channel brought back memories (well, actually, they were more like nightmares) of when he was running for the highest office in the land and potentially, could have become one of the most powerful men in the world.

Thank God he lost the election! Even just the thought that he might consider running for president again makes me gag!!

I do not believe that he is fit for that job... ever!! Each election is SO VERY IMPORTANT on so many issues and it is vitally important that the right person is elected to President of the United States.

I know that some readers here probably voted for Kerry back in 2004. I voted for Bush and I'm so thankful that he has had the leadership skills to ignore the haters and naysayers while doing what is right for our country. We have not been attacked on American soil since 9/11. There have been many attempts, but they were thwarted because of the national security measures that Bush put into place.

Back in 2004, my vote for Bush went deeper than just my own personal choice. In August of that year, I attended a conference where the speaker was Gerald Coffee who served in the Navy during the Vietnam era. He was in a North Vietnamese prison camp for 7 years. He had quite a moving story to tell about those years.

What impressed me most about him was that his speech was unbiased and geared towards giving everyone in the audience hope, faith, and courage in life despite overwhelming circumstances that can happen. There is so much more to share but my time is limited right now.

Just listening to his stories of torture, inhuman conditions etc. made me realize that I have absolutely NOTHING to complain about...ever again.

At the end, there was a question and answer period. Someone asked whether or not the POWs for Truth claim was true and if he heard the broadcast of Kerry's 1971 testimony where he claimed the veterans raped, pillaged villages, cut off arms and legs etc. and committed atrocities. This man LIVED THROUGH IT AND SAID IT HAPPENED! He was in the prison and heard that propaganda and slander out of Kerry's mouth over and over again; plus all the negative rhetoric of the anti-war movement, of which Kerry was part of.

How did he hear it?

The Vietnamese broadcast it loud and clear over the PA system in the prison camp!

Mr. Coffee stated that Kerry SHOULD HAVE BEEN HELD ACCOUNTABLE for what he said and did. Through Kerry's giving aid and comfort to the enemy, Kerry WAS RESPONSIBLE for some of the torture and many of the deaths of POWs who were still there when he was spouting his anti-war rhetoric.

Kerry is a war criminal and unfit for commander and chief of our armed forces!! If he has the gall and audacity to run again in 2008...remember what Mr. Coffee, (and other POW's; some who didn't live to tell what happened) endured because of Kerry's blathering in 1971!




When John Kerry slandered an entire generation of men who fought in Vietnam he branded them as "war criminals." Today, much of the same thing is being said about our young men and women in Iraq.

Now, a lawsuit filed in Philadelphia's Court of Common Pleas will test the very foundation of Kerry's anti-war persona for the first time. It isn't dubious medals or Kerry's disputed service record in Vietnam that is being called into question. This time Kerry may finally be forced to answer for the events that launched his public career, one that made him an anti-war hero for many American liberals and a turncoat for millions of Vietnam veterans.

The lawsuit (Vietnam Veterans Legacy Foundation, et al. v. Kenneth Campbell, et al.) challenges the basis, the factual accuracy of then Lt. (j.g.) Kerry's acrimonious testimony before the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee in 1971. It was there Kerry's public career was catapulted with his now ubiquitous portrayal of American soldiers as murderers, rapists and torturers "who ravaged the countryside of South Vietnam . . . [and] razed villages in a fashion reminiscent of Genghis Khan."

For the anti-war, anti-American protesters, the American soldiers are the "terrorists," and the enemies are the victims of a barbaric U.S. military which tortures and murders defenseless civilians.

That false premise, one of the most vicious and enduring smears spawned by Kerry 35 years ago, will also be put to the test once Kerry's true "Band of Brothers" are put under oath in a Philadelphia courtroom.

The background to this lawsuit is long and complex, but even a condensed version is rich in irony and poetic justice.

It had it roots in 2004 with the documentary Stolen Honor: Wounds that Never Heal. Many may recall the film, although it is probably best known for not being seen, suppressed after Sinclair Broadcasting Company courageously announced it was going to air the documentary in its entirety. Thanks to Kerry and his liberal colleagues in the Senate and their enablers in the mainstream media, Sinclair was browbeaten into withdrawing the film, its broadcast license threatened by a Kerry campaign manager in 2004. The film's producer, Carlton Sherwood, a Pulitzer Prize and Peabody Award-winning investigative reporter, interviewed former POWs for the documentary.

I was among those whom Sherwood, a decorated Marine combat veteran himself, asked to participate in Stolen Honor. I was a POW for nearly six years, held in North Vietnam prison camps, including the notorious Hanoi Hilton, a place of unimaginable horrors -- torture, beatings, starvation and mind-numbing isolation. When Kerry branded us "war criminals," he handed our captors all the justification they needed to carry out their threats to execute us. Thanks to Kerry, Jane Fonda and their comrades in the anti-war movement, our captivity was prolonged by years. The communists in Hanoi and Moscow couldn't have had a better press agent to spread their anti-American propaganda.

To guarantee Stolen Honor would never be seen by anyone -- not even theatre-goers -- the producer was slapped with a libel and defamation lawsuit. That lawsuit was filed by Kenneth Campbell, a University of Delaware professor, Kerry campaign aide, and long-time anti-war disciple of the Massachusetts Senator. Campbell co-founded the Philadelphia chapter of Vietnam Veterans Against the War and, in 1971, he was one of Kerry's key war crimes "witnesses," one of several on whom Kerry claims he based his Senate testimony.

Campbell's lawsuit put a unique spin on the definition of defamation: He claimed that Stolen Honor damaged the public reputations of himself, Kerry and others by questioning whether they truly were the baby-killers they claimed to be!

The POWs and the wives of POWs who participated in Stolen Honor refused to abandon the facts conveyed in the film. For some of us, it was the first time since our release by the Communists in 1973 that we were able to have our voices publicly heard, to tell our stories about the consequences of Kerry's treachery. In 2005, we formed a nonprofit organization, the Vietnam Veterans Legacy Foundation (VVLF), to gather records, documents and other materials to form a fact-based, educational repository for students and scholars of Vietnam history and to tell the true story of the American soldiers in Vietnam. The VVLF's mission is "to set the record straight, factually, about Vietnam and those who fought there."

For our efforts, we were promptly sued by Campbell and another long-time anti-war Kerry follower and VVAW member, Dr. Jon Bjornson. It was clear that Kerry not only wanted to punish us for Stolen Honor; he intended to use surrogates to sue us into permanent silence and financial ruin.

Forced to spend huge sums to defend ourselves from these frivolous lawsuits, we have filed a countersuit against these Kerry surrogates and intend to reveal the truth about the lawsuits and their sponsors. We believe that we can prove that the purpose of nearly two years of litigation was to cover up for Kerry's treachery, to drain us financially and spiritually, and to prevent us from setting the record straight.

At stake is ultimately nothing less than the integrity of the American military in Vietnam, the honor of the men who served their country, the nobility of those who gave their lives, and the truth of America's history in Vietnam. Until or unless we do correct the existing record, the American military may never be free of the myths and smears of Vietnam, its honor and integrity cleansed as it fights to defend freedom at home and around the world.

Our mission is hardly over. We hope you will join us in fighting this battle . . . for our soldiers, then and now. For more information about Vietnam, the foregoing litigation, or to make a donation, please access the VVLF website now.

Col. George E. "Bud" Day
Director and President,
Vietnam Veterans Legacy Foundation

Col. George E. "Bud" Day, USAF (Ret.,) was a POW in North Vietnam for five years, seven months and 13 days. He served in three wars (WWII, Korea, and Vietnam) and earned the Medal of Honor. He is the Air Force's most decorated living veteran. He is the Director and President of the Vietnam Veterans Legacy Foundation, Inc., an organization created to better educate and inform the public about the Vietnam War, its events, its history, and the men and women who sacrificed to serve their country. Please go here to read Col. Day's statement in its entirety.

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Roscoe Daley said...

Amen. Right on. -- Roscoe

Christinewjc said...

Thanks for stopping by and agreeing with this, Roscoe!

I hope and pray that Kerry NEVER, EVER becomes president! He was a traitor to his fellow veterans. What he said led to more torture and deaths of POW's. He should most certainly be held accountable for the lies he told before congress all those years ago...

Cottshop said...

Gosh I hope Kerry finally answers for his propoganda and treason. It's high time these sleazy lying politicians with political power got chopped down for the lying dogs that they are. I really can't stomach listening to the man knowing that he endangered American soldiers lives & it was just infuriating to think he got away with it- and worse yet- attacked those hwo tried to point out the truth. Nothing turns my stomach more than a sleazebag who abuses their power and blatantly lies to the public to benifit themselves at the expense of others!

ebsfwan said...

I hope you don't mind me asking a this question as I don't mean it as an attack.

You write: "Just listening to his stories of torture, inhuman conditions etc. made me realize that I have absolutely NOTHING to complain about...ever again."

I totally agree with this. I'm so thankful that I live in a place and a time where torture is a remote possibility.

How can you condemn Kerry (and I have no idea if the allegations are true or not) while praising President Bush? Isn't he the Commander in Chief who has overseen the waterboarding, extreme rendition etc. of terrorism suspects (which most people would regard as torture) without the due process of law?

Christinewjc said...

Hi Cottshop!

Thanks for coming over and posting a comment! Can you believe Kerry's latest "Dem and Dumber" comment against our troops? Yet, he still found a way to blame it on the Bush Admin. I hope that people will see right through the liberal left loonies that want to take back the Congress. IMO, it would truly be disasterous for our troops and country!



From the way it has been described, "waterboarding" is nothing anywhere near the torture techniques that were used against our military POW's in the Vietnam era.

Even though they were supposed to follow the Geneva Conventions agreements against torture, it is obvious that the Vietnamese ignored them.

What makes you think that Islamofascist terrorists would ever heed them either? Go find a video of the beheading of Nick Berg or others on the internet and sit there and view it. Then tell me how terrible "waterboarding" must be!