Thursday, March 23, 2006

True Sexual Morality - A Book for our time

How pagan sexuality is destroying our society - and why only a return to Biblical sexual ethics can save us.

True Sexual Morality

by Daniel R. Heimbach

Is the traditional approach to sexual morality, originally found in Scripture, unchangingly true for everyone? Or is it a product of human imagination and nothing more? The answer, writes Christian ethicist Daniel Heimbach, makes all the difference in the world: "If the traditional approach was made up by men, then it makes perfect sense to reject everything it restricts in favor of doing whatever people want. But if sex was designed by a creator who assigned rules for how we should use it, those standards apply to everyone, and rejecting them is horribly wicked and dangerous."

Now, in True Sexual Morality: Recovering Biblical Standards for a Culture in Crisis, Professor Heimbach examines the biblical teachings on sexual morality as well as four counterfeit views that have crept into our "sexually revolutionized" society. He also gives an in-depth look at the moral relativism that has spread through our culture, and reveals the effects that nonbiblical sexual choices have on individuals, the family, the church, and the culture.

"Sexual morality," writes Heimbach, "is the most important moral-spiritual issue of our time because it is the pivot on which the foundations of American culture as a whole are being turned from genuine moral-spiritual truth to the complete reverse. And because the future of social and religious life in America, and perhaps even the survival of America herself, is at stake, powerful forces are battling in opposite directions -- one using sexual revolution to shift American cultural foundations in a pagan direction, and one resisting sexual revolution to keep the order we have from crumbling."

Among the topics covered here:

*Sexual Chaos in the Culture
*The Return of Sexual Paganism
* The Biblical View of Sexual Morality
* How Biblical Holiness Defines Moral Sex
* How Biblical Principles Shape Moral Sex
* How Biblical Prohibitions Guard Moral Sex
* How Biblical Promises Bless Moral Sex
* Counterfeit Views of Sexual Morality
* Romantic Sexual Morality: Sex as Affection
* Playboy Sexual Morality: Sex as Pleasure
* Therapeutic Sexual Morality: Sex as Wholeness
* Pagan Sexual Morality: Sex as Spiritual Life
* What About the Future?

"I have never seen anywhere this kind of compelling analysis. This may be the most important book written in our generation." -- Paige Patterson, President, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

"This extraordinary book doesn't flinch or equivocate. It is comprehensive, practical and highly readable. What a breathtaking achievement!" -- Fred Barnes, Executive Editor, The Weekly Standard

"Here at long last is a strong, biblical, prophetic, and courageous corrective to the sexual anarchy reigning in our culture. It will frame debate and equip Christians to battle for moral sanity and for souls." -- R. Albert Mohler, Jr., President, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

"Upholds high standards of biblical holiness, purity, beauty, and joy in clear contrast to the bankrupt, destructive immorality flooding our culture today." -- Wayne Grudem, Phoenix Seminary

"An uncompromising explanation of the Bible's clear teaching on God's design for our sexuality. It will be an enormously effective weapon against the pagan sexuality emerging in our culture." -- Richard Land, President, The Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission

"Comprehensive and thorough, and biblically and theologically sound. It fills a void in current discussion and will be a standard resource for Christians in the years ahead." -- Daniel Akin, President, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

"A classic Christian critique of our age -- a sharp arrow in the Christian's quiver of essential weapons for spiritual warfare -- a tour de force for biblical truth and practice." -- Phil Roberts, President, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

"All who care about the true good of men and women, and the upholding of truth and scriptural teaching, will find in this book enormous instruction, insight, vision, and encouragement." -- Bruce Ware, Senior Associate Dean, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

True Sexual Morality


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This thread on "What does the gay church believe?" caught my eye. A very important question that needs to be discussed. There are also many very insightful comments to read there!

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Another good article that shares the sparring going on over the book, The Marketing of Evil. The dueling critiques mirror the ongoing cultural battle.