Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Lost In A Sea Of Faces...

Here we go again. Why must homosexuals hold a "worldwide gay pride" parade in the holy city of Jerusalem? Why don't they spend all their time, money, and efforts helping the poor, housing the homeless, donating to St. Jude's hospital for children, or helping battered women in shelters? Why do they find it necessary to antagonize people of faith with their overt displays of fetishism, decadence and disgrace?

Remember the false accusations leveled by the militant gay activists' called the Pink "Angels" in Philadelphia last year? The false accusations against the Christian group called Repent America led to several arrests of the Christian protestors which led to the turmoil and trials of the group now called the Philadelphia 11. You can read much more at the link to my message board.

Why do I bring this up? Because apparently the gay activists didn't like the Repent America group coming onto their home turf - so to speak - but gay activists across the world wish to invade the holy city of Jerusalem for what can only be seen as an "in your face" kind of statement against people of faith.

OK. That was my "political portion" of this post. Now, I want to convey how to look at this through Christian evangelistic "eyes".

I was thinking about this situation while strolling outside yesterday. I wondered how many of these people are genuinely caught up into the deception that results in the mindset that Jesus spoke of when he was being crucified. Jesus said, "forgive them Father, for they know not what they do."

Luk 23:34 Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. And they parted his raiment, and cast lots.

I do believe that many of the children and teens who are often dragged into these parades by their lesbian or gay parents have been brainwashed and duped into the homosexual indoctrination techniques vividly described by David Kupelian in chapter one of his book "The Marketing of Evil."

But what of the adults involved?

I often wonder how many are militant and radical gay activists and how many are just "along for the ride?"

How many might be reached for the gospel of Christ and how many would just stamp on the bibles and literature?

How many would be grateful to hear about the saving grace of Jesus Christ that will be offered through Christian evangelistic groups there?

How much is one soul worth?

I think that even if one soul is saved through this effort then it would be worth it. Remember what Jesus said about what "the world" and "one's soul" is worth?

Mat 16:26 For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?

Mar 8:36 For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

The following article contains a statement that was signed by a Christian organization in Jerusalem called Bridges For Peace as well as two other Christian groups. My dear friend and sister in Christ, Susan Smith works for Bridges For Peace in the Holy City. She has often signed off her comments at my blog with, "Love from the Holy City of Jerusalem." Here's the article:

Christian groups slam J'lem gay parade

Leaders of three Jerusalem-based Christian organizations issue statement saying parade is provocative Ynetnews

Three major Christian organizations based in Jerusalem issued a statement condemning the World Pride gay parade planned for the city in August.

"We do so out of our great love and respect for Jerusalem, the only city in the world that the Bible decrees as holy," read a statement signed by the Bridges For Peace, Christian Friends of Israel and the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem.

The statement argued that organizers have planned the event in Jerusalem to provoke "those of biblical faith" and not because of the city's importance to the gay and lesbian community.

"The decision to hold this event in Jerusalem can only be seen as a calculated and confrontational act meant to provoke and offend those who adhere to timeless, biblical moral standards in the very place they hold most dear," the statement said.

It continued: "We stand in solidarity with the clear majority of Jerusalem residents who oppose this degradation of their city, and we urge the proper national and local authorities to reconsider the decision to allow the event to take place."

Jews, Arabs against parade

Meanwhile, earlier in the week leading American Rabbi Yehuda Levin organized a Jerusalem conference attended by both Jewish and Arab religious leaders who expressed their staunch objection to holding the Gay Pride Parade in the capital.

Among the participants were Arab-Israeli sheik and MK Ibrahim Sarsur, Tekoa Rabbi Menachem Froman and Arab MK Abas Zkoor.

The two leading Palestinian religious leaders, Sheikh Taysir al-Tamimi and Sheikh Hamad Bitawi, were denied entry to Israel but phoned in their objection to holding the event in Jerusalem.

During the conference Sarsur said “if they (gays) will dare to approach the Temple Mount during the parade – they will do so over our dead bodies,” adding that “the Gay Pride Parade is an attack on Jerusalem that aims to damage the Islamic identity of young Arabs in the city.”

[Note: Last comment snipped.]

(06.27.06, 23:52)

[Note: I have omitted the last statement from the article here at my blog because it was defamatory, untrue and hateful towards our Jewish friends. I will not have such statements quoted here at my blog.]

My friend Stephen Bennett is a Christian evangelist whose primary focus is reaching the homosexual for Jesus Christ. He is currently arranging an international missions trip and will send an entire team of evangelists - including former homosexual men and women - to Jerusalem for the entire week to evangelize the homosexuals gathered there with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to minister to the multitudes of people who will probably join them in support of this "pride" event.

Stephen's recent newsletter shared the following:

Never before in modern day history has such an event in Israel ever taken place. On August 6, 2006, over a quarter of a million homosexuals from all around the world are expected to descend upon the Holy City - Jerusalem, Israel for "Gay" WorldPride 2006. Jerusalem is being targeted because the world's three major religions are there: Christianity, Judaism and Islam. From Jerusalem, homosexuals will demand the entire world - and GOD HIMSELF -once and for all accept and embrace the sin of homosexuality.

As homosexuals from around the world paln on descending upon the Holy City, visitors are already being warned of the dangers of traveling to Israel during this time. Yet if you are familiar with SBM, this is our calling and mission field: to reach the homosexual with the life changing, soul saving Gospel of Jesus Christ.

All of SBM Evangelists will be blogging DAILY from Jerusalem, with photos, streaming audio and video. You can also join the SBM Evangelists in prayer DAILY - LIVE FROM JERUSALEM via SBM's website and live video cam. SBM will also be reporting for several major, international worldwide news organizations.

This will be one of the most important outreaches that SBM has ever embarked on. Please help this ministry effort by sending your best possible tax-deductible gift to:

SBM Project: World Pride, Jerusalem, Israel 2006 TODAY!
Call toll free at 1-800-832-3623 or give securely online at SBMinistries

For daily, up-to-the-minute information on SBM's Jerusalem 2006 Outreach, please visit
My Christian friends, we need to keep this outreach trip, the evangelists and all involved who will be helping in this ministry effort in Jerusalem, Israel bathed in constant and fervent prayer! Please consider giving financial support as well. They cannot make this trip without faithful Christian friends and partners who are willing to give towards one of the most important evangelistic outreaches ever to the homosexual!

God bless,


P.S. I've been singing a particular song (to myself cause I don't sing well!! haha) for several days now. The song lyrics made me think about the "sea of faces" of homosexual men and women who don't know Jesus Christ who will be descending upon Jerusalem in August.

Sea of Faces by Kutless

I see the city lights all around me
Everyone's obscure
Ten million people each with their problems
Why should anyone care

And in Your eyes I can see
I am not just a man, vastly lost in this world
Lost in a Sea of Faces
Your body's the bread, Your blood is the wine
Because you traded Your life for mine

Sometimes my life it feels so trivial
Immersed in the greatness of space
Yet somehow you still find the time for me
It's then You show me Your love

And In Your eyes I can see
And in Your arms I will be
I am not just a man, vastly lost in this world
Lost in a Sea of Faces
Your body's the bread, Your blood is the wine
Because you traded Your life for mine

If only my one heart
Was all you'd gain from all it cost
Well I know you would have still been a man
With a reason
To willingly offer your life

I am not just a man, vastly lost in this world
Lost in a Sea of Faces
Your body's the bread, Your blood is the wine
Because you traded Your life for mine

Just one in a million faces


~Deb said...

Hi! Just dropped in from Mark's blog...

I just wanted to say that I really can't take those "Pride Parades".

They give us a bad name. Most walk around topless picketing over frivolous matters.

There are gay and lesbians who do support women who are battered, children who need parents, they help the sick and help the people who need it most. I know my partner and I contribute to the needy--so it's unfair to make statements as you did without recognizing some of the things that others do.

Aside from that, I do believe that the gay activists who are very aggressive in their approach leaves a bad taste in anyone's mouth. There are much more tactful ways to make your point or bring up certain issues.

Enjoy your day...!

Christinewjc said...

Hello Deb,

Welcome to my blog! I just knew that there were gays and lesbians who don't like the "Pride Parades." I'm glad to see someone out there who isn't afraid to admit it!

I agree that they don't help the causes of homosexuals. In fact, I think that they most definitely hinder them.

I realize that there are gay and lesbians who do all the charity work that you (and I) described. My point in this particular blogpost was why don't the organizers and participants in this "World Pride" event stay home and use the millions of dollars that they would have likely spent to push their agenda in the faces of those who don't want them to hold such a decadent event in the holy city of Jerusalem? Why not be tolerant and respectful of other's views on this, graciously cancel the Pride on Parade show and put the money to better use?

Susan Smith said...

Hi Christine:

Our staff gathered for devotions this morning (Thursday) at our Outreach Center (the largest food bank in Israel) and sang "Show Me Your Face"... my thoughts questioned how many Christians actually see or think of our Lord when a drunk beggar on the street comes within our sight. Beggars are often seen in City Center Jerusalem. Do I keep my mind focused on things above (see COL 3:2) when I encounter a drunk, a drug addict or even a single mother with children? Do I judge and condemn them?

Jesus the Messiah delivered me from more than 20 years as an active lesbian and more than 30 years of drunkenness? He is our deliverer. Will militant, active homosexuals be viewed through the loving eyes of Christ here in Jerusalem? If not for the grace of God, I would be in the parade.

God bless you and much love to the West Coast from the City where the Messiah was crucified, where the power of God raised Him from the dead and where He will return. I love you. (ss)

Christinewjc said...

Hi Susan!

Very well said! Your heart for the Lord and others is so loving...

I've been thinking about you all day! All the current turmoil in Israel concerns me. Praying for the Lord Jesus to protect you and all your ministry workers.

My puppy is squeaking at me as I write this! arrgghhh! Gotta take her out...again!

Love to you, too, my dear sister!