Saturday, June 24, 2006

What ACLU Actions Admit About Christ

I have been planning on doing a post about the valedictorian of Foothill High, Brittany McComb, who wanted to share that her faith in Jesus Christ has been paramount in her life and achievements in school, but her microphone was cut off by school officials before she could say the name of Jesus Christ in her speech. Today, I found an excellent analysis with additional links written by Terrence over at Go Pundit Go.

One of the best points made by Go Pundit was this:

The Constitution does not prohibit citizens from expressing their faith, though. That’s a crucial distinction that ACLU types fail to acknowledge.

Isn’t it ironic that the people who WANTED TO HEAR THE ENTIRE SPEECH jeered when the microphone was cut off, but the ACLU who is supposedly FOR FREE SPEECH RIGHTS applauded the school official's decision?

What hypocrisy! The


group is so transparently biased towards the radical left-wing nutjob progressive mindset that the only reason they can come up with to turn a teenaged girl’s mic off during her graduation speech is because they are afraid of proselytizing?

If the girl wanted to thank “Buddha” or “Muhammad” or a sun god, do you think the ACLU would have stepped in to prevent it? The thing is, there is no spiritual power in those other “gods” or “prophets!”

It’s OK with the ACLU to use the name of Jesus Christ as long as a person is swearing in public or in a movie.

Did you ever wonder why people don’t use the name of Buddha or Muhammed; especially as a curse word? We don’t hear people saying, “Oh Buddha!” or “Muhammed damn it.” Again, because Jesus is the One True God and there is power in the name of Jesus Christ! What’s more, the people who don’t even want to acknowledge Him for Who He is admit it anyway through all their negative reactions to His Holy Name.


Add-on to post:

I received an email about a new book which discusses, "What Would Jesus Say To Hypocrites?"

Sounds like a book I should read!

Here's a bit of info about the book:

In a groundbreaking new book, author and renowned critic Jeremy Lott examines how hypocrisy is used against religious leaders and believers of all stripes.He finds that allegations of hypocrisy are used to silence the devout and diminish what they have to say.

Lott also sheds light on several important issues of faith and hypocrisy. Did you know:

• That one of the first people to use 'hypocrisy' as a term of moral judgment was a certain rabbi from Nazareth?

• That Jesus's approach to hypocrisy was very different from today's anti-hypocrites?

• That even as he was arguing against the teachers of the law, Jesus told the crowds to listento what these hypocrites had to say,and to follow their basically sound advice?

In In Defense of Hypocrisy: Picking Sides in the War on Virtue, Lott argues against a "saint or shut up" approach to morality.He shows how hypocrisy helps to point us in the right direction even if we're not fully ready to go there.

He also shows how today's opponents of hypocrisy are opposed not only to hypocrisy but to moral judgment.Jesus said "go forth and sin no more." Today's anti-hypocritical refrain is "shut up already."

Order In Defense of Hypocrisy through today for under $15 or look for it at better bookstores everywhere.

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Anna said...

Hi Christine -

Great post. The cry of, "hypocrite," is used as a tool to intimidate and discredit believers. There is a vast difference between one who is merely pretending to be a Christian and one who is a believer, growing in the Lord. The very word, "growth," suggests this person is in process and moving towards maturity.

The problem is not that Christians are hypocrites but rather that the unbeliever prefers darkness to light. (John 3:16-19) It is uncomfortable to be reminded there is a God in heaven they will someday have to face.

Sharing the good news of what Jesus has done in our lives is not proseletizing. This word conjures up visions of someone forcing you into the faith. It is our responsibility and joy to let people know they can have a relationship with God. He's not mad at them. The price has been paid for their sins. Their acceptance or rejection of His offer of forgiveness is totally up to them.