Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Obsession of Radical Islam

This morning, I saw a gripping interview between an MSNBC News reporter and Nonie Darwish, an Arab Muslim woman who appeared as herself in a documentary film called Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West.

Apparently, the film was released in 2005, but I had not heard about it until today. From what Nonie shared with the reporter, it is a must see film to be better informed about what we are facing in our battle with Islamo-facist Terrorism.

I went to the above site this morning, and read the four film reviews there. I was surprised that there were only four comments on the film! Are many people not aware that this movie is out there? Here is the first review:

Critically important and terrifying, 1 August 2006

Author: Cronenfly from Los Angeles

Obsession is a chilling call to action for everyone who cares about the survival of western democratic principles. We are very near the brink of an all-out world war for the soul of civilization and many of us are too distracted, cowardly or p.c. to see it. Don't trust anyone who says this film isn't true or tries to downplay its vitality.

This is one of the most persuasive documentaries I've ever seen. It's perfectly paced, rigorously backs up its claims and is breathlessly dramatic.

We know what Islamo-fascists want because they keep telling us, but we fail to hear: death to Israel, death to America, and worldwide Islam. Islamic violence and atrocities are very well documented -- we have cameras all over the world, and still we fail to see. Well this film will open your eyes.

Things are going to get much, much worse between Islam and the west, and very soon. This film is a commanding testament to that fact. See it. Make everyone you know see it.

Isn't it true that history has shown that most of our battles with the "isms" such as Communism and Nazism had taken 30 to 50 years ( or more) to eradicate?

The Arab Muslim/Jewish Israeli battle has been going on for hundreds of years! Now, it has come to several lands in the West. It can no longer be ignored by the West!! Appeasement, negotiating, U.N. resolutions do not work against radical Islamo-facist terrorists!!

How long do you think that Israel's ceasefire with Hezbollah will last? How many days has it been already? I just heard that Israel was forced to attack Hezbollah fighters in Lebanon. What makes us think that Hezbollah won't retaliate? Then it will go back and forth from there. The U.N. cease-fire is already old, useless news! Israel should have been left alone to complete their fight to irradicate Hezbollah from the Lebanon border!

Who are we going to rely on to complete Hezbollah irradication?

French troops?

Take a look at this post at Roscoe Daley's blog. Scroll down to the "google" search results for "French military "victories!"

The suicide bombing and crashing planes into buildings techniques of Islamo-fascist terrorists eerily reminds us of the Kamikaze units of World War II.

According to Wikipedia:

The first kamikaze unit
Commander Asaiki Tamai asked a group of 23 talented student pilots, whom he had personally trained, to volunteer for the special attack force. All of the pilots raised both of their hands, thereby volunteering to join the operation. Later, Tamai asked Lieutenant Yukio Seki to command the special attack force. Seki is said to have closed his eyes, lowered his head and thought for ten seconds, before asking Tamai: "please let me do that." Seki thereby became the 24th kamikaze pilot to be chosen.

"Transcend life and death. When you eliminate all thoughts about life and death, you will be able to totally disregard your earthly life. This will also enable you to concentrate your attention on eradicating the enemy with unwavering determination, meanwhile reinforcing your excellence in flight skills."

- A paragraph from the Kamikaze pilot's manual, located in their cockpits.

During Nonie's TV interview, she stated that what is being taught to Muslim children and young adults in the Madrassahs of Islam are "values" of hate, destruction, and death to the "infidels" of the West.

We might think that they are brainwashed. I think it's even scarier and more radical than that. They are being brain-eviled! There minds have been hijacked and trained into believing that what they desire (kill the infidels) is a "value" held in high regard by their god, "Allah."

Who is it in the Bible who is named as coming to "kill," "steal," and "destroy?"

Next comment:

More people need to see this, 14 August 2006

Author: saigodaisuki from United States

Following an astoundingly liberal college education, I traveled halfway around the world for a job and spent the next 5+ years getting caught up on the real world. Along the way, I learned a foreign language, let go of a little cynicism, and also realized that liberals don't know everything. The attacks on September 11th, followed by attacks on Bali, Madrid, and London, really brought that home to me. I found this film after doing a lot of independent research on my own, and wish it had been available earlier. Radical Islam and the ideology that goes with it is a frightening thing, no longer isolated to one country, one region, or one group of people- and that is clearly shown in this movie. It is thorough, interesting, and informative. I highly recommend this film to anyone curious about world politics, religion, or a subject often labeled too risqué for discussion in the mainstream media.

Wow! Doesn't this statement speak volumes about the Liberals in Congress in the Democratic party as well as the Cindy Sheehans, George Soros, Howard Deans of our country?

"Following an astoundingly liberal college education, I traveled halfway around the world for a job and spent the next 5+ years getting caught up on the real world."

One has to wonder if those with the mindset of Sheehan, Soros, Dean and other Bush-haters will ever wake up and get caught up on the real world!!??

Next comment:

Excellent: Stresses the crucial moment we are in!, 14 August 2006

Author: off2hell from Israel

You must understand. Iran, together with the funding of many Arab Muslim countries, is responsible for most of the terror actions against the west in it's war and struggle to Islamize the world (by putting fear and ignorance into the brain of thinking Humans all over the world). Right now, for all as we know, they haven't acquired yet nuclear weapons, like North Korea. If they won't be stopped, it will be used, first to put fear and pressure upon who they perceive as their enemies, and since they only really care about the "next world", they won't be afraid to use their nuclear weapons, unlike the Russians and the Chinese.

There's much more I can say but there's a word limit, and the issues are a little more complex to fit into one sentence the way ignorant people like it, so do yourself a favor and go read some honest decent history books, and try to really understand in what world you are living in (and in what kind of world do you want to live!). And do that quickly, before the elections, so you won't make a fatal mistake! P.S Ain't that funny, the Muslims complaining all the time that the west wants to take over their world, that America is an imperialistic power and they don't like empires but it's OK for them to be an empire and conquer the world because they are committed to that by Allah and the Islam. What can they do? A god tells them to conquer the world, spread the Islam, they have no choice…

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