Thursday, August 10, 2006

UK Terror Plot Foiled

Update at 10:11 a.m.

Via Michele Malkin's blog, I found Ace of Spades HQ.

Here's an excerpt from the blog (Caution: Site above contains some bad language).

Although there has not been a terrorist attack on America itself, no one has given Bush credit for this. The assumption, sometimes expressly stated, by liberals is that Al Qaeda just isn't even trying -- that's why there have been no attacks. (Yes, this contradicts their other claim that Al Qaeda is growing stronger due to Bush's "miserable failures," and etc., but they never cared much for "internal coherence.")

So, politically, if it is the case the name was spotted on the American side, than this is a plot on the level of 9/11, to blow up twenty airplanes of 200-400 people each, OVER American and British cities as they descended to land, thus causing casualties on the ground as well, and THE CURRENT SECURITY REGIME OF THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION STOPPED IT.
Apparently mere days before it happened.

Questions that arise:

Was it a good idea to try to repeal the Patriot Act?

If the names came from America-- what y'all think of NSA wiref**kingtaps now?

Kind of nice to know the people a terrorist is calling, huh? You can round them up in a hurry, eh?

If one of these bastards wouldn't give up his allies, would it have been justified to use "coercive interrogation practices" on him?

Shall these bastards necessarily be tried in civilian courts? Are they really deserving of the full protections of law? They don't really seem to be "British citizens" to me, no matter what their passports say.

Was Bush reading "My Pet Goat" when this happened?

A lot of commenters have been saying we wouldn't get serious about terror again until, unfortunately, a massive chunk of a city was destroyed.But there is a less destructive wake-up call-- the mega-terrorist plot that is not successful, but thwarted days (or hours) before it is implemented.

Let's hope people finally get it that we can't just "go back to normal" and pretend there is no terrorist threat, no matter how childishly some may like to pretend 9/11 never happened.'

Hat Tip: Ace of Spades HQ and

Hot Air


1:16 p.m. - Terror Plot Thwarted; U.K. to U.S. Flights on Red Alert

2:58 p.m. - UK plot resembles 1995 al-Qaida plan Liquid explosives, timers part of 'Bojinka,'attempt to bomb 12 airliners over Pacific.

3:11 p.m. - Thwarted plot may have been ‘the Big One' ‘Classic al-Qaida’ plan biggest in scope, ambition since Sept. 11.

Updates 8/11/06:

7:00 a.m. - Rampage was just days away
Impending bombings were thwarted, U.S. and Britain say in cautioning that more conspirators are likely at large.


limpy99 said...

"So, politically, if it is the case the name was spotted on the American side, than this is a plot on the level of 9/11, to blow up twenty airplanes of 200-400 people each, OVER American and British cities as they descended to land, thus causing casualties on the ground as well, and THE CURRENT SECURITY REGIME OF THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION STOPPED IT."

Not to nitpick, but the news reports I'm seeing on this all indicate that Scotland Yard stopped this. Last time I checked they had nothing to do with Bush.

Typical Malkin.

Christinewjc said...

I agree that the Brits stopped this attack. However, Malkin also had this to say:

"Update: Ace is trumpeting this as a possible victory for the Patriot Act and U.S. intelligence, specifically vis-a-vis the flight to Boston two days ago that was forced to return to the UK. Could be, but the British claim the operation has been in the works for months; they were within 48 hours of making a collar when that flight got turned around, so presumably they already had their ducks pretty much in a row. Which means the guy on that flight who showed up on the U.S. no-fly list either (a) wasn’t involved in this or (b) was involved in this, but nonetheless somehow managed to board a plane on its way to America in the midst of a massive counterterror sting. (a) seems likelier than (b), but we’ll see."

So, we could say that Bush was on top of the situation (maybe through the use of the Patriot Act and U.S. Intell?) even though the Blair Gov. was tracking this plot all the while, too.

We will find out more as time reveals more about the plot.

Christinewjc said...

I really miss my Fox News Channel! I recently went to the website to read some of O'Reilly's "Talking Points Memos."

Although the following memo was written well before the UK terror plot incident, it is related to the fact that we face a worldwide fight against terrorism; a jihadist mission that often unabashedly and disgustingly cares less about the fact that they express an evil glee in targeting civilians.

I found this particular memo quite interesting because Bill brings up some excellent points that I haven't seen other analysts or commentators bring up when it comes to terrorist activities; especially when the liberal media demonizes the mistakes and/or tragic (and unintentional) loss of civilian lives when the U.S. and Israel are engaged in this war against terrorism.

Whether it be the U.S. fight in Iraq and Afghanistan or between the Israelis and Hezbollah at the Israeli/Lebanon border ask yourself why is it that only the U.S. and Israel are condemned when civilians lives are lost because war is war and that's what unfortunately happens but there is no worldwide condemnation when Islamofacists do it deliberately!

Killing Civilians in a Time of War
Tuesday, August 01, 2006
By Bill O'Reilly
Worldwide demonstrations against Israel after about 60 people, including many women and children, were killed by Israeli bombs in southern Lebanon. Of course, these protestors, many of them pro-Hezbollah, also targeted the USA for condemnation.

No question, the Israeli bombing was a mistake and will hurt Israel in the court of public opinion, but mistakes are made in all wars. Abu Ghraib was a huge mistake by the American military in Iraq and the USA has suffered because of it.

However, isn't it interesting that the Islamic fascists never make a mistake?

We rarely see worldwide demonstrations condemning their consistently barbaric behavior. In violation of a U.N. mandate, Hezbollah has fired thousands of missiles targeting civilians into Israeli cities. Have you seen many demonstrations against that?

How about after 9/11? Did you see mass demonstrations condemning Al Qaeda? Did you see protests when those savages beheaded civilians on videotape?

The answer is no. The terrorists can do pretty much anything without the world condemning them. Want more?

Iran is defying the United Nations on nuclear weapons. Any demonstrations? Muslims are slaughtering each other inside Iraq. Any protests?

"Talking Points" could list examples all day long. The truth is that hatred, not compassion for civilians, is driving these hypocritical demonstrations we saw over the weekend. This is not justifying the killing of innocents by Israel. My analysis is addressing a different problem: select outrage to advance the cause of Islamic fascism.

Back in America, the left-wing press counsels negotiation. OK, it's worth it. We're trying. But let's look at the negotiating record. President Clinton and Israel negotiated with Yasser Arafat until every cow in the world came home.

Arafat didn't want peace. Why? Because his terror activities made him millions of dollars. If you don't believe me, speak to his widow, currently living lavishly in Paris.

The U.N. has negotiated with Iran over nukes for years. No result. Iran doesn't want peace, it wants jihad.

North Korea doesn't want peace either. It signed a nuke agreement with the Clinton administration and promptly violated it.

Does Al Qaeda want peace? Even Howard Dean could figure that one out.

So what makes anyone believe Hezbollah would negotiate in good faith? The sad truth is that many in the Muslim world want to kill Jews and Americans.

"Talking Points" does want peace, but also wants to blunt the growing danger of Islamic fascism. Allowing Hezbollah to sit on Israel's southern border with thousands of missiles isn't a peaceful conclusion. It's capitulation, which is exactly what the jihad has won.

And that's "The Memo."

Ahmedinajad said...


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Ahmedinajad said...

Hezbollah is on Israels northern border it seems you guys dont know your left hand from you right.

Christinewjc said...


The fact is that you worship a very different kind of "god" than Christians and Orthodox Jews.

Read this post: Do Muslims and Christians Worship the Same God? to see why.

Christinewjc said...

See this post too:

Why They Left Jihad