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Mischaracterization of Muslim Brotherhood by Clapper is Highly Disturbing! [Updates! See Comments!]

Wow! Megyn Kelly's show on Fox News has contained a plethora of important information surrounding what is currently going on in Egypt. If you can find video clips of her show, I would suggest that you view them!

It is being widely reported that Hosni Mubarak is about to step down. It is also being reported that the military will take over rule until new elections happen in the Fall. But who really knows what will happen until we get word directly from Mubarak himself?

Earlier, Obama said a few words about "history being made" in Egypt and that it is coming about through young people who took to the streets to demand democracy in Egypt. Apparently, he was speaking in front of a group of young people in Washington state [correction: Michigan].

I don't know about you, but it often appears to me that Obama isn't really in control of the United States. His lackadaisical attitude comes forth each and every time there is a crisis going on either here in the U.S. or other places around the world.

I would dare say that if President Bush was still in office, he would have expressed concern about Israel. He would have honestly stated what danger Israel would be in if the Muslim Brotherhood took over in that country.

Last evening, I reviewed all of the Glenn Beck Program shows on this issue. It is difficult to ignore the proof that he has shown over the last two weeks. You cannot argue with videos and printed statements that his research team has done about the connections between the Islamic Socialists, all of the socialist/communist/progressive leftist groups who want Social Justice across the globe, and the Muslim Brotherhood who have specifically stated that they want a Muslim Caliphate across the world. Their hatred and desire to destroy Israel and "kill the Jews" has NEVER been rescinded. These facts make the recent statements by James Clapper even more alarming!

Clapper is the current United States National Security Council Advisor. He is of the opinion that the Muslim Brotherhood is a "secular" (meaning, not religious) organization that does not support Al Qaeda or other terrorist groups. Minutes ago, he was called out on Megyn Kelly's show as holding "a deeply naive position" by K.T. McFarland, who is a national security expert, columnist, and commentator.

Update - also see:

The Blaze - Stories
Intel Director: Muslim Brotherhood Has ‘No Overarching Agenda…in Pursuit of Violence’ - In a House Intelligence Committee hearing Thursday morning, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper refused to admit that the Muslim Brotherhood is...
1 hour ago

F.B.I. Director Robert Mueller contradicted Clapper. The Muslim Brotherhood is a group that has supported terrorism in the past. Mueller stated that they will further discuss this group in a closed session. The exit of Mubarak would have a significant affect on Israel, and on many of the surrounding countries.

Jamie Smith, former CIA officer says that the Muslim Brotherhood is trying to change their image and become a party of influence in Egypt. They have a history of supporting violence, crafting violence, and carrying out violent acts through various Islamist groups that promote terror. If that takes place, the peaceful relationship that the U.S. has with Egypt would be in jeopardy and so will Israel's safety in the region. We should be deeply concerned. Muslim Brotherhood leaders have been quoted as saying, "If violence is necessary, that should take place." Osama Bin Laden has quoted what the Muslim Brotherhood espouses regarding violence to meet their nefarious goals.

Ultimately, Jamie Smith declares that the mis-characterization of the Muslim Brotherhood is highly disturbing.

I don't know if what I'm about to share holds any significance for the uprising in Egypt, but I found it a bit coincidental. I am currently reading President George W. Bush's new book, "Decision Points" and in the chapter on Iraq which discussed "the decade since the Gulf War resolutions that had demanded Saddam Hussein to disarm, the four years since he had kicked out the weapons inspectors, the six months since President Bush had issued his ultimatum at the U.N., the four months since Resolution 1441 had given Saddam his final opportunity," and three months past the deadline to fully disclose his WMD," President Bush wrote:

"Diplomacy did not feel rushed. It felt like it was taking forever.

Meanwhile, the threats continued. President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt had told Tommy Franks that Iraq had biological weapons and was certain to use them on our troops. He refused to make the allegation in public for fear of inciting the Arab Street. But the intelligence from a Middle Eastern leader who knew Saddam well had an impact on my thinking. Just as there were rises to action, there were risks to inaction as well: Saddam with a biological weapon was a serious threat to us all."

Could it be that this new revelation from Bush's book is just one of the reasons why the people who have been angered who want to oust Mubarak to demonstrate? I guess there is no way to know for sure. But the hatred that has been spewed (by our own media of mass deception and all the leftist crazies) against President Bush over the years of his presidency has most certainly reached the ears, minds, and dark hearts of those who opposed his decision to legitimately go to war in Iraq. Despite what the naysayers have said, objected to, and continue to spew about the decision to go into Iraq, liberating Iraq may have a very important role in what transpires in the Middle East in the near future.

Ambassador Bolton is on the show now.

Bolton (paraphrased here): Perhaps the military sees that it's time for Mubarak to go. They would make clear for 10 days now that they think it's time for the demonstrators to go home.

Once Mubarak makes his statement, we will see how it works out. The military wants the protesters to go home.

The army has shown restraint. 200,000 in the square. What do they all want? The same thing? There are 84.9 million Egyptians not in the square. The military wants to avoid confrontation. The economy is tanking and can't afford for this demonstration to continue.

The dice are being thrown. Risky period here. Won't go from Mubarak regime directly to Jeffersonian democracy. If situation becomes more unstable, the Egyptian/Israeli agreement can be in jeopardy. A lot at stake for America here.

Kelly: Muslim Brotherhood not radical?

Bolton: Pres. Obama said history being made. What Clapper stated was the single most foolish thing that any official has ever made. Should tell the truth. If not, then should have declined to answer the question. Muslim Brotherhood would behave like Hamas. Has moderates around it as a disguise - good camouflage, but has clear agenda to take power and the danger is very real.

Consequences are dire. Verges on mob rule.

Kelly: Egyptian generals are discussing an important announcement immediately. Egypts Supreme Council is looking at this situation and have an announcement to make imminently.

Is there a coup going on? Is there something that is being agreed upon between Mubarak and the military?

Bolton: Military has a huge amount of respect by the people. They want to step into the will of the people. Mubarak has something to say that will inevitably please the protesters. The military is breaking with the protesters, it appears. The military is supported by the U.S. and doing this in an orderly way would be seen by both the U.S. and protesters as a peaceful way to end the demonstration.

The question remains to be seen if what Mubarak says is to their liking. The protesters have sacrificed a lot over the past few weeks, they have the question of whether or not they will be happy with Mubarak's departure and what will take his place.

Heritage Foundation: Want real democracy and real reform? Possible theocracy or radical Islam taking hold in Egypt?

We want real democracy but will it be one person one vote? It can take 10 - 15 years. A vacuum could be made here and the Muslim Brotherhood could sneak someone in who appears moderate but not clear if that will happen. Not sure that the demonstrators will get what they want. A lot of questions out there. The tough stuff may just be beginning. Who is taking power in Egypt?

Kelly: Isn't Egypt dependent on the U.S.? What are the odds of turning away from U.S. and Israel? If the wrong people get in that could happen.

Heritage Foundation spokesperson: If Islamist group gets in it can be anti-Israel, anti-West and can be violent. It is a critical junction in Egypt.

Concern if any radical group comes to power. How realistic? It's an insurgency right now. They don't have a leader right now to take power. Need to consolidate their power. Who is the opposition? Who is leading this movement? Muslim Brotherhood is most organized right now.

[Note: The last few paragraphs above were my attempt to transcribe what I could while listening to Megyn Kelly's show. It is not complete.]

Reports are still conflicting at the moment of this posting (completed at 12:00 noon PT).

Hat tips to all links.

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Christinewjc said...

Read Obama's statement and then read the comments. Very telling! Obama Releases Statement Following Mubarak's Speech

some comments there:

7:35 am February 11, 2011
LilOle wrote:
I truly am shocked at the naivete of this statement. If this is the kind of thinking behind all our foreign policy, I am terrified.

Yep...only God can protect our nation with these thugs in office.

5:37 am February 11, 2011
maf1120 wrote:
I would love to know how bo makes these statements without anything other than a bet that Egypt will be democratic.

He is very dangerous.

Yep... he's certainly dangerous! It seems that I am hearing how dangerous Obama and his cohorts are from more and more people every day!

5:17 am February 11, 2011
Gil Zimmerman wrote:
For this situation to come to an orderly conclusion, it is the Egyptian Constitution that must prevail. For it must be demonstrated that this is a country of laws and not men, history notwithstanding. And so, the military, as a practical matter, will have to take steps to restore civility and transition a constitutional change by providing Mubarak a face saving exit and a period of transitional calm that can lead to September elections. If this requires martial law, so be it. The situation warrants it and the people will understand. The fact that Obama & Co. has not thought to use the Egyptian Constitution as a point of order is telling in many ways, both foreign and domestic. For this is quickly becoming the most irresponsible administration in our nation’s history
. [bold emphasis mine]

Constitution? Who is not surprised by this? Why would Obama promote or urge the following of the Egyptian constitution by it's people and/or leaders and officials when he violates our own Constitution here in the United States of America?

Christinewjc said...

Another good comment there:

9:50 pm February 10, 2011
Don Bistrow wrote:
Obama likes to use the word Democracy but never in the context of a Constitutional Republic.

He does believe in a “majority” as in “we won.” However, Obama doesn’t care for the system in the United States.

So as Obama calls for a transition to Democracy and his own National Intelligence Director believes the Muslim Brotherhood is secular and has sworn off violence and/or terrorism we do wonder what Mr. Obama is actually asking for.

He and his administration of had conflicting statements and relied on press releases because they failed to have intelligence although they did have information of simmering problems one-year ago in which they ignored the valid warnings.

Obama has now failed miserably domestically and internationally. He must go.

Also, check out the link above to the Liberally Conservative forum. Great post on the Muslim Brotherhood:

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood.

Christinewjc said...

What a great point was made at that site! Be sure to read the article in the link!

I encourage you to read the complete analysis – Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood: In Their Own Words – then decide if an outlawed terrorist group is in the best interests of Egypt, the greater Middle East, Israel and the United States.

Deciphering the Obama administration’s messages is a bit more difficult but Mr. Obama did not back pro-Democracy forces in Iran but showed his hand by wishing to include the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Indeed!