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The Role Of Deception In Islamic Terrorism & Achieving a Caliphate

In the wake of the firestorm of deserved criticism hurled against the Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, for his absolutely ridiculous and extremely naive and unintelligent comments regarding the Muslim Brotherhood, I have done some online research and found two very important articles that every American needs to read!

Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs:
Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood: In Their Own Words

Whenever you hear the news organizations discuss the need for Egypt to reform towards democracy, remember this warning from the article above:

Democracy Is Islam's Entryway to Power

I have already posted the following comment in the comment section of my previous post here at Talk Wisdom, but it helps to explain why the term "democracy" can mean different things to different people:

9:50 pm February 10, 2011
Don Bistrow wrote:
Obama likes to use the word Democracy but never in the context of a Constitutional Republic.

He does believe in a “majority” as in “we won.” However, Obama doesn’t care for the system in the United States.

So as Obama calls for a transition to Democracy and his own National Intelligence Director believes the Muslim Brotherhood is secular and has sworn off violence and/or terrorism we do wonder what Mr. Obama is actually asking for.

He and his administration of had conflicting statements and relied on press releases because they failed to have intelligence although they did have information of simmering problems one-year ago in which they ignored the valid warnings.

Obama has now failed miserably domestically and internationally. He must go.

What an excellent observation! Have you ever heard Obama utter the words "Constitutional Republic" when describing the type of government that was established by the Founders?

Obama likes to use the word Democracy but never in the context of a Constitutional Republic.

Glenn Beck has been describing what the Muslim Brotherhood represents IN THEIR OWN WORDS on video and in written articles all week on his television program. The following article challenges the reader and helps confirm the ignorance of the left who are currently complicit in naively trusting that the Muslim Brotherhood is a so-called "moderate" organization (as Clapper so ignorantly stated).

Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs: The Muslim Brotherhood: A Moderate Islamic Alternative to al-Qaeda or a Partner in Global Jihad?

The second article (above link) is an impressive evaluation of how authors named "Leiken and Brooke" have been duped into believing that the Muslim Brotherhood is (or ever could be) a moderate organization. The following is the concluding thoughts of the author:

Conclusion and Evaluation

The thesis presented by Leiken and Brooke was inspired by impressions received during conversations with members of the Muslim Brotherhood, whose names are not mentioned and who are quoted neither fully nor accurately. It is clear that both Leiken and Brooke were duped by the ambiguity of their interlocutors' rhetoric, which was tailored for Western ears and meant to lull suspicions and hide genuine intentions. Leiken and Brooke were deeply impressed by the support given by the Muslim Brotherhood for "democracy," but they failed to understand that for the Muslim Brotherhood and the West, the word has two completely different meanings. As far as the Muslim Brotherhood is concerned, Islamic rule expresses "true democracy," and that is the only kind to which they are committed.

The Muslim Brotherhood poses a serious threat to the West. It hides behind ambiguous terminology, which makes the organization appear moderate and enables it to operate freely in its host countries, thereby establishing a convenient base from which to disseminate radical Islamic ideology among the growing Muslim communities. Once that has been achieved, demography and radically-minded public opinion will enable the Muslim Brotherhood to take over a government by "democratic" means. That will signal the last day of Western democracy in that country and the installation of an Islamic government, whose objective will be to export radical Islamic rule to other countries, the next step in realizing the vision of a world Caliphate. In Europe the sand is running out, and a showdown with the Muslim Brotherhood is closer than anyone suspects. However, to a certain extent, the focus on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict delays the realization of Islamic aspirations in Western Europe.

As far as the Muslim Brotherhood is concerned, Spain is an occupied country, as are other regions in Europe that were once under Islamic control. The organization's "pragmatism" is manifested by its willingness to postpone a confrontation until it has garnered sufficient political (or military) power to shake the ruling governments to their foundations and effect a complete reversal. The collapse of the moderate Arab regimes into radical Islamic hands is likely to accelerate the empowering of an Islamic state that regards the West and its culture as the chief enemy.

The Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda differ regarding tactics but share a common strategy. Al-Qaeda favors world Islamic recruitment for a revolution made possible by terrorist attacks and an implacable jihad to destroy the economies of the Western countries and expel Western presence from Muslim regions. The Muslim Brotherhood supports terrorism and jihad against foreign presence in the Islamic world, but its top priority is constructing a Muslim infrastructure in the West that will slowly but surely enable it to rule during the 21st century. The organization's stance is that an Al-Qaeda attack against the West at this time might hamper the Islamic movement's buildup and focus the West on the threat implicit in Muslim communities. However, as far as the final goal is concerned, there are no policy differences between Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood. The two organizations have the same objective: to place the entire world under an Islamic caliphate.

The Muslim Brotherhood is involved in terrorism and provides religious Islamic justification for suicide bombing, terrorism, and terrorist attacks against American forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. Jihad in all its aspects, including military, is perceived as the prime tool in the battle against the West. It is difficult to find a common set of interests for the United States and the Muslim Brotherhood, as do Leiken and Brooke. Collaboration with the Muslim Brotherhood, while turning a blind eye to their intentions, both overt and hidden, is tantamount to paving the way for their "democratic" takeover of the moderate Arab regimes (similar to the bitter experience of the Legislative Council elections in the Palestinian Authority in January 2006) and for harming the United States' most vital interests in the Middle East. It is not easy to understand why Leiken and Brooke have recommended that the American administration consider the Muslim Brotherhood a potential partner, given that the United States is its principal enemy. The organization actively seeks to destroy America's status as a world power and to replace it with an Islamic power whose foreign policy will be based on jihad and the spread of Islam.

If you don't believe the truth that the author of these articles reveals, then take a look at an additional opinion:

Daniel Taqiyya and Kitman: The role of Deception in Islamic Terrorism

Hat Tips to all links.

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