Saturday, July 02, 2011

Happy Independence Day Weekend!

Hope everyone enjoys a safe and happy Independence Day weekend! Mine didn't start out very well. My blog was hacked into on Friday. I think that I made a grave editing error and my dashboard was exposed for a few minutes. When I realized the mistake, I immediately erased what was causing the problem. Shortly after that, I could no longer log into my dashboard. I tried to get into my blog dashboard several times over the next few hours, but to no avail. I finally closed my browser and shut off the computer for the night, hoping that perhaps the problem would get fixed overnight by blogger.

This is basically what happened. After utilizing the "preview" button to look at my new post (Exposing A Loony Leftist Lie,) it just suddenly disappeared from the edit/compose box! I then received a message that I had never seen before. It said something like, "Post not saved. Could possibly have been deleted by another person editing the post." Those were not the exact words, but that was basically what the message was telling me. I got nervous. I thought that perhaps someone now had complete access to my dashboard.

Several choices entered into my mind. I thought about deleting this blog and starting over. I also thought about creating a new blog within a provider other than Blogger. I have noticed several of the major blogs that I have in my sidebar have done that. Perhaps they wanted to get away from Google/Blogger too.

My next thought was that I would loose over five years of blog posts if I just went ahead and deleted this blog! That would be a lot of work gone down the drain, so the option of deleting this blog was no longer on the table. Fortunately, the next morning, I was able to log onto my blog dashboard and everything seemed O.K.

Anyway, I would like to thank the readers who frequent here and the many guests who come by this blog via search engines. I hope that what you searched for, and read here at Talk Wisdom helped you.

As I walked my dogs this morning, I noticed that many of my neighbors have flags displayed outside their homes. Some have flag poles and display the flag every day. My husband recently put up a large flag near a window outside our home. We have always had a small one on a stick positioned upon our "Welcome" sign on our front door. 

It makes me happy to see the symbol of our nation and the freedom that it represents displayed by so many neighbors! I think that in these difficult times, with the kind of gangster government that our nation is suffering from, displaying the proud symbol of our patriotism towards our beloved country is even more important than ever. There are people who live in this nation who obviously show their hatred for our flag and what it stands for. They adhere to philosophies and a type of government that is foreign to most Americans. But the freedoms and liberty that the flag represents allows such people to trample on the very symbol that we love; but they, unfortunately, hate. Ironic, isn't it? I also think that it is very very sad.

I recently saw a movie called, "The Majestic." Jim Carrey starred in the movie along with Martin Landau and Amanda Detmer. I really liked the movie all the way up until the end. I guess you could say that I felt the same way one commenter at the link did when he wrote:

"I first hated this film when I saw it. I think my opinion's softened on it over time, but I will always hate it for the fact that it trivializes the HUAC trials and the seriousness of the anti-commie hysteria of the 1950s." - bxc85

I sincerely think that the ending of the movie was, in a not-so-subtle way, an attempt to re-write history. It did not project, as "bxc85" stated above, the seriousness of the anti-communist sentiment of the 1950's.

Just think about how people felt about radical Islam just after that tragic and horrific day on 9/11/01. Would people who lived through that change their minds about the threat of jihadist terrorism over the course of history? Would a little town of patriotic military families end up cheering a victorious sounding speech in a congressional hearing if the person speaking the words was a pro-radical Islam supporter? I don't think so!!

It is so typical of liberal leftists to gloss over any person or group who is, has become, or always has been radical and dangerous to our way of life. What more can I say about this?

I also think that it is a terrible thing to realize that this movie was made in the same year that the terrorism attack on our nation occurred. Perhaps it was made and released before that tragic day, but I also think that it was inappropriate considering how dangerous communism and nazism was in the 1950's. I can't help but wonder what my father would have thought of the movie. He fought in WWII, and could not bring himself to discuss the horrors of that war. To trivialize communist sentiment during a Congressional hearing should be anathema to any truly thinking person.

I was brought up to believe that communism was very bad. Why? Because MILLIONS OF PEOPLE WERE KILLED! President Ronald Reagan cemented that belief with how often he discussed the need to defeat it. Since he worked in both Hollywood and in both state (California) and federal government, he was very familiar and aware of the communist threat back then. What would he have thought about the ending of that movie?

It was a strange experience to view a film that I liked at first, but then found very disturbing at the end.

For those of you who have seen the movie, any thoughts or comments?

In conclusion, have a Happy Fourth of July holiday!

~ Christine

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