Friday, July 22, 2011

Kenya Tourism Guides Say Obama Born in Kenya

The Obama File has started up a new forum. How interesting it is to find out that Kenya Information and Tourism Worldguides says Obama born in Kenya. Of course, the Obots went ahead and scrubbed the information from the website. But The Obama File website took a screen shot of how the website appeared before the scrubbing. Go over to The Obama File forum to see it.  Scroll down at link (above) to click on forum link thread or click here on Kenya Information and Tourism Worldguides says Obama born in Kenya.


It doesn't make it so, but there sure are a lot of responsible sources that have gone on record saying so -- including Kenyan government officials.

Naturally, this information will be added to all these other sources that identify Kenya as Obama's home country and/or place of birth.

The cut 'n' paste image is archived in The Obama File.

Here is the image as it originally appeared and here is the image as it currently exists.  The reference to Barack Obama has mysteriously disappeared.
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GMpilot said...

WHICH Obama? Because the Barack Obama you and the other Birfers have the knives out for was not born in Kenya.
The State of Hawaii says so. It has been confirmed by other official sources.

Besides, you claim this Obama's name is really "Soetoro" or some such. If so, the Kenya Tourguides publication would mention that, wouldn't it?

Your desperation is becoming more acute.