Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Aaron Vaughn's Family Interview

In my previous post, I expressed the fact that many bloggers sensed that something was fishy about the attack on the Chinook helicopter that claimed the lives of 30 members of our armed forces, including 22 SEALS from SEAL Team 6.  Reporters in the field for FOX News have expressed how unusual it was for 22 members of an elite SEAL team to be placed on one helicopter.  He stated that "it had never been done before."

Will we ever know the truth about what happened and why it happened?   With the way this evil administration covers up crimes we may never know - this side of heaven at least.   However,  one family who lost their son, Aaron Vaughn (one of the deceased SEAL heroes), evidently knows what devastation is happening to our country because of this terrible administration. They got the chance to say it during an interview with Matt Lauer. They lifted up the name of Christ, mentioned  love for this country, and why Aaron was willing to give his life for this nation.

The entire interview is absolutely riveting. The father says exactly what kind of war we are in. However, pay special attention to what Aaron's father says about "the three types of people" in the world and how some of the "sheep in high places said things that made the SEAL Team 6 families very uncomfortable" 90 days ago when supposedly secret information about the OBL raid was revealed.

Be prepared. It is absolutely heart wrenching. But the interview also shows the great faith that Aaron and his entire family have in Jesus Christ. That is the victory in the midst of tragedy and grief.

May God bless each and every one of these brave men who gave their lives in service to the protection of our country. I pray that they were all believers in Jesus Christ, just like Aaron Vaughn was, and that they are all together with Christ in heaven. I pray for strength, comfort, and peace for the families of the victims of this terrible tragedy. May the God of our Lord Jesus Christ comfort them during this time of enormous grief. Amen.

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I am finding more and more skepticism at various blogs about the story streaming via the Media of Mass Deception on what really happened in the Chinook incident:

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Christinewjc said...

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wwoods said...

I had 2 good friends onboard that chinook- what a tragic blow to lose such fine men. There will be a very through review of what led to this terrible loss. Any anything we hear at this point is mere speculation. What I can say with certainty is that my friends knew Jesus, and their families are being covered with love and support from fellow believers. These men were so proud to be known as the Team 6 "Crusaders". God Bless them and their families for their service and sacrifice to this Nation.

Christinewjc said...

Hi wwoods,

Are you my friend from Facebook? I am so sorry to hear that two good friends of yours were lost in the terrible Chinook disaster. I'm sure your grief is unimaginable. However, knowing that your friends were saved by Jesus Christ must give much comfort.

This incident has been gnawing at my gut. If you have read my previous post and links, there are many questions regarding this incident and the Obama administration's role and guilt in all of this. What do you think about it all?

I know that this must be a very painful time for you, so I will understand if you don't want to get involved in the political spectrum.

I second your thoughts about God blessing them and their families for their service and sacrifice to our Nation.

Azixoye said...

I believe it was a set up by those who pull the puppet strings of Hussein Obama and the D.C. politicians and lawmakers.

I also suspect The Forth Horsemen of The Apocaylpse in The Book of Revelation is Islam.

Rumor has it that Hussein Obama already has buckets of gold paint stored in the closet of the Lincoln Bedroom in order to paint the top of the white house dome gold. (I started that rumor)

Even though things look bad now, I still believe that the One True God of the Holy Bible will whip the bad guys at that final battle of Armageddon.

wwoods said...

Hello Christine,

Yes, we are facebook friends. This has been a tough blow, especially so near the anniversary of my own son's passing in Iraq. The SpecOps
community is a tightly-knit group, and this is a loss of shocking proportion. These men knew firsthand the evil that we as a Nation and Christians are fighting against. These men were skilled, motivated, and competent. They will be missed, but they leave a legacy of inspiration to those who follow.

Christinewjc said...

Oh my friend, I'm so sorry to also hear of the passing of your own son last year in Iraq! I didn't know that until now. Please accept my (very late) but heartfelt condolences. Knowing that your beloved son is with the Lord brings comfort, but while we are still on this earth we will continually miss those we love who have passed on. One day, we will all be reunited in Heaven. That is the joy, peace and love that comes through by the power of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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