Sunday, April 08, 2012

He Is Risen! Just As Jesus Said He Would!

During our awesome church service celebration of Resurrection Sunday, I was reminded about man's greatest fear.  That is, the fear of death.  Even the naysayers against God, Jesus and God's written Word, the Bible who used to come to this blog in the past had to admit that they feared death.  If man didn't fear death, why would he/she fight so hard to live when his or her life is placed in dire circumstances?

Being born again in Jesus Christ takes away the fear of death.  Think about the disciples who were scared and ran away (except for John and the two Marys) when Jesus was led to be crucified.  What did they fear the most?  They feared that they might die also because since  they were associated with Jesus during his three year ministry on earth, the crucifixion that Jesus suffered might end up being their fate.  However, when Jesus Christ rose from the dead on the third day (just as He said He would!), their attitudes changed dramatically!  They were no longer fearful of their ultimate fate!  Why?  Because they realized on that Resurrection Sunday that Jesus keeps his promises and he accomplished what no other ever could!  He conquered sin, evil and death!  He had the power to raise himself from the dead - so he also has the power to raise everyone who believes in him from the dead at the Rapture of the saints!

One of my favorite worship songs ( I have a long list!)  tells use the story in a beautiful way.  Enjoy this day of celebration for HE IS RISEN!

~  Christine

By Your Side - Tenth Avenue North


GMpilot said...

As one of 'the naysayers...who used to come to this blog in the past', I feel that I've been excluded from telling the other side of the story.

You are responsible for that. I guess this means that conservatives don't welcome dialogue.

Christinewjc said...

Well...look who is back.

There was a reason for "excluding" you from this blog, and you very well know the reason. You are specifically responsible for that. I gave you many chances to stop your bashing but I have learned that people like you - the God, Jesus, Bible, and Christian haters - don't welcome dialogue. You follow your master - who comes to kill, steal, and destroy - whether you realize it or not. Being of your father - the devil - causes you to just spew your hatred for what and Whom you continue to refuse to understand. It's as simple (as well as profoundly unfortunate) as that.