Monday, April 09, 2012

Is The Fix In For 2012 Election?

Do readers here recall the trashing of the White House that occurred before President George W. Bush took office in 2001? Apparently, Clinton's liberal leftist goonie staffers hated the fact that Bush won the Supreme Court decision in Bush v. Gore, so they did the following:
In response, White House press secretary Ari Fleischer outlined the details of the damage, most of which was in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building adjacent to the White House. On June 3, 2001 The Washington Post quoted Fleischer as saying that the damage included the removal of the letter "W" from 100 computer keyboards, five missing brass nameplates with the presidential seal on them, 75 telephones with cover plates missing or apparently intentionally plugged into the wrong wall outlets, six fax machines relocated in the same way, ten cut phone lines, two historic door knobs missing, overturned desks and furniture in about 20 percent of the offices, obscene graffiti in six offices, and eight 14-foot loads of usable office supplies recovered from the trash. According to Fleischer, there was one incident in the White House itself, a photocopy machine that had copies of naked people hidden in the paper tray so they would come out from time to time with other copies.
I suspect that if Obama loses re-election, all hell will break lose at the White House and around the country. The meme of "racism" and the hatred spewed against Conservatives, TEA Party Patriots, and the Republican candidate who runs (and prayerfully wins!) in 2012, would make the destruction of the White House Clinton staff look pale in comparison.!

Is it the fear of race riots across America that keep the media of mass deception from reporting on the Obama ineligibility investigation being done by Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the Cold Case Posse? Or is there more (much more!) at play?

My blogging friend Steve over at Cry and Howl led me to an interesting article at Before Its News that exposes the demagoguery that was used to get Obama elected in 2008.
And a demagogue is defined as, “a person, especially an orator or political leader, who gains power and popularity by arousing the emotions, passions, and prejudices of the people.”
This time around, I think that the ObamaBorgBots will need to continue to use the "prejudices of the people" in order to get the clueless minions to vote for the fraud again.

I heard on Fox and Friends this morning that the Obamafraud campaign is searching for a new slogan. The failed "hope and change" turned into "dope and chains," so they can't use that again.

While over at Before It's News, I ran across another article that was apparently written by the long-winded Orly Taitz, called New movement around the country is going viral: people are not showing up in court and saying, if Obama did not show up and the judge did nothing, why should we show up in court. New form of civil disobedience to end the occupation of this nation by the usurper.   [Note:  above is safe link!!]

I would caution readers from clicking on Taitz's site (which is included in the text at link above) because when I did, my Norton antivirus blocked a malicious attack on my computer!

Anyway, Taitz is not someone that can be completely trusted. It is hard for me to say that because of all the work she has done to draw attention to Obama's ineligibility, but her antics in the courtroom of the Georgia case looked suspicious to me. As we all know by now, the judge in that case ruled (most likely threatened to do so) in favor of the defendants (Obama and lawyers) who didn't even show up at the hearing!! Thus, we have the new "civil disobedience" going on in court cases as a result.

Hey - if Obama doesn't have to show up and not be held in contempt of court - why should anyone else show up for their court cases? Brave people! But SOMETHING must be done to break the media of mass deception silence that is currently going on to protect the usurper!

World Net Daily has reported that Ex-Communist Nations expose Obama 'fraud' Amid U.S. media blackout, foreign press sounds alarm on 'largest scandal in American history'

I checked out some additional old links: African Press: REVEALED: President Obama is a lucky man – The Kenyan born ruler of the American people.

But when I clicked on the one that had the html listing of an article that read:”

I reached a completely unrelated article: Boni down to 2nd division as Paul Oyuga may move up!

What is THAT all about?

Was the previous article scrubbed?

It was an article that was originally posted on 10/30/2008. And even the title is damaging! (Read: obamas-grandmother-banned-by-the-kenya-police-from-giving-interviews-that-may-jeopardise-obamas-presidential-victory-on-November-4th).

It is also interesting to note that Orly Taitz' recent article stated this interesting information:
There is a person who has written a book and went into details about Obama’s Vatican funds. Miki Booth She is in facebook contact her. I can tell you my insider in the White House said Michelle bought 3 houses in Kenya one for Her one for her mother and one as a Vacation Villa. Obama is taking flying lessons on Airforce one and there is an article in one of the Kenyan Papers that says Obama was born there and mentions the real birth certificate.
Might be wise to verify whether or not any of this could be true. If it isn't, then Taitz should never be trusted again.

These days, more than ever before in the history of our nation, we must follow Ronald Reagan's admonition to "trust but verify."

Sheriff Joe Arpaio is being sued by the Obama Administration on the Arizona immigration law.


 I don't think so. 

Sheriff Joe is on to them and refuses to back down on the fraudulent documents that have been put out regarding Obama's COLB, his selective service document, and the questions about his social security number(s).

Looks like EVERYBODY is hiding from the eligibility issue!

Recall when Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas stated that "we are evading that issue?"

Well, it appears that the GOP candidates are hiding, too!

Klein Online
Patriots Heart Network: Michael Savage: How Obama fixed 2012 election

PEOPLE!  Pay attention to election fraud. There is no greater topic of importance!
Sheriff Arpaio and his investigation MUST be successful to expel the usurper before the 2012 election!

Hat Tips to all links.


Anonymous said...

First, I appreciate all the information you convey. It’s a difficult, time-consuming job.
About going to Orly’s site safely, have you tried turning off JavaScript first? I read there regularly with only a rare problem accessing the site (when it’s down for whatever reason, usually bots).
Orly might seem “long-winded” to you, but have you looked at your own ‘wind’? Are you able to report masses of information without writing and publishing it?
As far as not “completely trust[ing]” Orly goes, can you verify as completely accurate every word you publish? Some nefarious bots feed Orly MISinformation. She usually asks for help in verifying the suspicious.
This is the October 30 African Press International (API) article you are looking for:
If you read that report in conjunction with this September 10 Agence France-Presse (AFP) article, it will give you some real red meat to think about . . . while you keep in mind that Kenya’s Prime Minister, Raila Odinga, is Obama’s first cousin.
“Kenyan police offer Obama's grandmother security after robbery”
Personally, I am leery of API; that site has been promising, without delivering, for so long that I stopped reading there. But that doesn’t mean none of their reports is genuine. Only time and substance, if API eventually publishes what it has promised and the facts can be verified, will attest to API’s trustworthiness.

Steve said...

Hey Christine!
As much as I'd like to defend Taitz I think if she would have just stuck to the main issue of Obama's fraudlent birth records she wouldn't have been treated like she's a lunatic. All these other claims makes it seems like she's throwing stuff against the wall to see what sticks. Sheriff Joe has the real genuine goods on Obama and we see how far he's gotten with the media ... how much less Taitz.
I've thought about the crap Bush went through during the transition and I could just imagine how the Obama regime would have reacted had Bush treated Obama the same.
I'm very much distressed over the direction of the nation. I really feel we're defeated because we have no one ... in the government or the media to get the fraud and his fraud wife out of the White House.

Christinewjc said...

Thanks for your input Anonymous.

I agree with you about API. If they were not cowards and had revealed the information they claimed that they had on Hussein Obama back in 2008, it is doubtful that he would have been elected. However, if the claims are true that our voting methods here are "fixed," then we are headed for a second term of Obamafraud - more disastrous than the first. He would have no re-election fears hanging over him in a second term so the puppet would have his puppeteers unleash the worst evil upon America that we probably have ever seen since World War II and the Holocaust.

After I reply to the second comment here, I will read the link you provided.

Christinewjc said...

Hi Steve,

I was out all day yesterday so I wasn't online to release your comment until around 8:30 p.m. (PT) I didn't even know that Rick Santorum suspended his campaign until I got home and heard a news report about it. I am wondering why he did that? Was it because of his ill daughter Bella? Was it because the polls may have shown him losing to Romney in his home state? Was he or a family member threatened? All of the above? Will we ever know the truth?

I read your blog post and the headline links in the email copy I receive. I need to check out all of those links. It's quite depressing to realize that our once free country is no longer a land of liberty, freedom , and justice for all. Obama changed all of that in his nightmarish Chicago thuggery methods and I believe that they would stop at NOTHING to stay in office indefinitely.

I met with two friends (both strong Christians) who can't even look at or listen to Obama anymore. Neither one of them read my blog regularly, so they probably don't even know about half of criminality that is going on and the evil that is being unleashed upon America through Obamafraud's handlers.

I see people on Facebook paying absolutely NO ATTENTION to the destruction of our nation that is going on right before our very eyes! They are involved in a kind of tunnel vision - too into their stupid Facebook games, or their dogs, or hobbies - to even care about the cesspool our nation is swirling into. It really grieves me so much - so I know how you feel.

I really think that the only way to get Obama out of the White House is for him to be arrested, charged with treason against America, and led away in handcuffs to prison.

It will take a very brave officer of the law, who would know that he/she will probably stare death in the face, to accomplish such a feat.

I don't know whether we are in the end times, or that this period of history is just the "birth pangs" heading towards Christ's return for His own. Time will tell.

I re-joined BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) yesterday. It was so good to be back studying the Bible with 300 other Christian women. What is studied, learned, lectured about and done in our homework sessions is calming to the soul and uplifting to the spirit when so much turmoil, fear, war, economic uncertainly, and all the rest of the crises of our nation surround us.

I realized yesterday that I needed to get back to an inductive type of Bible study that will challenge me and help me to continue to praise, worship, learn about, and apply God's Word in my life.

(I think this comment will become part of my new blog post today!)

Well, God bless you Steve! Keep alerting the blogosphere with your excellent posts and links so that people will finally be awakened to what is actually going on in our nation and the world. Too many live with blinders on. Too many ignore God's Word and Jesus Christ's invitation to follow Him. Too many will die without being saved by mercy and grace through the cross of Christ! All that we can do is share the truth of the evil, sin and death in this world while continuing to share the message of the Gospel of Christ; praying for those who don't yet know Jesus as their personal Savior to finally turn to Him.