Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I Knew This Was Coming

The moment that Dr. Ben Carson was savaged by the progressive leftist lunatic fringe because he DARED to state his GOD GIVEN BELIEF that marriage is defined as the union of one man and one woman, I knew that he would continually be targeted for character assassination and destruction.

Legal Insurrection has posted the story regarding Dr. Carson's withdrawal as Johns Hopkins commencement speaker:

Dr. Ben Carson withdraws as Hopkins commencement speaker
William A. Jacobson at Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion - 43 minutes ago

Too bad. Via Baltimore Sun: Neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson stepped down Wednesday as commencement speaker at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine after complaints from students about controversial comments concerning same-sex marriage. The withdrawal came less than a week after medical school Dean Paul B. Rothman chastised Carson for his comments and met with graduating [...]
Just days ago, Hannity had an entire show where black conservatives gathered in a studio audience style conversation about racism against them and how they are hated, vilified, called names, disparaged, demonized and targeted by rabid leftists, their homo fascist friends and their ilk who can't stand anyone expressing their free speech rights  to believe in Conservative values, including the value that marriage is the union of one man and one woman.

Conservative thinkers have been warning...FOR YEARS...that the homosexual "progressives" who "just wanted equal rights" would one day turn against those who tolerate their nefarious activities and demand not only just tolerance or acceptance, but also demand  PUNISHMENT against those who disagree with their lifestyles.  Apparently, this has already happened in some Scandinavian countries were Christians (including Pastors!!)  are sued, dragged into court, and even jailed for preaching sermons from the Bible where the verses explain that homosexual behavior is sin and an abomination to God.

They wouldn't get away with such efforts in most Muslim countries!   Sharia Law would see fit to jail and even kill homosexuals (just like they jail and kill Christians; especially converts from Islam to Christianity)!  But I digress...

During a conversation with a rabid leftist who totally disparaged Dr. Carson in a former post about the world renowned surgeon, I had this to say:

I recently saw Dr. Carson's story on T.V. I have even more respect for him than ever! His discovery in how to remove portions of the brain to stop a girl's convulsions was heart warming! And, the 21 hour operation with teams of surgeons and nurses in order to achieve the separation of twins from Germany joined at the skull was absolutely awesome!

I think that your rabid leftist/progressive/socialist/communist ideology just won't let you see the truth and goodness about this man.

YOU are the hater!

YOU can't stand someone having the free speech right to outwardly say that marriage is (and should continue to be) the union between a man and a woman.

The indoctrination is from your side. Keeping blacks, Hispanics, and everyone else under the guise of "progressivism" is the new kind of slavery for these people. As long as they continue to vote "democrat" - that is all that matters to you and your ilk. 15% unemployment for blacks and 24% unemployment for young people is atrocious! And it's all because of ObaMARXIST and his terrible policies!

I feel sorry for you. You are so misguided in YOUR thinking that it is a sad, sad thing indeed.
All of the good that Dr. Carson has done over decades of dedication as a renowned neurosurgeon is being tossed to the curb because some students "feelings" were hurt.  What a sad thing has happened in our schools and universities due to the rabid leftist haters who can't stand or tolerate ANYONE who disagrees with their ideology!!  These places don't educate...they  purposefully INDOCTRINATE.  Students aren't allowed to think for themselves or engage in polite discourse with those who think differently than the "collective" which includes most teachers in public schools and professors in the colleges and universities.

I don't think that labeling such haters as homo fascists is too strong a title.  Sadly, it accurately describes them...indeed!

More examples:

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John said...

Oh please!! He didn't just "DARE to state his GOD GIVEN BELIEF that marriage is defined as the union of one man and one woman. No one is offended by that. He compared homosexuality to bestiality and pedophilia. There's quite a difference. First of all it's unfair and secondly, most sane people want equality for everyone, not more hate speech!

Arlen said...

I see validity in the comparison. According to the Bible (which I believe, totally), marriage is between a man and woman. Homosexuality is unnatural, as defined in the Bible. Bestiality and pedophilia are also unnatural. I think if you are comparing unnatural behaviors, the comparison is valid.

However, God provides a very special way to elude unnatural behavior. That way, the only way, is through Jesus Christ, the WAY.

What does that mean? In John 14:6, Jesus states that the only way you can know God the Father is through Jesus (trusting Him to forgive your sins and direct your life through the Holy Spirit.) You trust Jesus through prayer (talking to God) and asking Him for forgiveness and direction. If you do this and really mean it and believe, your life will never be the same.

Arlen said...

Also, the definition of "hate speech" is about as convoluted as the word "racism."

I did not hear hate in the tone of his voice, nor did I see hate in his body language. However, I did see a man who has a legitimate disagreement with specific factions of our society. And the Constitution of the US guarantees him the right to state those disagreements.

Hate speech seems to be defined by progressives as phrases, words or terminology that disagrees with their perspectives. They show their intolerance for those opinions that differ from theirs by the label "hate speech."

Christinewjc said...

Thanks so much Arlen!

Excellent points against what is truly just propagandist lies that are far too often spewed by those who disagree with Dr. Carson's positions on morality.

Christinewjc said...

Wow! Dr. Michael Bresciani wrote an awesome article about the dangers (and damage)of political correctness!

American Political Correctness in America – The Streamlining of Evil by Rev Michael Bresciani, April 12, 2013

God bless you, Arlen, for your continued willingness to speak up and speak out against the PC police who try to disparage Christians who are standing up for The TRUTH!