Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Our Current Financial Situation Was Not Bred Out of Incompetence, But by Design

If I wanted to take a survey of the kinds of Americans there are today, the following might be just a start in accurately describing them.  No, I'm not talking about race, gender, ideology, political affiliation, or even religious adherence.  I'm talking about those who see the truth about what is going on here in America and around the world, those who don't see the truth [and/or refuse to see it] regarding what is going on here in America and around the world, those who don't want to know the truth about what is going on in America and around the world, those who scoff at the truth and may simply label those who think that way as "conspiracy theorists" regarding what is going on here in America and around the world, those who deem themselves too "intellectual" to see the truth about what is going on here in America and around the world, and those who have to humbly admit to being too ignorant [and/or uninformed] to see the truth about what is going on here in America and around the world.

Feel free to add additional categories.  I'm sure there are more.  If anyone is bold enough to honestly take the survey, perhaps I will add to the survey choices in the near future.

First, your assignment is to read the following article:

Canada Free Press: DHS Insider update: It has begun. Our current financial situation was not bred out of incompetence, but by design.

After reading it, ask yourself why Obama is touring the country (and spending millions to do so) spewing rhetoric about gun control (excuse me, that should actually read PEOPLE CONTROL) laws. 

Look at the current threat coming out of North Korea!  Is it a ruse?  Is it a kind of "hissy fit" from a young 28-year-old dictator?  Or is it a genuine nuclear threat against our nation and South Korea?  If it is a grave threat, why would Obama be so continually interested in gun control/people control laws?  Why isn't he focusing on the economy, working to get new jobs (like approving the Keystone Pipeline, for starters) for the American people instead of keeping them under that slavery of government hand-outs like food stamps, unemployment, disability and other types of "Obama free phone" hand-outs?  I realize that some people desperately need the help.  But there are probably billions of dollars of fraud within every one of those programs!  So why aren't there any investigations to counter and stop such fraud?  People could be hired to find the waste, fraud, and abuse and be paid from the money saved!

I could go on and on with many pages of examples.

Money is being printed at an alarming rate with apparently no fear of higher inflation.  The national debt continues to soar, while Obama and his ilk try to fool the American people into thinking it's harmful to cut spending.  If so, why did he and his family take 3-4 vacations over the past 3 months that cost the American taxpayers billions of dollars (while closing the White House to children going on field trips from their schools)?  Why did Joe Biden spend a million dollars on hotel rooms in Paris?

What is wrong with this picture, folks???

It is because this is all being done by design - just as Mr. Doug Hagmann points out in his article (link above).

So, read the article and then place yourself in one of the following categories:

1.  I see the truth about what is going on here in America and around the world.

2.  I don't see the truth [and/or refuse to see it] regarding what is going on here in America and around the world.

3.  I don't want to know the truth about what is going on in America and around the world.

4.  I scoff at the truth and label those who think that way as a  "conspiracy theorists" regarding what is going on here in America and around the world.

5.  I deem myself to "intellectual" to see the "so-called" truth [and don't believe it anyway - no matter how much proof is given] about what is going on in America and around the world.

6.  I humbly admit to being too ignorant [and/or uninformed] to see the truth about what is going on here in America and around the world.

7.  Other [please elaborate].


Hat tip: Canada Free Press

Oh, and if that one article isn't enough to convince you of the truth, then I encourage you to read Mr. Hagmann's additional articles available HERE.

Talk Wisdom Reports...You Decide.


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Christinewjc said...

Well, the crickets are chirping regarding any comments or answers to my survey challenge. However, this post was picked up by Reddit in the "new" category: Conservatives/new

Christinewjc said...

Oh's also listed in the "Republican" "Hot" category: Republican

GMpilot said...

Traditionally, the only person who ever consistently responds to your 'surveys' is me, and I'd been away the past several days. Wow. I come back and find you've gone into full Bachmann-crazy overdrive! Before I suit up and wade into this latest sludge, maybe you can answer a question or two:

Vacations are not taken in round numbers. How many was it, three or four?

How do you (or Canada Free Press) know these vacations cost 'billions' of dollars?
The GAO would know, and I suspect it's much lower. A few years back, Congresswoman Bachmann claimed that Obama's (diplomatic) visit to India was costing the taxpayer '200 million dollars per day', and even went so far as to include a sizable portion of the Navy to accompany the president's staff. The truth was considerably less. So you'll understand why I'm skeptical about this.

How do you (or Canada Free Press) know Joe Biden spent $1 million on hotel rooms in Paris?
A quick glance shows this being repeated over and over on all the right-wing sites, but none so far have shown book, chapter and verse, as you like to say. If the evidence is really out there, at least one site should have it...but so far, nothing. This one's been making the rounds since last summer, and it certainly would have been a major smackdown on Biden during the campaign if it were true. So far, nothing.

Oh yeah: put me down as 'Other' in your so-called list. #2 ('refuse to see the truth') and #3 (don't want to know the truth') are essentially the same thing. So the categories are just as imprecise as the claims.

Christinewjc said...

Consider that the Obamas took separate vacations - Barack to Fla. to golf with Tiger Woods, and Michele & daughters to Aspen? (I think) to ski. Also, the two daughters went on two "Spring Break" vacations. This all costs taxpayer money. Closing the White House to students was a really bad PR move, but apparently those in charge at the WH are too stupid to see it.

I don't think that answers #2 and #3 are the same.

"Refusing to see the truth" means that one already may have been exposed to the truth, but still refuses it or even hates it. (Sounds like someone I know...)

"Not wanting to know the truth" is more like a person who doesn't know the truth and wants to continue to be like an ostrich with his/her head in the sand, hiding from the inevitable reality of the truth.

Christinewjc said...

More hypocrisy from WH:

Daily First Couple hosts celeb-filled concert amid sequestration.

GMpilot said...

To say “this all costs taxpayer money” is not exactly the same as “these vacations cost billions of dollars”. Everything done by the government costs taxpayer money; do you think the traffic light on your street corner grew there? If you can't provide hard numbers (remember, you ARE talking about money here), then what you have is not facts, it's opinion. And we all know what opinions have been compared to.
But you (and CFP) are claiming that this is all deliberate; that it's all a plot to crash our (and maybe the world's) economy. If Obama were of a mind to do that, he would've asked Congress to authorize another half-dozen or so aircraft carriers! They now cost about a billion dollars each, and nobody would even notice, since it's all for the sacred cow of national defense.

If someone 'refuses to see the truth', then obviously they don't want to know. As for your qualifier “one already may have been exposed to the truth, but still refuses it”, that may be thrown out. Truth is rarer than chicken teeth on this blog.