Sunday, April 24, 2005

Cherished family time

Sundays are so great. Time with the Lord and time with the family. It is the only day that my family of four gets to spend together and the only night that we all get to have dinner together. I miss the old days...when we would often have dinner together every night. But children grow up, they go off to college, work etc. and we seem to have meals at all different times during the week.

I just kissed my son goodbye as he drives back to Biola U. tonight. I will really miss him this week. All of the baseball games are away and at locations (like Chico) that are too far away to drive to. Ho hum. I'll see if the universities have a webcast. At least the playoffs will be at the home field! The team is doing great! They clinched the GSAC conference last week and are ranked # 7 in the NAIA with a 34-8-1 record! They are a great group of athletes who get along so well and are also fine young men. What a blessing!

My daughter and I went to Santa Monica for her commercial wardrobe fitting last Friday. We are so excited that she will be in her first commercial for Mercury Insurance which will shoot on May first! She has been taking acting lessons for over 3 years now, worked hard to get two agents, and now that she is with one of the top commercial agencies in L.A., she has averaged one audition per week! It isn't easy to break into this business, but once you do the potential for success and earning a great income is there!

My husband spent part of the afternoon getting packed up for a business trip later this week as well as a weekend away with his buddies at their annual FADE trip. FADE stands for "Fishing And Drinking Expedition". Heh heh. They were a lot younger when they started this annual trip 20 years ago so now it's more like "Fishing, a few drinks and right to bed" expedition! haha

With all this free time coming up this week I gotta round up my girl friends to spend some time together. Go to a movie, shopping or lunch/dinner. I will be busy next Sunday when I accompany my daughter to her first commercial shoot! How exciting it will be!

I just love my family! God has truly blessed me in my life and my greatest blessing has been our loving family. Even when we are apart, we always have that bond that lasts for life. And as a decorative ceramic plaque in my kitchen says, "Home is where you're loved the most." So true!

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