Saturday, April 23, 2005

My daughter & I made the right choice!

An article that was recently posted on WorldNetDaily just absolutely appalled me! It is just another indication that the general public school system is seriously flawed. Ever since they ordered Bible reading and classroom prayer out of the schools, the intensity of evil abounds!

My daughter (then age 16) saw many of the results of moral relativism
at our local high school. She "smelled the stench" of those who would rather be "politically correct" and cover up problems and the real reasons for such problems (a.k.a. liberalism gone wild) rather than
deal with them.

If you read the article, you will read that the school had refused this mother's request for a safety transfer before the assault. My advice? Don't wait for the school to initiate a transfer. TAKE YOUR CHILD
OUT OF PUBLIC SCHOOL NOW!! Register him/her into a charter school, or private/Christian school! If your son/daughter is willing to make this move, you and your child will not regret it!! If their safety at
a public school is in jeopardy YOU, AS THE RESPONSIBLE PARENT MAKE THE DECISION FOR THEM! That is why they are called "minors". Until the age of 18, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY AS A PARENT TO PROTECT THEM AND MAKE PROPER DECISIONS REGARDING THEIR SCHOOL CHOICES/ENVIRONMENT!!As a concerned parent, I was so grateful that my daughter made such a
choice on her own and REQUESTED that I take her out of the public school cesspool environment. Am I ever glad that I did!! Since transferring out, she has successfully completed her high school
courses (only video editing computer course left) with a 4.0 average;
she has completed 3 college level courses at our local community
college which count towards her high school graduation and college credit which is transferable to her 4-year college destination. She
applied to, and was accepted at all three colleges where she had sent applications!! She has a part time job at the mall and is earning her
own income. She has been involved with acting classes over the past 3 years and late last year she had signed with an L.A. agent for acting in commercials. We have been traveling together on auditions for the past
3 months and we are so excited because she just got her first
commercial booking this week!! Those in the acting industry KNOW
how difficult and how long that first break into the industry can be!
I'm so proud of my daughter!!The Independent Learning Program at
a charter high school was the perfect fit for my daughter. If your son/daughter is miserable in their current public school, maybe
he/she should try the charter school experience too!

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