Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The David Parker Case

I just had to bring this over to my blog. This case is so immensely important to parent's rights!! Take a look at what is happening in the David Parker case.




David Parker jury trial to start Sept. 21

Arrogant Lexington city officials continue to ban Parker from all school property, as son about to enter 1st grade.

Parker supporters show up in force for hearing - completely upstage gay activists.

CONCORD, MA. AUGUST 2, 2005. People still cannot believe that this can happen in America. A father of a six-year-old on trial for criminal charges, having spent the night in jail over homosexuality in his son's kindergarten class.

(See excerpts from press conference below.)

At today's hearing, Judge Robert McKenna, the district attorney, and David Parker's lawyers could not agree on a resolution on a number of issues, including access to documents and the town of Lexington's continuing to ban David Parker from all school property.

Read press release for hearing here.

Thus, a jury trial is now scheduled to begin on September 21. According to Parker's lawyers, Jeffrey Denner and Neil Tassel of the Boston firm Denner O'Malley, discovery will be expanded "to subpoena documents from the school, school committee, and a variety of other municipal entities."

Watch the TV evening news coverage of hearing: New England Cable News WCVB-Boston Ch. 5

Parker was arrested on April 27 and spent the night in jail over parental notification about teaching homosexuality in his son’s kindergarten class. Parker is being charged with criminal trespassing after refusing to leave a scheduled meeting with school officials, who had indicated they would agree to a notification policy then suddenly refused. Parker is adamant that he has not done anything wrong and is willing to contest the charge rather than give in to pressure to plea-bargain.

Although it seemed clear at the June 1 hearing that Judge Robert McKenna wanted to find a way to end this, the state insists that David Parker accept probation and other restrictions.

Denner: The expectation is that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts will comply with the discovery laws. There are laws in place that control the flow of information to children and the classroom protects the rights of parents who are essentially guardians of what their children learn. And we're assuming Lexington, as all other towns in Massachusetts, will comply with that.

Reporter: What is this trial all about?

Denner: The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has decided to charge my client with trespassing. We don't believe he in fact trespassed. We believe that what he was doing was an exercise of what any parent would do under these kinds of circumstances, that he was invited in to have a discussion; then the session got scuttled, and the result is the Commonwealth has decided that what actually happened was trespassing. We actually consider that something far worse happened. They [the Parkers] were more the victims than the perpetrators.

Reporter: The School Board maintains that he deliberately set out to be arrested, to make national headlines.

Denner: That is simply untrue. I don't speak for the school, but that is simply untrue. He was invited to come in, he came in, there was a dialogue going back and forth, there were faxes sent back and forth, from the school to the school committee. His intent was absolutely not to be arrested. His intent was to establish a dialogue to protect his own children and other children as well.

Reporter: What laws were violated?

Denner: There is a law in Massachusetts that basically allows parents to know that certain categories of information are being taught to their children. If they know that, they can opt out of class that day, or at least they can give a more balanced, parent's perspective, more parental guidance, to their child…

Reporter: Wasn't the book that's at the core of this issue, "Who's in a Family" just a voluntary thing?

Denner: There are many problems here. I think there's been a systematic failure to comply with the laws of Massachusetts. There's a larger issue here both locally, nationally, and internationally of the role of families vis-à-vis the government, and what kind of incursions the government can make into people's lives, and that's one battlefield.

Reporter: So ultimately, you see this as a test case for all of those laws, principles…?

Denner: Every case … is a test case for something. I think that justice generally is a very hard test to reach...

Reporter: Nonetheless, you see a possibility of a compromise here?...

Denner: In the criminal matter, there could be a resolution to this case if it's dismissed without any allegation of wrongdoing against Mr. Parker.

Reporter: Can we ask Mr. Parker and his wife about how this is affecting you and your family?

David Parker: We're very displeased the School Administration continues to bar my presence from all schools in Lexington. This includes meeting places to vote, school committee meetings, parent-teacher meetings…

Tonia Parker: Picking up his son at school, participating in our son's events at the school as well.

David Parker: And my son is very cognizant of the fact that his daddy can't enter school.

Reporter: And what do you explain to him? What have you told him? He's six years old?

David Parker: He was five at the time, six now. I told him his daddy's in charge. And he smiled.

Reporter: So where do you drop him off? In front of the school? Is that right, Mrs. Parker?

David Parker: My wife is allowed to pick him up and drop him off. Only I am banned from all schools.

Reporter: Isn't the discovery process a little unusual in this situation?

Denner: I don't think it's unusual to assert anyone's Constitutional rights …once they're charged. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts made a decision to charge David Parker. We would be remiss in not zealously protecting him, defending him, to the absolute extent that the Constitution and the law provides…

Reporter: How close are you to reaching some sort of agreement?

Denner: I have no idea how to measure that.

Reporter: You've got a lot of supporters here today. Did that give you confidence?

David Parker: I think it speaks to what the issue is, the support that we're getting.

Yes, this is John Adams! He showed up and weighed in. He was particularly upset that the court proceedings were done in whispers, so the spectators couldn't hear what they were saying. We agree.

Carol Rose, executive director of the state ACLU showed up. She told Article 8 that they're not involved at this time in this issue, but that the schools have done nothing wrong. She added that the Massachusetts courts have ruled that homosexuality is legally equivalent to heterosexuality. We reminded her that a court cannot repeal the laws of nature. She didn't have an answer to that.

People came from all over to support David Parker.

Of course, liberal media couldn't leave without giving gay activists at least some TV air time.

Typical of Boston Globe - photographer shows up an hour and a half late, takes a few pictures of gay activists with signs, then just wanders around.

Knowledge base (Part 1): "The Overhauling of Straight America" published in 1987 – founding document of gay propaganda movement.

===Article 8 is compiling an online “knowledge base” of background information of all kinds that you need to know to deal with these issues. This will really open your eyes.

Ever wondered just where the “homosexual agenda” came from, and why it seems to have worked so well?

This landmark article – from 1987 – has become a "bible" of the homosexual movement. It outlines strategies and techniques for a successful widespread propaganda campaign to confuse and deceive the American people and demonize opponents. Click here for “The Overhauling of Straight America”. Look for Part 2 on Wednesday, August 10, on the home page, http://www.article8.org/.


Jojo said...

All I can say is, "What's next?!" You better believe that I would go to school if my son received material portraying homosexuality as the norm. I'm sorry for children of homosexual parents. I understand that they might feel insecure when only seeing books with male daddies and female mommies - but they need to know the truth - not be fed a lie. What about those kids who have a parent in jail, or ones who do drugs? Are we going to make books showing this as acceptable too?

Who is John Adams? I've never heard of him.

Stephen said...
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Stephen said...

Hi Christine - I was with David Parker as the key note speaker several weeks ago at Holden Chapel in Massachusetts. We hugged and I told him I and the entire ministry of SBM supported him as well as his family, and will do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING possible to help him through this.

He had tears in his eyes and said he's been following SBM for a while now, was familiar with me and appreciated so much we were getting out the truth.

SBM has dedicated the last three years to ministering, preaching and publicly speaking in the State of Massachusetts, including at the State House and rallies, and I plan on being there at the trial when it begins in September.

There may be a possibility I will be called as a witness as I know the facts about "gay" activism in the Massachusetts public schools, as well as being a former homosexual resident of Provincetown, Massachusetts.

It's unbelievable what this man and his family is going through - the State telling this Christian family,"Your child WILL learn about AND accept homosexuality whether you approve or not."

Lord willing, David Parker WILL be vindicated.

This is the "fruit" of legalized homosexual marriage Christine. Believe me, it has only just begun.

It's no longer what two people do in the bedroom, but now it has been brought into the schools, the workplace, the government, the churches - everywhere.

In their OWN words I quote, "We're queer and we're here!"

"No Child Left Behind?" You're right, President Bush. If we continue down the path we are going, NO child will be left behind from being taught the falsehood that homosexuality is equivalent to heterosexuality (according to quote from the MA ACLU female attorney featured in the article link.)

This isn't meant to be harsh, but I have a heart for children. God forbid if this were my child --

It's clear homosexuals don't want Christianity "forced" on them -- then STOP forcing homosexuality upon Christians.

Christinewjc said...

Jojo and Stephen,

I hope that Americans will FINALLY WAKE UP when they hear more about David Parker's unfair and erroneous dilemma which is meant to strip him of his parental rights!

Stephen, I can understand your need not to appear harsh on this issue; especially because of the type of ministry you are involved in. But I believe that the Article 8 Alliance has the right approach. This MUST be exposed for the inherent evil that it is and must be dealt with firmly, even at the cost that some people's "feelings might be hurt."

To think that these Nazi-like activists can have the 'right' to forceably brainwash this man's kindergarten aged son, or anyone else's child, into acceptance of homosexual behavior is sinful, black evil! These people running the public schools are Marxists with their leftist brainwashing propaganda machines firmly in place. DON'T STAND FOR IT PEOPLE!! VOTE THEM OUT!! CONTINUE TO FIGHT AGAINST THEIR RABID AND FOUL IDEOLOGY!!

All the deception and lies used to dupe people into unwarranted sympathy for homosexuals has led to this terrible kind of evil upon us! All this deception and lies will severely affect the future of our children; especially if nothing is done to combat and/or prevent it!

Friends, we CANNOT be silent about this any longer! I, for one, refuse to be silenced and will continue to fight against the homosexual agenda with every last breath that I have!

I recently completed reading the article below and posted it at my message board. It is truly amazing that America has been so severely duped by the gay activist agenda. The following article (which was written in 1987) and the book, "After the Ball" shows how their sleazy strategy evolved and, unfortunately, worked so well to undermine Godly morality in the hearts and minds of our citizens!


Saltnlight said...

Hi Christine:
I have recently sent a letter to the Editor of the Monadnock Ledger concerning this in hopes it will open some eyes here where I am.

If this can happen to this dad it can happen to anyone.

This kind of thing should be an alarm to people to waken them as to how wicked these people can be. To imagine that anyone would want to injure children in a way such as this but to see the powers that be back it by putting a father in jail is beyond my imaginings.

The ones who are doing this are the very ones who are working for homosexuals who want to be accepted and permitted to adopt and rear children.

Homosexuals want to be accepted and be welcomed by Christians, if that is true wouldn't you think they would be up in arms over this?? I wouldn't want evil people who do this to a boy's father to represent me.

Is this what homosexuality is about?? Selfish and arrogant in their lust for sex even to the point of attacking children in schools???

Saltnlight said...

What you have said here is exactly what I have tried to say all along. The homosexual thinks that love lets them do what they want. They believe as I did once back in my youth. That God made me with this same sex desire. They believe it to the point of hatred toward anyone who loves them enough to tell the truth.

While they believe that lie and don't see it as such they have no idea what this will do to children even their own.

There is only one thing for us to lean on and that is that God is still in control. The sorry thing to note is that when He has had enough, time will have past for all who will not hear the truth.