Friday, August 05, 2005

The Depravity Just Gets Worse and Worse!!

Just when I think that things could not possibly get worse in Massachusetts, the gay activists always manage to outdo their previous disgusting and gross actions.

The evil that they are blatantly presenting to kids is just so disturbing it is often beyond belief!! I sincerely hope that you will read the following email in its entirety and click on the links (ESPECIALLY the so-called "workshops" that they are presenting to children as young as 8!!) and read them too. You WILL be shocked, dismayed and severely disturbed by what you read, SO I AM WARNING YOU NOW! I also hope that you will get involved in combating this terrible evil being inflicted upon the youth in states like Massachusetts. YOUR STATE AND OUR NATION COULD BE NEXT! Look at what has happened in Canada! Evil inevitably thrives when Bible-based morality people do nothing!

The inherent evil and sin involved in homosexual activism (as well as all of the new "offshoots" such as trans activism etc.) just goes to show how far people like this are from God and His Laws. They need to be confronted by Bible-believing Christians and we need to speak out against their blatant, overt, mind-boggling recruitment and brainwashing of our youth!!



Article 8 Alliance – Massachusetts – ** August 4 Email Update **It’s gone too far: Statewide movement to remove the SJC 4 and take back our government.
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In this email update:
1. David Parker jury trial to start Sept. 21. Town of Lexington continues to ban him from all school property. Supporters out in force at Aug. 2 hearing!
2. More depraved workshops revealed from homosexual conference at Brookline High School, Apr. 30. Superintendent sends letter to town residents calling it a “positive experience” for kids.
3. Boston & Cambridge spending $100,000 to attract more homosexual tourists.
And more. . .

"The logical end to defensive warfare is surrender." - Napoleon

=== 1. David Parker jury trial to start Sept. 21. Town of Lexington continues to ban him from all school property. Supporters out in force at Aug. 2 hearing! ===

People still cannot believe that this can happen in America. A father of a six-year-old is on trial for criminal charges, having spent the night in jail over homosexuality in his son's kindergarten class. The arrogant town officials still continue to ban him from all school property – in effect, he not only can’t go to school events, but he also can’t go to school committee meetings or even vote on election day!

At the August 2 hearing, though Parker’s supporters were out in force, clearly overwhelming the pitiful handful of gay activists who came to try to intimidate people and get press time. Inside, the District Attorney and town refused to give in, so this will move forward to a jury trial next month.

See complete report, with photos and links to TV news coverage.

=== 2. More depraved workshops revealed from homosexual conference at Brookline High School, Apr. 30. Superintendent sends letter to town residents calling it a “positive experience” for kids. ===

The taxpayer-supported GLSEN homosexual conference for kids at Brookline High School was worse than a lot of people think. Although the “Little Black Book – Queer in the 21st Century” made the news, there was more – a LOT more.

Here, we’ve revealed a few of the workshops that will probably make you sick. They’re about transsexuality / transgenderism – teaching kids that it’s perfectly natural if you dress like the opposite sex, believe you’re the opposite sex, and even have your body mutilated to “become” the opposite sex.

Warning: some of this is pretty strong stuff.
Workshop featuring transgender panel for kids.

Workshop (by Planned Parenthood) normalizing transgenderism for kids.

And check out these other workshops given that day!

Letter from Superintendent supporting conference, apologizing for Little Black Book.

=== 3. Boston & Cambridge spending $100,000 to attract more homosexual tourists. ===

Do we need any more evidence that government is out of control? This is what happens when the people sit on the sidelines and let the special interests have their way. WE NEED TO CHANGE THAT!

$100G gay tourism campaign launched
By Donna Goodison
Boston Herald, July 20, 2005

Boston and Cambridge are rolling out the rainbow carpet.

Tourism officials hope to lure more gay and lesbian travelers through a new $100,000 advertising and marketing campaign.

The Greater Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau has teamed with Man Around - a U.K. company billed as the world's largest long-distance gay-tour operator - to market Boston and Cambridge as gay-friendly destinations.

Gay and lesbian travelers are an attractive market for the tourism industry, according to Pat Moscaritolo, the convention bureau's chief.

``Because they have higher income, they have a propensity or ability to travel,'' Moscaritolo said. ``They also have an affinity to support destinations and companies that support the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community.''

Man Around will send promotional mailings next month plugging Boston and Cambridge to its top 15,000 British travel customers. Those who book trips will receive a new eight-page gay and lesbian visitors guide to Boston and Cambridge, along with other promotional material.

The guide touts Boston and Cambridge as having a ``vibrant, creative and professional openly gay population, with many gays and lesbians active in cultural organizations and city, county and state politics.''

A timeline highlights gay-and-lesbian milestones, from the 1969 founding of the Homophile Union of Boston to the 2003 Supreme Judicial Court ruling that paved the way for the nation's first same-sex marriages.

Produced in conjunction with Boston Spirit, a bimonthly lifestyle magazine geared toward the gay community, the guide debuted at last month's Gay Pride parade.

It will also be distributed next year at two trade shows targeting gays and lesbians: the April 1-2 GLEE (Gay Lifestyle Enrichment Expo) Boston at the Bayside Expo Center and the April 26 Gay Expo Boston at the Park Square castle.

The Cambridge Office of Tourism was eager to participate in the campaign to highlight the city's pioneering role in supporting gay marriages and to showcase its diversity, according to Executive Director Robyn Bell.

And more. . .

As you know, the homosexual movement gets enormous funding in Massachusetts. But we depend on individuals like you for support.

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Added on 8/9/05:

2. David Parker case attracting more national attention. People across country are outraged. ===

It’s starting to sink in that in America a father was actually arrested and led to jail in handcuffs for demanding to be notified when adults discuss homosexuality and transgenderism with his kindergartner.

In the days since the August 2 hearing, this case is heating up. On Monday morning, Fox News did another story on it. David’s been on the radio far and wide. The Internet coverage has been cooking. We’ll be adding more information on the website over the next week – watch for it!

Note: In our last email, our links to the David Parker story didn’t work – so here they are:
Report of the August 2 hearing – with pictures, TV coverage.
Main info on the complete Parker case.

4. Knowledge base (Part 1): "The Overhauling of Straight America" published in 1987 – founding document of gay propaganda movement. ===

Article 8 is compiling an online “knowledge base” of background information of all kinds that you need to know to deal with these issues.

This will really open your eyes. Ever wondered just where the “homosexual agenda” came from, and why it seems to have worked so well? This landmark article – from 1987 – has become a "bible" of the homosexual movement. It outlines strategies and techniques for a successful widespread propaganda campaign to confuse and deceive the American people and demonize opponents.

Click here for “The Overhauling of Straight America”.

Look for Part 2 on Wednesday, August 10, on the home page,


Christinewjc said...

The following are some comments I received in an email recently that discussed many of the topics included in the Article 8 email.

Why we must continue to fight the radical homosexual agenda:

All Christians should be praying that David Parker wins this. He is fighting for all of us. This insidious migration of the homosexual agenda is threatening all of our public schools and sooner or later, if left unchecked, will be an issue in every nook and cranny of America!

Please see for the complete story on Same Sex Marriage in Canada. Basically, pro-traditional family values people were totally undermined by a corrupt Liberal Government who played every underhanded tactic imaginable to get Same Sex Marriage passed. It totally drove the last federal election! This may have angered a few people on the Right, but the majority of Canadians are so scared of the Conservatives' "hidden agenda" that they will most likely vote the Liberals in again. That is why Americans need to take us with a big grain of salt, to put it politely. Canada should remember the words of this old hymn: (Jesus is Coming Again) (turn on your speakers) - Richard, Prince George, BC Canada


In regards to the comments from gays in Canada above, especially the last fourth of it...I am about to gag! My goodness! Legalizing sleazy bathhouses? "Artificial" gender lines created by our society? Gay curriculum and ani-homophobia education in public schools (which includes kindergartners, 5 YEAR OLD CHILDREN!)? Do they hear themselves? This is insane! Especially the supposed "artificial" gender lines that who created? Our society? How about waking up to reality and noticing that it is NATURAL...nature supports societies acceptance of gender and it's roles. It was not mandated by those "crazy religous zealots" that they so despise. This stuff drives me insane! I'd rather live in a society who fears God than one that accepts no notion of right or wrong. That is chaotic and self-destructive and if they knew anything about history they would see the folly of their ways.

mamalicious said...

Hi Christine, I just wanted to aplogize for "ending" the conversation on your blog. I've been incredibly busy with travel and an increasingly energetic toddler so my computer time is limited. I'm sorry if I have left you hanging - it was not my intent. I hope we can continue the conversation soon.

Christinewjc said...

Hi Mamalicious,

Nice to hear from you again! I completely understand. I have been busy too! I haven't had a lot of time to post on my own blog lately! I've got a lot of catching up to do!

Feel free to comment when you get some time.

I can still recall those toddler days...even though mine are now 21 and almost 18! I feel so old!! I just know that I will be experiencing that "empty nest" syndrome this Fall because both will be off to college living in their own apartments! :-( I'm going to miss them terribly!

I hope and pray that your family is healthy and doing well. ttyl

God bless,

Saltnlight said...

Hi Christine:
I have been involved in many things concerning the depravity that seems to be trying to take over America.
Writing letters to the editor to let people know about how things are changing. I have been in the public schools speaking with principals etc. About the books introduced into their libraries here.

My one close contact was once Scott Lively, an attorney who first introduced me to what the Nazi's and Hitler youth was all about plus he is how I first heard of the book, "After the Ball" that caused the break through for homosexuals to have such clout today. It is filled with twists and how to's for selling homosexuality to the American public with little effort. How to get to big business etc.

Scott's site is:

There is a lot to be found there you owe it to yourself to check it out.

I am what one might call a "Red-Meat Activist" though I am not a young woman anymore.

My greatest upset with all of this is the way it has targeted children. I am interested in supporting Article 8 but cannot send money, I don't have it. My finances are very slim. The last and only vacation I have had was to accompany Stephen to P-town Massachusetts to hand out bags to homosexuals as a mission to them. I got to stay at his and Irene's home over night the night before with a couple others who had no money for hotels etc.. He and his sweet wife and kids were so good and hospitable to us.

Homosexuals need to understand that we are not going to stand still for them to rape the minds of the very young. This father who stood up to them should not have to stand alone.

Saltnlight said...

Scott being once my close contact is past tense only because his life got very busy and mine did as well. Not because of any falling out. Just wanted to get that cleared up.

Saltnlight said...


Welcome to this site Mamalicious I hope you enjoy it. Please don't be angry with me, I never meant to upset you and I will endeavor to not do that again. I ask your forgiveness whether or not you ever want to give it.

Christinewjc said...


I'm glad to hear that you are actively involved with trying to keep the homosexual agenda from advancing for the sake of our children and grandchildren! This is exactly why I got involved. When a gay/straight alliance was formed at our daughter's high school, my husband and I met with the assistant principal and voiced our concerns. We brought a lot of website printouts for her to view. However, we left feeling as thought our concerns fell on deaf ears. I could just visualize that the stack of papers we gave her (which included the FistGate scandal) were just tossed into the trash after we left.

I did sit in on several GSA meetings, but parents aren't allowed to speak...just listen. We also tried to bring in a now straight (ex-gay) speaker but were turned down almost immediately. Apparently it is only gay-behavior-AFFIRMING 'straights' or those who REMAIN GAY who are welcome to share information and educate the children. It is clear leftist, Marxist propaganda. In their world, ex-gay people do not exist!

I have heard of Scott Lively and his ministry. It used to be called, "Abiding Truth Ministry". I even have a link to it from my "links" website page. Yes. It is filled with valuable information regarding this issue. More people need to be aware of what is REALLY going on with the goals of homosexual activism. To many people have their heads in the sand and tragically, their children are suffering because of it!

Saltnlight said...

Yes, Scotts ministry was Abiding Truth ministries and the material was very good. He wrote a few books too on this behavior.

This issue is just like many other things. If it hasn't crawled right up the skirt of mom or the pantleg of dad and affected their child they could care less. Did you ever see people reading labels so much before?? No, not until so many things were trumpeted about ingredients leading to cancer. Now you see people actually reading them in the store.

Paul spoke highly of the Bereans because they were noted for checking it with scripture, today with homosexuality and other things, people want someone else to do the checking for them. Talk about lazy!!!