Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The Rational Part of Earth to France!

O.K. For this post I must put on my political hat. Can you sense a rant on the way?

Last night, Bill O'Reilly made some important statements in his Talking Points Memo regarding the Muslim insurrection in France. Although he could have eliminated the "comic book" reference to Katrina and the "fear mongering" that our disaster might be just around the corner, the rest of the memo was right on.

People should not forget this major point:

"Let's start at the beginning. If France had demanded that Saddam Hussein allow the U.N. weapons inspectors full access, there would not have been a war in Iraq."

And, consider this fact:

"Also, let's not forget the Chirac government and the French media have consistently undermined America's War on Terror. — That's why we're boycotting France."

But the most devastating point was this fact:

"But as you know, France was making millions under the table by working with Saddam. And that corrupt bargain hurt us all."

I'm not happy that France is suffering from almost two weeks of rioting by angry Muslim immigrants. But the old saying, "what goes around comes around" might apply here. The U.N. Oil For Food Scandal does not, IMO, get the news coverage that it deserves. In fact, Fox News Channel was the ONLY cable station that would touch it at first. But the exposure of France and other corrupt members of the U.N. Scandal is crucial to understanding a big reason why they voted against not only continued and thorough inspections for weapons, but even more importantly, their haughty votes against the war in Iraq in the first place!

Chirac is not only a weak "leader," but also one who allows corruption. You cannot convince me that he didn't know about the corrupt French embarrassing ambassador at the U.N. He knew all to well! But he will hide and blame others like the weasel that he is.

It was a serious kind of corruption that not only enabled a brutal dictator to slaughter his own people on a regular basis, but also funneled money to the Palestinian suicide bombers in Israel. Chirac's greed, probable jealousy, ignorance and hatred for the West caused not only much suffering for the people of Iraq, but also many deaths in both Iraq and Israel! Now, his sins have come back to haunt him and harm the very people he is SUPPOSED to protect!! Proves the point that the love of money really is the root of evil.

O'Reilly wrote:

"Chirac has allowed the insurrection to build in ferocity, refusing to use his military, allowing anarchy in the streets."

Take a look at this post at Right As Usual blogspot. The author makes some good points:

"(sigh) Sometimes, you just want them to buy a clue. The Rational Part of Earth to France! - the gangs are the organization! Did you learn nothing from watching the US during the Sixties? Or Ireland during their struggle for freedom? Or the Soviet Union? Or YOUR OWN BLOODY REVOLUTION?"

And now, after 12 nights of violence, Chirac finally declares a State of Emergency on Tuesday, paving the way for curfews to be imposed on riot-hit cities and towns. And, they call it an extraordinary measure to halt France's worst civil unrest in decades after 12 nights of violence. Extraodinary measure? What's extraordinary is the length of time they waited for such a declaration! What in the world were they waiting for? Unbelievable!

Can you believe the stupidity of this man and his government? What wimps!

I know that what I am about to say may sound a bit insensitive. But it really happened and I must share it.

Two days ago, I said this:

"I just can't believe what I am seeing on my T.V. screen. Chirac and his impotent government are doing NOTHING to stop this insanity! I asked my husband today, "don't these officials in France realize the terrible message they are sending to brutal Islamic terrorists?" Look at the stupidity. They can't even stop these YOUTHS, as they have been so "politically correctly" labeled by CNN news commentators (CNN doesn't have a CLUE EITHER!) then how would they EVER be able to stop people like Zarqawi from invading, terrorizing and then taking over their country?

My husband had a gem of a one liner.He said, "They wouldn't want it. Would you?"

His comment made me laugh, at first, but then it made me sad. Seeing how weak France's president and government is puts many in peril!!

Socialist type government DOESN'T WORK for the benefit of the poor and disenfranchised. It's anti-military ideology DEFINITELY doesn't work against Muslim extremists and gangs of thugs. If any good can come out of this situation, it will be France's sorry 'leadership' realizing these two facts.

Great article called How Empires End over at LaShawn Barber's blog where she mentions Pat Buchanan's column. In it, LaShawn shares how Buchanan lays out some pertinent and frequently ignored-by-the-media facts in his latest column.


Susan Smith said...

He who sits in the heavens... laughs.

See Psalm 2. I am smiling. Good night, my friend. Love from the City of Peace. (ss)

Christinewjc said...

I received this email with links to two more great articles about what is happening (and why) in France.


France's Flawed Experiment with Secularism
—Albert Mohler

The world has watched as France has been thrown into a state of emergency, with riots, street fighting and arson enveloping entire neighborhoods of Paris--and now the riots are spreading to other European nations. While they have declared a state of emergency, French authorities still deny the extent of the disorder.

Many in the media are censoring the fact that these are Muslim youth, who have gone on a rampage against the secularist society of France. As writer Mark Steyn writes, this may be the outbreak we have all dreaded--a civil war for the soul of Europe.

Ever since the French Revolution, France has attempted to create a truly secular society. In one sense, they have been hugely successful. Active Christianity is embraced by very few French citizens. But, as is always the case, secularism creates a vacuum at the very center of civilization. These rioting young men want to fill that vacuum with Muslim rage. Secularism has consequences.