Saturday, November 05, 2005

Trampling of Parental Rights

Lately, I have tried to veer away from posting about any topics having to do with sex, family and marriage. But the issue just keeps coming back. Why? Because of activist judges who think that a public school has more 'rights', (according to their own absolutely unfounded and crazy so-called 'basis' for such a decision) in the Constitution, to teach and/or question children about sex WITHOUT A PARENT'S PERMISSION in public schools.

The latest ruling by an absolutely loonie leftist liberal judge in California shows how very important it will be to get Sam Alito confirmed to the Supreme Court. We need to get back some sanity in this country! The attack of extreme liberalistic ideology by people in the CA legistature and the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals are attempting to send our state into a cesspool of evil licentiousness. I just thank God that Davis was out and Arnold was in the Governor's office so that he could strike down the homosexual marriage bill that was being forced upon an unwilling public.

Californians voted in 2000 for the passing of Prop. 22 ( by a 62% majority) which legally defined marriage as the union of one man and one woman. The legislature, made up mostly of liberal Democrats, caved in to the pressure and demands of homosexual activist legislators and voted in same-sex marriage by a small margin of votes (in what was formally a completely different bill about a completely different subject, btw) which basically was an attempt to nullify the votes made by millions of Californians in our democratic republic. The California Legislature is out of step with Californians who voted in 2000 to protect marriage as only between one man and one woman. With their blatant support of homosexual marriage, California legislators have shown their true stripes, and many have aligned themselves against the very citizens who elected them. These legistators where more interested in pushing through their own ideological agenda rather than represent the true wishes of the people that they were supposed to represent!

Gov. Schwarzenegger has rightfully vetoed this bill. His reasoning behind his decision is not necessarily a moral one, but more accurately, it is a political one. He feels that the votes of the people should stand on this issue, not the votes of legislators who wish to force their own political agendas upon an unwillingly public.

Now, we have the Ninth U.S. Circuit's Trampling of Parental Rights

In this portion of an article written by Jenni Parker from AgapePress, we have this terrible decision in a nutshell:

"(AgapePress) - Pro-family leaders are disturbed and incensed over Wednesday's decision by an appellate court panel in San Francisco, which held that parents have "no fundamental right" to control their kids' upbringing by introducing them to sexual information "in accordance with their personal and religious values and beliefs." Nor, according to the panel, do mothers and fathers have the right to prevent their kids' exposure to sexual information whenever and however the school chooses.

'The Circus Has Now Ruled ...' "

Yes. The CIRCUS has now ruled!!

A CitizenLink article yesterday (Nov. 3) quoted Matt Staver as saying the Ninth Circuit ruling "essentially says that parents have no rights. Once you drop your kids off at school -- according to this court's decision -- you have severed all of your parental rights until you pick your kids up at the end of the day."

The plaintiffs in the case had sued the Palmdale School District for subjecting their children to a school survey without disclosing to the parents in advance that the survey contained probing personal questions of a sexual nature. However, the appellate court's Judge Stephen Reinhardt informed the plaintiffs in his ruling that "parents have no due process or privacy right to override the determinations of public schools ...."

A disgusted Staver commented, "Understand, these are seven-year-old children that are being asked intrusive and controversial and inappropriate questions about sexual behavior. And this judge says, 'That's okay.' Well, it's not okay!"

"According to senior trial attorney Brian Fahling of the American Family Association Center for Law & Policy the judge issuing the panel's opinion also failed to rely on law for the decision, citing instead a few cases that he attempted to make fit his predetermined conclusions. Under these circumstances, he says he finds the judges' ruling, as well as its implications, "deeply troubling," especially since it basically allows schools to expose children to whatever material they please while telling parents they cannot interfere."

Tony Perkins, president of the Washington, DC-based Family Research Council (FRC), calls the panel's ruling "infamous" and says it is hard to imagine any of those judges ever had young children. He notes that the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals is America's "most overruled circuit" and adds, "For off-the-wall liberalism, it has no peer."

"Bruce Hausknecht, a judicial analyst for Focus on the Family Action, agrees that the ruling in the Palmdale parent's suit sets a terrible precedent. He says unless this "egregious example of judicial tyranny" is corrected, the rights of parents and the entire future of public education are in serious jeopardy."

This is nothing less than judicial activist tyranny! This looney and egregious decision is certainly an offensive result that must be overturned!!


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Anna said...

Hi Christine -

What's even scarier is unless this decision is overturned in a higher court, it can become a precedent for other parts of the country. Also, the judge is saying the parents have no legal recourse in these matters.


Clandestine said...

I don't know the details, of course, but this seems ridiculous to me, too.

When I was a child, my mom wouldn't allow us to take naps because we wouldn't go to bed on time if we did. So the kindergarten and nursery school teachers wouldn't let us. She also wouldn't let us go to those presentations about abuse, strangers and/or train safety because they were traumatizing (with pictures and everything!). I totally think she was right to make those decisions. The Jehovah's Witnesses didn't participate in parties. And all the parents were told about what was happening in health class.

And I agree this sets a dangerous precedent.

So that's that. :)

Susan Smith said...

I am thankful we know WHO is in control. The enemy will do anything to kill, steal and destroy.

God bless the two who wrote the above replies. God does not give us a spirit of fear, but of love, power and of a sound mind (see 2TI 1:7). Unbelief is my greatest sin. Yours in Christ and love to all from the City of Peace. (ss)

mamalicious said...

If they are giving/asking info about sex with seven year olds, we should all be upset! And the part about not allowing parents to "interfere" sounds very strange. This would never happen in the school district where I work - even with the most liberal of "rule makers," we still pay attention to parents!

Could it be that we all agree here (that is, about the introducing sex info at school part)? Is the sky falling? :)

Christinewjc said...

I don't know where you live Mamalicious, but are you sure that parents are being notified on such issues? Unfortunately, many parents don't even realize what is happening in our public schools today. Many are too busy working and too tired to find out the details. Many, sadly, are uninterested.

This CA case is similar to the MA David Parker case. In both situations, parent's rights are being trampled by those who "think they know better" about when, how, and why young children should be taught about sex.

I was so grateful that back in the '90's when our district had 3 Christian school board members, they passed the OPT-IN requirement for sex ed. instruction in middle and high schools. In this way, they HAD to let parents know beforehand whenever the subject of sex was being brought up in health class. Also, parents were told specifically what was being taught. The parents had to SIGN A FORM before ANY student could attend the sex ed. class. This was a much better idea than the "Opt. Out" method that most schools have adopted. The forms usually never got home to the parents and this allowed the schools to teach sex ed. not only without a parent's permission, but also without the parent's knowledge! This is what is happening in most MA public schools and the Article 8 Alliance and Parent's Right Coalition are trying to change the policy. This is where David Parker's dilemma begins. He went to the school to request an "Opt. In" notification whenever homosexuality was being taught to his son in kindergarten. I don't think this is a subject that should even be presented at such a young age!! I also don't think that a parent should have to beg to be notified when a topic like sex is being brought up and taught to 6 and 7-yr. olds at school! At that age, it is TOTALLY UNNECESSARY!

Clandestine said...

I live in MA!

And, we had health class. I don't know if it is any different than any other school, but it definitely didn't make me want to have sex!

Christinewjc said...

It probably matters just how long ago you were in high school, Clandestine.

I do know that Newton North H.S. was often mentioned as being very freewheeling with sexual information, particularly homosexual indoctrination (sorry, but I call it like I see it).

Anyway, I found this article called Schoolhouse Crock: Sexual Eminent Domain which really focuses in on what is at issue (and, at stake) for parents as it regards who has more 'rights' in teaching children about sexuality. It's eye opening, to say the least!

Christinewjc said...

Just found another article that reminded me of stuff that happened (and was objected to by many parents)at the Newton North H.S. in MA. Read all of the "tough" sentences to find out what they were.

Barbara Simpson certainly called it for what it truly is when she named her article The Search & Destroy Mission Against Children !