Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Victory For Religious Liberty

Pastor Green has been acquitted!

This is truly a victory for religious free speech, ability to share the truth of the Bible when sharing the gospel, and freedom of association on moral matters and truth!

"The U.S.-based Alliance Defense Fund, which filed friends-of-the-court briefs in support of Green, called the high court's ruling "a huge victory for religious liberty everywhere."


From ADF newsletter:

TO: Christine
FROM: Alan Sears, President

You Prayed and God Answered! Pastor Ake Green Acquitted of “Hate Speech” by Swedish Supreme Court!

We just received word this AM that the Swedish Supreme Court – in an unanimous decision - has acquitted Pastor Ake Green of charges that he engaged in “hate speech” when he delivered a sermon on homosexual behavior to his small church.

This is a MAJOR victory for religious freedom worldwide, as a loss would not only have sentenced Pastor Green to jail, but also set an international precedent that radical advocates of homosexual behavior would have attempted to use to legally silence the uncensored preaching of the Gospel around the globe.

ADF Chief Counsel Benjamin Bull, who traveled to Sweden to advise Pastor Green and observe the trial, says: “This is a huge international victory for fundamental human rights, religious freedom, and freedom of speech. Voicing one’s conscience is a fundamental human right. In this contest between religious freedom and the radical homosexual agenda, religious freedom prevailed. As David slew Goliath, Ake Green slew the radical homosexual agenda in this case. We can only hope that will deter other attempts to censor Christian ministers from delivering Bible-based messages against harmful homosexual conduct. Ake Green is a hero and we are grateful for his stand and his perseverance.”

ADF coordinated and funded the filing of friend-of-the-court briefs for the case as well as the translation of trial transcripts into English. Numerous international groups have used these transcripts to prepare their friend-of-the-court briefs on Green’s behalf.

Thank you for your prayers – which along with God’s grace – made this pivotal victory possible!

Some people may still want to label Pastor Green's comment 'hate speech' when he called homosexuality a 'deep cancer tumor' on society. His terminology may not have been pleasant. However, the medical truths and dangers of homosexuality should alarm and concern us all.

Today's (and yesterday's) broadcast at Straight Talk Radio covers this in depth.

From the website:

Today, Straight Talk Radio concludes one of the most important subjects very few are truthfully addressing within the medical community: “The Medical Truths and Dangers of Homosexuality.”

Dr. John Diggs, MD, is a Board-Certified Internal Medicine Specialist in South Hadley, Massachusetts, who has been treating homosexual individuals since the discovery of HIV/AIDS (originally known as GRIDS) in 1981 – and the increase of STDs (sexually transmitted diseases.) Dr. Diggs speaks from his first hand, professional experience, about the real mental, emotional and physical consequences of those individuals who engage in dangerous and risky homosexual behavior.

Dr. John Diggs, a highly respected professional in the medical community, covers a gamut of issues that every listener can benefit from.

*Warning and Disclaimer on Today’s Broadcast: Some medical language may be graphic in nature. Dr. Diggs is sensitive due to the nature of the broadcast and listening audience, however, some terms and diseases that are discussed may be troublesome for some individuals.


Anna said...

Dear Christine -

Exciting news! We have much to be thankful for this Christmas season. I'm sure Pastor Green is rejoicing.

I'm thankful to God for believers, who not only prayed but also came to Pastor Green's aid, i.e., The Alliance Defense Fund and their supporters.


Christinewjc said...

Yes, Anna. This was really good news. I'm so thankful to God and all the Christians at ADF who worked so hard in Pastor Green's defense. I know that their efforts helped tremendously with Ake's case.

I'd like to share something else, too. The Bible study that I am currently participating in is on the book of Genesis. How ironic it is that the same exact day that this positive ruling came down was the same day that we studied Genesis 18 & 19 - Sodom and Gomorrah Destroyed.

Recall the verse (Gen. 19:9) when the men of the city of Sodom surrounded Lot's home to get at the visitors and even tried to break the door down to get at them? The angels (visitors) wouldn't allow that to happen. The men were struck with blindness so that they could not find the door.

This ruling was similar, though much wider in scope. It would have been the ultimate and final "door broken down" to the freedom of Biblical speech, freedom to practice Christianity, and freedom of association if the court had ruled against Pastor Green. Thank God that He would not allow the doors of His churches "broken down" like this!

Praise His Holy Name!

Susan Smith said...

Today is November 30th. Are you up yet?

Let's take a break and have a global party! Let's sing!! Happy birthday to you... Happy birthday to you... Happy birthday dear lady on the West Coast... Happy birthday to you.

Have a wonderful day, Christine. Much love from Jerusalem. (ss)

Christinewjc said...

Hi Susan,

I'm up! Thanks so much for the birthday wishes! You were the first personto wish me a happy birthday!

I did receive a few automated cyber-greetings from various message board sites I frequent...but it's just not anywhere near as nice as hearing it from a real person...especially one as wonderful as you!

Going Christmas shopping and out to lunch with my best friend Kelly today. My family will celebrate my birthday the first day that we all can be together which will be on Friday evening!

Sleep well, my friend, and then awake to a beautiful day of peace in the Holy Land!

Much love,

Krizz said...

If you would like to read a short comment to the Court’s decision by a Swedish lawyer, please, check my blog post here.

Anna said...

Hi Christine!

Happy Birthday! Hope you're enjoying your day.


Christinewjc said...

Hello Krizz,

I read your post and since you don't think anyone in Sweden takes Pastor Green "seriously," my guess is that you don't either. Thus, since you don't take Biblical truth seriously (which is what Ake shared about the sin and consequences of homosexual behavior) then, it is most likely that you would not take anything I might say on the issue seriously either. Why should I waste my time responding then?

However, I think that this blog post answers your post quite accurately. It is, admittedly, just a secular response, but a good one none the less.

Christinewjc said...

Thanks Anna for you sweet "Happy Birthday" wishes! I had a wonderful day!


Christinewjc said...

From Lifesite Article:

“Today we have seen Sweden’s Supreme Court uphold true human rights, the right to freedom of religion and freedom of expression. Pastors across that country can now exercise their human rights, without fear of going to prison for transgressing the hate-crimes law used to prosecute Pastor Green. The ruling is consistent with natural law and norms recognized by the international community, which a lower court had violated with the conviction of Pastor Green.”

“It is important to understand exactly what was at stake with this case: the defense of fundamental human rights and a precedent that sets a standard regarding the right to religious freedom and the right to freedom of expression. The effort to send Pastor Green to jail is an example of the dangerous implications of pro-homosexual legislation. Today’s ruling is a victory for those who believe in true human rights and in the key importance of religious freedom around the world.”