Monday, December 26, 2005

So, How Was YOUR Christmas Day?

Being that this is my first year at blogging, I found myself wondering what most bloggers post about the day after Christmas. Why, of course! They post about their Christmas Day experiences! Ours started out pretty typically. Then, our friend Phil came in from the patio. Borrowing a line from the movie Apollo 13, his booming voice announced, "Houston....we have a problem."

First, let me start out with the good news! Our Christmas morning was a wonderful time spent exchanging gifts in our large living room. Christmas music was playing from the stereo. The fireplace was blazing; filling the room with light, warmth, and cheer. Our Christmas tree was surrounded with gifts; shimmering bright with lights. And, best of all, our new puppy went back to sleep! Once everyone was awake, the gifts were opened. Then, we all enjoyed a breakfast-brunch feast.

It was about 2:00 in the afternoon. Everyone was doing their own thing. Mom and Phil, being from N.J., spent most of the day out on the patio by the pool enjoying the warm sunshine and 70 degree weather which is quite the contrast from the bitter cold back east. I brought out some drinks, pretzels and nuts for them to enjoy. Our older dog, an American Eskimo, was wandering around under the patio table hoping that mom or Phil would feed her some pretzels. She got her wish!

Then, disaster struck! My mom dropped her hearing aid on the ground and the dog, probably thinking it was just another pretzel, chewed it into half a dozen pieces! She spit it out, but it was too late to rescue the device! Since the dog is old, she doesn't see that well anymore.

We have a dog that can't see and a mom who can't hear!

We all laughed so hard our sides ached! But then, I realized the dilemma my mom was in. She was 3,000 miles away from her doctor and needed to get a replacement for her hearing aid.

Fortunately, a quick search on the internet enabled me to find a hearing aid replacement center. Mom was smart enough to get extra insurance so it won't cost anything to replace it (I hope). Those things are expensive! $2000.00 each!

Moments after all of this commotion, I find my husband, daughter and son huddled on the couch in the family room with worried looks on their faces. The puppy had jumped out of my daughter's arms and may have broken her left front paw! Sasha howled in pain when she put any pressure on her paw while trying to walk. We called the animal care emergency hospital and were glad that it was open on Christmas day! My husband and daughter drove to the facility and we at home awaited their phone call about the condition of the puppy's paw.

We have a dog that can't see, a mom who can't hear, and a puppy who can't walk!

After a brief check-up, the vet at the animal hospital told them that she was OK. She told them, "Go home and enjoy your puppy. No charge for this visit. Merry Christmas!" Wasn't that so very kind of her? She said she had never seen a "Puggle" ( Pug and Beagle mix) before and our puppy Sasha was so cute!

We were all so relieved!

During our mealtime prayer, we gave special thanks on this Holy Day to God for His Son, Jesus, all the blessings He has bestowed upon us, and the joy of having mom and Phil join us this Christmas season. We then proceeded to enjoy a wonderful Prime Rib dinner together!

So, how was YOUR Christmas day?


Susan Smith said...

This is funny, Christine. I am smiling. Love to WC from J. (ss)

Anna said...

Hi Christine -

You and your family had quite an eventful day! Ours was delightful, albeit with less adventure!

Our Christmas Day began with church in the morning. We then headed to our friends' home for a sumptuous meal (Italian), playing with the newest member of the family (now 7 months old) and a Scrabble marathon. Before the meal, we read the Christmas story from Luke 2. There were no gifts Christmas Day as we had shared that time with our own family on Friday when our youngest joined us for the day.

A really pleasant weekend.


Susan Smith said...

Merry Christmas, Anna. I planned to attend our church banquet after church Sunday, but learning it would not be served until 2pm changed my plans. I went to the supermarket (no car so I walk) and had an egg omelet on toast for my feast with the Lord. It was a wonderful day as I listened to Him. Praise His Name! Love from Jerusalem to you and yours. (ss)