Tuesday, December 06, 2005

You Can't Stay Silent!

Below is an email newsletter from Alliance Defense Fund. In it, you will find victories for Christian freedom of expression and association, as well as cases that we need to pray for.

Before I post that, I want to ask if anyone saw an interview on MSNBC last night with a college-aged atheist activist named "Thomas" who was promoting a terrible idea among the college students at his campus. He told the students to turn in their Bibles and he would give them porn!!

Is that just despicable or what??

How shameful, demeaning and blasphemous towards our Lord and Creator; not to mention the awful example being shown to students by exhibiting such depravity and immorality! What's worse, this is being condoned and displayed by the college administration! Yet, as you will read in the case below, Christian students who WANT TO ADHERE to BIBLICAL MORALITY are being told that such a thing is "discriminatory" to non-believers.

What??? How crazy must it get before we Christians wake up and take action against such utterly silly arguments??

This is why we cannot stay silent, my Christian friends! If not for organizations like ADF, the ACLU and many other secular groups would continue their relentless assault (and, unfortunately would win due to not being challenged by ADF lawyers) against Christianity, freedom of speech of Christians and freedom of association to live as we see fit according to God's Word, the Bible!

Please. If you can, donate to ADF in order to keep them in the courtrooms defending OUR FREEDOM OF RELIGION against these anti-God people who would attempt to eliminate any and all Christian influence in our culture today!



TO: Christine

FROM: Alan Sears, President

ADF Continues to Go on the Offensive Against Discriminatory University “Anti-Discriminatory” Policies…

ADF launched the “University Project” a few years ago to defend Christian student groups from so-called “anti-discrimination” policies on public university campuses, which would force these groups to surrender their identity and right to association when it comes to electing officers who share the group’s values or belief system. Many of you expressed joy and support for this vital cause!

Last Tuesday, ADF filed a civil rights lawsuit against San Diego State University and California State University, Long Beach, (see photo at website of press conference with ADF litigation counsel Jeremy Tedesco and Senior Counsel Jordan Lorence) on behalf of several student Christian student ministry groups who have been told by campus officials that they must agree to the schools mis-named “anti-discrimination” policies in order to gain access to the benefits that recognized student groups enjoy – such as meeting on campus, receiving student funds, and being allowed to communicate their message on campus. As in the other instances, these policies would require that they allow non-Christians to be elected as leaders and that they cannot require a biblical code of conduct. (Can you imagine what America’s founders would say about this??)

This litigation may have huge ramifications, and can impact the twenty-three schools that make up the California State University system, the nation’s largest!

We will keep you posted on this lawsuit in the weeks and months ahead. PLEASE PRAY…

Visit University Student Speech Project to learn more.

MORE GOOD NEWS: ADF Helps Tucson, Arizona, Residents to “Just Say No” to Porn…

Thanks be to God, residents in Tucson, Arizona, were concerned when they learned that a chain of sexually-oriented businesses (SOBs) was looking to open a store next to a dance school frequented by scores of children.

The SOB chain – “Fascinations” - had filed a lawsuit against Pima County (where Tucson is located) after the county’s chief zoning inspector refused to issue a permit to allow it to open a new store that bordered private residences and was adjacent to the dance studio where scores of young girls attend classes late into the evening.

After ADF intervened in the case, a federal judge posed serious questions to the chain’s attorneys – raising the multiple concerns that our attorneys put forth. As a result, Fascinations has dropped the lawsuit and children and families in Tucson will not have the SOB in their neighborhood.

ADF attorneys represented three parties in the case: the president of the dance studio, a resident who lived 500 feet behind the property, and a retired detective for the county’s homicide and sex crimes police units – who lived less than a half a mile from the property.

ADF and its allies will continue to defend children, families, and neighborhoods against the intrusion of SOBs. Thank you for making this victory possible through your prayers and support. See Community Defense Council for more information.

Read the ADF press release...

AND EVEN MORE GOOD NEWS: This Just In…ADF lawyers WIN BIG for Right of Christian Doctor’s Conscience!

We received word late Friday of a BIG win in the California Court of Appeals in North Coast Women’s Care Medical Group v. Superior Court A lesbian woman sued a women’s clinic in suburban San Diego and two of the clinic's doctors after the doctors told her that they could not perform an in uterine insemination on her as an unmarried woman because of their faith in Christ and adherence to biblical teachings. The legal coercion sought by the advocates of “tolerance” had major ramifications for the freedom of conscience of believers in the workplace.

Supporting ADF’s clients with friend of the court briefs were the Christian Medical and Dental Association, Catholic Exchange, and Human Life International. Groups opposing religious freedom included the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association, National Center for Lesbian Rights, and California Women’s Law Center.

This case will likely be appealed to the California Supreme Court. In the meantime, we praise God for this key victory – made possible through His grace, your prayers and support, and the hard work of our ADF legal team – specifically Tim Chandler of our California regional service center and allied attorneys Bob Tyler and Doug Edgar.

Prayer Requests
"Without Christ, we can do nothing." - John 15:5

Please pray for the success of ADF's Christmas Project.

Please pray for Tuesday’s oral argument before the United States Supreme Court in Rumsfeld v. FAIR, dealing with law schools barring military recruiting on campus because of the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy restricting open homosexual behavior in our nation’s military. ADF has provided funding to protect America’s military from the legal assaults of the homosexual agenda on military readiness and social “experimentation” by such activists for more than a decade.

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Anna said...

Dear Christine -

Thank you for providing this information. Although I receive emails from them, I know many people do not.

There are so many avenues Christians have to express their views. I hope they will take advantage of them.

Concerning the attempt to eradicate Christmas from the public square, I am making it a point to contact stores either complimenting or protesting them for the way they treat the subject. We need to keep our eyes and ears open and spend our Christmas club bucks at establishments, which acknowledge Christmas.

Thanks again.


Anna said...

Dear Christine -

Thanks for the information. Although I receive email from them, I know many do not.

There are so many avenues Christians have to express their viewpoints. I hope they take advantage of them.

This year, I'm making it a point to notify stores either complimenting or protesting their treatment of Christmas. I've observed the word has almost been eradicated from the landscape.

In view of their desire to get my Christmas Club bucks, I think it's only fair they acknowledge the occasion I'm celebrating.

Let your voice be heard!


Christinewjc said...

Hi Anna,

Thanks so much for sharing your idea about contacting stores regarding their willingness to display the acknowledgement of Christmas.

I recently heard that WalMart plans to add "Merry Christmas" to it's holiday inserts. We shall see. It might be too late to change them now? I wonder.

Speaking out DOES work and gets their attention! Boycotting works too. The day before Thanksgiving, my daughter & I went into Target and it was deserted! Later that day, I remembered the call to boycott them because they wouldn't let the Salvation Army in front of their stores. This is the second year in a row that they have done this. I'll give you one guess why. (Answer below)

There were about 6 cashiers standing at the entrance of their aisles chatting with eachother because they had no one in line to check out! I haven't been back since, but just that one experience showed me that boycotts CAN and DO work!

Merry Christmas!