Thursday, February 23, 2006

River Of Love

He changes rivers into deserts,
and springs of water into dry land....
But he also turns deserts into pools of water,
the dry land into flowing springs.
Psalm 107:33, 35 (NLT)
Dry to wet or wet to dry, God changes the world at His will, ruling over it in ways we often don't understand. Though scientists spend time in labs or the environment seeking to understand creation, we lag distantly behind the Lord who commands it. Much in His incredibly complex world eludes our understanding.
But deserts and rivers aren't the only things God rules. Though we may question or rebel against this truth, God also rules our lives.
Even the most wicked of us cannot go farther than God allows, and even the best of us only has so many years to do good works.
What's true of creation is true of us: We, too, are incredibly complex. Our hearts may hurt for years over a series of wrongs; as they work deep into our souls, they work on our spirits and thoughts in convoluted ways. We may not even understand why we hurt, yet we see the results in our lives.
But just as God perfectly understands our world, He sees into our hurt hearts and spirits. And He can alter a river of hate or doubt into springs of faith and trust. Though that heart change may not happen overnight, with faith and determination to follow God's Word, we can see amazing changes.
As God's healing water seeps into our lives, the trickle touches our souls and change becomes possible. But as we open ourselves to His will and way, the trickle springs up, becomes a stream, a pool, then a river of love.
And all of it started in God's hand.
From Daily Wisdom to Satisfy the Soul, published by Barbour Publishing, Inc. Used by permission.
Added on at 11:30 a.m. Pacific Time -
I have just listened to one of the most powerful testimonies that I have ever heard at StraightTalkRadio. It is the testimony of my friend, Christian mentor, and dear sister in Christ, Susan Smith.
Thank you for sharing all that you did today on STR, Susan. As I listened, tears flowed for the pain you had endured. Yet, they turned to tears of joy as I listened to how God carried you through the tragic events in your life and with the extraordinary help of your Christian mentor, turned them into loving triumph through Jesus. The Lord is now working His river of love towards many in your life in a mighty and powerful way!
I dedicate this "River of Love" encouragement devotional to you, Susan! God bless you greatly this day and always...
Love from your West Coast sister,

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