Thursday, February 09, 2006

Turning Kid's Lives Around

The things being sold to our children and teenagers today is truly disturbing. Besides the usual dangerous (how sad it is to say that!) issues they face that definitely will affect their health and mental well-being, (e.g. alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, illicit and pre-mature sex, gangs, sexual predators) they also have additional peer-pressure issues that are being marketed to them via MTV, porn on the internet, immoral movies and T.V. shows, violent video games, and secular humanistic trends.

After reading this article earlier today, I immediately sent the link to my college-aged daughter. It wasn't because I thought that she personally needed to read what these students wrote because in her particular case, the precise problems in the article that the students discussed do not apply directly to her personal life or situation (thank God!).

However, I thought that she might know some friends and/or acquaintances who are struggling (In fact, I KNOW this to be the case!) with similar cultural identity pressures and problems (like depression, fear, self-loathing etc.) in their lives.

The unfortunate truth is that these days, who doesn't know someone struggling with such issues?

The extremely valuable points that are revealed through Kupelian's book is that most teens in this generation are totally unaware of how they have been indoctrinated and sold on such things that are really out to destroy them!

Many teens today are stuck in a mindset where they cannot quite understand why they are so miserable. They experience depression, negative feelings about themselves, fear, self-loathing and self-consciousness for not "measuring up" to their peers' expectations and through tremendous social pressure they try to be "cool" according to the current dominate cultural definition of the word.

I've read the book, "The Marketing of Evil" and I would recommend it to ANYONE! It is excellent! In particular, the book is extremely eye opening as to how the cultural atmosphere today tries to seduce and sell young people into all kinds of evil endeavors!!

Any person, young or old, (especially teens and college-aged students) will benefit greatly from the information in this book. They will become instantly more aware and savvy about so many issues that are currently negatively affecting our young generation.

After reading this book, they will be totally aware and much more prepared, if they so choose, NOT to fall for such hype!

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Susan Smith said...

Hi Christine:

You have made some very good points in this post.

I have read "The Marketing of Evil" and I enjoyed the interview with David Kupelian on Stephen Bennett's Straight Talk Radio a while back.

It sounds as though you have a great relationship with your daughter. I am sure you are a wonderful mother. I will be out of the country of Israel for the next four weeks with little or no PC communication. I will miss you. I look forward to seeing where the Lord has led you in your excellent posts when I return. Love to a dear sister in Christ on the West Coast from the undivided capital of Jerusalem. (ss)