Saturday, April 01, 2006

Nation Moving Spiritually in Right Direction

Barna Survey Reveals Significant Growth in Born Again Population

"(Ventura, CA) – A recent survey by The Barna Group found that more than four out of five Senior Pastors of Protestant churches consider their church to be “evangelical.” While that includes a large share of mainline Protestant churches, the shift in self-perception by churches may help to explain a new revelation from Barna’s most recent national survey. In that study, in which 1003 adults were randomly interviewed from the 48 continental states, the proportion of adults who can be classified as “born again Christians” based upon their beliefs (not based on their adoption of that phrase to describe themselves) was the highest ever measured in the quarter century that Barna has been tracking that measure."

"The data show that the nation may be moving in the right direction, spiritually, according to researcher George Barna. “The same tracking survey shows us that people’s faith is not at all deep, but at least more people are becoming attuned to the importance of the life, death, resurrection and message of Jesus Christ,” the best-selling commentator on faith and culture explained. “Faith is a progressive journey, so we are hopeful that the recent surge in the number of adults who say they have committed themselves to following Jesus Christ is the first in a series of steps toward maturity in their faith and relationship with Christ."

Barna Survey Reveals Significant Growth in Born Again Population

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