Tuesday, July 04, 2006

How Provocative Can A Rogue Nation Get?

On Independence Day, the 230th anniversary of our nation's birth, with celebrations going on across America (including the successful launch of the space shuttle Discovery), that lunatic leader of North Korea decides to launch missles, including a long-range one which supposedly could have reached the west coast! Thank God the missile launch failed!

Fox News host David Asman had the quote of the day, "What a day to rattle our cage!"

North Korea Fires Three Missiles

U.S. Chides N. Korea on Missile Testing


Juan Buhler said...

North Korea doesn't scare me as much as Iran--chances are that it is possible to deter the koreans in the same way we did the Soviets: by the simple fact that they don't want to die. The Iranians, on the other hand, have a superstition that tells them that they'll go to heaven if they die while fighting us (imagine that!.) A "cold war" with them seems less likely because of that.

Christinewjc said...

Good point Juan. But do most regular Iranians think that way or is it just their leadership?

If one good thing could be said about this incident, I suppose that the test failure exposes N. Korea's current technological shortcomings.

Go check out Michele Malkin's Hot Air broadcast. I can't believe the ignorance of Ted Turner! Well...on second thought...I can! Take a look at the comments, too.

One portion of Michele's "vent" video is truly sad. It shows the horrendous conditions that this brutal dictator imposes upon the people. The sick, madman Kim Jong Il certainly lives up to his last name. Besides being evil, he's also certifiably ILL!

Terrence said...

Check out these pictures from North Korea here. It's really sad, but you can't help laugh at times. Like the "model" home of the "model" worker on display for tourists. It has a computer against the wall, but no connecting cables between monitor and tower.

I couldn't imagine having to live in N. Korea, but God's grace is sufficient even there.

Christinewjc said...

Well isn't this great. Fox News is now reporting that a Japanese newspaper claims that the long-range missile set off by N. Korea that failed shortly after its launch was aimed directly at Hawaii!

This is not funny anymore. Serious stuff...folks.
Forget about the U.N. and their dopey resolutions and sanctions. Hello? They are not working! We need to do something about this threat!

Christinewjc said...


Thanks for that very informative link of pictures. What a sad way to live! I feel so sorry for the people who are living under this heartless dictator.

My dad fought in the Korean War. He could never bring himself to talk about it.

I understand that there is an armistice in place now? The N. Korean people have been suffering for over 50 years now under one crazy dictator after another. With the current N. Korean provocation under Kim Jong Il(especially the news that the failed missile attempt was aimed at Hawaii!!), perhaps there will finally be a need to go back and finish the original Korean War of the 1950's.

Christinewjc said...

A North Korean missile launched on Wednesday was aimed at an area of the ocean close to Hawaii, a Japanese newspaper reported on Friday.

GMpilot said...

Who's going to "go back and finish the original Korean War of the 1950s", Christine? You? Your son? He's of age, and we're stretched a bit thin in Iraq and Afghanistan right now; some of those troops are on their third tour.

There's a very good reason why your father didn't talk about what he saw in the Korean War. What I don't undersatand is why you sound so eager to expose other people's sons to that madness.

If you think the war would be worth it, give your son, as millions of mothers before you have given theirs.

Christinewjc said...

Mothers don't "give their sons to wars." The sons decide for themselves to serve in the military.

Hey - have your read about the guy who could be considered "after your own heart" (Christopher Hitchens) in Al Mohler's article called "Rise of the Antitheist?

GMpilot said...

"The sons themselves decide to serve in the military"

...or not. But you sidestepped the point, which is: are you so eager for there to be a need to back to Korea and "finish" the war?

Ever been there? I have. Ever read any reports from that war? I have. Ever study any of that country's history? I'd bet not.

Pyongyang, it is said, has the largest hotel in the world; yet no one ever visits there, and the upper floors are reported to be unsafe to occupy because the concrete is substandard. Pyongyang has very broad streets; yet the vehicles seen on them are either black (for Party members)or green (for military). No individual citizen in the DPRK can afford to buy a car...and even if he could, he couldn't buy the gas.
Pyongyang is the capital of a "Peoples' Paradise", full of happy, smiling citizens who want only reunification with their brothers in the south...because the southern half of the peninsula has 70% of the fertile soil. The crop failure/famine that struck North Korea a decade ago is far less likely to happen in the South.

For 60 years, North Korea has been ruled by a Communist dynasty. Two generations of people have never known any leader but Kim, whether father or son. The Kims have turned their nation into a "hermit kingdom"--as Korea was once called--and have convinced their people that there is nothing good, nothing clean, nothing worthwhile or eternal, outside the borders of their glorious nation. Kim hasn't destroyed their freedom of choice; he's destroyed their knowledge of freedom of choice.

Rather like the mindset of some Christians, don'tcha know.

The North Koreans have no idea alternatives exist, and would be quite unprepared to live the way you and I do. But they know Kim; and because he gives them stability and identity, they're prepared to follow him into the abyss.

That, too, is rather like some Christians I could mention.
Obviously, you think Christopher Hitchens is a man after my own heart--you've said so twice now. But before you get fixated on that, you should wait to hear what I think.

Christinewjc said...

GMpilot: "Obviously, you think Christopher Hitchens is a man after my own heart--you've said so twice now. But before you get fixated on that, you should wait to hear what I think."


I'm waiting! After seeing your mindset over the past 2 years at the Talkwisdom message board, I think that it is obvious that you and Hitchens have a lot of opinions and self-proclaimed belief in common .

Christinewjc said...

What To Do About North Korea

GMpilot said...

Cavalier X never said what we should do about North Korea; he merely bitched about was has and hasn’t happened. You’re still ducking my question: are you so eager for there to be a need to back to Korea and "finish" the war?