Monday, July 31, 2006

A Prophetic Prayer for Israel

This is powerful folks!

A Prayer for Israel (Psalm 83)

HT: A Christian Witness

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Update: I just heard an interview between the Israeli Ambassador to the U.N. and Bill O'Reilly. The question was asked about whether Israel would have bombed an area that ended up killing innocent women and children if they knew that they were there. The ambassador said (paraphrased here) that he wouldn't be surprised if Hezbollah physically kept these people there; knowing that an attack by Israeli fighter jets was imminent. The ambassador thinks this is likely because it would turn people against Israel for the civilian deaths and thus cause a backhanded victory for Hezbollah.

This makes sense to me. Advanced warning was given by Israel so that civilians in Lebanon could get out of harms way.

After all, the Islamofacists are known for sacrificing their own people via suicide/homicide bombings, so why not kill a few civilians to make Israel's military look bad?

The Islamofacist terrorists who flew planes into buildings on 9/11 had no regard for innocent men, women or children on that day. What would ever make Hezbollah not take advantage of the situation and allow some of Lebanon's innocent civilians to be sacrificed at the bloody hands of their fanatical cause??

You may ask, "where's the proof?" The proof can be seen in how the nations of Iran and Syria and the Palestinian Hamas sympathizers celebrated after 9/11 happened in the U.S. Israel (and the U.S.) always regret the loss of innocent civilian life in any warfare situation. That's the huge difference between us (and Israel) and them (Islamofacists). It is going to take a generation (or two) to end the hateful training camps of the Islamofacist terrorism recruiters.

God help us!

There used to be a saying that called such despicable fighting a "dirty type of warfare." There is no honor in the Islamofacist form of terrorism...only death!

Negotiation is not possible with such people. Their minds and cause are set in stone, and they will kill anyone to reach their objectives. I just wish that the liberal Democrats in our country could see this fight for what it really is.

The bottom line is that public opinion on this incident will not, afterall, prevent Israel from doing what it needs to do. As the ambassador also mentioned, wiping out Hezbollah, which has been a decades long stronghold at the border of Lebanon and Israel, will make Israel more safe with the added benefit of allowing Lebanon to be free from the grip of Hezbollah's terrorism while enabling their struggling democratic government to build, develop and become stronger for the sake of it's people.

What do you think about the ambassador's statement(s) on this topic?