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Removing the Mask: Jeroboam's Wife

Weekend, July 15 and 16

Removing the Mask: Jeroboam's Wife

Disguise yourself, that they may not recognize you as the wife of Jeroboam. 1 Kings 14:2

Recommended Reading 1 Kings 14:1-12

Israel's King Jeroboam was worried. He wanted a dynasty, and his son was sick. Despite his own hardened heart, Jeroboam knew that the Lord God had the answers of life and death; and he desperately wanted to consult a prophet of Jehovah. Evidently, however, he didn't want his subjects to know he'd been reduced to seeking help from God, so he told his wife to visit the prophet under a disguise.

The Lord's man was not fooled, however. "Come in, wife of Jeroboam," he boomed. "Why do you pretend to be another person?" The prophet then issued a message of judgment on her household for their evil ways.

How easy to practice secret sins, then attend church on Sunday without anyone suspecting. We can display a humble face and appear the injured victim when, in reality, we're trying to manipulate the opinions of others. We can act with innocence toward our spouse while flirting with a coworker at the office.

But the Lord sees.

That should truly be both a great comfort to us and a great stimulus for purity.

Lord, remind me that You know every thought, test every heart, know every motive, and love every soul!

Song of Solomon 3:1 - 8:14
Isaiah 1:1 - 4:6

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