Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Bragging Rights, Home Runs, and Baseball...

It's late and I was about ready to close my browser and shut down my computer for the night. But as I was closing out my email link, I noticed an intriguing essay notice written by one of my Christian blogging friends, Charlie LeHardy. The title is Bragging Rights. Go read it. As usual, Charlie's new essay hits a home run!

Speaking of home runs, I have a t-shirt that has a marvelous truth written on it. It says:

Christ is Life...everything else is just baseball.

It's a great play on words, don't you think?

If you'd like, please share what that saying means to you. If you are at a loss for words, reading Charlie's post might help you along...

Hat tip: Another Think


Charlie said...

Thank you for the generous link, Christine! I'll try not to brag about it to my other blogging friends. :)

Christinewjc said...

Ha ha! Good one Charlie! Reminds me of the story about a guy who received a "most humble" lapel pin award and then had it taken away because he wore it! te he!

J/K! I really enjoyed what you shared. Just love the way you write too!

In Him,

limpy99 said...

I'm not sure that claiming one is a better singer than Taylor Hicks is actually bragging. Seems like it's more "stating an obvious probability"

Stephen said...


I agree with Charlie. I don't think Jesus was bragging.

However, we Christians should not think that because of this we should be permitted to "brag" about our relationship with God.

Paul (being a Jew himself) admonished the Jews that they should not "boast" in their special (favoured) relationship with God. That they should not boast in their knowledge of the law, because God, at any time, could bring them down and raise another up (and He did so).

Likewise, we have no cause to boast either. God could just as easily choose to raise another above us. Our special (favoured) relationship with God through Jesus is entirely His doing, not ours.

I know you know that though :)

Christinewjc said...

Ha ha...Limpy...yeah!

My husband stated that if Taylor Hicks wins Idol, he isn't going to watch the show next year!! We were both so mad that he was selected.

Hope my husband changes his mind. It has been a show that we both enjoy watching together.

The woman definitely should have won. The show looks fixed, to me.