Saturday, November 11, 2006

Honor Our Veterans Today

There are many ways to honor and support our Veterans. Today is a national day of recognition for all those who have served, sacrificed, and bravely fought for the freedoms that we all enjoy in our country.

I'm sure that there are many worthy organizations out there. If you have a special one that is near and dear to your heart, please feel free share the name and website links in the comments section. I will then update this blogpost with those links.

I have been supporting Paralyzed Veterans of America for over a decade now. Just received my new 2007 calendar from PVA which features The Saturday Evening Post pictures by Norman Rockwell. I have received many packages of return address labels, yearly pocket calendars and special occasion stickers. They have always acknowledged my gift contribution so graciously. Here's a recent acknowledgement:

You Remembered Our Paralyzed Veterans

I takes a special person to understand the challenges confronting America's paralyzed appreciate the heartache of facing a future that suddenly seems empty of hope and promise.

It takes a special person to lend a hand, when it's so easy to look the other way.

Thank goodness for special people like you!

Your support means more than you can imagine to our nation's paralyzed vets. It means hope for a complete and fulfilling life.

Your support restores the hope and promise that once seemed so far away.

Just as important, your friendship proves that Americans have not turned their back on those who answered the call of duty. And knowing you care means more than we can say.

So please...accept this calendar as a gesture of our thanks. Use it with pride. And let it be a daily reminder of our gratitude for special friends like you.

You know what? I'm not the special one...they are! Those veterans who dedicated their lives to protect our country! Those who died, were injured, were paralyzed just because THEY CARED ENOUGH TO SERVE OUR COUNTRY BY BEING IN THE MILITARY TO PROTECT ALL OF US!

No. It's not "me" who should be thanked...IT'S THEM! OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN! Not just today, but throughout the entire year!

Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) has been around for over 60 years. It is the only congressionally chartered veterans service organization dedicated solely for the benefit and representation of individuals with spinal cord injury or disease. Won't you consider a donation? Whether your gift is $60.00 or $6.00 any amount is always greatly appreciated. You can donate online at Ways to Give.

And while you are there, check out the "Thank you veterans," "Children thank veterans," and "Send an e-card to a veteran" video links (only 30-60 seconds viewing time each).

As their mailings always say to me...thanks for caring.

P.S. Thanks GMpilot, for your service to our country! Thanks, as well, to any and all other veterans who happen to read this blog! We appreciate you so tremendously...more than you could ever know or even realize! God bless!

Update: It Is The Veteran...

1 comment:

GMpilot said...

"Thanks GMpilot, for your service to our country! Thanks, as well, to any and all other veterans who happen to read this blog! We appreciate you so tremendously...more than you could ever know or even realize! God bless!"

As I told you once before:

It's not your country.
It's not my country.
It's our country.

The oath of allegiance I took was to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. I never really had to confront domestic enemies until I left the service, but that's all right; I know how. And I am still bound to that oath.

I'm a Vietnam-era veteran. The branch doesn't matter, but back when I first put the uniform on, I automatically became a "baby-killer" and a burden on the taxpayer. By the time I took it off 23 years later, desert camo was a fashion statement: everyone, it seems, was wearing it, because it was the clothing of heroes.
Well, we're still a burden on the taxpayer: it's a truism that no one gives a damn about soldiers until the shooting starts. Maybe that's why this Administration was so eager to show its gratitude to vets by trying to cut the VA budget.

I'm pleased that you think even us hell-bound types are worthy of your thanks. Then again, it fits your worldview (Ex 15:3).

Here's an addendum to your link:

"It is the VETERAN, not the protester, who truly loves peace, because he knows firsthand the consequences of war."

So when is your son going to come out and play?