Saturday, May 05, 2007

Celebrating a Birthday, a Poem, & Website Find!

It's WorldNetDaily's 10th birthday today! Happy Birthday WND!

Not a day goes by (usually) that I don't check the latest news and articles at WND. Today, I noticed that the very first article, and then, the very last article link were my favorites to read!

Let's end this post with a copy of a poem written by Tim Schieferecke at American Thinker blogspot:

Time waits for no man, and I'm done with TIME.

They pushed forth a puffed list of leftists and slime.

Their list of world shapers, smells like things with end tapers.

Now presented below, puffed names that you know.

Let's start with the Leo of DiCaprio. Tell me what has he done?

What high office has he held or election he won?

Shrillbillery Clinton? Oh, surely you jest! She'd be nowhere at all

without Bill's friendly zest.

Sacha B Cohen, a.k.a. the Borat? What's his mark of success

beyond base tit for tat?

Rosie the great in big pounds but not brains,

proves through inclusion whales are easy to train.

Barack, what a shock, his name is there too,

this defeatocrat leader doesn't have a right shoe.

Curiously absent from this table of greats,

G.W. Bush, greatest decider of fates.

He rules the best Nation that ever has been,

for that reason alone I'll not read Time again.

Tim Schieferecke

You've GOT TO check out Pandering Politicos!

I've found a new favorite website!

It's HILARIOUS, while at the same time...

sad...BUT TRUE!!

As Tim so ardently reveals in his subtitle there:




American Thinker



Gary Baker said...


Thanks for the visit to my blog and the kind words about my discussion with Deb. She is both a treasure and a sadness at times. Her faith is undeniable and her spirit seems very great, and like many of us there is a portion of her life that is very resistant to the truth. I pray for her often in love, and for many others.

I peaked in on your profile. I love your taste in movies, though I would probably have added some horror/sci-fi if I made a longer list. My wife and I got married a bit later than average and we started children a bit later than average, so neither of our children are adults yet. They are a joy and a blessing though. I'll try to check in on you regularly to see what you're writing. I would ask you to do the same, but the entries are coming very slowly right now. My wife, oldest daughter, and I are all trying to write novels, and that takes away from blogging. Then, there's that pesky job, thing. That really cuts into my time. Stay joyful!

Gary Baker

Christinewjc said...

Hi Gary,

Good to see you here and thanks for commenting!

I can certainly agree with your opinion about Deb. From what she has shared with me, it does appear that she is saved. Of course, that is totally between God and the person. We can only observe the "fruit" of the faith and spirit of a person.

You wrote, "there is a portion of her life that is very resistant to the truth." I can agree with that! And, it is in that one area that I am very concerned that she is leading people astray when it comes to the truth given to us via the Bible.

I like sci-fi (original and TNG Star Trek fan!) but will pass on the horror! We've got enough of that in real life these days, IMO.

Enjoy those youngsters while you can! Time just flies by and they will be off to college before you know it!

How exciting that you, your wife and daughter are writing novels! So cool! I have always wanted to write a book. I have come up with some titles, chapters, and have gathered a lot of facts and information while blogging, reading Christian books, the Bible, and applying the wisdom of God's Word to today's culture. But, other than that, I haven't started organizing it all and putting it down on paper yet. Someday, I will get to it though! I can be such a procrastinator!

I am always so pleased when I find other Christians (like you!) and get to read their blogs and comments. It is so faith building and encouraging! Like I said, your dialogue with Deb was Biblically accurate, loving, yet not a bit compromising. Great work!

Stay joyful; even at that pesky job! Don't be a stranger, come and visit and post those words of wisdom whenever you can.

In Christ,