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The Religion of the Future...Now Here?

The sixth chapter of Ed Hindson's Antichrist Rising: The Coming Global Storm, discusses what the "religion of the future" will look like. I found it fascinating, but quite sad! In the last two posts, I had shared that there were several Christian denominations that have moved away from Biblical Christianity and now present a skewed version of what Christian faith actually means...and genuinely is.

In later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons. - 1 Timothy 4:1, 2

Though, such skewing of genuine Christianity may not hold the label that Hindson gives it in his book, the ideas are still the same. To take a familiar poetic phrase about "a rose" and turn it for my purpose of description here: A false religion by any other name...still smells as bad.

What is the label that the author Hindson gives these false religions wrapped up into one big ball of deception?

The New Age Movement.

He writes:

The New Age movement is part of the great paradigm shift of our times. We are continually moving from information (objective truth) to emotion (subjective truth). This may not be the final form of the new religion, but it has certainly launched the modern era into a sea of intellectual and moral relativism. It is symptomatic of the new way of thinking that will permeate the new millennium.

The New Age movement is not a passing fad. It has been gaining momentum for three decades. It represents a cultural revolt against the spiritual void of secularism. It was not until the late 1980's that the general public became aware of the popular appeal of New Age thinking.

The author goes on to describe the influence and popularity of actress Shirley McLaine's book Out on a Limb as well as several other books that came out at that time which openly promoted New Age ideals.

I have always generally realized what the New Age ideals are. It's the "I am God" attitude with beliefs in reincarnation, seances, crystals, and pyramid power. This movement even made the cover of Time magazine in 1987. It was closely related to the whole hippie, counter-culture movement of the 1960's. Even though the hippie movement died out after the Vietnam War, the ideas remained with many baby-boomers. Hindson tells us that this generation (*sigh* my generation) has, in fact recycled, but not rejected the beliefs and ideals of the hippie counterculture. These include:

1. animaterialism
2. utopianism
3. exaltation of nature
4. rejection of traditional morality
5. fascination with the occult

Think about the T.V. shows, movies, and political views that have been popular and sold to America with their "Marketing of Evil" approaches over the last several decades. No wonder author David Kupelian describes his best selling book, "the science of making evil look good."

All of the Wicca and witch-craft related shows; shows promoting and celebrating homosexuality; HBO's polygamy promoting show "Big Love", the explosion of porn on the internet; the exponential increase in child predators; the brainwashing that abortion is a "choice" not a child; the desire to euthanize the elderly, sick, or disabled; the latest craze over global warming; the naive utopian concept of the anti-war crowd who think that Al Qaida will just "go away" if we leave Iraq and leave them alone; shows just how much new age and secular reasoning have plunged us into the age of making evil look good. Notice how each of the above examples fit nicely under the categories described previously.

While liberal left loonies are hysterical over global warming, here is a list of catastrophes right in our proverbial "own back yards" that we REALLY should be worried about.

Hindson describes those involved in the New Age movement (and it's subsequent spin-offs) as "secularized spiritualist" and "secular prosperity theologians." But it is their combination of subjective spirituality and secular morality that leaves them so vulnerable to satanic influence. This was discussed extensively in the Darkness of Our Times posts.

Now, you can do a search and read much more about the New Age movement and its goals here in America. For now, I will just share the following from Hindson's chapter on this issue:

Constance Cumbey, a Christian attorney from Detroit, Michigan, first alerted the Evangelical community to the New Age menace in her book The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow (1983). She discovered and warned that "There is an 'Aquarian Conspiracy' - a conscious effort by a broad-based movement to subvert our cultural establishment so that we might enter a 'New Age' based on mysticism and occultism."

People involved in this movement (and, there is a broad range who don't necessarily call themselves New Agers; but they are cut from the same to speak) continue to promote a political agenda for a united global community under the control of a one-world government. See how they are playing right into the hands of the spirit of Antichrist?

In order to convince society of their agenda, they have adopted several promotional techniques:

1. Psychic healing
2. Holistic health
3. Transpersonal education
4. Values clarification
5. Human potential

I want to zero in on the 4th promotional technique, "values clarification."

Values clarification: An educational technique that emphasizes that one's values emerge from within one's self and not from external codes, such as the ten commandments.

New Agers and their ilk promote the basic human values as 1) survival, 2) interdependence, 3)autonomy, and 4) humanness.

Guess what's missing?


Hindson writes, "This leaves little or no place for biblical Christianity. In fact, the occult connection with New Age thinking is anti-Christian. A new world order based upon New Age ideology would likely view Evangelical Christianity as bigoted, divisive, and sectarian. This could easily set the stage for "justified" persecution of Christians as rebels against the cause of world peace."

People, that quote above reads like today's latest internet news!

And, what is happening right now in Congress? They are attempting to pass "hate crimes" law that would give special elevation of crimes (and/or, even perceived crimes and perceived "hate speech") done against homosexuals, bi-sexuals...etc.

Are you what?

What's the problem?

I'll tell you the problem!

Below is a cut and paste of a recent email alert that I received regarding this terrible legislation and the havoc it would wreck upon those who uphold and follow Biblical Christian faith.

Think I must be exaggerating?

Think again!

Email Alert:

The vote on Hate Crimes, HR 1529 is scheduled for this Thursday, May 3, on the National Day of Prayer. TVC is calling Members and staff and sending them updated analysis concerning the Davis Amendment, speaking with the media and alerting the grassroots.

If you have not yet called AND emailed your Congressman, please do it today. 213/225-3121.

** THE ISSUE NOW – An amendment from Congressman Artur Davis (D-AL) was added to HR 1592. Congressman Louis Gohmert (R-TX) and the other Republicans in the House Judiciary Committee say that the Davis amendment does NOT PROTECT the pastor, rabbi or imam when preaching from their religious book to say that sexual relations outside of marriage between a man and a woman are wrong. Cong. Gohmert is a judge and he says the pastor, rabbi or imam are NOT PROTECTED under this amendment if someone was at a meeting and then commits an act of bodily injury based on the various sexual orientations or gender identity.

Cong. Davis admitted during the markup that the legislation will not protect a pastor from prosecution under this bill. During the debate, Cong. Gohmert forced Cong Davis to admit that if a minister preaches that sexual relations outside of marriage of a man and a woman is wrong, and somebody who hears this causes bodily injury to a person, that sermon or teaching could be used in evidence against the minister.

Cong. Davis has admitted that H.R. 1592 could be used to prosecute pastors, teachers, Christian school teachers, businessmen, youth leaders, book authors etc.

In short, Cong. Davis has admitted that H.R. 1592 could be used to prosecute pastors, teachers, Christian school teachers, businessmen, youth leaders, book authors etc. for their sermons/teachings/presentations if they are an “inducement” to violence of people due to “sexual orientation” or “gender identity” real or perceived.

Bodily injury can be something as simple as touching or brushing up against a homosexual protester. Under H.R. 1592, bodily injury is considered violence—and is prosecutable.

Pastors will get no ‘get out of jail’ free card when H.R.1592 is passed. Free speech and religious freedom are seriously jeopardized by this bill.

All the Democrats and some Republicans support this bill.

CALL AND EMAIL YOUR MEMBER OF CONGRESS AND ASK THEM TO VOTE NO ON HR 1592 and that ministers could not read out of the Bible on homosexuality unless they were willing to go to jail. This bill limits their legitimate constitutional expression by criminalizing that expression.

** Secondly, the Democrats refused to put in a definition of “sexual orientation” or “gender identity.” Please put your opinion of this into your email. This bill states you cannot say anything negative about any of these “paraphilias,” since someone might get hurt from it and they would blame it on you, that your words incited them to do it.

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) from the American Psychiatric Association has defined 30 different kinds of sexual orientation, including heterosexuality which this DSM says is the “universal norm.” These are from the Fourth Edition, Text Revision, 2000 pp. 566-582 from “Paraphilias.”

Following are some of those behaviors considered sexual orientations and please note that a few are against the law:

Apotemnophilia – Sexual arousal associated with the stump(s) of an amputee.
Bisexual - The capacity to feel erotic attraction toward, or to engage in sexual interaction with, both males and females
Coprophilia – Sexual arousal associated with feces.
Exhibitionism – The act of exposing one’s genitals to an unwilling observes to obtain sexual gratification.
Gender Identity Disorder - A strong and persistent cross-gender identification, which is the desire to be, or the insistence that one is, or the other sex, "along with" persistent discomfort about one's assigned sex or a sense of the inappropriateness in the gender role of that sex
Incest - Sex With A Sibling Or Parent
Necrophilia - Sexual Arousal And/Or Activity With A Corpse
Pedophilia - Sexual Activity With A Prepubescent Child (Generally Age 13 Years Or Younger).
Prostitution – The act or practice of offering sexual stimulation or intercourse for money.
Sexual Sadism - The Intentional Infliction Of Pain Or Humiliation On Another Person In Order To Achieve Sexual Excitement
Transsexual – A person whose gender identity is different from anatomical gender.
Transvestite - A Person Who Is Sexually Stimulated Or Gratified By Wearing The Clothes Of The Other Gender
Urophilia – Sexual arousal associated with urine.
Zoophilia/Bestiality - Engaging In Sexual Activity With Animals

It is important that you contact both Republicans and Democrats. 23 Republicans voted for this bill last time or some form of Hate Crimes legislation. Some Republicans are very strong on our other pro-family issues but weak on this one. Many of the Republicans do not understand what this bill does to our Religious Liberties.

The passage of H.R. 1592 will be a serious threat to religious liberties and freedom of speech under the guise of preventing “hate crimes.” The so-called hate crimes bill begins to lay the legal foundation and framework to investigate, prosecute and persecute pastors, business owners, and anyone else whose actions and speech are based upon and reflect the truths found in the Bible. The passage of H.R. 1592 will be a serious threat to freedom of speech and freedom of religion by elevating the behaviors of homosexuality and the confusion of gender identity to special federal legal protection like race.

Horrified yet?

Is it ironic and coincidental that this vote will be occurring on the National Day of Prayer?

What are we seeing? Pagan morality on way to becoming law?

Do Americans really want to be led into "wanton sexual anarchy disguised as freedom?"

The typical, pro-gay advocates argument is with the Bible so why shouldn't they attempt to use legislation to make it illegal to quote Bible verses that condemn homosexual behavior?

Homosexuals have their own brand of "Gay Christian" faith that denies the meaning and value of the Cross of Christ; to their eternal detriment, of course!

So, where's the "hate crime" laws for pro-gay bullies?

Why was a woman fired from a university for sharing her Christian faith with co-workers during off-hours?

Why was a Christian kids' show kicked from public square and singled out for discrimination?

Why does the 9th Circuit Court endorse censoring Christians?

I could go on and on...through over 500 documented articles of persecution against Biblical Christian faith.

Hindson writes:

C.S. Lewis, in his masterpiece The Screwtape Letters, warns against producing a vaguely devotional mood of prayer that requires no real concentration on the will or intelligence. This bears only a superficial resemblance to true prayer: "That is exactly the sort of prayer we want," Screwtape advises Wormwood. The demonic uncle goes on to advise his nephew that the best way to nullify human prayer is to get people to "turn their gaze away from Him (God) toward themselves."

This is precisely the danger in the New Age cults (as Hindson so aptly named them: corrupted Roman Catholicism, liberal Protestantism, New Age mysticism, and materialistic Evangelicalism all rolled into one grand deception). The objective focus is shifted away from God toward self and results in some of the most incredible self-deception ever perpetrated on the general public.

1Jo 4:1 Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

Update: 11:45 a.m. PT

It seems my list of "sexual orientations" was missing a few perversions!

Ahhh...a committee of DEMONcrats knows no bounds for indecency and disgusting perversion!!

Lord us from the INSANITY!!

HT: Mark at Chester Street


Christinewjc said...

Readers here may have thought, "just what does the global warming craze issue have to do with religion?"

Here ya go!

Jaded said...

The former governor of my state, Jim McGreevey, stepped down from office in shame. He'd been carrying on an extra-marital affair with a man, and placed him in a high paying position within the state government. Now that he's out of the closet, he's become an Episcopalian, because the Roman Catholic church wasn't all that thrilled with him. However, the Episcopalians have granted him admission into seminary, where he can study to become a priest. I don't get this! Even if you put homosexuality aside, he spent years lying, cheating on his wife, being corrupt and THIS is a person who should be in charge of a congregation? He only changed denominations because the Catholics weren't happy with his behavior.

I'm very troubled by this.

Christinewjc said...

I heard about that Jaded. It's truly awful.

The moral relativism that is creeping into the mainline churches today (especially the Episcopalian denominations) is just one more example of the heresy that leads to apostasy which is described in the book of Jude (and elsewhere in the Bible).

The church I attend would NEVER allow McGreevey to preach there. Like you said, the sins heaped upon this man's soul (and, obviously unrepented of according to what I have heard from those who have read his book) should keep him from the pulpit.

However, he would be welcomed to attend the church.

It is obvious that he needs to be led to attend a sexual addiction recovery program at a Biblicially based evangelical church that teaches and preaches Jesus Christ and Him crucified for forgiveness of sin.

That man needs to repent.

If he goes into a church that believes as this "gay" pastor does, then he will be involved in denying Jesus Christ as Savior; the worst kind of heresy and the ultimate apostasy.