Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Oh Glenn...You Crack Me Up!

I certainly needed a good laugh today. With all of the bad and negative news out there, it felt great to have a real belly laugh!

Did anyone see Glenn Beck's show tonight? He interviewed a man from Florida who claims (apparently) that he is Jesus "the man" returned. The brief story is that Jose' Luis de Jesus Miranda was visited by two angels and told that Jesus would return in him.

As if that isn't insane enough (remember, we were warned in Scripture and by Jesus himself about imposters claiming to be him; see my previous post here for the verses), according to his interview with Glenn and the information contained in the online encylopedia, Wikipedia, de Jesus Miranda also believes that he is the Antichrist and has his followers tatoo 666 on their arms.



Admittedly, that part is certainly not funny. But, what Glenn said tonight was absolutely hilariously timed: (paraphrased)

Glenn to de Jesus Miranda:

"Jesus did say in the Scriptures that he would return 'as a thief in the night' and you have been arrested for petty theft."

Gotta love that sense of humor...and timing!

Ha ha ha hah!


Doug said...

Pretty funny!

My favorite Glenn moment however was on the first night his TV show ever aired... he was talking to a "food Nazi" about banning trans-fats, and as the little weenie was telling of the evils of fast food, the camera went to Glenn and he was taking a giant bite out of a sloppy Whopper, with dressing and stuff dripping down his face.

The guy got really angry after the show when he saw what happened.

Christinewjc said...

Ha ha ha! Sounds like typical Glenn!

How is his show doing? It's the only time I turn on Headline News!