Saturday, August 25, 2007

'Gay' Lessons Violate Man's Civil Rights

A Massachusetts man handcuffed and hauled to jail after he objected to a public school teaching his kindergarten-age son about homosexuality has gone to the 1st U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals seeking justice.

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"Contrary to the views of the defendants and the District Court, a public school has no right to change children's minds about their deeply held faith, particularly in the private areas of marriage and procreation," the appeal brief said.

"It is the school administration that seeks to restrict the flow of information to parents when knowingly inculcating beliefs antithetical to their Faith," the document said. "The injunctive relief requested seeks to remove this dictated restriction and restore primacy to the parental role of overseeing their children's moral education."

Thank God for a Christian man like David Parker who is not intimidated by the powerful gay organizations which not only seek to indoctrinate all children into their homosexual agenda, but at the same time want to end parents' rights to object to such an agenda being taught to their children without parental notification and/or permission.

Parker will win this case and all parents will be grateful for his efforts to confront this awful situation.


Another example of how the homosexual indoctrination agenda is being forced on elementary school level children!!

"Tolerance" Curriculum for Elementary Schools

CRI (Capitol Resource Institute) has just learned that San Leandro Unified School District will hold a board of education meeting this Thursday, August 23rd to showcase new "tolerance" curriculum for elementary schools.

Homosexual advocate groups herald this new curriculum as promoting "true tolerance" and "safer schools." Approved by the school board in late July, while many families are still involved in summer activities and unaware of school goings-on, this new curriculum will promote homosexual "families" and "diversity" to children as young as 5 years old.

We encourage every concerned citizen in the area to attend the meeting and see this indoctrination material firsthand.

Proponents of the curriculum as expecting opposition from citizens and parents. This is your opportunity, as a parent, to speak out against the radical and aggressive homosexual agenda for innocent young children. Stand up for your values at this meeting!

Just in time for the start of the school year, those with radical social agendas to push on innocent minds are busy promoting their "tolerance" programs. Every parent should contact their school and find out if similar curriculum is being used.

Please use our Back to School Checklist as an aid in researching your school's policies and practices.

Here are the meeting details:
San Leandro Unified School District Meeting
Thursday, Aug 23, 5:30-6:30pm
SLUSD District Office
14735 Juniper Street
San Leandro

If you attend the meeting, please tell us your experience. We love to hear from parents who have taken a stand for their children and local community!

Board Meeting Agenda

*Note the hour of "closed session agenda." Hmmm...makes us wonder what they need to hide???

A Preview of the Elementary Safe School Poster, Read Aloud Books, and Sample Lessons

Additional helpful CRI information:

Back to School: Checklist for Public School Parents

· Find out if your school has an "opt in" or an "opt out" policy. Will they notify you and ask consent before your child is exposed to sexual or other controversial subject matter in class?

· Opt Out! Write a letter to your school principal and your child's teacher explaining your wish that your child not be exposed to pro-homosexuality messages or any sex education messages in the classroom.

· Find out if your school has a student newspaper and subscribe. There are often announcements in student newspapers concerning controversial matters on campus, such a Gay-Lesbian club activities, etc.

· Find out if your school has a policy that allows minor students to leave campus for confidential medical treatment without notifying the parents. CRI has information on how you can take this matter to your school board and attempt to have the policy changed to a parent-friendly policy.

· Find out if the school authorizes or conducts an "gay" oriented programs such as a "Gay Day of Silence". Many parents have been successful in stopping these from happening in advance. Contact CRI if you want more information.

· When your kids come home from school, ask them if they did any journaling that day and, if so, what they wrote about. Teachers often have their students journal about their feelings on certain controversial issues, things that happen at home, etc, and then have the children leave their journals at school.

· Teach your child how to respond to the myths taught in public schools that contradict your values, such as the homosexual agenda, evolution science, etc.

· Scan textbooks, workbooks, teaching materials, and classroom handouts to ensure that your children are being taught in accordance with your values.

o Is it anti-parent? (Parents are ignorant, old fashioned)

o Does it instruct the child to keep secrets from the parent?

o Does it encourage a negative view of the child, his family, his country, or his future?

o Is it preoccupied with death, tragedy, hate, anger, revenge etc.? (e.g. Requires the child to write out his own epitaph.)

o Is it anti-religion? Does it lead the child to reject morals and values taught at home or church?

o Does it lead the child to believe there are no absolute standards? (Morality is relative and depends on the situation)

o Does it encourage experimentation with sex, alcohol, or drugs?

o Does it censor out all knowledge of the importance of religion in American history?

o Does it force the child to make choices based on hypothetical situations and decide it is okay to lie, cheat, steal, kill, have sex outside of marriage, have an abortion, or commit suicide?

o Does it force the child to answer questionnaires about the family's attitudes, behaviors, customs, political views that invade privacy?

o Does it blur traditional concepts of gender identity and force the child to accept radical feminist notions?

o Does it censor out our nation's heroes such as George Washington but spend much time studying controversial contemporary figures?

o Does it lead the child to believe that global or world government is preferable to the American constitutional republic?

o Does it imply that government spending programs lead to economic prosperity instead of hard work and perseverance?

o Does it lead the child to believe that disarmament rather than defense can prevent future war?


Jaded said...

We agree about this, but for entirely different reasons.

If you do not want your children exposed to certain things that would directly contradict your religious beliefs, then do not enroll them in public school. There are many wonderful Christian schools where children can get an exceptional academic education as well as a strong religous upbringing. Jadette would be enrolled in a local Christian school if they were equipped to deal with her language disability, but they aren't. So, she's in the public school system. As you know, I keep a very sharp eye on every single thing that my child is exposed to, and do not let any small thing get by if I think it's wrong. They hate me for it, but, I am responsible for being a strong vocal advocate for my child, so I don't care what they think of me.

However, I don't believe that any kindergarten aged child should be subjected to sexuality of any kind, especially as part of the curriculum of the public school system. I do believe that public schools have the right to present homosexuality as part of sex education classes at the high school level, but only if they are also teaching abstinence as a viable means of "safe sex." I also believe that the parent should be notified of this in advance so that they can choose to have their child removed from class that day, just as any parent should be able to remove their child from a lesson that is in direct conflict with their religious beliefs. If religious holidays are observed during the school year for all faiths, then this sort of allowance should be made as well. Just as there shouldn't be one religion taught over another in a public school, neither should the public school be allowed to negate the religious beliefs of those who attend. If I Muslim woman can wear a head covering, and a Jewish man can wear a yamilka (which clearly I don't know how to spell) then a Christian child shouldn't have to learn about homosexuality if their parents don't want them to. (Actually, I know my Muslim neighbors wouldn't want their children to have this taught as part of the curriculum either, as they are very conservative)

You know I don't believe there's some secret group trying to recruit all children into homosexuality, or that there's some gay mafia or gay agenda that's nation wide. I do believe, however, that Satan uses many tools to lead us away from God, whether it be drugs, promiscuity, anarchy, atheism etc etc etc.

So, I'm glad that David Parker is standing up for what's right for his child. He should. No 5 year old child should be exposed to the subject of sexuality of any kind. A

Christinewjc said...

What I found most disturbing about this situation is that David Parker was simply asking to be informed about such "teachings" on homosexuality before it is presented to his son. Then, as a parent, he can make an informed decision about taking his child out of the class(es) on that day (those days). This reasonable request (and constitutional right) was denied to him because of the liberal pro-homosexual ideology being pushed on children of all ages in Massachusetts. Part of the reason that they think "there is nothing they (meaning, Parker and any other parent that would object)can do about it" is because "gay" marriage was made "legal" via judicial fiat in that state. This is the attitude that conservative Christians have to deal with now. It just shows how damaging gay marriage and the gay agenda is in that state and if it spread to all states, then this situation would develop everywhere. The "there's nothing you (the pro-traditional family advocates) can do about it" is the slap in the face attitude that groups like GLSEN and PFLAG and the Human Rights Campaign want in America so that they can dictate how homosexuality is viewed by future generations.

I have to strongly disagree with your view that there is no gay agenda being pushed by the above mentioned groups. On the contrary, that is why they exist and their goals are nothing short of gay acceptance anarchy to the detriment of Christian (and in some cases Jewish and Muslim) morals and belief. I have read hundreds of articles, books, papers, blogs etc. that show what I have said is true. Whether or not people want to believe it is up to them, of course. But the proof is out there and it's probably going to get worse; especially if the so-called "hate crimes" laws pass.

Christinewjc said...

Unfortunately, the gay political agenda is also being pushed upon many Christian denominations through intense pressure by the gay christian movement. Don't believe me? Read and weep:

Gay christian wins suit against bishop for discrimination

Excerpt from gay christian movement watch site:

In other places in the world, homosexuals are building a record of legal cases against Christians and the church, intent on destroying the barrier which prevents them from having unfettered control within the church.

In June, a Belgian Catholic bishop was brought up on charges of “homophobia” by homosexual activists. The Brussels Journal stated that, “homophobia is a a criminal offence in Belgium according to the country’s 2003 Anti-Discrimination Act.” The paper also reported that Sweden is preparing a law, which is expected to be voted next January, to allow homosexual couples to marry in church.

In Canada, while Pastor Stephen Boissoin was hauled before the Alberta Human Rights Tribunal for writing a letter [text] to the editor calling homosexuality “wicked”, Rev. Brent Hawkes a homosexual pastor with the MCC was awarded Canada’s highest civilian honor for illegally marrying homosexual couples in 2001.

Let’s not forget Swedish pentecostal Pastor Ake Green who was jailed for one month for “inciting hatred against homosexuals.”

GCM Watch believes the gay christian movement is the offspring of the gay political movement. While the political wing of gay activism carries out its relentless agenda against governments, the religious wing is beginning to pattern an equally aggressive campaign against churches and individuals who oppose it. How long before we see what has happened in Canada, Belgium, Sweden, and Britain happen here in our country? How long?

As we can see, there is much more at stake than what initially meets the eye on this issue.

It's scary...

Jaded said...

Oh, I am against the idea of "hate crimes" legislation, for ANY group. Laws exist already to punish those who commit heinous crimes. And frankly, what murder ISN'T committed out of hate? To say that one murder, rape, assault is worse than another simply because there was "hate" involved is saying to other victims of such crimes that their suffering wasn't so bad. Plus, I don't believe for a second that the laws would be applied equally, because they aren't now! I think hate crimes legislation does more harm than good, and diminishes the impact of violent crime against others, and further victimizes them by saying that their deaths, rapes, assaults weren't as bad as someone else's.

I don't believe that PFLAG and GLAD exist solely to endoctrinate the children of the world into a life of homosexuality. Our country is a melting pot for many races, cultures and religious, and I do believe we should be tolerant of one another. Tolerance should NOT be confused with acceptance, because they are NOT the same thing. I can say that I tolerate someone, and will cause them no harm and will not show hatred toward them because of their choices in life, but that does NOT mean that I accept those same choices as being right. We must all live beside one another without fighting and harming each other, meaning, we must tolerate one another. We must show respect to one another because we are all human beings, God's children, but that doesn't mean you have to condone the actions of every person if they contradict your beliefs. I think too often, people use those words interchangably, and they're two separate words, tolerance and acceptance.

As for forcing churches to recognize gay marriage as Biblically sound well... I hope that the very laws which protect us from having a specific religion forced on us will protect our religious institutions against having to accept what is against their doctrine. The separation of church and state should work both ways. In secular society, which is what our nation is, religion should not dictate legislation, otherwise, we'll be having a specific religion forced upon us. We have the freedom to worship as we see fit, and the government should play no part in that. HOWEVER, the government should also then protect to rights of religious institutions to worship according to their doctrine, which in our case, is the Bible. The laws exist to protects us, so I hope people don't just waltz over them in an effort to be "politically correct." It's not up to the government to teach us how to worship. Their job is to keep order, and to apply laws fairly, without any emphasis on religion. It is our job to instill morality and religion in our children. We are responsible for their religious upbringing, not the government. They must, however, protect our right to do it as we see fit.

I know nothing of existing laws in the countries you mentioned, but I'd be interested in knowing if they have any laws in place to begin with that allow freedom of religion. If so, I hope someone files suit to make them apply it equally against those who would legislate how they must worship.

Christinewjc said...

Well said, Jaded. It's late so I will respond in more depth tomorrow.

How nice it is that once again, we agree more than we disagree!

God bless,

Mark said...

I will repeat this theme of a comment made in another post:

I want you to think about something very important, ok?

What is and who defines the word religion?

Religion is nothing but a set of beliefs, some of those beliefs are myths some are not. Some beliefs are right and some are wrong. Some are based on a Godless worldview and some are not.

Religion is indeed nothing more that a worldview, a set of beliefs right or wrong. Pure and simple. Think about that and I think you'll realize this has little to do with freedom of religion or beliefs and much more to do with one's worldview, right or wrong.

If that worldview is without God and absolutes, the end result is ?? I a Christian, or not? and why?

Anyone can be the avergae 125,478 books of the "bible" christian and walk boldly where no man has gone before. :) A true Christian has the foundation, proof, clarity, reason, authority of scripture. The perfect word of God, perfect worldview, perfect foundation for all human matters. Man need not be perfect himself to realize such. We should be free to choose, and thankfully our founding fathers knew as much, and based our laws around absolutes and a God fearing worldview, eh?
Read (Matthew 7:24-29)

Faith in something, always has a premise, that premise always relies on some type of reality and yet will always be used as "proof". Even those who say you are wrong about *(insert whatever)* because you have no proof, only have a premise. They only have a worldview, their own religion.

We are Christians, because we start off with the fear of God worlview and Christ being God in flesh. Our worldview starts with that, any other worldview results in choas like this story of a parent fighting for his parental rights against laws based on a Godless worldview.

Time and time again, the free exercise clause has been reduced to fit a worldview. One must draw a line. It will or will not include God. The founding fathers of our nation valued the free expression of all opinions. They did not however base our laws around eveyone who had one.

Hope this makes sense.

God bless!

Merwin said...

Couple of interesting bullet points to ponder:

Churches are not required by constitutional law to submit to any governing authority. This is due to separation of church and state. Though laws have been passed that basically require them to do so, the efforts of people to separate church and state have resulted in the amending of the constitution in such a way that, legally speaking, the Government CAN'T constitutionally intervene. hmmm.

I have always found it very interesting that the introduction of "separation of church and state" is not the product of the founding fathers specific intent. Rather based on a personal letter sent, by Jefferson I believe, in response to pressure for the government to adopt a particular denomination, protestant I think, as the "national religion." hmmmm.

There are many countries worldwide who live under a Government regulated "Christian" church. One that I am somewhat familiar with is Romania, who's national religion is Orthodox. When you really dig into the tenets of that faith, you will quickly see that the notion of God has been replaced with fear and reverence of the Government as the highest moral authority. Would this be the type of role model we would follow if the government began to intervene in doctrinal policies within churches?

Lastly, we really should not be surprised at the government's inability to handle these issues properly. I do not wish that to sound hostile or unpatriotic, but very heavily simplified, the Government's basic function is to try to make as many people happy (at least satisfied) as they can. As such they are not in a place that would allow for objective moral discrimination. With such diversity as we have here in the US, how could an elected Government really be expected to operate a moral absolute? So what we get is a conflict between people who demand that "something be done" (and who better to do it that the Government,) and conflict over how they go about doing it. This must be the logical end result of Christian's forfeiting their responsibility of being that moral absolute that Christ himself called us to be; not in word only, but in deed. hmmm.

Mark said...

Interesting observations, thank you. I might also add whenever the church and state get "married", the church is always made the whore. History is my evidence of such.. Islamic jihad, crusades (a christian jihad if you will), etc..

What gets buried? The truth, right and wrong, good and bad, and last but not lest, absolutes..the word of God revealed in our daily world.